In Memory of My Late Friend Noubar Yigidbashian

About 2-3 years ago in 2014 or so, I met Noubar and his family and friends through Facebook through mutual friends and seeing newsfeeds of suggested people to add, and then I learned about Noubar’s cancer battle that he had been going through, and the family needed funding to help with his treatment in the states and there was a fundraising website on Youcaring, I began to raise awareness so that people will see Noubar’s story. I then took to action about posting a blog article about it, then spreading it to all of the groups and social media outlets I am part of. I am glad I was able to reach out and do this for his and his family.

Since, I have been in social media, and raising awareness about all kinds of things, writing about so many things in the world, and as a writer, they counted on me to do this for them and I did so within a couple of hours.

As I began to share his story and my articles as well as the fundraising website, it went viral and a lot of kind, and thoughtful people pitched in to help Noubar and his family with his treatment. He did receive a lot of funding. So, as 2015 came around, and it was April 24th, 2015, I took a trip to Ottawa, Ontario Canada for the yearly commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.

This one was the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide of April 24th, 1915. As, the day concluded in Ottawa and people started to go find their buses and modes of transportation they came in, I was walking and out came Noubar and His beautiful wife Noushig. They quickly recognized me and hugged me and said Talin, you are the person who is helping raise awareness about Noubar, and then I said, yes that is me, and we spoke for several minutes and then Noubar definitely wanted photos with me. I was so happy and accepted of course. So we began taking photos, then a few minutes later we said our byes so that we do not miss our buses. His was going toward Montreal, and mine toward Toronto. It was like destiny or something that God planned for us to meet right at that second.

Those few minutes spent with him was incredible, and our online friendship was very special to me as I am glad I was able to help him in a way and Noubar thanked me and he was so grateful for my efforts and he said a lot of people gave because of me and his beautiful Wife Noushig, said thank you as well. Then Noubar’s sister Hilda wrote to me in a message and said thank you for everything you are doing for my brother. It means a lot to us.

I told Noubar that I would come and visit Montreal someday soon and to see him and his family, but then It didn’t happen for me which I was very disappointed that I couldn’t come by and I was so sad, but then we kept in touch and I updated everyone on Noubar’s condition and to keep going to with fundraising in a second Blog article I wrote.

He was born on November 18, 1965 and passed away on December 30th, 2016. A life cut very short. Noubar was battling cancer for 8 and a half years and the treatments at the end weren’t working in his favour as it was to do with his blood. It broke my heart to pieces when I opened up my Facebook this morning and saw the news posted by his sister, and I began to cry. Those few moments spent with him in Ottawa meant so much to me and I will never forget his smile and his excitement when he saw me. That there was something so extraordinary.

God rest Noubar’s soul and my thoughts and prayers go out to his beautiful wife and his two lovely children and the rest of his family and friends during this difficult time and always. Noubar is now an angel in heaven and is with God and will watch over all of you as he will always be with you all every second of the day.

Articles I wrote about Noubar Yigidbashian

The Toronto Pearson International Airport Story (YYZ)

In life, a lot of us love to travel, to see the world and to also greet people as they travel to come visit us, stay permanently and to unfortunately say goodbye as they venture out to new beginnings in different parts of the world. An airport is a place where a lot of kisses, hugs, and tears are shared between family, friends, and our love from long distance relationships. Tears that can be happy with a beautiful reunion of not seeing family/friends in a long time or at all, and sometimes those tears can mean to send someone or some people of our loved ones off to where they came from until the next reunion gathering

At Toronto’s Pearson International Airport YYZ which is the airport code, I have seen it all, from hello’s and all the way to goodbye’s. There is actually a television show about Hello Goodbye. When I am either dropping off a passenger, or when I am traveling, I have seen it all. The emotions running high, between excited passengers ready to travel on aircraft to travel anywhere in the world that Pearson Airport has flights to or when they arrive back.

I get very excited when I travel through Toronto’s Pearson. I get this energy to walk faster after the security check point to my gate to meet my aircraft/airline to my destination. Now, I am known to be a travel professional in terms of giving people advice on what to do at the airport, before arriving to the airport, what to pack, how to pack a baggage, what to put and what no to put in a carry-on, what documentation is needed for travel, as well as directing people to the right terminal to meet with their airline. I absolutely love it. People call me the Toronto Pearson Airport know it all. (LOL), Laughing out loud. Which makes me feel great.

I love how Toronto Pearson brings the world of people together and to make this a small world where aircraft travels to countries and cities in a few hours, rather than many hours and days to reach a destination by a car. It is amazing on how quick we get to places and can you imagine how fast aircraft flies in our skies? I just love taking the window seat which I have 99% of the time that I have flown somewhere. I can actually see how fast we are flying and I can see down below me by passing by towns, cities, bodies of water, and going to different states or countries. Its quite amazing to see.

If the aircraft has individual screens to entertain themselves by listening to music, playing games, watching a TV show or movie, and here is me keeping the screen on for the GPS location and where the aircraft is traveling over, the speed of the aircraft and everything to do with the flight I am on. I don’t really like doing anything else on that screen, then I actually make notes about it and I keep it to keep my memories from the travels.

I absolutely love it when the aircraft takes off at Toronto Pearson International Airport as well, when I see the Air Traffic control towers and the runways where you see the cars go by so slowly on the highway 401 beside the airport and differentiating between the speed of the aircraft and vehicles which is a very big difference, then I enjoy the ascending feeling when the aircraft goes above the clouds too. Its amazing.

The Toronto Pearson story is something that I have gone through as well and I have witnessed other people’s stories as well. I love to be observant and watch other people too with their emotions, reunions, and saying bye too. Its definitely an atmosphere of many feelings, and so much more. People just have to learn to be more patient, to appreciate the moments, and not go absolutely crazy. I appreciate all the hard work the employees of the airport do everyday to keep operations running. An airport can be a sentimental place for people as it truly is for me. Toronto Pearson International airport will forever be a special place to me and I will forever love it.

The Armenian Christian Education Youth Help The Homeless

By: Talin Orfali

On Sunday December 18, 2016, Many of the Armenian Christian education youth volunteers headed to downtown Toronto from St. Mary’s Armenian Church of Toronto at the St. Felix Centre to roll up their sleeves to assist the people of the centre and of course to help the homeless with serving them food. 2 groups went and helped serve. We were even on the news on television at Toronto’s CP24 with our own Arda Zakarian reporting on location to explain to the community of Toronto about what we are doing at St. Felix. Our parish priest Keghart Kosbakian also came out to assist us as well.

You know when they say the 12 days of Christmas? well, we decided this year of 2016 and in 2017 that it is all about the 12 deeds of Christmas and giving back to our community, especially those in need.

During the months of December and January, there are 12 deeds that we do something positive and give back to the community. Not only within the Armenians, but to help out our community of Toronto. It definitely puts everything into perspective and also it feels great to give back to those in need. We saw the many faces of the homeless people and they came into the centre to keep warm, to have a great meal and to take a break from the bitter cold of winter.

Each homeless person that We/I saw today have their different stories and different walks of life and the hard times they face day in and day out with not knowing where to go and sleep, where to go and spend their time, especially in the bitter cold winter months. Each one of us on this earth matter and no matter what we go through we are still human and have a purpose in this life and we have come here for a reason. I know sometimes life is unfair with what everyone goes through but in the end everything has its time.

Some of the homeless and less fortunate individuals that came into the Centre, said thank you to us for serving them and you can definitely feel the sincerity and the gratefulness coming from them. It definitely opens your eyes and your heart/soul and you feel so good helping people which is what life should be about.

It is great to put positive and greatness into society and the more we help, the more we devote our time into productivity and goodness with all our heart and soul, the world will be a better place for you, for all and for myself too. In order for us to want this world to be a better place, peaceful, and happy we must act on it and not just say it. It all starts with you and your willingness to help the world and our people of humanity. We must always be grateful for what we have.

Thank you to St. Felix Centre of Toronto for having us, thank you to the volunteers and the organizers of this beautiful gesture into giving back and we will definitely be back to do more volunteering and helping humanity. God bless everyone.

Appreciating Film & Television Shows in Entertainment Industry

In our lives, we take breaks from our everyday lifestyles, and venture off to the movie theatre, buy movies to watch at home or watch our favourite TV Shows. Little do we know or we do know how much of a lengthy process it takes from producing film and television shows to entertain us. I know it is a huge job between writing, production, set design, scouting for the perfect places to film, the crew, cameras, permits, rights, and getting the actors and actresses to remember the lines from the script. Sometimes they even have to change their wardrobes many times to see which fashion or outfit will be the perfect fit for the part.

The performance and giving the world great acting, improv and sometimes some scenes take a lot of ingenuity, and a lot of long hours to perfect and make it ready for the big screens in theatres and our television sets at home or wherever we are. There are so many types of film and television such as family oriented, comedy, romance, sci-fi, space, horror, scary, drama, action, action comedy, and so many more.

It really isn’t easy to put on a show. It takes a lot of practice and to meet deadlines to air is a very hectic process. Although some of us may not agree with the content, the writing, and the actors/actresses chosen to play the part, and some of us do agree and enjoy it, but it all comes to appreciating the art of film, television and all those who create them. I am a very proud fan and I enjoy film and television shows.

I know these days the quality of television and film have been lacking substance and all that, but at the end of the day, this is an occupation and a lot of these people put a lot of hard work, sweat, tears, and so much into it. Also their wages, salaries and the money made. No matter what amount, Their dedication and enthusiasm to pull these shows and film off is something that is very incredibly awesome.

Just like us ordinary people who go to work, and put many hours, sweat, tears and everything into what we do no matter the occupation. It all comes down to appreciating another person’s work. The only difference is that these people who are in film and television are well-known in society. Yes, we deserve a lot more in our paycheques with the work we do as well, but now I am not talking about that. I am just talking about appreciating the entertainment world.

I also know that without us fans and those who support entertainment, film and television, they would certainly not survive and that has been brought up on many award shows and interviews from the celebrities and crew themselves. They always profess their love for their fans across the world who give them jobs to continue to do what they do and that is something that they do appreciate and bring up in conversations themselves.

It is important that we fans take time to appreciate them as well because they are the ones who entertain us and get us out from our daily stresses and to give us a break from all the problems we face too, but the entertainers in film and television also have problems and everything as well. Each and everyone of us on earth have our issues, but its also great to get away from that for a while and get ourselves comfortable and enjoy the gift of cinema.

Hopefully, I will join into the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California and I too will contribute my writing and my work.

What do you appreciate about the entertainment industry? What are you into?

An Armenian’s Life

In life, we are born into a culture, race, community and often trying to find a sense of belonging as we grow up. When we are born we are either 100% of the culture, race and community, and sometimes we are born 50/50 of mixed communities and races as well as a lot more.

We as Armenian’s mixed or not, have a life of trying to explain to the world of who we are, where we are situated in the world, and we often have to tell our whole history and who we are as a culture to many people who do not know about us and how we adapt in today’s society. Well, in the last few years, a lot of awareness about us has been raised by many celebrities Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Khloe Kardashian, Conan O’Brien, Sona Movsesian, George & Amal Clooney, and others who have visited our country Armenia, and as well as Pope Francis.

They have opened the door to a world of discovery for a lot of people to know. An Armenian’s life was so difficult trying to explain who Armenians and Armenia are and now that these prominent figures of our society today, have made it very easy to put us on the map. A lot of tourists that are non-Armenian have been visiting our country and because of social media these last few years, and the way people explain, Armenia and Armenians have become famous and popular in the public eye. which is so remarkable and we thank those who know about us now.

I sometimes sit in a coffee shop or sometimes I am at a mall or something sitting down at the food court for a break and a lot of times, I have heard non-Armenian individuals discussing Armenians, and hearing that makes me feel great and I just allow them to continue on their conversations without interrupting them, and telling them I am Armenian and thank you for talking about us in such a beautiful way, but I just let them carry on and then I leave with a sense of happiness and smiles. I am hearing this all too often now which has never been done before.

If feels great getting the world involved, and as well as putting cultures that aren’t really well known on the map. It feels incredibly amazing.

An Armenian’s life is full of beauty, the enjoyment of tell our story, about our churches, statues, our authors, Christianity, Mount Ararat, fruits, the food, enjoying on spreading our love for arts and crafts with making traditional rugs, explaining that Apricot, Grapes, and Pomegranate are our fruits that come from Armenia. We also talk about the Mother Armenia statue, Lake Sevan, Etchmiadzin, our Alphabet inventor Mesrob Mashtotz, Our first Catholicos St. Gregory the Illuminator, and amongst many other important aspects of our race, culture, heritage and community.

An Armenian’s life has also some sad, difficult parts as we are always discussing the issue of the Armenian Genocide, where we are looking for recognition, justice and get the world of people in countries that are still not recognizing what happened to us on April 24, 1915. We Armenians hold peaceful demonstrations in the world in front of the governments eyes to either say thank you for recognizing the Armenian genocide and/or where in some countries in front of government to also say to recognize and to get justice. In the 100th anniversary in 2015, as a symbol of the 100th centennial, we have the Purple Forget-Me-Not flower which tells people to never forget, and its an important symbol that we will keep on using even after the 100 years have passed.

Acts of crime committed by the Turkish Ottoman Empire and government, killing 1.5 million Armenians, displacing innocent people from their homes, getting the Armenians to walk through the cold desert where then when they get tired, they get beaten down and eventually killed. The government of Turkey has yet to recognize the crimes they committed against Armenians and humanity. In 2017 will mark 102 years on April 24, 2017. We will always be making sure that Genocide is recognized and we are working on making sure that history will never be repeated.

With darkness always comes the light and we are striving to find justice.

An Armenians life will always be filled with both happiness and sadness, and now we are focused on also allowing people to see the beauty of Armenia and learning about our dances, music and all that Armenia and Armenians have to offer to the world. We will forever be grateful that we are Armenians, proud, happy, and we are so blessed being born into it all as all cultures, races and heritage should be around the world. We should celebrate diversity and forever be grateful of who we are in all walks of life.


All About The American Armenian Rose Float Association (AARFA)

Every winter since 1890, 128 years ago, The tournament of Roses began by the Valley Hunt Club of Pasadena in California a promotional effort. Club members invited the East Coast to California where it is warmer for a winter holiday. There are many games such as tug-of-war, foot races, jousting, chariot races and polo. The blossoming and beautiful fresh flowers are blooming and they are so alive all thanks to the warmer weather of beautiful California.


On January 2nd, 2017, floats will be parading down Colorado Blvd, showcasing the “Echoes of Success”, not only will there be floats, but marching bands and equestrian units, that will be full of energy, enthusiastic performers.


Many participants, volunteers, and board members are working around the clock to ensure that the tournament of Roses become a great success and it definitely will.

The American Armenian Rose Float Association will be part of the parade for the 3rd time. This year the Artsakh Stallion will be making its appearance on television as well as to the onlookers at the Rose Bowl parade.


I look forward to watching the Rose Bowl Parade and watch the beautiful Armenian Rose Float gracing my television and seeing how beautiful it is.


Congratulations and best wishes always to the AARFA!


More information below.

Timeline of The American Armenian Rose Float

2014-2015 – Cradle of Civilization
2015-2016 – Discover Armenia
2016-2017 – Field of Dreams (Artsakh Stallion)


Mailing Address:
American Armenian Rose Float Association
P.O.BOX 60005
Pasadena, CA 91116


e-mail address:


For information in getting to know the board of directors, donating, fundraising and keeping updated with the latest news and more about them, please visit their website.


A Writer’s Journey Through A Writer’s Eyes

In life, we all go through a journey and so many different ones at all levels of our lives. We go through a short journey, but whatever we go through in between is what counts. In a writer’s world, we try our best to write our way through our lives. We have been given this talent to write, to share our thoughts with the world.

A writer’s eye sees a lot of things, and go through many emotions. We also write about physical things. Not necessarily always about what is going on in our thoughts and minds. We sometimes write things that come out naturally from us. We can write books, literature, poetry, lyrics, haiku’s, short stories, novels, picture books, recipes, biographies, discographies, film, monologues, narrative stories,  and all different types of writing styles from children’s stories and all the way up to all ages.

When we write and go through this journey, each one of us have this gift, however sometimes when we do write, and share to the world our thoughts and how our mindset works with giving opinions, suggestions, We get caught in a crossfire between those who will agree with what we have to say, and those who do not agree. That is perfectly fine and normal. We have to accept that and it is part of life. Each person is difference. A person’s thoughts and the way we think can differ from others.

Controversy, and conflict do arise sometimes and it is all a part of natural life. We cannot expect people to always be on the same page as us. That is the hard truth that a lot of writers cannot adapt to, but unfortunately we have to take a chance. We writers have the power to change the world, and sometimes for the better and sometimes not for the better in some people’s eyes. Some people may not agree with what I have to say now in this article.

I know in some ways we can lose readership, we can lose fans, friendships, but at the end of the day, we writers have an entitlement, and we cannot please every single person who comes and reads what we have to say on social media, on our blog sites, and even those people who publish books and those who purchase them at bookstores.

Yes, sometimes people maybe outspoken and do not think before they write and that is something that can be an issue, but it can also be therapeutic to the person sending out a message. Sometimes it is how people communicate their feelings. Through writing in their blogs, diaries, journal’s, and on other social media outlets. Readers can definitely feel a person’s tone, and get to know an individual with seeing what they write about and how they present themselves through it.

We go through this writing journey not because it was chosen for us, but it is a feeling and a type of natural being when we begin holding that pen, pencil and even pressing on the buttons on our keyboards or smartphone keyboards, all these words, thoughts, and everything we have comes right out in the open.

We may share it with others, and sometimes keep certain writings to ourselves if we do not feel comfortable sharing it, but it is also important that we writers go through this journey comfortably and not having to hesitate to contribute to the world. We can make a positive difference in the world too.

A positive change in the world with our writings can definitely move a lot of people toward happiness, success, ambitions, self-confidence, more self-esteem, and giving people hope and a vision that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Sometimes people need reassurance in life, and when they search for information, advice, suggestions, and opinions online about a certain issue they are dealing with, they can find the answers to their questions. I know sometimes you cannot find all of the answers, and sometimes those answers can be found within your heart and soul.

I am so glad that I am able to write, and make a difference in people’s lives, to raise awareness on certain issues, and to definitely try my best to be there for my readers, fans, friends, and family in the world. I have a lot to be thankful for in this writing journey through my eyes. I appreciate every moment.

To all the writers of the world, I wish you the best in your journey too! We are all in this together.

American Armenian Rose Float Assocation – Rose Bowl Parade

Rose Bowl Parade on New Years Day
by: Talin Orfali

Annually, I make it a New Years Day tradition to watch the Rose Bowl Parade on television, and the last 2-3 years, I have been especially proud of my fellow Armenians in Los Angeles, California and areas that participate, to make floats that represent Armenia, our culture, history and Armenia’s beauty decorated in many flowers and of course roses too.

The tournament of roses 100 years ago An American Armenian Mr. Pashgian as the Grand Marshall. The American Armenian community will be participating with a float for the 3rd year. The Armenian Rose float belongs to every Armenian around the world.

The (AARFA) American Armenian Rose Float Association Inc. has dedicated individuals that will create a beautiful masterpiece with the hopes that the float will receive awards and a lot of recognition which I have no doubt about it and I am sure that they will.

If I was living in Los Angeles, I would definitely participate in volunteering to create our yearly float from the ground up, to assist in decorating and everything else. They know that they can count on me. Hopefully, God-willing I can participate in it. I am definitely going to try my best and make it a goal of mine to do so, and to help my Armenian community. Thank you to those participants who work day in and day out and for so many hours a day to get it going. I really appreciate it so much and I am sure all Armenians around the world will watch with proudness, happiness and so much more.

I look forward to watching the parade and especially to see our Armenian float down Colorado Blvd. Thank you to the Los Angeles Armenians for making this possible. Your hard work and determination will never go in vain.

God bless you all and best wishes!