Talin’s Chicken Marinating Sauce

The Christmas holidays are upon us very soon, and sometimes we are stuck on what to cook, how to cook things and sometimes we just can’t find the right sauce or marinating flavours. This can also be made year-round.  Not necessarily during a holiday season. This is a marinating recipe that I have that I was supposed to keep secret and not divulge this information out, but I decided to do so.  Well, without further delay, here are the ingredients to make a super tasty and flavourful chicken.



2 tsp onion powder
1 tsp all spice
1 tbsp. cumin
2 1/2 tbsp. chicken seasoning
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp coriander
2-3 tbsp. brown sugar


3 tbsp. soy sauce
3 tbsp. mustard
3 tbsp. barbecue sauce / Chicken/Rib
4 tbsp. mayonnaise
1/4 cup chicken broth

First, mix all the dry ingredients together very well, then incorporate each liquid ingredient, and mix very well. Then add it to your favourite chicken, whether it is chicken breast, chicken leg quarters, or a full chicken. Marinate it for 2 hours or more and refrigerate then take it out when you are ready to cook.

Remember, Chicken needs to be cooked very well.

Bon appetit!


How Superstar Robert Chilingirian and I Became Great Friends

When I was a child and growing up, I was learning a lot about my Armenian heritage, the culture and music. My parents, brother, grandparents. They instilled all this in my life, my heart and soul. As I was going through my shelf of Armenian tapes, cd’s, videos, I saw some of Robert Chilingirian. I decided to pick them up from the shelf and put them aside so I can put them one by one into the stereo, and began listening. I began to enjoy my Armenian music a lot since I was a child. I really enjoyed his music so much that I began listening to him everyday.

Now, as I got older and got into the social media and internet world, some time went by and I created an account on Myspace. In the mid 2000’s, almost 12 years ago, I decided to press my luck and search for Robert Chilingirian. I was in very much luck. I did indeed find him. Then I added him as a friend and messaged him, saying I am a huge fan of you and your music and so much more. Then not even 2 hours later, I saw a response from him. I was very surprised on how quick of a response I received. I then felt that he is a pure and genuine person who was so prompt into responding.

So, after that we began communicating many times per week. Then we created a beautiful new friendship. We exchanged phone numbers and spoke with each other a few times. It was an absolute delight having conversations, about his music, about music in general, general conversations about life, and getting to know each other. We became great friends after a couple of years that past.

We finally met each other in 2009 or 2010 when he came to Toronto, Canada for a performance. He made sure that he made time for me as we met for breakfast, spent quite a few hours together and made our online friendship a face to face debut. Robert always cared about his family, friends, and fans. He made sure that he gives his all to everyone around him. I then saw him last in 2014 when he visited Toronto again. We hung out once again and had a lot of fun.

His music and the way he presented himself was incredibly awesome. He made me very happy. Out of his busy schedule with touring internationally, his family, personal time and amongst the many concerts and shows he was part of, he always had time for me and to see how I am doing.

He had a song called Basbusa, and its a middle eastern dessert and so that was his nickname to me because I once told him that I loved that song. All these fond and beautiful memories I spent with him, was something that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, his life was cut very short on October 20, 2016. I heard the most terrible news. My world came tumbling down. In my life, I had never cried this much as much as I have cried in the past month. I cannot believe that it has almost been a month since he has passed on. It just doesn’t seem real and I don’t ever want to believe it happened. The news hurt me so much that I still feel so hurt. He passed away from a rare blood disorder that was so aggressive and the doctors caught it very late. I had no idea he was sick. I guess he did not want to worry me with the news.

I will never understand or put into words on why he was taken away so soon, he was full of life, traveling the world, he still had many shows underway, he still had so much energy to do what he loved, the love of instruments, the passion he carried out for his loved ones and fans, the many things he still had planned to do, his jewellery line Roberto Arichi that became a success in the recent years.

I will keep continuing to keep his legacy alive, his memory alive. My Great friend Robert Chilingirian will always be my superstar, my lovely friend and someone whom I will never ever forget. That is a promise. I made a promise to his children, family, friends and fans, that I will do everything in my power to keep his name going and to always spread around the goodness he gave out to the world. If it wasn’t for my parents, and for having Armenian music in my home, I would never have known about him and I would have never searched for him to then becoming friends. I am forever grateful to them.

He deserves a beautiful tribute and legacy and which I intend to give to him. I am sure he is smiling down from heaven and who is my angel, and who will always be with me in every step of the way in my life. Thank you Robert for the beautiful 12 years we communicated and thank you for the beautiful memories. I will forever appreciate every moment. God Rest your beautiful soul. I love you my great friend, and I always will.

I hope to meet his family soon.

What an Emotional Roller Coaster it Has been

Hello all, I am back from a few weeks from grieving from losing one of my good friends of almost 12 years, to getting very sick myself with a bad case of the cold/flu. It has been such a roller coaster of emotions running through my mind. I didn’t have the strength to write either. Today, I feel like I am getting back on my feet again, but lets see where things go. I had promised to write about my Good friends discography and as well as how we met and everything, but I will do that in the next few days. I just need to focus on getting my strength back.

I have been through a lot of stress in the last few weeks since October 20th, 2016 up until now. That was the day when My good friend who was also a singer and artist who passed away. His name was Robert Chilingirian. He was called a superstar and still is to me. I guess because I took the news way too hard, that caught up to me, and I guess that resulted in my body not responding to the news well, which led me to be sick a few days later after mourning.

It is not easy to lose somebody who once walked physically on this earth, who was once vibrant, communicating, and sharing memories with and then finding out that is no longer possible and the person has passed on. It is not easy to adapt and get used to that emptiness and some people just never get over it. I know its not easy to think of the great memories and positive parts but you just have to look forward and begin a new chapter in life. Eventually we are all going to head that way.

We are just visitor’s here on earth, so we just have to live life to the fullest and as much as we can, enjoy, complete a bucket list of things to do and places to see, and so much more. I know some people don’t even see life and unfortunately its how life is. Accepting it is the hardest part, but we must not lose faith.

The journey on the road to our lives have many obstacles, challenges, and unexpected turns, and curves, but always know that we have different paths in life and we must cherish, appreciate, respect and never take people and the things we have around us for granted.

Emotional roller coasters can be tough and lots of ups, downs, loops, twists, turns, it can take a huge fall, and then it takes you back up again. No matter where you are on that roller coaster, always have fun, smile, and be joyful. Be happy and take each moment as it comes by.

That is all we can do.

Music of an Angel – Dedicated to the Late Superstar Robert Chilingirian

By: Talin Orfali

Robert, an Armenian man with a beautiful heart,
His lovely music is a work of art,
He gave so much energy to his passion,
I absolutely loved his style of fashion.

Robert explored and traveled to many places,
As he was making his grand entrance, he saw many new faces,
His Singing, guitar, bouzouki, many instruments and more,
Many people began enjoying  on the dance floor.

Robert, a superstar, a family man, a great friend to all,
When I heard about him passing away,  I began to bawl,
His songs and music will forever live on,
But I really cannot believe that he is truly gone.

Robert is now performing on the beautiful heaven’s stage,
entertaining all of the people no matter what age,
We will definitely miss his beautiful presence,
His voice, tunes, beats, rhythms has this awesome pleasance,

God rest Robert’s lovely soul,
He achieved and reached his goal,


Thank you for everything Robert,
You will forever be part of our lives.
Your memory will live on in our hearts.

The Tragic Loss of Superstar Robert Chilingirian Shook the World

On October 20, 2016 at approximately 1:45 pm, I was sifting through my Facebook news feed, and I received a prompt message through messenger from one of my friends a terrible news which he alerted me with. He said that Robert Chilingirian has died. That really shook me, it made me get the shivers, I was pale like a ghost, but at first I was in disbelief, I said no it can’t be, I was in absolute denial and I went through the profile pages and news feed to see if that was true. Then I indeed read that My great friend and Superstar singer/artist in the Armenian community of the world, Robert Chilingirian passed away from a blood disorder that the doctors caught too late.

My whole world just came crashing down on me, I felt this unusual presence going through from my head to toe. I was not myself, my nerves were going haywire, I began crying to the point where my head was aching, my eyes were burning from all the crying and I was just in so much pain hearing the news. It hit me so unexpectedly. I was just in utter shock not knowing that he was sick and in this predicament. A lot of people came by surprise and utter shock that this was happening and happened and it just crushed everyone’s mood.

It will take a long time to grieve and mourn on this terrible tragic loss that we endured.  All of us are absolutely devastated beyond words.

The news went viral within a couple of hours and so many people found out through social media, and other Armenian artists who shared the unfortunate news with everyone. I couldn’t believe that after almost 12 years of being great friends and communicating on a regular basis, that he lost his battle with this aggressive form of a blood disorder.

In life, one of the things that we are truly never prepared for is when someone we love and care about passes away and that leaves a forever emptiness and mark in our physical life. We believe that people will never go to that path, but unfortunately life is too short. The loved ones we once cherished on earth no matter how long, will now remain a memory etched in our hearts, minds and souls. Physical becomes spiritual presence, signs and signals from our dearly departed souls come and go.

That is why its important to cherish those who we have, love each other, spend time with loved ones and people as much as we can, communicate with them and do our best to always appreciate people, respect people, and be supportive.

I have learned a lot in the last few days. Life is too fragile, and unpredictable. Sometimes we know when that day is coming when someone is in a life threatening situation, but sometimes a miracle shows up and that person is saved, but unfortunately sometimes miracles do not show up in time to save a person’s life no matter what it is, and we are just never too prepared for it.

Superstar Robert Chilingirian was someone so extraordinary, incredible, humble, down-to-earth, there for his loved ones, friends and fans. You can definitely feel the musical passion he strived for everyday of his life. He traveled the world to all 7 continents to do shows, concerts, parties, weddings, and other occasions and events. Robert has many songs, albums, and music videos. Roberts passion in music was felt, was something that people who watched him perform live and through his music videos and songs was something so unique, beautiful and it was his ultimate passion.

He said create your own, be a leader and never a follower. Robert made sure that he created his own art in music, he gave us new beats and tunes through his talent in bouzouki, guitars and other instruments. He was sometimes a one man show, and other times he would include his band. He also had his Jewellery line called Roberto Arichi or Arichi which is named after his 2 children.

Robert Chilingirian was born on October 27th, 1962, and he passed away a week shy before his birthday. He was almost 54. He is survived by his Daughter Ariana and son Richard, also by his other immediate family members.

Superstar, Robert Chilingirian a great father, son, friend, performer, family man will be missed terribly much by all his loved ones, those who he worked alongside with, his fans and everyone he  touched the lives of. God rest his beautiful soul and may he continue his musical journey through the stage of heaven looking down and performing for us all through his spiritual memory. We love you Robert and we will never ever forget you and your radiance. Rest in Peace.


Stay tuned, I will be writing about how Robert and I met and also a poem dedicate to him is coming up as well.

Tip for Thanksgiving Dinner or whenever

To save time, cook the turkey in advanced on the day of your dinner and then take it out and cut them in pieces beforehand and then all you have to do is heat it up before your guests arrive and then put it on the table and voila! You got pieces of turkey instead of spending so much time on the table cutting it.

Save time and spend more time with your loved ones instead of dealing with spending hours in the kitchen. Get everything done and more time to chit chat and relax.
I know it looks great and photogenic when you have the full turkey on the table to take pictures with it when dining with your family or just as is, but I would think more of the hassle it is cutting it in front of everyone. I’d rather cut it in the kitchen where you have more room rather than utilizing eating time with your loved ones just to cut a turkey, or big chicken or whatever else.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Creepy E-mail Newsletter Messages

a couple of days ago, something alarming came to my attention and realized something very wrong, I was checking my e-mail and I noticed a message from Buzzfeed and it said, we miss you. So, the curiosity made me click on it. It said that, it has been a while since you have opened up any emails from us. We just want to know are you still interested in subscribing to us?

At this moment, I was very alarmed, creeped out and actually violated that some of these people from these social media outlets, news outlets and more who send newsletters and new things know when you open up an e-mail or not. I have also noticed this with other companies that I am subscribed with, that they no longer send things because I do not open an e-mail.

That is pretty creepy that they monitor those things and even more creepier when they e-mail you saying that they haven’t seen you open up the messages. They should not be allowed to do that. I open a message when I want to, not when they ask me to open it and not being monitored to.

I know these days with technology, social media and everything is not private anymore and everything we do is monitored online, but this freaked me out where these people who send newsletters actually know when their e-mails sent are open or not. It just makes you ponder about our e-mails no longer being private for our eyes to see only.

I know the difference of spam and e-mails that contain viruses which I delete right away. I am talking about those ones from Buzzfeed, News Sites, Social Media marketing sites and more.

Have you encountered and received an e-mail saying that we have not seen you or heard from you in a while when you check your e-mails? I am seriously considering on unsubscribing to all those newsletters. I will be contacting Buzzfeed and other sites that have said the same thing to me in the e-mail. I will see what they say.

I am thinking of starting an online petition to boycott the monitoring of opened or unopened e-mail newsletters. Just so unbelievably creepy.