Talin’s New Travel & Baggage Tips to keep in mind

1. Always check with your Airline/Air Carrier for Carry-On and/or Checked Baggage Allowance as in how many pounds/kg’s, dimensions, and also fees for baggage. Depending on your destination/vacation packages, some baggage fees will be exempt. If you purchase a vacation package for example all inclusive resort stay, you do not have to pay the baggage fees. Always good to check ahead.

2. When packing liquids in Carry on, make sure its a transparent sealable bag and also make sure that liquids are under 100ml or less. When going through security, please take it out of your bag and place separately in the security bins to be checked by the security officer as it goes through the x-ray machines. Liquids cannot exceed 3.4 oz./ounces no more than 1 litre capacity.

3. With Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones that are exploding and if you are a carrier of that particular smartphone, security will confiscate it and will not allow it on board the aircraft as it is a potential hazard that can endanger passenger safety as well as the aircraft.

4. Prescribed medications, syringes, needles from your doctor/pharmacies, all medication must be labelled properly with the proper identification from your doctor and pharmacist. Pack all medication in Carry-on baggage. Liquid Medication is not subject to liquid restrictions and will be allowed. All will be scanned through the X-ray machine at security. If you require a water bottle going through security, please advise your security officer that you need this water to take with your medication. They may allow it.

5. Before you head to security, to prevent delays, please save time and hassle by removing metal hair clips, clearing your pockets and put everything in your carry-on, as well as any jewellery, watches, belts, jackets. All will be inspected at security. Saving time to head to your gate to meet with your air carrier and aircraft is of course an integral part of travel and if you want to get there quicker, follow these guidelines.

6. If you need to use the restroom, or go get a bite to eat or walk around, please make sure that you are not late to board your flight. It is not fair for other passengers who have to wait for certain passengers to arrive to the gate just because someone is walking around the airport and getting a bite to eat or something. Arrive early, be on time and things like that will not happen. Its nice to see all passengers loading an aircraft be together and get into the aircraft at once, rather than having the ground air carrier attendants calling late passengers to board the aircraft. Would be embarrassing. So, do yourself a favour, do everything quick that you have to do and come board and join us all. It will prevent delays and we can get to our destination on time. Don’t be the tardy one keeping everyone waiting. Not cool.

The Voca People — All Dressed in White

Recently in the last couple of months, I have learned about an incredibly awesome group of 8 people who are musician actors that are dressed in white. They are called The Voca People. They create sounds, beatbox, capella’s, as well as sound effects, singing songs without the use of instruments or anything else. All is done vocally.  They are friendly aliens from the planet Voca.

They are an Israel based group ensemble. They have performed in many places around the world. The creators of the group are Lior Kalfon and Shai Fishman. A lot of the performances have been compared to the Blue Man Group, but the Voca People bring on a whole new twist of their own individuality, craft and talent.

Meeting the Voca’s — They each have their own unique names called Beat On, Scratcher, Tubas, Alta, Mezzo, Bari-Tone, Tenoro, and Soprana.

All communication in music and vocal expressions by the Voca People say that life is music and music is life. They have a lot of visits to planet earth to perform their awesome craft for their fans, and so much more.

The Voca People bring a whole new twist into music, comedy, theatre whilst bringing the stage alive, entertaining people with their unique talent that you will be hooked on them. I know I am. I watch their videos all the time on YouTube. you can search for them on YouTube and have endless amount of fun with enjoying them. I cannot wait to see them in Niagara Falls with the hopes I will take pictures with them and meet them. I am a huge fan of them now.

All the best to The Voca People. You all are awesome!

Links below to get to know them better:





Introducing you to Chef Seb

In life each one of us have talents and what we are so great at whether its how to cook, bake and so many other things we all are fantastic in and it is important to recognize all talents of the world no matter what it is all about. Without further delay, I would like to introduce you to one of my friends for many years from my Armenian community and his name is Sebouh Yaacoubian who is Chef Sebouh or you can call him Chef Seb. He is an Armenian, who took his passion for food, baking and cooking to an all new level in the culinary world.

Chef Seb studied at the Culinary Institute of America, and then traveled back to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to work at multiple places in the city until he became a sous chef at Trinity Taverna. After working a year at Trinity Taverna, he got hired to be the opening head chef of Mamakas Taverna on Ossington. Since then he has been focusing on his catering and currently working his way up to owning his own restaurant called Mayrik. In English, Mayrik means Mom, Mother, Mamas, in Armenian.

Recently Chef Seb, and his brother began a YouTube channel to introduce to everyone how to create a masterpiece from inexpensive food, to also teach people how and what proper kitchen equipment, utensils, and cutlery to use for types of meats, vegetables and so much more. He will also teach people techniques on how to sharpen knives and to maintain the items you have in your kitchen.

His Videographer/Photographer, Ishkhan Ghazarian will be videotaping the sessions and each segment will be posted on Chef Seb’s YouTube Channel. You can find his work at https://ishkhanphotography.wordpress.com/ and you can obtain more information about his photography and background. Also Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Ishkhanphotography/?qsefr=1
You can view Chef Seb’s YouTube Channel at the link below where you will find the videos. More video’s will be added every week. Keep staying tuned in and subscribe to his channel, as you do not want to miss out on his scrumptious, delicious meals as they are mouth-watering, super appetizing, and as well as his how-to and DIY(Do it yourself)  Videos. Click below.


If you would like to ask Chef Seb any questions, comment on his videos or anything, do not hesitate to contact him and he will be happy to answer and question you have about cooking, maintaining kitchen items and so much more.

All the best to Chef Seb and Ishkhan Ghazarian! 🙂

Living In The Middle Of Nowhere

Ever wonder how people end up living in the middle of nowhere? Ever wonder how homes get built in the most isolated areas of the world where people do not even think it?

As I have road tripped in the past in the USA, and Canada in Ontario and Quebec, I went by towns and villages. I would see these homes that are just by themselves, and then you would see a few houses, but then there is no grocery store, gas station, and other stores that provide our daily necessities of life for so many km’s and miles away. I am not just talking about farm land, but homes that have nothing around them. I always see the odd house here and there.

I have always wondered how these people live day by day? Or do they go up to those places occasionally? Its amazing on how people can live in rural areas.

If heaven forbid that a person needs medical attention, there are no hospitals around or medical facilities, pharmacies, and people have to drive an hour or 2 to get somewhere.

I can never live in the middle of nowhere. It is nice to see nature, trees, and breath in the fresh air everyday, but I’d rather stay in the city where I am able to drive a few minutes to get to somewhere, rather than living somewhere, where it is absolutely difficult to move around life. I can never live my life in isolation in the middle of no where.

I guess its personal preference and some people prefer to live that way. Its all good and its fine to do that. I am just wondering how they do that’s all. Its like where do these people work? How do they go on about life?

On my road trips, I have really never asked people how they get around and everything. Its something I have always wanted to know how their lives are, how they are able to manage day to day life without boredom. Do you know anybody who does live in these remote areas? Next time, I am for sure going to ask around when I go on my next road trip.

This has been on my mind for quite sometime now.
Do you sometimes come across things like this in your mind and how things are in life? What is the purpose of things?

I will just stick to my city living 🙂

Rescue 401 on Discovery Channel a must see.

Watching Rescue 401 tonight on Discovery about North America’s busiest highway which is the main artery for 400 series highways in Ontario, it puts a different perspective into highway safety.

Winter is upon us and our actions on the road is very important. It is also important to remember the truckers who haul huge trailers as well as tow truck drivers. They haul and transport almost if not all of our daily necessities of life that would not get to our retail store and grocery store shelves if it was not for the drivers of those trucks on long haul trips to get it there.

We wouldn’t sleep in our beds, we wouldn’t have furniture in our homes, we wouldn’t have food and hygiene products and as well as fuel for our vehicles that take us to point a to b as well as the car we have too.

We have a lot to be respectful for these transporters in logistics and we must appreciate them because in all weather and in terrible snow storms they still go out there to drive and to put their health and safety at risk for hours and hours and days, weeks and months. They barely get to spend time with their families and friends because they have a job to support them.

Rescue 401 on Discovery Channel is a real eye opener that winter driving and driving at anytime is not a joke as its very serious and life can change at any moment.

Logistics and transport industry is what keeps the world going and keeps us fed, clothed and our homes full as well as taking us to where we want to go. I recommend people watching Rescue 401 as its very important to see and learn.

Please drive carefully and please don’t rush to get somewhere. Better to be late than sorry later. Especially in icy and snowy road conditions. Just obey the rules and take it easy and open your eyes to be alert and be prepared to make fast decisions as you are dealing with seconds, not minutes or hours.

All it takes is a second. Be safe and please don’t drink and drive, please don’t text while driving and do not be distracted. Focus on driving as that should be your #1 priority while on the road.

In Memory of My Late Friend Noubar Yigidbashian

About 2-3 years ago in 2014 or so, I met Noubar and his family and friends through Facebook through mutual friends and seeing newsfeeds of suggested people to add, and then I learned about Noubar’s cancer battle that he had been going through, and the family needed funding to help with his treatment in the states and there was a fundraising website on Youcaring, I began to raise awareness so that people will see Noubar’s story. I then took to action about posting a blog article about it, then spreading it to all of the groups and social media outlets I am part of. I am glad I was able to reach out and do this for his and his family.

Since, I have been in social media, and raising awareness about all kinds of things, writing about so many things in the world, and as a writer, they counted on me to do this for them and I did so within a couple of hours.

As I began to share his story and my articles as well as the fundraising website, it went viral and a lot of kind, and thoughtful people pitched in to help Noubar and his family with his treatment. He did receive a lot of funding. So, as 2015 came around, and it was April 24th, 2015, I took a trip to Ottawa, Ontario Canada for the yearly commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.

This one was the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide of April 24th, 1915. As, the day concluded in Ottawa and people started to go find their buses and modes of transportation they came in, I was walking and out came Noubar and His beautiful wife Noushig. They quickly recognized me and hugged me and said Talin, you are the person who is helping raise awareness about Noubar, and then I said, yes that is me, and we spoke for several minutes and then Noubar definitely wanted photos with me. I was so happy and accepted of course. So we began taking photos, then a few minutes later we said our byes so that we do not miss our buses. His was going toward Montreal, and mine toward Toronto. It was like destiny or something that God planned for us to meet right at that second.

Those few minutes spent with him was incredible, and our online friendship was very special to me as I am glad I was able to help him in a way and Noubar thanked me and he was so grateful for my efforts and he said a lot of people gave because of me and his beautiful Wife Noushig, said thank you as well. Then Noubar’s sister Hilda wrote to me in a message and said thank you for everything you are doing for my brother. It means a lot to us.

I told Noubar that I would come and visit Montreal someday soon and to see him and his family, but then It didn’t happen for me which I was very disappointed that I couldn’t come by and I was so sad, but then we kept in touch and I updated everyone on Noubar’s condition and to keep going to with fundraising in a second Blog article I wrote.

He was born on November 18, 1965 and passed away on December 30th, 2016. A life cut very short. Noubar was battling cancer for 8 and a half years and the treatments at the end weren’t working in his favour as it was to do with his blood. It broke my heart to pieces when I opened up my Facebook this morning and saw the news posted by his sister, and I began to cry. Those few moments spent with him in Ottawa meant so much to me and I will never forget his smile and his excitement when he saw me. That there was something so extraordinary.

God rest Noubar’s soul and my thoughts and prayers go out to his beautiful wife and his two lovely children and the rest of his family and friends during this difficult time and always. Noubar is now an angel in heaven and is with God and will watch over all of you as he will always be with you all every second of the day.

Articles I wrote about Noubar Yigidbashian



The Toronto Pearson International Airport Story (YYZ)

In life, a lot of us love to travel, to see the world and to also greet people as they travel to come visit us, stay permanently and to unfortunately say goodbye as they venture out to new beginnings in different parts of the world. An airport is a place where a lot of kisses, hugs, and tears are shared between family, friends, and our love from long distance relationships. Tears that can be happy with a beautiful reunion of not seeing family/friends in a long time or at all, and sometimes those tears can mean to send someone or some people of our loved ones off to where they came from until the next reunion gathering

At Toronto’s Pearson International Airport YYZ which is the airport code, I have seen it all, from hello’s and all the way to goodbye’s. There is actually a television show about Hello Goodbye. When I am either dropping off a passenger, or when I am traveling, I have seen it all. The emotions running high, between excited passengers ready to travel on aircraft to travel anywhere in the world that Pearson Airport has flights to or when they arrive back.

I get very excited when I travel through Toronto’s Pearson. I get this energy to walk faster after the security check point to my gate to meet my aircraft/airline to my destination. Now, I am known to be a travel professional in terms of giving people advice on what to do at the airport, before arriving to the airport, what to pack, how to pack a baggage, what to put and what no to put in a carry-on, what documentation is needed for travel, as well as directing people to the right terminal to meet with their airline. I absolutely love it. People call me the Toronto Pearson Airport know it all. (LOL), Laughing out loud. Which makes me feel great.

I love how Toronto Pearson brings the world of people together and to make this a small world where aircraft travels to countries and cities in a few hours, rather than many hours and days to reach a destination by a car. It is amazing on how quick we get to places and can you imagine how fast aircraft flies in our skies? I just love taking the window seat which I have 99% of the time that I have flown somewhere. I can actually see how fast we are flying and I can see down below me by passing by towns, cities, bodies of water, and going to different states or countries. Its quite amazing to see.

If the aircraft has individual screens to entertain themselves by listening to music, playing games, watching a TV show or movie, and here is me keeping the screen on for the GPS location and where the aircraft is traveling over, the speed of the aircraft and everything to do with the flight I am on. I don’t really like doing anything else on that screen, then I actually make notes about it and I keep it to keep my memories from the travels.

I absolutely love it when the aircraft takes off at Toronto Pearson International Airport as well, when I see the Air Traffic control towers and the runways where you see the cars go by so slowly on the highway 401 beside the airport and differentiating between the speed of the aircraft and vehicles which is a very big difference, then I enjoy the ascending feeling when the aircraft goes above the clouds too. Its amazing.

The Toronto Pearson story is something that I have gone through as well and I have witnessed other people’s stories as well. I love to be observant and watch other people too with their emotions, reunions, and saying bye too. Its definitely an atmosphere of many feelings, and so much more. People just have to learn to be more patient, to appreciate the moments, and not go absolutely crazy. I appreciate all the hard work the employees of the airport do everyday to keep operations running. An airport can be a sentimental place for people as it truly is for me. Toronto Pearson International airport will forever be a special place to me and I will forever love it.