The Social Media Kindness Project

The Social Media Kindness Project
by: Talin Orfali Ghazarian

Social media has become a big part in today’s society and some people use it for goodness, positive and inspiration, but others not so much. Some people tend to use social media in a negative and toxic way to spread hate, bullying, rudeness, and sending terrible comments to anyone. As previous generations have taught “If you have nothing nice to say or do, do not say or do anything at all”. That is the golden rule.

So, with that I have come up with the social media kindness project. You have no idea what someone is going through in their lives. It is always a good idea to be kind and use social media in empowering and positive ways. This is going to take a village to do. Social media needs a big makeover and we need to start somewhere.

I cannot believe that we have to teach people proper behavior and how to act these days, but we have to. It has become too much and has gone way out of hand. We are not perfect and we do mistakes, but being rude and unkind is not a mistake. It is a bad habit and we need to eliminate it as much as we can.

Social media should be a place where we can be free to post pictures, updates, videos, status updates, stories, ideas, opinions and suggestions. It should be used to get us out of our daily life and to unwind, have fun and share a bit of our lives, but not to the point where it can be misused.

Now, here are instructions of what we can do together to build a safer and happier community online:

  • If you see unkind, rude and horrible comments made by somebody in any group, pages, or to an individual person, report it to the social media outlet that it is found on, and then if you are able to, send that person a private message to teach them kindness and to point out what they did wrong in a civil way. Remember, we are trying to make a difference and be kind to unkind people, so that they can hopefully learn from their mistakes.
  • Vulgar language, inappropriate posts, swearing, threats and other profanity should have no place on social media, especially when shared with people of all ages from children to elderly. Respect each other and create a safe and enjoyable place for everyone.
  • If you see bullying happen, someone being made fun of, being humiliated and ridiculed, step up, report it, take screenshots, record everything, time, date and names involved in the bullying and then find out who you can send the information to. If the situation becomes to the point where authorities need to be contacted, please do. Silence is not the answer. It could save lives, it could prevent from further escalation of the situation.
  • We are all entitled to our opinions and how we feel, but there are all kinds of personalities and people in all walks of life online and we need to be general as can be, and we cannot discriminate. There needs to be 0 tolerance in racism, making fun of someone’s color, orientation, religion, beliefs and how they live their lives. We are all human and deserve love, respect and being treated equal, and fairly.
  • Everybody needs a friend, we all need to feel included, to feel welcome, and be amongst people who care, who needs good advice, love, and being in diversity with all kinds of people. We need to give people positive empowerment.
  • Some people have lived in a toxic lifestyle with nothing but negativity and bad days in their lives, and we need to make sure that these people can be in a place in their lives where they can count on us and it is important to mean it to make them feel better, to take them out of that negativity to be there for them in great ways, to mentor them and to let them know they are not alone and they can come to us at anytime.
  • Social media is open 24/7 365 days a year and there are people in every time zone, It will be amazing and so incredibly beautiful to see social media blossom like flowers to see a fun place for us all to enjoy, be safe and to use it wisely.

This is not some kind of chain letter or those copy and paste posts. This is authentic and very real. This project is very important. I have seen so much as a person who has used social media, since it began before the MySpace days, Asian Avenue and all that. It has been a long time. I have seen a lot of rude and unkind people online and it is very disturbing. We need to combat and make a difference in people’s lives. So important.

What do you think should be done? What are your opinions or suggestions or other measures we can take to get this project underway? Would love to hear from you in the comments below.

This Kindness project will help billions of lives online, and it will make this world a better and safer place. Let’s do this, and let’s start to get things back on track. Now, are you with me on this?

I cannot do this without you. I would appreciate it. Thank you.

The Armenian Church Youth Organization of Canada (ACYOC)

The Armenian Church Youth Organization of Canada (ACYOC)
By: Talin Orfali Ghazarian

The Armenian Church Youth Organization of Canada (ACYOC) was established in 1984. In the diaspora where Armenians are situated outside of Armenia. As Armenians began to establish themselves in Canada, it became an important and integral part to develop a sense of community and belonging.

ACYOC brought Armenian youth and young adults together to create life-long friendships, to establish committees, conduct meetings, create events in both a social and spiritual aspect for All to enjoy and participate in. The main events of a course of a year are sports weekends, banquets, palm Sunday luncheon, camping trips, retreats and meetings held in different provinces with the presence of clergy. We also conducted other events throughout the year as well. We also went to the United States to have weekend retreats in Chicago, New York and other areas and to make friends with ACYOA Members Armenian Church Youth Organization of America.

From West Coast to the East Coast, we have chapters from Vancouver, Edmonton/Calgary, Toronto, Mississauga, Golden Horseshoe, St. Catharines, Montreal and Laval. The main headquarters for ACYOC was in Montreal at St. Gregory The Illuminator Church.

Our life-long friendships are still blossoming to this day. We often think about all the great times and memories from events, meetings and everything else in between. Some met each other, became couples and got married. It is evident that ACYOC became a positive and happy organization to strengthen bonds and preserve our community. People ages from 14-35 participated in events and also some joined committees. There were two groups. Jr. and Sr. ACYOC committees. To this day we still talk about our memories.

As an ACYOC committee member when I was communications director, writer, keeping track of meetings, advertising events, creating event flyers, emailing and also being a Chairperson for a time which was incredibly amazing. I got to travel to Vancouver, Montreal, Laval, Mississauga for events and gatherings and we used to have meetings in Kingston, Ontario which is half way between Toronto and Montreal. Created many fond memories, and I still have all the pictures from all our events.

You can say that I am very sentimental and keep these memories in my heart and life as it was a big portion of it as a teenager and well into my 20’s. In recent years, we lost touch with ACYOC, but definitely not with each other. That was solely because a lot of people moved onto creating families of their own and some moved away.

I joined ACYOC in 2002/2003 and I was in the committee every year until 2010/2011. They were the best and memorable years. I remember it was my birthday weekend and we had a meeting in Kingston, Ontario, so our whole group took me to Montreal to celebrate and met up with our friends in Montreal for an awesome weekend. I’ll never forget that. Awesome memories that I still remember like it was yesterday. So you can say I have had a lot of experience.

I have been thinking about ACYOC quite a lot more these days is because I want to jump start it again, create committees, look for enthusiastic Armenian youth and young adults across Canada in our chapters to give the new generation a chance to participate and find joy, life-long friendships as we did. It is very important to me.

Back then, social media had just begun. I remember sending emails out and starting groups to make it easier for Armenians to find us and see who we are. Hopefully in the coming months we will reintroduce ACYOC once again and I will be there to assist and to give guidance and share my experiences with this generation.

I am very excited to be working hard to make this a vibrant community once again. Are you in? I am! Let’s do this!

The Comfort of Disrespect and Ignorance on Social Media

In the many years of social media existence, we come across many strangers in all walks of life and different kinds of personalities and how people react to things seen. Now more than ever people are engaged into social media in some shape or form.

Not everybody agrees with certain things, and there are just some really nasty, disgusting and horrible posts with a lot of disrespect, rudeness and sheer ignorance. Some people do not think about what they post online for others to see.

Be kind and if you do not like a certain post or if there are things you do not adhere to, there is the magic of a scroll button on your computer or use your thumb to scroll down on your phone. It’s honestly ridiculous. Enough is enough with people’s criticism and rude comments. Like this world isn’t going through enough, people just add fuel to the fire.

I’m appalled at today’s society and comfort to hide behind screens to act in a horrible manner. Morals and respect is very rare. It’s getting too much! It is disgusting. People have certainly lost their way. As a social media blogger and writer, I have seen a lot in the many years I’ve been online and it’s getting worse. People just don’t care about others feelings. It’s very wrong.

People think that they are the only ones on social media and they think they can do whatever they please, but you are not alone. There are over a billion people in the world that use some sort of social media platform and all can be seen from all parts of the world. Use discretion. Everything has its limits. Just because the internet is a place that is open 24/7 365 days a year, it doesn’t mean that you are entitled to be ignorant and rude to others who you do not even know!

You know, comments and reactions that are negative in nature can do serious damage to another persons self-esteem, confidence, mental health, emotions and it can have consequences that can lead people to do physical harm to themselves and even worse. Yes, you maybe a stranger to another person, but when people actually get affected by it, its horrible. What you do online affects others too.

Ahhh if you think its not a big deal to insult others online because you don’t know them, then you are sadly mistaken.

Now, with the pandemic of COVID19 of more than a year now, a lot more people are spending more time online to pass time. It is always a good idea to reach out to people who are going through a lot. We all are going through our problems, issues, and all kinds of things and we want to get on social media to escape those troubles.

Social media is supposed to be a fun environment where people share photos, ideas, advice, videos, tips, sharing memories, a joyous place to laugh and to pass time without seeing so many negative, insulting, offensive posts by others.

Being kind to others is very important. There are ways to approach certain situations and to react in a civil, good-hearted manner. So many groups and so many posts on certain pages have so much disrespect and its just so disturbing by the amount of people that have become so cold. All of us go through things, but it doesn’t mean that you can use that as an excuse to be mean to others. To me, I have 0 tolerance with rudeness.

Just think about it. You wouldn’t want people to be disgusting and ignorant to you, would you? Can you imagine how that would make you feel? Life is too short everyone. Tomorrow is never promised. Love each other, appreciate one another. We are all human. Respect, appreciation and goodness go a long way in life. Practice good behavior on social media and in your daily life as well.

All the best and hopefully you make a wise decision about your actions. Think before you post anything. It is that simple. It will save a lot of problems and consequences in the long run. I am just looking out for everyone’s interest. Be careful, have fun and spread positive joy to others lives.

Just trust me on this. Social media needs a huge overhaul and makeover to kindness, respect and love. Spread this and just think about it and do it!

In Loving Memory of Beautiful Sevan Magarian Atherton

In Loving Memory of Beautiful Sevan Magarian Atherton

In recent months it has been difficult for me to put into words of how heartbreaking it was when I unfortunately was informed of the passing of one of my dear childhood friends in our Armenian community. It absolutely shocked me. Sevan Magarian Atherton was a loving daughter, wife, friend, cousin, colleague and mother-to-be to her son Melik. I have still been in disbelief.

I was finally able to write about her and how much she meant to me. Just so much to say, so much to share about her. Sevan was one of my very first friends at our Armenian community Centre of Toronto when I was around 10 or 11 and she was around 8 or 9. I can’t remember the exact age and when, but I guess that doesn’t matter. All that mattered to me was meeting her. Sevan was one of a kind.

Every Friday nights, we used to hang out together to make memories and have fun and with her other friends and cousins. I never had friends and was heavily bullied emotionally and mentally in my regular school, but when I heard about and began to go on Fridays to join the Armenian community, I walked into our Centre and about an hour or so later a lot of people were coming and Sevan was there to welcome me with open arms. I felt welcome, accepted and she involved me. It was so refreshing and I felt important and I felt like I mattered. our friendship circle grew as time went on.

I am forever grateful to her and love her. She had such a golden and beautiful heart who was always selfless, who cared about people so much I wish we took photos with each other so I can keep them in my heart, but back then we had no smartphones, none of us carried cameras with us either and we were just living in the moment making memories of which I still remember in my mind.

Our Friday nights diminished. Everyone started with responsibilities and as we got older, We lost touch after a few years and then I would see her at certain Armenian events after, but I don’t know what happened. I guess we were trying to find ourselves, and our lives took us to different paths. I was going to reach out to her on social media a few years ago and catch up on life and everything going on in our lives, but wasn’t able to which I regret. She was and is always in my thoughts.

Her childhood friend Sirusho who is an Armenian Artist/Singer who resides in Armenia, she made beautiful videos on YouTube and it was a tribute to Sevan and Sirushos life in Toronto. It is called Armat – Sirusho in Toronto, Canada. Sevan was talking about how she met her Husband Michael Atherton, her memories with Sirusho and at the school they attended at Arpi Nursery and so much more. I have watched it maybe 10 times already just so I can hear Sevans voice. I never attended Arpi Nursery, but I heard of how awesome the school was and how incredibly awesome the Late Arpi Meras was. Her beautiful personality, her dedication and devotion to everyone was incredibly beautiful.

It is times like this where we should never ever wait to reach out to those who we love, respect, cherish and appreciate. It is important to keep in touch with people who have made life better and a great positive impact. If you wait, it can be too late. These are life lessons to learn. Never put anything off. Always do what you can today in the present and don’t leave putting things off for later. Tomorrow is never promised. Young and elderly. It has no age limit.

In the last few months Sevan has been appearing in my dreams and she keeps smiling at me and I know she is looking down from heaven and she is comforting me. Thank you Sevan for everything. I never got to thank her for accepting me for who I am and now I finally have. Sevan, wherever you are in heaven, always know that you are and will always be in my heart and I am forever grateful for you. I love and miss you Sevan. May you rest in peace. I know you are watching over everyone in your life.

The Side Effects Struggles Are Real – Aftermath of AstraZeneca COVID19 Vaccine

The Side Effects Struggles Are Real – Aftermath of AstraZeneca COVID19 Vaccine
By: Talin Orfali Ghazarian

Since beginning of COVID19 vaccines, I was always against taking the vaccine. I didn’t know what chemicals or stuff that I was going to be putting in my body, but due to some reasons, I decided to take the plunge and actually go forth with it. Which I regret. On Wednesday morning on May 5th, 2021, I decided to roll up my sleeve and receive my first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Things turned for the worse as the hours progressed. The side effects and struggles are very real.

Some people say to trust vaccines, and it will help save people, but does it really? I was perfectly healthy before I took it, and now I am suffering.

Just because some people don’t get side effects, doesn’t mean nobody will, but it had to pick a battle with me when I have been against it from the beginning. It was too late. Everything started going downhill after the injection and quickly too.

What I began to feel happening inside my body in these last couple of weeks:

  • I felt like sharp knives were hitting my lower leg muscles/ankles which lasted a few seconds long.
  • Anxiety attacks and I felt restless.
  • No energy to do basic things.
  • Dizziness and feeling faint.
  • Not being able to stand up on my feet for long periods of time.
  • Sleepiness and feeling the need to sleep a lot during the day.
  • Sore throat/Runny nose/Cough – Those went away after a couple of days
  • Sweaty and shaky
  • Body shocks
  • Began crying.
  • I felt like a war was being conducted in my body and I felt like I am being defeated.
  • I felt like walls were closing in on me.
  • Hot and Cold flashes, but especially hot flashes.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Diarrhea
  • Plus more symptoms after vaccination

I was very close to going to the hospital a few times, but this morning is the very first time in the last couple of weeks where I am starting to feel a little more energetic, but I still have a long road ahead to feel normal and healthy again. I don’t wish these feelings on anybody. It is the worst.

I do feel like the side effects are diminishing, but not entirely.

There is a few people I know who think I am making it up and told me to keep it to myself and not spread misinformation. I wish I was making it up, but what I am feeling is very real. I don’t think it is fair for those certain people to tell me what I am feeling and what I am not feeling. They are not in my body to feel it and it is good they don’t have to find out.

Are we taking the vaccine because a lot of other people are doing it? I sometimes think to myself if COVID19 is actually real? Or are they lying to us about the numbers? Maybe people have other underlying medical issues which triggered. People who have the regular cold or flu are testing positive for covid because now there is no such thing as the regular cold or flu anymore in the last year and a half. Everything is being ruled out as COVID19.

I am not trying to tell people not to take vaccines. You are free to do what you want and how you feel about it, but just be careful that is all. If you experience side effects or problems after vaccines, do not keep it to yourself. It is important to share and to spread awareness. we cannot keep quiet.

Are they truly being honest with us? It is very difficult to trust these days and especially for people who are unlucky who get side effects. Are they hiding things from us? I feel like we are all in a huge lab and are experimenting on all of us.

Be very careful everyone. Just a word of advice from me.

B Positive

B Positive – Television Sitcom – A Quality Show

B Positive
Created by: Marco Pennette
Executive Producers: Chuck Lorre, Marco Pennette and Jim Patterson
Producers: Peter Chakos, Kristy Cecil and Robinson Green
Production Company: Warner Bros. Television
Genre: Comedy, True Story.


Thomas Middleditch ( as Drew)
Annaleigh Ashford (as Gina)
Kether Donohue ( as Gabby)
Sara Rue (as Julia)
Izzy G ( as Maddie)
Terrence Terrell (as Eli)

B Positive is a sitcom based on a true story about Marco Pennette who created the show. He needed to undergo a kidney transplant in 2013. The Sitcome is about a therapist who is a newly divorced father who has B Positive blood who needs a kidney donor. When he is unsuccessful of finding a kidney donor, he comes across a woman from his past and she offers him her kidney.

They firm a strong friendship to go through this journey together and creating a bond that will last a lifetime.

The show first aired in November, 2020.

B Positive is a must-see show that we all need to see. It is very important to donate an organ. It is a huge decision, a sacrifice and ultimately a heroic and thoughtful act to save another persons life that is deeply and greatly appreciated. This is a great show that is refreshing to see. We need more shows like this, especially nowadays with all the chaos and unpredictability in this world, this awesome show came at the right time.

It is great to see a quality show back on our television screens and devices. Thank you to Marco Pennette and the whole cast and crew. I am definitely hooked on this show. I always look forward to Thursday nights knowing this awesome show is on.

Find B Positive on social media

Twitter @Bpositive
Instagram @BpositiveCBS

B Positive

The Importance of Honesty & Integrity in Journalism Writing

As a writer and someone who is always going above and beyond to perfect my craft, It is always important for me to be honest with my readers with integrity and facts. I always like to be thorough and detailed when I write my articles.

I write my articles based on experience, personal experience, research and finding facts, figures and checking out reputable websites to put it into my own words. When you are a writer and putting articles, headlines and titles out there, you develop this interpersonal approach and relationship with your readers, and they put trust, belief and faith in what is written. Looking up valuable information and really studying the facts and all that is something a writer needs to do.

As the months and years progress, you will get better at writing, you will gain experience and enjoy the whole process. There is no such thing as a perfect writer, but there is such a thing as an honest one. Yes, Mistakes happen. We are human after all. We cannot expect to be perfect and we are not, but when it comes to being truthful, that is something we cannot play around with.

When you work with a television news broadcasting corporation, news outlet, newspaper company or any other news, current events publications, they train you into what they want you to write, some of these newspaper, news television stations they want their writers to be dishonest about certain issues, situations, topics and current events around the world. They want journalists to be biased and not provide honesty and trick their readers into false information.

Even if it means to ruin someone’s reputation through lying and some of these journalists are really sneaky the way they make up their headlines. It is not right to do that whatsoever. Writers unfortunately sometimes have to sacrifice themselves with a media company they work for and must produce new articles and wording to the manager or bosses liking and of which they get paid for.

Unfortunately money talks, manipulation, lies and disloyalty is something that is happening all too frequently.

Some websites are full of satire and unrealistic stories which they warn you about which is okay, but when it comes to real sites with real information, then that is the issue.

Research is a key component to successful writing, but readers need to feel that you wrote the article with your own words, but also to tell the truth and never allow anyone to tell you to twist words around and be dishonest.

If you do not think it matters how you word things, then that person needs to find another profession. Yes, there are so many ways to write, different patterns and ways to express ourselves and to see the world in our own ways and to write about things, but it also means to have integrity, Building trust is very important when it comes to writing.

If your readers don’t trust you, then it is all pointless. Honesty is very important and without that there is no trust. Do what is right and follow your gut instinct. You will be rewarded, and you will gain a lot of repertoire. It is really amazing what can happen when you are truthful.

If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me and will work with you to help you do research and more. All the best to you.

Armenians in the Diaspora – Keeping The Armenian Legacy Alive

Armenians in the Diaspora – Keeping The Armenian Legacy Alive
Written By: Talin Orfali Ghazarian – Canada

In life, we come to this world with different identities and backgrounds, and every culture, belief, race, religion, and heritage is important and special in many ways and to especially acknowledge, respect, and preserve. It is very important to appreciate and not take who we are for granted no matter who we are.

As a Canadian born Armenian in the diaspora outside of my motherland Armenia, it is important to me to preserve my heritage and culture to always keep learning about my country, to always be updated with current events and news happening around the world.  The diaspora of Armenians is largely populated around the earth more than Armenia itself. We come from all continents of the world.

I had the pleasure of visiting Armenia and catching up with reality on everything I have learned in my life and actually seeing it in person. It is so fulfilling and it means so much to me having been able to have that opportunity to see my culture up close and personal.

I was really emotional with happy tears. I cannot wait to go back and hopefully soon.

Armenia is located between Europe and Asia, but are located in Asia, and we are bordered with Iran, Georgia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. The Turkish Ottoman empire massacred 1.5 million Armenians on April 24, 1915, during the Armenian Genocide and where they stole a lot of our land and our sacred Mount Ararat where Noah’s Ark came to its final resting place. Armenian’s in the diaspora and in Armenia are demanding justice to recognize the Armenian Genocide globally and especially Turkey, but they still continue the denial of their crimes.

More than 30 countries around the world have recognized the Armenian Genocide and we are working to never allow history to repeat itself as many countries, cities, states, and towns continue to recognize. It is never too late. Even after 105 years later. We Armenians in the diaspora are always including dignitaries, governmental bodies in municipal and federal governments, and as well as Non-Armenians to inform them of who we are and to educate them about Armenia, the Armenian Genocide, as well as our culture and heritage.

Every year on April 24th, we come together in many communities around the world, marches, conducting peaceful demonstrations, we visit our local embassies and parliaments to gather to voice ourselves for the Armenian Genocide and to pray and stand to remember our ancestors.

Just recently On September 27, 2020, Azerbaijan is committing a terrible crime against Artsakh which is a region of Armenia. An unprovoked aggression and war began perpetrated by Azerbaijani’s and Turks. They said in their own words that we will continue the Armenian Genocide, to take over Artsakh lands which we will not allow that to happen. Azerbaijan is made up and it did not even exist. You cannot even find Azerbaijan on an old map.

Recently they began bombing, shelling and they hit and damaged our church in Shushi. They also killed many Armenians, Armenian soldiers and are continuing to displace Armenians from their homes. This has been going on for a month now.

History is repeating itself while the world is staying silent and not helping us. We are fending for ourselves. News Media and Governments must intervene. Staying silent is not the way to go. Silence is violence, and it is a crime on its own. Armenians have been through a lot and we are still going through it.

Armenia was the first to adopt Christianity since 301 AD and we have the oldest church in the world in Armenia called St. Etchmiadzin which still stands strong and it is so beautiful. our culture is so rich in history, so many beautiful landmarks, churches, statues, cross rocks, and many stories that are endless.

We Armenians have a very strong connection to our culinary cuisine and food. We absolutely love to offer our hospitality with serving Armenian coffee, sweets, food and never letting anybody go hungry. We love to cook, bake for our family and friends and we are very friendly. We pay close attention to detail to make sure we have perfectly tasty food for all to enjoy. In the diaspora, we are always welcoming people to taste our food and they absolutely love it.

As Armenians in the diaspora the same as Armenia, we have built families, friends,  school’s, churches, statues, Armenian Genocide memorials, parks, community centers, clergyman, organizations and committees to gather Armenian’s and to have a welcoming feeling of being at home where Armenian’s can connect, communicate, organize events and parties. When we get together we are a large family and it is amazing how connected we really are.

Social media and the internet have made everything so much easier to connect to Armenians around the world, to make friends, to share everything together, to create online communities, events, and to be one family to interact and share with one another in seconds. I have made many new friends and discovered many Armenian people and I have met some of them in person after communicating online for a while. It is such a great feeling to be physically present and to get to know each other more. It is a special moment.

We have many Armenians around the world who are writers, developers, artists, actors, who work in film, comedians, directors, teachers, principals, singers, dancers, cooks, chefs, bakers, who have the innovative touch, inventing things, realtors, electricians, doctors, lawyers, jewelers, and in every other field of professions to cater to our world.

Challenging aspects we face globally

We Armenians face challenging aspects living out of Armenia as we adapt to society with different cultures, races, backgrounds in our cities and towns around the world. That is why it is important to preserve our identity and to always remember and be proud of who we are. It is important to speak Armenian, to read and write. We go to Armenian schools and are taught at home from a very young age.

Some Armenians do not know how to read and write our alphabet which has 38 letters, but above all the important aspect to it all is to speak it and never forget it. I face challenges of reading and writing in Armenian when it comes to different writing patterns  and I have trouble usually with the bigger words, but that is not stopping me from speaking and to keep it alive and vibrant and writing about it.

St. Mesrob Mashtotz was our Armenian Alphabet inventor. He was the chosen one to give us these beautiful and rich letters where we can write stories, songs, scripture, church hymns, and prayers. We have different words we use for everything. There are so many thousands and thousands of words and it is incredible and beautiful on how it all sounds.

As we face those challenges, we also appreciate and love who we are and are so proud. There is just so much to learn about Armenia and it is a place worth visiting, discovering, and educating yourself about.

We in the diaspora are so dedicated, devoted, motivated with so much passion, awareness, love with showing patriotism, showing and waving our Armenia flags proudly, and working hard to ultimately preserve who we are when we cannot be in Armenia physically. I love you Armenia and Armenians around the world. God bless us all.

We Have The Power – Peace for Armenia, Artsakh and Armenians

The power of social media outreach is so important. The words, videos, pictures we spread, who it reaches to, how we communicate to people. All are important. Hashtags and geotagging is something where our words get transmitted across the world quicker. How we word and write makes a huge difference. We all need to be social media influencers in all social media platforms. Especially now where our Armenians, Artsakh and Armenia are concerned.

Making a difference in the world, recognition, awareness, acknowledgment, prevention is something we are working extremely hard for. It is very difficult as the world stays silent and we have to fend for ourselves. Recently, some dignitaries and some in government started to become more aware of what is going on, but we want more.

We apologize for the inconvenience for all the repetitive posts, flooding stories, newsfeeds, groups and everywhere about what Artsakh and Armenia are going through right now. We are just trying to stop another Genocide from happening again from April 24, 1915 and right now in 2020 an unprovoked Aggression perpetrated by the Azerbaijani’s and Turk’s. 1.5 Million Armenians were massacred, a lot of our lands and Mount Ararat was stolen from us. They are continuing what they started and said that we have to finish the Armenians and take over. We will not allow that to happen.

We Armenians are peaceful people and we are demonstrating, voicing ourselves to let non-Armenian individuals know what is going on. Azerbaijani’s and Turk’s are killing our soldiers, bombing, shelling our cultural centres, churches, ripping families apart, destroying homes and cities of Artsakh.

We are boycotting Turkish products. Now these Azerbaijani’s and Turks are going around social media on Google and searching for Armenian businesses and they are falsely rating them with a 1 star and writing horrible things. They are lying on social media, posting cruel and disgusting comments to us. We are simply ignoring them. They want us to retaliate, but we won’t let them have that satisfaction.

Social media is powerful and it is very important to us to get the word out there. We just want peace and solidarity. We need to defend and fight for what is ours. We will win this battle. We Armenians are strong and dedicated to our culture, heritage and identity of who we are. We are innovative, intelligent, the first to adopt Christianity. We have so much rich history, so much to be proud of. We are Armenians and we are and will always be here forever! We are not going anywhere! God bless Artsakh, God Bless Armenia, God bless our Soldiers, and God Bless Armenians!

Why Is Montreal Laval a Happy and Sentimental Place For Me?

In life, some people find a connection and a sentimental happy place which is special to them. People automatically feel that sense of belonging to each their own. To me, Montreal and Laval, Quebec is a sentimental and happy place for me. It all began in 2003.

Our Armenian Youth Committee had organized a camping trip in August, 2003, where people from Montreal, Laval Toronto, Mississauga, and other places came to join us for a weekend in Brighton, Ontario, Canada. So I began to meet new people as they started to arrive, first few were from Montreal. Our friendships began instantly its as if we had know each other for a long time. We clicked. There was about 20 people or more who were from there.

I never had friends prior to 2003. I was always bullied and hurt emotionally and mentally by people and it was the worse times ever in my life. When I joined the committee and after leaving the school life behind, life got so much better and made all these friends and was overjoyed with happiness. I couldn’t contain myself. I always thought that I would never have friends until I went to this camping trip. It changed my life forever. I went through so much emotions and I felt so left out, but then everything turned around a whole 360 degrees. It was amazing.

Soon after our camping trip happened, I made a trip to Montreal a couple of months later to visit our newly made friends. I remember they all came to see me at my hotel. we were about 15 to 20 people. So we went out to eat and made great and fond memories. Since then I have driven to Montreal countless amounts of times from Toronto. the drive is so awesome and I always have had great memories in Montreal. Not one bad one.

At one point I had about 30 people visit me at my hotel room just to come and see me. I felt this strong sense of belonging. best feeling ever. We all went out with several cars and they all came for me.

I started to become fans of the NHL team there like the Montreal Canadiens, and started to become obsessed and attached. The restaurants, the areas, streets, and all the amazing times and memories all around the city and suburbs. One of my favourite places is the St Joseph’s Oratory which is in Mont-Royal. I always feel at peace there and I feel refreshed. You can see it in various areas around the city and from Laval too from highways and streets.

I always like to visit the Armenian churches there and see the priests and the others I know who work at the community centres. They love it when I come to visit. I have actually surprised people a few times. Its an awesome feeling when they get excited to see me too.

So many of my friends there said, Talin you know more on how to get around Montreal and Laval than we do. My passion grew that much.

In around 2006 to 2009, I had made Facebook friends from Montreal and Laval areas. So, I began to expand my connections in Montreal even further. I met many new friends and know so many people there now. I remember going to Armenian festivals and other gatherings and parties and there were people who recognized me through social media and they stopped to talk to me and say hello. It felt so amazing.

At one point, I wanted to move to Montreal, but the only barrier was that I don’t really understand French that well. I just know the basics, but It is not far from Toronto, so I can go anytime. I still keep in touch with my friends and we never lost that connection. It has almost been 20 years. Its been amazing.

After COVID19 is over with, we plan on having a big reunion and gathering. I can’t wait for that.

My sentimental views of Montreal even became closer to me. I was there a lot more then I was here in Toronto from 2003-2012. Then for a couple of years I couldn’t go visit as much, but then began again in 2015 for events, weddings and Armenian festivals and up to this day.

A lot of people have asked me why I love Highway 401 East and the Autoroute 20 going toward Montreal, its because its not so much the road, its the connection to my friends there and the city, the restaurants and so much more. Well, now you know.

I will always continue to keep driving down and enjoy the whole process of the connections I made. I am so blessed, thankful, and appreciate them all. They will always be in my life and my heart. I love them very much. I can’t wait to spend more time there as soon as the pandemic goes away.

The 29th Armenia Independence Day Celebrated in Niagara Falls

The 29th Armenia Independence Day Celebrated in Niagara Falls
By: Talin Orfali Ghazarian

On September 21st, 2020, hundreds of Armenians drove to Niagara Falls to celebrate Armenia’s Independence day. People from Toronto, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Ottawa, and other places came to witness a beautiful sight to see. People already began to fill up early so they do not miss the time. The falls was lit with our Armenia flag colours at 10pm for 15 to 20 minutes.

As soon as the flag lit up, we began to sing our national anthem and screamed with joy and happiness. It was so refreshing to see and to enjoy.

The colours of the Armenia flag are red, blue and orange. For the first time ever Niagara Falls and the Canadian Armenian Embassy Ottawa, gave us this beautiful gesture and gift. We appreciate and are so grateful. I have always loved and enjoyed Niagara and now I will always remember September 21st, 2020 and whenever I go back to visit the falls, this beautiful memory will forever be in my vision when I look at the waterfalls.

Thank you the Canadian Armenian Embassy of Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Canada, Armenians and all those who were involved to make this happen for us. It was such an emotional night. The colours were so vibrant, beautiful and It was so awesome to see. Photos do not do its justice. Seeing it in person was absolutely stunning. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude. Passerby’s also were present during our gathering as well.

People took photos, videos and shared a live feed so people who were not able to attend, could watch it from home or wherever they were. We were also waving our flag proudly. This meant so much to us. We are hoping that this will be a yearly event at the falls to enjoy for years to come.

God bless Canada, God Bless Armenia and God bless our people of Canada and Armenia!

Here are pictures of the Falls.

Cruise Ship Technology of Today VS. The RMS Titanic – It Has Come a Long Way

Many years ago and to the present day, cruising has become a popular choice for travel and a great way to see so many countries all in one vacation. There are some people who have watched and heard about Titanic so much that they opt out of cruising and being on deep waters of the seas and oceans. They let fear take over and have this phobia since the first maiden voyage of the vessel in April, 1912. The RMS Titanic sank due to hitting an iceberg which left a huge cut under the ship. It was due to lack of technology, emergency equipment, tools and alertness to see the waters ahead for any danger.

I always advise people that ocean liners and cruise ships have come a long way with 100% improved technology, equipment, enough lifeboats, life vests, rescue rings, tools and other emergency equipment. That is why they conduct muster drills to educate cruise passengers and crew if in case an emergency does occur, but nowadays with top of the line technology, and more education and attentiveness to quality work, and attention to detail, rigorous testing before they head out to sea with trials, the builders of the ships really pay attention to every aspect of the vessel which is very important.

There are officers and operators of the cruise ship constantly on the lookout everywhere, cameras, binoculars, and people are always on the bridge when the captain is not there. Cruise ships also run on GPS and they sometimes sail on their own with supervision of course. Someone is constantly observing out to the sea and when approaching ports of call. They also calculate the sea depth, wind, speed, nautical miles, knots, and can pinpoint exactly where the cruise ship is by a compass and navigation systems. In the end, the captain always give the orders and to supervise everything to make sure his/her vessel they command is going the way as planned.

The cruise ships go under various steps to build. The pieces come together as a puzzle and pre-assembled before welders, engineers, electrical and other aspects of the ship gets built. A lot of blue prints, data entry and steps for testing, inspecting each and every inch of the ship to make sure that it is beyond perfection.

Now, with stabilizers under the ship, the bulb, rudders, bow thrusters, propellers, the workmanship for under the ships have come a long way with thickness, good distribution of air and other important aspects to keeping the ship afloat is very important with how a cruise ship operates. Cruise ships have become so enormous in size, that you barely even feel the ship sailing.

Thousands of passengers and crew sail these vessels around the world with different shapes, sizes, amenities, activities, culinary food options and amongst comfort in various sizes of cabins from inside, Oceanview/porthole, balcony, suites and beyond. Each cruiser has their own perspective, preferences and ideas of what their cruise vacation should be to them.

I think the Titanic has become a very big problem with some people that can’t seem to get past their fear. 1912 was 108 years ago. That is a long time. Since then a lot of things have changed and drastically that you cannot recognize anymore. Cruises have evolved over the years. When the Titanic was around there was the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class passengers and you were grouped by your class, and now there is no such thing anymore. The only thing is if you have a suite booked, you get extra perks. that is about it.

I think it is nonsense now to think about the Titanic. That was way in the past. Now, it is time to look forward to the future. Cruising is such a beautiful and great experience. Some people get scared of motion sickness, but nowadays, you cannot even feel the ship moving which is such an amazing technology. There is always something to do on the cruise ships and it goes to different ports of call and its just so incredibly amazing.

Cruise ship builders, building yards are always coming up with innovative and economic ways and to protect the environment, the earth’s atmosphere with clean fuel technology, waste management and other key components to make sure that these ships are to code, federally inspected, always maintained, taken to drydock every couple of years to conduct inspect of the bottom of the ship to make sure it is in perfect condition to sail out again.

Cruise ships are christened/baptized and blessed before they sail out with passengers and they are called she/her. Cruise ships also get blessed before it touches water for the first time for sea trials after being in drydock. The cruise line chooses a Godmother to bless the ship with the captain by cutting the ribbon with a champagne bottle attached to it, and it must hit the bow of the ship and it will break against the steel. The reason for cruise ships to be blessed and christened is so that it will have safe voyages, and blesses everyone who sails them.

So, do not fear. Try a cruise ship, experience travel in a whole new way. If you need any information, assistance or anything, please contact me and I will help you. It is so enjoyable that when you try it for the first time, you will always want to cruise forever. I am addicted. I have been on 8 cruises and will go for more once Covid19 is over with. I am so impatient and excited to get back to cruising. Hopefully soon.

Please reconsider and take my word for it. You will not regret it. In the meantime stay healthy and safe. Hope to hear about first time cruisers in the near future. I will be there every step of the way for you. Have a good one! 🙂


Our Legendary Armenian Icon Adiss Harmandian – 1st Year Memorial Commemoration

By: Talin Orfali Ghazarian
September 1st, 2020

A year ago on September 1st, 2019, I woke up and started my day like every other day, and so it was time for me to get ready to go to a coffee shop here in Toronto, Canada to meet with my friends near our Armenian Church. I was excited to see them. I started up my car and there I went. I get there and my friends got there few minutes after I did. So we were having conversations and weren’t look at our phones.

Another friend messages me about an hour to an hour and a half after. So I responded, I decided I will check my Facebook news feed since I had my phone out, and there it was. The worst day of my life just unfolded within seconds when I read the announcement that our Armenian Icon Adiss Harmandian passed away. My world just came crashing down as I am sure everyone else did when they received the message.

I began to cry so hard in front of everyone and they knew how much I adore, respect and appreciate Adiss. My whole mood was full of raw emotions. I decided to call it a night and go home as I was not in the mood to talk anymore. Everything just shut down for me. I couldn’t sleep properly for days and I couldn’t just sit there and not do anything. Ever since I was a kid, I met our Icon Adiss, took pictures with him, shared memories, had conversations, and listened to his beautiful songs and I still do today all thanks to my mother who introduced me to him.

Family, friends and fans were all devastated by hearing this terrible news as the news traveled fast around the world to those who love, appreciate and adore him.

Whenever we went to our cottage and Montreal on highway 401 since I was a kid until now, we always listen to Adiss music and so my husband and I drove down to Montreal twice within two weeks last year, so we listened to him the whole way to dedicate it to him. He is so perfect to listen to in the car, at home and everywhere.

Before Adiss Harmandian passed away, a few years before that I connected with his family and became close. I just couldn’t sit back and not do anything. I created a tribute group to Adiss a day or two later to allow his family, friends and fans to join in to share memories, photos, music and more about him. Ultimately it is to keep his legacy alive and to cherish moments. We shed many tears, and it was such a crazy time and still is to this day. It is still so fresh in our emotions.

We were not able to fly to make it to Adiss funeral which was held about a week after his passing on September 7th, 2019, however we booked a flight soon after. On November 17th, 2019 my family and I flew to Los Angeles from Toronto to spend time with his family and to visit his grave site to pay our respects at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills. We laid red roses, prayed. We spent a week or so in Los Angeles and flew back.

Adiss has appeared in my dreams many times. I have lost count. I feel that his presence is in my home with many signs coming from him. Mourning grey pigeon doves keep appearing, white feathers, and so many other ways that he is communicating with our family from heaven. It is amazing and comforting. He knew how much we love him and how much we appreciate him.

We never lost the opportunity to go see him at his concerts, and dance parties in Montreal and here in Toronto. We would always secure tickets to see him and every time we would talk to him and take pictures each time. Glad we did. We will never forget it.

For his one year commemoration memorial, My mother and I were supposed to fly back to Los Angeles to pay our respects and to be there this week, however due to COVID19 our plans were derailed, we could not make it in, however we will go back once this pandemic is all over with. That is a promise. Just recently a plaque with his name has been placed at his grave site. It was very emotional to see the pictures and still cannot get over the shock of his passing and seeing his plaque felt so final, felt so permanent. There isn’t anymore tears left.

I made the promise to his family, friends and fans worldwide that I will keep his legacy alive and that is my life’s mission and I am keeping my promise. If you have not joined his group on Facebook — In loving memory of Avedis Adiss Harmandian – Tribute to Honor his Legacy, please do so. Also you can check on YouTube for his music and go on the App and download Yerker to find his music and listen in. There are lots of tribute videos and music dedicated to Adiss.

This year has been a very difficult one. We still cannot believe that our Legendary icon Adiss Harmandian has passed away. It is something we cannot process and we do not ever think we will ever accept. Yes, it is part of life, but for some people you think they will live forever. I know one thing, Adiss is living forever through his legacy, music, and in our hearts of those who love and adore him. He will forever live on through us. Keep spreading your angel wings Adiss. We miss you and we will never forget you. We love you and may you rest in peace.

Defending Ellen DeGeneres – I’m On Her Side

Defending Ellen DeGeneres – I’m On Her Side

In recent news, you may have heard rumors going around that Ellen DeGeneres has put her staff in a toxic work environment where they feel mistreated, intimidated and feeling like she puts people under pressure, but I am going to defend Ellen DeGeneres because I do not believe for a second that she has done these things to bully and torture her staff. I think these are just bogus and done out of jealousy. Jealousy is a powerful thing and it can ruin everything.

Every work environment is not perfect. Employees, clients and customers may have disagreements, do things differently, obstacles may come in the way, and some days can be good and / or bad. Its the magic of work. Nowadays everybody gets so offended and are so sensitive on everything always takes everything the wrong way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, life is unfair and the good people in this world are the ones who always get treated unfairly, they are the ones where people make up things about them that aren’t true, good people always get trampled on. Jealous and Itimidated people always find a way to ruin a good persons reputation and its really sad to see.

Ellen has changed so many people’s lives for the better, she has donated to causes, she has given people a second chance at life, helped families, has flown people to be part of her show, has helped families go on vacation, built homes for people, given her audience things, 12 days of giveaways, she made the show what it is, she’s done so much for schools, and so much more. She has helped kids gain stardom and her slogan at the end Be Kind to One Another. I do not believe for a second that she is unfair to the people that work for her.

I am sure her show has been so successful and with the people who work for her and herself. Look at all the Emmy and people’s choice awards the show and her crew have received. They should appreciate her and the hard work she has put in to employ all these people. They should be glad to be in this business of entertainment. There are people who want to get into something like this and they cannot, but it looks to me that these workers of hers do not appreciate anything and so they want to hurt her name and her career because they are jealous of her.

It isn’t easy working in the entertainment industry with long hours, and a lot of work, writing, filming, lighting, décor, and a lot of other things goes into it because its not just the crew, the stars and everything, its to think about what to do for fans who are watching these talk-shows, films, TV shows, soap operas, game shows and everything. Its not easy, and I am sure these workers who signed up for these knew that and that is what they signed up for.

With the Corona virus going, it is hard to decipher when things will get back to normal and when her coworkers can return to working and so her workers are also saying that they are unfairly treated because she isn’t telling them a lot about how the show will go on after the pandemic, but now we all don’t know how things will go. We don’t know what happens tomorrow, we don’t know what happens in a month from now. I think this just all bogus just to tarnish Ellen DeGeneres’s name.

I am defending Ellen DeGeneres because she is a good, kind-hearted person, and she has been someone I respect for so many years having tuned into her shows. I had been trying to get on her show to educate people on bullying, and how to deal with social issues, and to just meet her and to bring positivity to her show as she has, but due to the amount of emails, messages and everything she gets, its hard for her to get my messages which is totally understandable and as she is a busy person with a lot going on.

When you are a good person, people take advantage of that and then start to ruin a good name, they start to get jealous and that is what is happening now. So now, people start to get people to join in to take her down and it is so wrong. I think it is important to not believe everything you hear about a person.

I am sure she feels absolutely betrayed by the people she employs and that she could count on everyday. It is absolutely disgusting. Now, she has been forced to apologize for things that she did not do and I know for a fact that she did not. Whenever I have that gut feeling about someone, I am always right, whenever I feel how a person is good, kind-hearted and thoughtful, I am always right.

Think twice, three times before you believe in headlines about a person.
look at my article about destroying a persons reputation.

and backstabbers and betrayal

read these both.

I am staying loyal to the awesome Ellen DeGeneres and nothing will change my mind about her because I choose not to believe it. Be careful and be mindful as well. Thank you.

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Recently, I have been developing and building a lot of content on my Instagram account at Talin401.

I have been touching base on what interests me, how I view the world, things that are relative to me and my travels, I have also been posting photos and writing about celebrities and interacting with some of them which is pretty incredible. Instagram is one of my favorites to interact with my family, friends, and fans worldwide.

For so many years, I have been active on social media and it is my absolute favorite having to interact with people, building a community of people who share and value my same interests. I have also met many people through social media personally. I truly believe that social media opens up doors to a whole new community and these social media websites and platforms are a great way to build friendships and enjoy your time with people you have in common with..

I have been on a new project with Bildbord which is a social media app where you can find people in your same interests and its an amazing app to interact with others.

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