Traveling Is In Me – Another Great Traveling Experience In The Air!

In so many years I have been so fortunate enough to travel to so many places and one of my favourite parts of travel is Airplane travel and the adrenaline of the plane accelerating to take off is quite awesome. In February of 2012, when I embarked on my journey to Varadero, Cuba with Sunwing Airlines, From the time when we checked in with our luggage and to the time we boarded our flight, to the time we were on the plane, landing and come back from our destination, I should say we had incredible and wonderful service. It was out of this world. This one particular flight attendant on board the plane really stood out to my family and myself. I will never forget her radiant smile and her energy. She helped us out above and beyond. Our 3+ hours of flight was so excellent. I was so comfortable, relaxed and happy. We had her on both flights departing and arriving. The most incredible thing is that she remembered us from the flight going to Cuba.

I had never seen such professionalism and such maturity in all the airlines and flight attendants I have encountered. I usually never forget a face, but this one was over the top awesome. We were looking in the airline flight magazine for merchandise, and everything. She was so helpful and catered to our needs and she explained each thing we bought in detail. When she was bringing out the food for passengers, drinks, and snack, she was smiling, and took good care of the passengers on board. I put in a lovely word for her with the company. It was one of the best airline experiences I had ever been in.

Traveling is in me so much. Some people I have seen on airlines and at travel destinations, look so dull and depressed. I was once on another flight to Cuba again, and this lady sat beside me and her daughter was on the other side of the same aisle, and these two looked so miserable and they didn’t smile at all or anything. I said pardon me ma’am but is everything alright? You two seem a little depressed or out of sort. They said, oh no nothing is wrong, we don’t usually smile much and were just going to Cuba for relaxation. I said, I do not mean to pry, but I said to them, just think of this experience now, your on a plane, traveling to a warm destination with a nice beach, and atmosphere, with lots of fun and relaxation involved. I would be jumping for joy with excitement and smiling that I am going away on vacation, they agreed with me and they said, you are right, without arguing or anything. It went pretty pleasant, and then they opened up to me and they said we had never met anyone like you before who is caring and so vibrant. So, we began to talk about the hotel that I stood at and they were headed to the same hotel as we were. It was awesome. So we made friends with this mother and daughter and they both really appreciated it. So the rest of the trip, we saw each other a few times around the resort and we made arrangements to meet each other at times on the beach, during some meals and every night we were usually together. It was a great experience meeting them. They started out as not so pleasant, but when I made those comments to them, they really opened up. We still keep in touch til now. We met each other back in 2004 or 05 I believe. Great times.

I can remember another time, this was Heading to Cuba again. Been there 10 times. So I have many stories, but will end it with this one. I remember when we were at the airport waiting for our flight at our gate, and another person like my previous post was so confused. I said, what is wrong? How can I help you? She said, I hope I am at the right gate. I said to her, No you have to go to Gate E81 for this flight. I said to her, it is not here. you have to go 2 gates down for this flight. So She is like can you show me? I said yes sure, So I walked with her to go to her gate, and she said thank you so much. As soon as she went there, they started making the announcement for her flight, that it is boarding and they are required to line up so they can show the boarding passes to the attendant. She made it in the nick of time before she missed her flight. She was so confused and she thought my plane was her plane, but Problem solved, she got on that plane.

Some people need to really study about their travels. You need to be well prepared for everything. You can’t just show up at an airport and not know a thing and you can’t just show up not knowing the procedures, maps, and everything about that airport, what documents are required, the amount of luggage, weight to carry, carry on requirements. That is one of the big reasons as to why sometimes delays happen when people are not educated enough about travel. Everything must be checked before going to the airport. It is imperative to know before you go. It saves the hassle and you will be informed of everything. There are lots of resources. Your travel agent, the internet, phone numbers for airports, and among getting knowledge and the know how from experienced people. It is very important to know all this. Educate yourself. There is nothing wrong with it. It prepares you for your first time and for other times following that.

If you have any travel concerns, or any questions, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer your travel questions.

Thanks. πŸ™‚ happy travels!

In Happy Tears Today – The Days Are Getting Close!

I cannot believe another month is over tomorrow. August flew by so quickly, summer flew by quickly. I cannot believe September is going to be here in 48 hours. Where is 2012 going? Beats the heck out of me. Too fast. This year so far has become a roller coaster ride with ups and downs and curves and loops. I am just looking forward to getting to California to see my family I haven’t seen in 13 years and I am getting emotional and excited at the same time. It will be an emotional reunion that is for sure and I probably won’t stop hugging my cousins lol. Anyway, I am in happy tears today. I realized that this month is coming to a close and I can say that October is another month away, which I know September will also fly by. I will be heading to Vegas too! I have so many things to do in September anyway, so I will be keeping busy that is for sure. I have so many things to look forward to and accomplish.

I already have my dress ready, and I have already decided what I will be packing, and what I will be wearing, as well as having addresses, maps, and everything organized. I am the organizer extraordinaire in the family when it comes to researching, planning, getting maps, directions, and doing extensive research on places I do travel, and I make a lot of notes too. It makes me organized with everything, and I like to prepare the required travel documents, as well as searching airport websites, which gate numbers to depart from, where the restrooms are located in the airport maps, where we can get food or anything at the airports and among other things after stepping out from the airport and different procedures. I have been experienced in traveling so much that things come natural to me and everything is common sense to me before going to the airport, at the airport and after reaching a destination. I like to obtain information on everything and keep it on my little file, print it out and carry it with me where I go. My family says, that I am one of the best when it comes to this stuff.

I know some people that go to the airport and not knowing what to do. I remember a few times, when passengers were lost at the airport in Toronto, after I had come in and submitted my luggage to the airline personnel, giving them my ticket, passport information and among answering questions they have for me, and the process took not even 5 minutes for me. It was simple for me. As I was heading toward the gates with my boarding pass, I had noticed a couple who looked like they were fairly new to Canada, that was struggling and confused, so I came to their rescue, they asked me, were trying to find this Airline, I said to them you are in the wrong terminal to fly internationally. They spoke pretty good English. I said You have to go to the other terminal for this airline. I said to them, it is not here. I was flying to the states at that time and this terminal is for Canadian and US Flights. Then before I headed to my gate, I made sure they got on a shuttle to take them to the other terminal and I made sure the driver of the shuttle took them to the exact airline kiosks. He said, yes for sure. I told the driver, they are confused and got to the wrong terminal, he said no problem, so they left and they said, thank you very much. It is awesome to help people out. Its happened to me a few times at the airport where people would ask me questions while in the airport about to take my flight.

Gotta love traveling. I can’t wait to do it again soon! A month and a bit to go! Happy tears are setting in place now.

Here’s to another travel experience πŸ™‚


My Public Speaking Experiences – I Love Public Speaking

Since I was a little girl at 9 years of age, I remember doing my first public speaking at my elementary school during school mass participating in the prayer, and among volunteering to speak up in front of large audiences. Since then, I began to love public speaking. As I grew up and went to high school it was repeated. I always volunteered to give awards to other students and I would always give speeches on behalf of the groups because others were so shy to do so. So, my public speaking even furthered after finishing high school and college. I began public speaking, doing public relations, being a communications director in the Armenian church youth committees I have been with in the past, as well as when I volunteered at the Armenian Saturday School. I grew this sense of ability to speak in front of large crowds, and present awards and other things to people while so many are watching me. It feels amazing. I can remember a time when I did public speaking for more than 10 minutes. I had written a huge article, and presented it in Montreal and in Kingston, Ontario for Armenian Youth Joint meetings, sports weekends with the priests, youth, other clergy members and other visitors in the meeting. It was an amazing feeling.

Now, I know your probably asking, were you nervous at all? Were you shaking? Was your heart beating quickly? Well, in the beginning yes, but as I went on to do more and more of it, I didn’t have all that happening to me anymore. It was as natural as can be. I pretended like I was talking to myself in the mirror, and I felt like there was nobody in front of me even though there was and I would pause and look at the crowd for a couple of seconds, then back to my speech I read to everyone. It was such a beautiful thing to see how everyone’s eyes were looking at me and how it was lovely. I remember after a Palm Sunday luncheon, I had done a full page or two of a speech I had written and after that, I had received a huge applause from the audience and it was super special to me. I love outreaching to people and talking to people in a public setting. It makes me feel great always.

Now, I never give up and opportunity to do public speaking and among going up there and taking group photos and among everything. I love making that connection with people and knowing that and seeing that people actually are engaging into my speakings, makes me feel more incredible, which is why I want to go to schools, I want to do motivational and inspirational speeches especially to the young crowd and especially to those who really need it. I always here if you need, and I am always here to come out and do them for schools, institutions, among other places in need. I am your woman πŸ™‚

Thank you and I wish you the best. Have you done public speaking before? How did you feel about it? How was your reaction to it after?

Excited About My PhotoShoot For New Photos Of Me!

It has been a while since I have taken new photographs of me, and I am soon going to do a photo shoot and I will be chopping off my long hair as it has become unbearable for me anymore. This coming week, I will be posting new photos of myself and I will post them on wordpress. I love new photos and always updating. I have a lot of things to look forward to in the coming couple of months. I am so excited about getting my haircut tomorrow, and I hope it will turn out great. I haven’t cut my hair in who knows how long. Then I will be adding some photos with my glasses and without my glasses too. At least a dozen photos. It will also be my new wordpress blog photo throughout the site.

New and exciting things to come! Stay tuned!

What Neil Armstrongs Mission To The Moon Meant To Me.

After hearing about Neil Armstrong’s passing yesterday. it got me to think about how important it is to work hard at your dreams even if it means to reach for the moon and stars. Now, you see Neil Armstrong left a huge legacy and a good name for himself. In the history books, on the internet and in world history, he will always be the one who first walked on the moon being called, the man on the moon, and that sends out a message to everyone to never stop dreaming and go for what you want, because most of the time it doesn’t come to you, you have to go after it. Now, what this meant to me is that dreams can come true, but in order for it to come true is that you must work hard at it and it will. You just have to keep pursuing what you want out of your life. You can be what you want to be, but you have to really get going. You can’t say I will do it next year, or I will start doing something soon, no, things don’t work that way. If your going to do something, do it now, and don’t leave it for another day or next time because that next time sometimes doesn’t come back. What you have to do now, you do it. Everything comes into place after whatever you do and however you want it. Sometimes things take time to progress and takes time to be successful but think of it this way, the more your procrastinate and keep leaving things off, the more time it will take to where you want to be. Now is the time to get going with your plans and do something about it. You never start from the top. Work your way up to bigger and better things.

You can do anything you put your mind to. There is no time for excuses. I am not saying everyone has to reach the moon in order to be successful in life, each one of us has a gift and talent that we can utilize. One person can be good at something and one person can’t be good at that same thing, but each of us have something to offer to this world. If not now, in future. It all depends on how you overlook your life.

I respected Neil Armstrong and now that he has passed away, I’d like to offer my sincere condolences to his family, friends, colleagues, and all those who knew him. His legacy and his mission will always be remembered in our hearts and he will always be known as a go getter who was mainly the man on the moon, and now he is there with the stars in the sky and heaven gained an angel. God rest his soul and keep his soul bright in the white and lighted heavens in the sky.



When You Have Faith, Everything Else Falls Into Place

In the past blogs I have wrote about my trouble sleeping and about how some things are keeping me up at nights, I finally had the courage to write about my sleeping problems and after writing about them and sharing out my heart and what is on my mind with the world, I finally feel so much better having done that. I have that faith and courage to share my thoughts and words with the world and finally things are coming to place with that. I am a person now who is not afraid to express myself and share my feelings with people. I am a very open minded person and I love to share my life, because blogging is all about that right?

Well, I have all the faith in the world and finally things have fallen into place where I want it to be. With faith, perseverance and courage you can get through anything and everything your hearts desire. these naps I take and the sleep I have been getting lately has taken out all that negative energy out of me and I am finally feeling refreshed and feeling so much better. I feel so alert and rested. I still need to get more sleep, but slowly but surely I will be on my road to recovery from sleep deprivation and I will be on my way to my goals and dreams. Looking for my significant other and finding Mr. Right and be in a relationship will also get me on the road to recovery too as I have never had a relationship and I don’t know how it feels like to be in one. I want to get married one day, have my own family and enjoy life more. I believe and have faith that those days are coming soon and I just feel it.

When you have faith, everything else will come in place. You just have to see past the negativity that takes over your life and start going through the path of positivity and happy trails. faith, happiness and positivity come hand in hand. You can make a difference in your life and those around you. Scrap negativity today, to prepare and look forward to bigger and better things in life for the present and the future for all the tomorrow’s.



Finally Sleeping Better At Nights and I feel Fresh When I wake Up In The Morning

Recently, I wrote about how difficult it was for me to fall asleep and to stay asleep at nights without tossing, turning, waking up and walking all over my house and going back to my bed. Well in the past few nights I feel like my sleep is improving finally and that I am finally getting the good rest I need. I feel refreshed in the morning and wake up earlier than I usually do around 8am in the morning. I am now waking up fresh at 7am or so. It feels incredible. I guess talking about it with my readers and blogging about it actually helped the situation. I guess I needed people to talk to about it and to make my case known to people and hearing different ideas, suggestions really helped a lot. I thank you all for those wonderful advice and what to do about my sleep. I think it was a break through for me to open up about it and now I am not thinking much when I go to sleep, I wipe out everything from my mind before I sleep and that helps me quite significantly. So I owe it to my family, friends, readers of my blog.

Sleep was such a hard battle for me and I would dread it every time night came and I would just go crazy, but I know that it cured me in a way because when I talked about it and poured my heart out on the internet and just talking to you all, really did make a big difference. I guess that is what I needed. People to talk to and people to confide into my problems with my sleep and among what is bothering me. My stress level has gone down quite a lot and I feel so energetic. During the day toward the afternoon, I take short 20 to 30 minute power naps and then I am awake again. It feels great to be catching up on months and almost 2 years of proper sleep I haven’t had. I feel healthier, I feel better. Words can’t even describe it. Anyway, thank you so much for reading and whoever else is having sleep trouble, all the best and I wish you well. I know it is not easy to go through, but I am here if you need to talk about it.




It Takes Solid Foundation To Build A Happy Healthy Relationship

Everyone deserves someone who will always look forward to tomorrow. I believe relationships start with a good foundation. If the foundation is not built properly, the future of that relationship will crack and it will be unbalanced. In Order to have a successful relationship it takes steps to reach to the roof of your home. A Solid Foundation home wasn’t built in a day. It takes time to grow. In the beginning those bolts, nails are hard to trust, but you learn to build your trust and it is like a beam. without the support of the beam, the home will demolish and it will not be solid anymore. It takes two to make that house into a home from the beginning. Everything is half and half and to me Materialism is nothing. The foundation and beam is all I care for. everything else comes secondary. When will I be a future MRS? I don’t know, but I am hoping soon!

Caught Someone Pretending To Talk On His Cell Phone Today

What a funny thing I witnessed today. I could not believe it with some people, I just couldn’t stop laughing. Today, I decided to go out to a coffee shop called Tim Horton’s and I ordered an Iced Latte. So I went and sat down. As I am drinking and relaxing for almost 10 minutes, I see this guy 2 tables down from me looking around and about, so 2 minutes later, he pulls out his phone and starts to talk, This ordinary guy, and so another 5 minutes goes by and he is still yapping on his phone about pointless stuff that makes him look ridiculous, then to his surprise, the phone rings twice while he is talking on his cell phone. The first person he saw was me and I looked at him and I shook my head and started to giggle. He felt so embarrassed and I can sort of tell, that he was pretending to talk on the phone. He just picked his Iced Cappuccino up and he left like no tomorrow humiliated .

Dude, if your going to pretend to talk with your cell phone, at least put it on silent. He had a blackberry same as Me and he is trying to show it off. I can’t believe it. So many people have phones these days and its not a rare occurrence.Β  He has to show off and try to look cool. I was sort of eavesdropping on his conversation because he was so close to me and I was alone having my Iced Latte, so he was going on about how his date was last night, how he had a blast, how he said Yeah I am going on a date with her again tonight, then a little bit of a pause to try and pretend that he is talking to someone else on the other side, and then he went on to talk again. I just laughed so hard. We didn’t say a word to each other after I caught him with his phone ringing loud by his ear.

Now, sometimes I wonder if people are actually talking on their cell phones in a public place, and I actually wonder if there is someone on the other line actually having conversations with these people. It’s happened again when I was flying to Vancouver, BC at the airport while waiting for my flight at the gates. This other guy was pretending to talk on his cell phone and it rang. This was at almost 8am in the morning just about to board my flight. It was so funny. I mean what do people gain by doing this stuff? It is beyond me. Maybe for self-satisfaction or something. I don’t know, but it is ridiculous and looks ridiculous.

Well, I am sure that guy today learned his lesson to never pretend to talk on a phone again. I sort of felt sorry for the guy, but it was a big time Epic Fail lol.

My Favourite Music – What I Like To Listen To

Due to popular demand, people want to hear from me on what music I like to listen to and what genre’s. I like all sorts of music, but some a lot more. I like music with beats and also music with meaning. It is a universal language and I am sure all of us like music in some shape or form.

I like:

Caribbean Style music:

Reggaeton, Cubaton, Merengue, Spanish, Cuban Music, Latin, Salsa, Mariachi, Reggae, Bachata, Steel Drum Music, Tropical Sounds, Mexican

Middle Eastern, Europe:

Armenian, Arabic, Persian, Italian, Greek, French

North American:

Pop, Alternative, Trance, House, Dance, Freestyle, Motown, Old School,


What do you like?



Reunited With One Of My Teachers From The Past – Recieved A Really Sweet Message Today

Today, I decided to spend an hour on the computer and I decided to have a nice long nap today in the afternoon and I definitely needed it. I feel so much better today and more relaxed right now and I felt like all my sleepless nights diminished today by having a nice power nap for 3-4 hours. Today, my day got even better. Out of no where, My 8th grade teacher back from 1999, messaged me and it is so great how she still remembered me from all these years we didn’t talk and out of the several hundreds of students she’s had, all of a sudden remembers me. She is such a sweet angel and I miss her so much. Soon we will get together for coffee and hang out and catch up on life and talk about the old times. She was also my 2nd grade teacher too. She had been in the same school for so many years. She is an inspiration to me and who taught me a lot about life and among everything else. She said, that I had been trying to look for you for a while now, and suddenly today, When I got that message, it was something so timely and beautiful. I saw a recent photo of her and she still looks the same as she was in 8th grade back in 1999. I miss her very much. The power of the internet is something so incredible and today I was greatly moved.

This past weekend when I cried on Saturday morning, I felt like a big ton of weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and today I feel relaxed, rested, my mind is rested and that power nap did wonders, and I wake up to check my e-mails and get back on the computer in the last couple of hours and I find that message from my teacher, that was one of the greatest things ever. She deserves so much and I can’t wait until we reunite face to face. It will happen within the next couple of weeks. Wow, can’t believe how crazy this internet is. People from the past show up in your messages. Its amazing. Well, today was a great day and looking forward to a great week ahead.

Have a lovely week!

Just Broke Down Crying So Much — I had Never Cried This Much In A Long Time

I have a confession to make, and I am going to come out with it. This past Saturday morning, I have a break down and just started to cry in front of my computer screen. It just came out, out of no where. Although I always preach about positivity and always being happy, but crying did some good for me, and I emptied my heart with just crying up a storm. I realized so much especially in the last year, and merely about how much I miss my happy place Montreal and how badly I want to go back there. Since February, 2012, I have not been there. I know you are probably saying, why don’t you just go then? Well, due to some circumstances, I am unable to for the time being until I can settle and do stuff and plus I still have a lot of traveling to do this year, so It is going to be too much in between. This year has been a travel year for me, but yes, I cried so much. I just miss my friends a lot and I need to see them. I will see them soon. I don’t care what it takes, I will go. even if it is by myself or with friends. I must go. There is no way else about it. I miss them heavily much. They have no idea. Plus I want to meet people I haven’t met yet, who I am friends with on facebook. I have to do this.

I cried enough on Saturday morning. Not going to have another one of those breakdowns again. No way. I cried so much, that still my chest hurts and my eyes are burning slightly from the crying. It put a number on me. I am so passionate about Montreal and I say, its my happy place and forever it will remain that way.

It is A Job To Find A Job – It is So Difficult

I cannot believe how difficult it is to find employment these days. It is not like before when over 10 years ago, people really wouldn’t look at someones resume, they would just bring them in for an interview and then boom, hired, now everyone has to go through background checks, a lot of companies wantΒ  100 applicants or whatever the case maybe and then they will choose the top 10, whilst the other people get canned. Nowadays, it is not what you know, or the level of education you have, it is who you know in that company. If you do not have the correct networking, and know the right people to get into a job, most of the time they don’t even look at you. There are a few of my friends who got into work by luck and by chance because they know someone in that field that can get them in. You can have 0 Education, and get into somewhere. I have a college and high school diploma, and it taking me a long time to get somewhere. My resume is up to date, and I have had substantial amounts of work experience in the past and they have said nice things about me to some employers of my next job.

I am going crazy with finding a job. There are job coaches, and employment centers, and I have gone through it all. I just can’t seem to get anywhere. I am trying my hardest and applying everywhere online. Now most companies provide their e-mail addresses, and websites to apply for jobs through there. I know the traditional way is to go hand in the resume in person, but some of the employers these days, don’t want that. they make it simple for the applicants to put the resume online and send it that way.

I am telling you, these days because of a lot of people slacking off, and not showing themselves, and some people who have become so lazy in their work and want to go home quick, and those who don’t want to work overtime to show their employers and prove themselves further, and that is the reason why lots of employers look and think twice and maybe 3 times before they can hire a person who actually works hard, and who actually wants to work. Some people slack off and don’t prove themselves and that is why employers, managers, CEO’s don’t trust people anymore, and that is why they hire people they know to do that specific job and don’t hire someone they don’t know. It all makes sense now. I know people out there who are so lazy and don’t want to do anything in their lives, and just go through life doing the bare minimum. Because of people like that, hard workers and those who actually want to work, cannot get anything. I am going crazy. I want to make money, I want to get more experience, I want to further myself in being a person with customer service.

It is starting to drive me crazy and I feel like I am not getting anywhere, but I know something will come up and I know that someone somewhere will discover me and I can start working, and making my own income. I just feel that those days are coming and soon. I am not going to give up and I am going for the right networking and going to ask around like crazy. I am up for doing anything right now and I don’t care about what I studied. I am going back to school for journalism and writing and hopefully I can get a job in a newspaper or some sort of news channel. well, anyways I am hopeful.

I wish everyone else who is also looking for employment all the best. I am in your shoes. so I know and understand perfectly how you feel. Good luck!

The Days Are Getting Closer To My Travels – I Am So Excited

I cannot believe how quick the days are approaching to my travels to California and Las Vegas. It will be my first time in both places. I cannot wait until I see Welcome to the fabulous Las Vegas and Welcome to California.Β  I will be visiting Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon as well. Since were right there. All those Western, and all those other types of movies on the desert will be on my mind as I travel from Vegas to California,to name a few such as the Griswolds of National Lampoons Vegas Trip, or those movies where they would be on the desert. Traveling is a big deal in my life and I love to see so many places. I’d like to give a big recognition and thank you to my father for getting me on the way and seeing the world. I have to thank him very much. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be going to half the places, I would be going to all my life. Traveling is precious to me. I love going to different places in the world and getting out of my city.

You know when some people say when I retire, I will travel, but sometimes when people retire, they start having pains in their body and then won’t be able to travel anymore. My dad always says, go live life to the fullest, your not going to take anything with you. Might as well as invest that money and go away and travel, and enjoy, see the world, You come with nothing and go with nothing. Yes although saving money is important on a rainy day and if something happens or whatever, but if your the type that likes to travel, do it. and go for it.

I love knowing and experiencing different places. I know there is the internet and encyclopedia’s to learn about different countries and such, but it is a lot different when you go there physically and experience it up close and personal. I am so fortunate like I said for my father to have taken me to all these places, and when he sent me to Armenia with my grade 8 Armenian School Graduating class. I was 14 years old when I went to Armenia the first time in summer of 1999. I saw my Armenia Motherland and that was ultimately one of the most beautiful trips I had gone to with touring Paris, France first before getting on the plane to Armenia.

Well, Anyway, I am super excited! Counting down the days. πŸ™‚

There Is Always A Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Quit Being Miserable

I have been thinking a lot about things I believe in and there are only a few certain things I do, and one of them is that when there are negative, and terrible things that happen in ones life, I always believe, that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The only way to rid of being miserable, It is time to pick yourself up, and dust yourself off with any of these miserable things you think about and selling yourself short and doing things that can be debilitating to your health. I know that you can get through anything. You can be happy again, you can be someone who is full of life, you just have to get past those feelings. I know it may take a while to pick yourself up again due to some situations you went through, but never say never that happiness and being active again will never happen again. It will happen.

I see miserable people all the time when I do grocery shopping, when I am out running errands, when I am driving or when I go away on vacation. although I don’t know what is happening in their lives and what they are thinking about, and I know in life there are stresses with trying to make a living, trying to get out there in the world, and among other things that can be happening in a family, or relationships. Anything can be happening and I understand that completely. I know and have been through it all.

Always, know that your not alone and smile always and be yourself. I don’t know how some people choose to be miserable day in and day out. Although you might be hurting and things can happen, but it is our choice to move on with our lives and get over it, or we can choose to keep dwelling on the past and never moving forward in life. It is totally up to you on how you want to portray yourself, but always believe that you will get over problems and there will always be the light at the end of the tunnel. All you got to do is try and do your best to get past through them.

You can do it. So quit being miserable and smile will you? πŸ™‚