Interviewing Myself About My Social Media Journey

A few people have been asking me questions lately about my Social Media journey, and what empowered me to start being active in this whole new way of communicating to the world instantly. Well, here are questions that I am going to be interviewing myself with:

1. How many years have you been active in Social Media?

In May of 2000, I joined, Black Planet, Migente all around that time. Which is about 15 years and almost 2 months, that I have been active, then couple of years later, I joined Myspace.

2. How did you educate yourself in Social Media?

When I began to be educated on what Social Media really is. I began writing, changing my layout of my pages in Asian Avenue, Migente, Black Planet and Myspace. I had hours of fun changing pictures, writing short stories, shout-outs to people, putting avatars, symbols HTML, Style CSS codes. That is when I began to really enjoy myself, and then that is where I launched myself into the Internet world.

3. What was your very first Blog Site to write in? (+ Other sites)

LiveJournal was my first website that I started to write in, then I went to Blogger from Google. Now in present day, I have been on WordPress the longest.

4. What have you been through to get this far to Social Media today?

Well, as a lot of people in Social Media and blogging begin to think in the beginning, ask a lot of questions and inquire on How are people going to engage into my postings? How Can I get out there to be noticed? What do I need to do to be successful? Well, I went through so much to get to where I am today. I began to do extensive research online about how to attract readers, and amongst how to get through the challenging aspects of it all. I then began to learn to tag my posts, so it can be seen by so many people, then I began asking questions and getting feedback from others who are in the same boat as me and who have gone through it all. Soon after I began to get comfortable with it all, I was in a whole new world of communication. It was not easy. For months I did not receive any comments, readers, and those who were engaging into my site. So I put it into action and began to make friends all over the internet, and then my journey officially began.

5. What would you say was the most struggling aspect of your Social Media Journey. Does it still apply to you in present day?

Well, the most struggling aspect of social media, is that right now there is just so many bloggers, so many people in social media and they all want practically the same thing. To be noticed, for people to engage, share, like, and comment on posts. I must say the getting noticed part is the most difficult aspect of it all and which audience you want your content to be available to.

6. Does your family and friends support you in your journey through Social Media?

Yes, definitely. Without the support, foundation from my family and friends, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and I wouldn’t be here conducting this interview for myself. I thank them very much for standing behind in what I love to do, what I am pursuing in all of this, and as well as inspiring the world with my writings, talents and so much more.

7. What do you like to write about?

I like to write about various things such as travel, tips, advice, inspiring stories, stories that have happened to me, promoting others, recipes, causes, and much more.

8. Did you ever have writers block?

Yes, several times. Sometimes as a writer, My mind freezes up and do not have anymore capacity in my brain to come up with new topics, and what to do next. Then after a few days go by, things start coming back to me, and begin to write again.

9. What advice do you have for aspiring and up and coming social media activists?

Just to take your time with social media. Do not rush into getting so much viewership, and engaged readers. It takes time to establish yourself. Well, not all the time. Also to always make sure your site is searchable, to add keywords, tag posts and engage in other peoples social media journey as well.



Getting Quickly Attached to Places of Travel

I don’t know why I get so drawn and close to the places I travel to. I become fans of the teams of the city I visit, sometimes its temporary. I haven’t really figured out all the answers. It takes me weeks after I travel somewhere to really get back into the swing of things back at home. I guess because when you travel and go to somewhere else, where everything is new, I always see it as a place that is so cool, sweet and awesome to be in when you see new faces, new streets, different lifestyle, different personalities, and everything else.

about 10 days ago, I returned from Los Angeles and California and I got attached to the place and part of me never wanted to leave. When we travel, we all have our opinions, perceptions and thoughts on places we visit, and some of us think of it as a place where to move and take a long time to come and be part of a whole different lifestyle. However, no matter how much I love places other than my own, nothing really beats home, where you are with your family, great friends whom you are always with, where your life is created daily and home is where the heart is and your every being.

For me, I get attached quickly to places I travel because I know people who live there, whether they are my family, friends, and my online friends and I was so happy to meet them, and some I will meet them some other time. I have always thought positively on how awesome and cool it would be to have all our loved ones, and friends all be in the same city and town, and how much fun and lovely it would be with all the gatherings, parties, the memories made together, I know for some people who is not the case unfortunately, However you can always travel and visit your favourite cities and towns whenever convenient and whenever you are able to. how incredible it would be without being so far away and being able to see each other whenever.

When I left physically from California, Boston, and other places where I have family and friends, where I made friends from my resort travels to Cuba, Dominican and other places, I cry so much when I have to take a flight back and when I have to come to terms with my own reality in the place I live in, when I think to myself, when is the next time I will see those beautiful people again? Wondering how long it will take for the next gathering? It sometimes bothers me on why those who we love are so far away? I get so depressed just thinking about it, but then I think positively and say, hey its temporary, I will see them again and I will go back to places again. It takes patience and time.

I have always wanted all the answers to the questions, but sometimes it is so hard to answer them as it is a touchy subject.

1. Have you ever been attached to places you visited?
2. What was your feeling about coming back home or knowing your visit is coming to an end?
3. How long does it take you to adjust back to your own reality?
4. What was the best place you visited and were depressed coming back?

However with all that being said, never forget the people who are with you and in your life and all the family and friends who are like family who are around in your circle. They are the ones who you make your lots of memories with and they are the ones whom you should cherish, love and respect as they know you best and those who are constantly with you. I am not saying forget the people you know around the world and your family wherever they are, I would never do that, but all I am saying is that never take people around you in your reality for granted and always love, treat them equally and be as excited to see them all the time as you would with the people who you travel to go see.

best wishes always.

The Beauty of California

As I was going through the streets of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood areas, I saw a celebrity named Hugh Jackman driving a black Porsche, and then I thought of the glitz, glamour, red carpet, award shows, actors, actresses, singers, film, everything about the entertainment industry, and the widely populated industry it is in LA areas and how my perceptions of Los Angeles is and being it only about arts and entertainment, however, it is something so much more than that. The beauty of the mountains, hills, valleys, scenery, Pacific Ocean, landmarks, is something so indescribably beautiful.
People in LA and California do not realize how beautiful of a place they live in. Some say, we live here and we do not notice everything you do, because we are always in it everyday, and where you keep your eyes open on everything that is new to you. Some of them take it for granted. They are absolutely lucky to be living around all that beauty. I can stare at those mountains, hills, valleys, and everything day in and day out. I absolutely adore California, Los Angeles and everything there is about it.

I really miss you California. It will almost be one week since I am back Toronto and I feel like I could not get enough of it. I am thrilled and excited to go back to Cali next year at the same time. I am counting down the days. Until then Cali, you will always be embedded and engraved into my eyes, memories, soul, heart, mind and mentally and emotionally. I have left you physically, but my spirit is always there.

California Dreaming — Welcome to the Hotel California!!!

The Importance of Water – Our Natural Resource

Water is so important in our lives and vital part of it, and where water is scarce, some people in the world do not have clean drinking water, who do not have access to showers on a daily basis, in other places water is limited and come from wells, and replenished by trucks.

When I was in California when we were driving through Visalia, Tulare, Bakersfield, Fresno, on Highway 99 and inland of California plus other places, I saw big signs saying “No, Water, No Jobs”, and the crops, vegetables, trees, grass, fruits that are shipped across North America are crying for water and are crying for rain. I can see how dry the land is, grass and some trees have turned blonde/yellow and desperately need rain to liven up the soil and crops. By the time the produce makes it to us, the flavour and freshness changes a lot. There is a lot of farm land in California and passed by hundreds and thousands probably.

We are very lucky to have our water resources, where other places are in desperate need. In areas of California they are so strict about watering lawns, taking long showers, continuously keeping the water on while washing dishes, washing cars, and driveways. I heard they authorities are fining people if caught. I have always heard the severity and the shortage in California, but actually witnessing it in person is absolutely terrible.

Keep showers short, turn off the water when brushing your teeth, Do not keep the water running in the sink when using the washroom (people do that and I have seen it in public restrooms), and do not use it to water your lawn much. If you know it rains in your areas, Let mother nature take its course.  Inform your family and friends and always remind them to use water wisely.

Use water responsibly and do not waste it. It is a very precious resource of our world. Water is life.

Our Ultimate 1308 Miles of California Getaway

A couple of weeks ago on May 21st, 2015 after a long wait and anticipation, Our ultimate California getaway had arrived when I went with my Family. We were so impatient and anxious to get to Toronto Pearson’s YYZ Airport to take our Air Canada Flight AC 789 to Los Angeles Airport LAX at 8am when it took off. As we submitted my boarding pass to the Air Canada attendant and as we made our way to the Aircraft and grabbed our seats, we were absolutely excited for the 5 and a half hour flight, which to us did not feel long at all, as we are used to flights. We arrived at 10:10am LA Time, so we had the full day ahead.

As soon as the aircraft attendants announced that we will be landing momentarily to LAX and as we saw the Los Angeles Buildings in Downtown while landing, the hills, valleys, and the beauty of LA, we began to get more excited then ever and then I said to myself, it is about to get real now. So much is waiting for me to discover, my family to see, my cousins wedding to attend to, Facebook Friends whom I met for the first time, and covering so much ground in so little time. 10-11 days went by like a dream.

It was an incredible time when we went through towns and cities, and firstly after getting our rental car, we made our way to Newport Coast, where we stood the night, taking the 405 Freeway, where then we began driving north to Fresno where my cousin got married, and reunited, and united with family and friends, then after Fresno, we made our way to San Francisco passing through San Jose, Oakland, and many other towns. After San Francisco, we ventured out to Highway 1 Freeway 101 which is the Pacific Coast Highway. It took over 8-9 hours to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. We made a stop in Santa Barbara for a night, Then we stood in Northridge Area, visited Santa Monica Pier and Beach after that we went back to Newport Coast where we ended our trip with more family time. On May 30th we returned our rental car, then at 10:20pm we departed Los Angeles LAX airport to arrive back to Toronto on May 31st, at 6am in the morning our time.

In Beverly Hills, we were on our way to Santa Monica, where I saw Actor Hugh Jackman driving a black Porsche when he was getting out and stopped on one of the streets in Beverly Hills close to Carmelita Ave with the tall Palm Trees around the homes. All the cars were either Range Rovers, Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW, Maserati, Teslas and so many more crazily expensive cars around there, and then there were cleaners and maids coming out of some of the stars homes as I was driving and watching the streets. It was quite awesome to see a celebrity in LA… What is a trip to Los Angeles without seeing a celebrity?

With all that you hear from Movies, TV, Entertainment websites and all the hype of Los Angeles with the home of Celebrities, Music Performers, Directors, Producers and a huge Population that works in the entertainment industry somehow are scattered all over Los Angeles area’s. LA is just so huge that you need at least a month to comfortably go all around. 2 weeks is not enough. There is just too much to see, too much to do. If I lived in Los Angeles, I would definitely be in the entertainment industry.

Now Los Angeles is not just about Film, Entertainment and everything. There is far more to it than just film making, awards, studios, mansions, Malibu beach houses, movie sets, the glitz, glamour, vanity, fashion and everything is not just everything about it. There is so much more to do. If you have never been, you should make a trip there whenever convenient for you.

Now, they say that the Highway 401 here is jam packed and so much traffic. You haven’t seen and heard nothing yet. We took doses of the 405, 110, traffic and that is extremely brutal. I do not know how residents of California, LA area can handle that day in and day out. It takes patience, skill and guts to go through that almost everyday. Highway 401 traffic in Toronto is nothing compared to what they go through on the 405 and 110. I would go crazy with that everyday. People of LA are brave.

I love Los Angeles so much. I am excited to make a return next year. I have been back for a couple of days now and I miss it so much already, especially my family and my friends there. Next time I will be there longer to see my other Facebook friends that I didn’t have time to see. Cheers to LA!

There is so much more that I have to say about my trip, but this was just the bit of it.
Now to take off my bucket list:

– I saw the Painted Ladies and the Full House TV Show house, and Alamo Square in San Francisco,
– I saw the Fisherman’s Wharf, also the skyline of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge.
– I saw the Santa Monica Pier
– I Drove on the Pacific Coast Highway
– I went close to the Hollywood Sign
– I saw Beverly Hills and glimpse of Celebrity Homes
– I saw a celebrity in LA – Hugh Jackman in his Black Porsche.