The 105th Armenian Genocide Virtual Commemoration Take Place around the World

On Friday April 24, 2020 marked 105 years since the Armenian Genocide of April 24, 1915. 1.5 Million Armenians were massacred by the hands of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and also they stole a lot of our precious land and our Mount Ararat. They still deny and lie about committing those crimes perpetrated by them. A lot of raw emotions and tears were felt.

This year our commemorations were a lot different then other years. We commemorated, remembered and got together virtually online in social media, going live with videos, sharing photos, and previous years of commemorations, peaceful demonstrations, and gatherings. Armenian Churches, Organizations, Armenian People were sharing from their homes.

The reason for us going online this year is due to the obvious of the whole COVID19 virus Pandemic, physical and social distancing protocols which prevented us from gathering in large crowds and beside each other for our health and safety.

I am sure The Turkish Government around the world found it to be a sign of relief and joy that we were not together physically around the world in large crowds in front of embassies, memorials in dedication to the Armenian Genocide, however, that did not stop us from gathering virtually and spiritually, so basically we came out once again.

We will never stop remembering the victims of Genocide no matter how we voice ourselves and those who survived in the aftermath. Recognizing, spreading awareness and acknowledgement is key to prevent from history from ever repeating itself.

Hopefully and God willingly as COVID19 passes quickly out of the world and in 2021, on the  106th year we will get together again physically to share our emotions, grief and stand strong together. In Memory of the Armenian Genocide. We will never forget.

COVID19 – Masks and Gloves Being Thrown on The Ground – Littering our World

Recently with the COVID19 Coronavirus outbreak, people have been going to grocery stores and other essential places to buy necessities and essentials and then going home protecting themselves with Masks and gloves to try to prevent themselves from getting the coronavirus COVID19.  There are people who are really disgusting and who litter and little do they know what they are doing is causing the problem to be worse. It is creating a huge problem for our world and in our backyards.

It is so disgusting. To those who throw their gloves and masks at the parking lot’s at grocery stores and other essential stores leave them in the carts. Stop littering and stop being so irresponsible and throw them in something invented called the garbage bin. They are there for a reason. Just some people do not understand the concept of what the Garbage bin is used for.

I have seen hundreds and maybe thousands of gloves and masks on the ground and it is absolutely horrible, inhumane, and so crazy. Here we are trying to prevent ourselves from getting sick and boom, there are these people who are doing just the opposite.

People are so focused on social and physical distancing and yet some just throw them on the ground and leave them in carts with whatever is on those gloves and masks being spread around.

I even saw them flying around and that causes a bad environmental disaster as well causing harm and danger for them to get into waters and streams where fish and other animals live and other places too. People have no idea what hazards and havoc this causes and ultimately we pay the price at the end with more people and animals getting infected with this horrible virus. It is unbelievable. There need to be strict penalties to enforce on these people who litter and there should be security and police monitoring parking lots and other places to catch these people who litter.

it is a very disgusting thing. I will call people out on that if I do see it happen and I will make sure they throw it in the garbage disposal. I will definitely be keeping my eye out next time I do groceries. This is crazy and people need to be educated. I cannot believe that we have to teach people how to throw things in the garbage and I cannot believe we have to tell people to do this and where they can’t think of it with common sense by themselves and people have to tell them. That shouldn’t be. It should be automatic and a lightbulb going on in someone’s head. It is ridiculous.

We need to help each other and our world to flatten this curve and with littering, it is not helping at all.

People just don’t get it and don’t understand. More needs to be done to stop these people.

The 105th Armenian Genocide Commemoration – April 24, 2020

The Armenian Genocide Commemoration

April 24, 1915 – April 24, 2020
105 Years of Remembrance
1.5 Million Armenians Massacred by the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

By: Talin Orfali Ghazarian – CANADA

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is Canada’s Capital and every year for a few decades now, we embark on a journey with buses and automobiles to the Parliament Hill for a peaceful demonstration to meet with government dignitaries, Armenians across cities and towns from Ontario, Quebec and Other areas plus our Non-Armenian supporters who have recognized and acknowledged The Armenian Genocide, then immediately after the Parliament, we conduct a march to the Turkish Embassy to also conduct a civil demonstration. Canada has recognized the Armenian Genocide and the purpose of us gathering at the Parliament hill is to say thank you to the Canadian Government for recognizing.

However, this year in 2020 is a lot different and due to unfortunate circumstances due to the COVID19 outbreak, we will be doing things a lot differently. Just because we are not gathering in large numbers together, does not mean that we have forgotten and it does not mean that we will not remember. This year, we will be live streaming online and commemorating through social media outlets, posting articles, hashtags, videos, and pictures to participate. We will definitely make sure that we voice ourselves.

1.5 million Armenians were displaced from their homes, sent to the desert without food and water, were left hungry, tired, slaughtered and massacred by the hands of the Turkish Ottoman Empire of Turkey, and also we had our lands were stolen and our Mount Ararat where it was the final resting place of  Noah’s Ark. To this day, Turks still deny and lie about ever committing those terrible crimes.  There are several websites and literature about The Armenian Genocide online. 

Many countries around the world have recognized the Armenian Genocide and we thank and appreciate you. Let’s prevent that history does not repeat itself. 

Acknowledge, Recognize, Awareness. 


Celebrities Complaining About Being Isolated & Quarantined During COVID19

RANT from me:
I am so pissed off right now!

Some celebrities are complaining that they are stuck in their homes during the COVID19 pandemic and some say that they are bored in their villas/mansions. Sorry but you are complaining about being stuck in your 6,000 to 20,000 sq feet or more mansions when you have swimming pools, hot tubs, ample space to move around to do things, movie theatres, workout rooms, game rooms, massive walk-in closets, pool tables, super expensive cars, super expensive clothing and so much more. I don’t feel for any of you at all. Try and be in people’s shoes right now and your complaining!

There are alone people in this world who are isolated, there are people who are suffering, there are homeless people out there, there are people who live paycheck to paycheck and some who are struggling to make ends meet, some people who have lost their jobs and got laid off due to this pandemic, there are people who can’t pay their bills, there are people who can’t be with their family and friends who are in hospital and YET celebrities have the audacity to complain while they are in the millions of dollars worth of mansions?

While front line workers, nurses, doctors that are pouring in their sweat, tears, exhaustion to help patients with COVID19 who are trying to save their lives, security guards, grocery workers, parents, fast food places, restaurant staff, delivery people, transit workers, pharmacists, truck drivers, post/mail servers, teachers and other essential workers out there who are busting their asses off working so hard to help YOU, who are working so hard to make sure you have food at home.

Kids who can’t go to school now, who were looking forward to seeing their friends, who were supposed to graduate, teens who are supposed to have their proms, graduation valedictorian speeches, and all these special pivotal moments, people who are supposed to have weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties, baby and bridal showers, milestone birthdays, holiday gatherings, travel plans, business trips, cruises, and all kinds of events that are canceled, and

yet Celebrities are complaining that they are bored and feel so isolated and cooped up in their HUGE ASS MANSIONS, GET OVER YOURSELVES!

Appreciate what you have, be grateful and be thankful. There are people who are dying every day from this pandemic and who are deeply suffering, there are other people who are dying from various diseases and illnesses around the world too. While you’re in your MANSIONS, there are people taking in their last breath. SO UNBELIEVABLE!

Rant Over.

How to Keep Busy at Home During The COVID19 Pandemic – Self-Isolation Quarantine

I know it is a difficult time for us right now where our lives were filled with our busy lifestyle, going and coming, going out, but now with COVID19 CoronaVirus pandemic going on, we need to really focus on being isolated and quarantined just for a while until things clear up. Our Governments want to keep us healthy and safe as much as possible keeping us at home so that we won’t become a statistic too.

We need to entertain ourselves while we are quarantined and isolated at home and social media, the internet, and communication with others are so important right now as it always has been. Some people underestimate social media, but at times like this, we need to connect more than ever right now.

I know it is serious what is going on in the world and I am thinking about the lives lost and families ripped apart and those who are currently in the COVID-19 condition and those heroes in the front lines Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists, Grocery workers, Teachers, public transportation workers, and others. I love you all, I respect you and I thank you. I appreciate all of you.

Some Tips from me to keep busy at home during this difficult time we are all facing during this pandemic of COVID19:

1. Play board, card, and other games do crafts, puzzles, and color, do things without screen time for a bit.

2. Have a baking or cooking challenge. Search for a recipe online or do something on your own, and then share your progress on social media. Hashtag it to #QuarantineRecipeChallenge

3. A good time to do spring cleaning around the house, organize closets, pantry, and drawers. look at your medicine cabinets, bathroom and organize and discard any expired medicine, shampoo, creams, and other things that have been laying around for a while.

4. Watch movies, TV Shows, and anything to steer your mind away from COVID19 related issues.

5. Read books or look up a subject online, do some research and write about it. Like a book report or something.

6. take out a pen and paper and start writing or do some doodling.

7. Communicate more on social media and phone and just keep connected with your friends, family and the world. Share funny memes, inspirational quotes with each other, and have fun with others virtually while being physically distant.

8. If you sometimes don’t want to cook, order some take out and have it delivered to you. Also if you need to stock up on food, go out once a week safely to the grocery store, pick up whatever you need and then come home, restock everything.

9. Take this time off from the fast-paced busy lives as an opportunity to catch up on sleep, rest and things that you wanted to do for a while around the house to accomplish it.

10. Work from home if you can.

11. Get some fresh air outside your home, balcony, look out the window.

12. Walk around your neighborhood being physically distant from others at least 6 feet for half an hour or less.

What other tips do you have? Share in the comments below.

Most importantly Stay Healthy, Wash your hands often, wash your clothes or put them in the hamper right away when you go grocery shopping for essentials and focus well on hygiene and keep safe.


My condolences to those lives who were lost during this terrible illness.