The Key Component to Genocide Prevention

The Armenian Genocide

101 Years

On April 24, 1915 the Turkish Government and the Ottoman empire committed a terrible criminal act against humanity, tried to wipe out a whole race and culture. They killed 1.5 Million Armenians, stole our precious landmarks, churches, lands, Mount Ararat, pulled the rug right under us. The blood, flesh, bones, decapitation, tears, fears, displacing people from their homes, families, with Armenians changing their Armenian names to something Turkish so that they will not be targeted and where they will feel protected from harms way. The Turkish Government still denies and lies about ever committing Genocide against the Armenians and also still fails to recognize.

We will prevail, Justice is timeless.

This is why it is imperative to spread Genocide awareness as much as we can so that history will never repeat itself again.

In 2015, we commemorated the centennial. 100 years have gone by and this year in 2016 is the 101st. After 100 years, we will still continue to spread Genocide prevention.

Recognize, Acknowledge, Awareness, Educate, Prevent.

Those are the key components to Genocide prevention.

Not just for the Armenians, but all those in the world who have had to unfortunately, deal with Genocide in other cultures, races.

We received a lot of Global recognition last year which was incredible with all the coverage, letting people know about us, being put on the map, and addressing this very important subject.

Let us utilize the same energy we had during the Armenian Genocide 100th Centennial in 2015 and bring that same drive into 2016, to be big in numbers once again during peace demonstrations, marches, vigils, and so much more.

Caught Someone Pretending To Talk On His Cell Phone Today

What a funny thing I witnessed today. I could not believe it with some people, I just couldn’t stop laughing. Today, I decided to go out to a coffee shop called Tim Horton’s and I ordered an Iced Latte. So I went and sat down. As I am drinking and relaxing for almost 10 minutes, I see this guy 2 tables down from me looking around and about, so 2 minutes later, he pulls out his phone and starts to talk, This ordinary guy, and so another 5 minutes goes by and he is still yapping on his phone about pointless stuff that makes him look ridiculous, then to his surprise, the phone rings twice while he is talking on his cell phone. The first person he saw was me and I looked at him and I shook my head and started to giggle. He felt so embarrassed and I can sort of tell, that he was pretending to talk on the phone. He just picked his Iced Cappuccino up and he left like no tomorrow humiliated .

Dude, if your going to pretend to talk with your cell phone, at least put it on silent. He had a blackberry same as Me and he is trying to show it off. I can’t believe it. So many people have phones these days and its not a rare occurrence.  He has to show off and try to look cool. I was sort of eavesdropping on his conversation because he was so close to me and I was alone having my Iced Latte, so he was going on about how his date was last night, how he had a blast, how he said Yeah I am going on a date with her again tonight, then a little bit of a pause to try and pretend that he is talking to someone else on the other side, and then he went on to talk again. I just laughed so hard. We didn’t say a word to each other after I caught him with his phone ringing loud by his ear.

Now, sometimes I wonder if people are actually talking on their cell phones in a public place, and I actually wonder if there is someone on the other line actually having conversations with these people. It’s happened again when I was flying to Vancouver, BC at the airport while waiting for my flight at the gates. This other guy was pretending to talk on his cell phone and it rang. This was at almost 8am in the morning just about to board my flight. It was so funny. I mean what do people gain by doing this stuff? It is beyond me. Maybe for self-satisfaction or something. I don’t know, but it is ridiculous and looks ridiculous.

Well, I am sure that guy today learned his lesson to never pretend to talk on a phone again. I sort of felt sorry for the guy, but it was a big time Epic Fail lol.

Google Still Fails to Re-instate My Personal E-mail Account Along with Blogspot

After a Month and a half of constantly e-mailing Google everyday to ask why they disabled my account for my blogging website, my picasa web albums and even my personal Google Gmail account. I am not a happy camper at all. I still try everyday to see if I can get through to these people at Google and they still fail to notify me or out of respecting me to e-mail me. I had done nothing wrong, and I used my blogger and gmail account within the terms of service, I did not do anything out of the ordinary. I do not get why Google has done this to me. You’d think a big Kahuna Giant of the Internet would behave in this fashion. I am not amused. I have not done any harm, I used my e-mail properly, I did not send out any spam notes, I did not do anything. It REALLY DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME!

I used to respect Google and I used to compliment my friends on how wonderful of a search engine and company it is, but I no longer think so. Google has gone way over its head and they think they can treat their users and members like this and get away with it. I demand my personal e-mail with my address book of my family, friends and employment e-mails be sent to me. There are people that I communicate with that e-mail account and I keep in touch with them VIA e-mail and now those people probably think that I am avoiding them and don’t want to keep in touch anymore. Now that I had to create a new e-mail address and update all my resumes and internet social networking accounts, and at some point since Google and Youtube are linked together now, I couldn’t even access my Youtube Account until I found a way to Unlink it from the account that was disabled by google.

Everyday, I go to check my e-mail account and just out of curiousty trying to log in and all I get is a SORRY YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DISABLED page. I have been a loyal user for Google for the past 4-5 years now and I have always talked highly about it, but now? I do not think so.