How to Make This World A Better Place In The New Decade

As the years and decades go on, years keep going by so quickly and time is just flying by. As another decade comes to an end, a new one begins. What are your expectations for 2020 and this new decade? What would you like to see the change in this world? What can we do to better our world? I have a few ideas in mind to share with you all on what we can do together to make this world a better place and to start off the decade right. Here are some of them:

– Be kind to each other and look out for one another.

– Spread love and cheer.

– Be patient, and do not rush your life and what you have to do.

– Spend more time face-to-face with loved ones and take breaks from screens, social media and online. come up with activities, fun things to do with your family and friends that do not involve technology and gaming. Our lives are being taken over by all that. Time to take a step back and evaluate our lives. Social Media and technology isn’t everything. Whatever happened to our brains and actually using it without apps helping us?

– Have actual meaningful conversations with people, interact and communicate vocally face-to-face. Develop your emotions, personality and come up with great things to talk about, use your mind, current events, and subjects to discuss.

– Reach out to lonely people, those who do not have a lot of friends, welcome them into your life and work to preserve friendships and relationships.

– Do positive things to help your local communities, get out there and be involved in inspiring, doing good deeds for others.

– Steer away from negativity, the drama that people create, and focus on positive things that can make a great difference in a person’s life.

– Stay away from Stupid and pathetic trends online that have no meaning, substance and a purpose. Always think before you get into it. chances are its not a good idea.

– Before commenting and passing judgment on others on social media, make sure before clicking on that submit, send or post button, that it is not rude and terrible. Always practice good thoughts. Hiding behind screens doesn’t make you entitled to be rude to others and to say mean things. Be careful. Words are far more hurtful than anything else. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

– Appreciate more about life, be grateful for people around you, cherish loved ones and never take anybody or anything for granted.

– Never take advantage of the goodness of people’s hearts, be good to kind-hearted, soft-hearted and great people in this life. Never treat them with disrespect. They will go to the ends of the earth, they will do anything and everything for you. Do not use them to your advantage and always be thankful and appreciate them. It is a rare thing in this world now to find generous people who do good things from their heart without expecting anything in return. That is so sweet and thoughtful of them.

– Money and material things are a necessity in our lives but do not think that is the only way to win a person’s heart. Don’t take advantage of people’s generosity.

– If you are a fake in this world, it is not a good trait. Be real, be who you are. Fakeness is not a great thing at all. Be original and do not put on a show and pretend. You will be caught sooner or later. Lies do come out. Steer far away from that.

– Say please, thank you, and develop good manners, do not be selfish, apologize for wrong-doings, admit your faults, respect each other.

– Have a great outlook on life, surround yourself with positive vibes, keep thinking good thoughts.

– Enjoy your life. You only have one. Do anything and everything you can before it is too late. Travel, enjoy the scenery, get out there and do things you wouldn’t normally do, create a to-do list and goals you want to achieve.

– We all go through problems in our personal lives, and we all deal with things in different ways, always a good idea to be nice and say good things to people all the time.

– Smile when you go out in public, hold the door for people going in and out, say thank you and you’re welcome, be patient when at restaurants, fast food places, be kind to your server and waitress and speak nicely, be kind to those working in retail, say thank you and appreciate people working and standing for those long hours serving you.

– Take care of the world, do not litter, help your neighbors around you, take care of the environment, and ultimately take care of yourself.

The list can go on and on. It is up to us people in this world to make the world a better place. The earth has life on it. It is important to take care of it, so it can take care of us. We only have one life to live. We should do everything we can while we are still living to do good things and to leave a great legacy to our loved ones and communities.

What are some of your ideas on making the world a better place? Please leave politics and religion out of your ideas, please. Everything else welcome. Thank you.

The Baby Yoda Poem

The Baby Yoda Poem
By: Talin Orfali Ghazarian –

Baby Yoda all cute and sweet
Ever so adorable, even your tiny little feet,
All of us people have gone so crazy for you,
You are so loved, that I wish you had a clue.

All the videos, photos, memes galore,
That we can never get tired and want more,
All the coos, moves and all the power,
we love looking at you hour after hour.

Your cuteness is so very overloaded,
That your videos and memes are downloaded,
In the galaxy and universe, you have taken over,
You are so green and lovely like a lucky four-leaf clover.

Baby Yoda sees a frog and eats it
Swallowing every piece bit by bit,
He loves drinking his choccy milk,
it is so tasty that it goes down gentle like silk.

Oh baby Yoda, we are so obsessed,
That you brought people together and we are so blessed.


Mandalorian – Baby Yoda – Takes over the Galaxy and our hearts – Star Wars

It is so exciting to report that a new character has been added to the Star Wars Mandalorian franchise. It’s so incredibly cute, cuddly, and absolutely adorable. Baby Yoda is his name. This beautiful green icon has taken over the galaxy. It eats Frogs and has choccy milk, soup and its a protector from evil. He protects the people he loves and enjoys touching things he is not supposed to.

I was never into Star Wars until I saw one of the films a few years ago. I got hooked. I love the series and it gets me excited and now more especially when Baby Yoda came into the picture.

I just learned about Baby Yoda this past week and I am already hooked and obsessed over the little guy. I just joined the group on Facebook where you can see videos, memes, photos, and all sorts of things relative to Baby Yoda and here it is. Enjoy the group.

You can also check out another group called baby Yoda memes gallery filled with memes and fun stuff too!

So many cool postings from so many people who enjoy, love, obsess and adore this cutie patootie. I am warning you though, You will experience cuteness overload that you cannot handle it. I am sure that this cutie Baby Yoda will bring us all together in this world to enjoy and love him and he will spread out joy to people of all ages.

To learn more about Baby Yoda, you can check out the group link I posted and you can check on Google too for more information on him. Enjoy the cuteness!

How to Approach Celebrities, Stars and Well-Known Figures Personalities of Today

In my life, I can say I have been pretty lucky and have had my fair share of meeting celebrities, stars, well-known figures, sports athletes, reporters and anchors and many more for so many years now without going to any events. I just meet them spontaneously all the time which is pretty amazing with being at the right place at the right time.

I’ve learned ways to approach them and treat them like they are ordinary people like you and I. You never want to come across as an obsessed, crazed and screaming fan that will creep the well-known personality out. Make sure that you approach them in a calm and collected manner. Just think if the roles were reversed.

Just come up to that person and say hello, and then introduce your name to them and give them a nice compliment about what you like about them and then talk with them for about 30 seconds to a minute and then ask them if you want to take a picture with them or get an autograph. Nowadays, people want that photo op with the famous person to post on social media and have total bragging rights that you met this person which is totally fine.

Don’t right away ask for a photo, engage in a meaningful conversation which will then be appreciated and welcomed and not just use a celebrity to just take a photo with them and then that’s it. That will make a celebrity feel used. Do not do that.

In my previous article, I had posted was that these well-known personalities, stars, and celebrities are there because we fans got them there, and we pay their way to entertain us. They should always be thankful that we give them the kind of attention because, without us fans, they will not have jobs. It all comes with the territory of becoming famous.

However, there is that border that should not be crossed and there are so many ways to approach these people. If you are calm, humble and greet them with a firm handshake, that will open up the door to them welcoming you to talk to them. One thing to keep in mind that if you see them walking around and if you see them from afar, make sure they do not see you make eye contact with them. Pretend you are just walking and then as you make that approach, stop them and say hello, I think I know you from somewhere and you are familiar, and then do your magic.

certain things fans do can get themselves into big trouble when they overstep and touch them in not so flattering ways and they will go far enough to stalk them at their homes. They will find out everything about the well-known personality and they will find themselves at their homes which is why they are unlisted.

These Hollywood Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Star home tours are welcoming these overly-obsessed fans that know where these people live and they will do anything and everything to get video footage and look into the gated homes with tall trees and shrubs just to snag some photos for social media and all that. They have massive security alarms and codes to open up the gates for anybody who is permitted, but if you show up unannounced, that can result into getting into problems that you do not want.

— Now, that is something that is not cool. Not when it comes to their personal space like their homes. It is a no-no to invite yourself and that will cause you to get arrested for trespassing and will maybe result in restraining orders which is not good for your record.

I’ve been to Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and areas where celebrities live in southern California and I can assure you those bus star home tours are just a waste of money. You cannot really see anything and you can maybe see the roof of the huge homes and maybe just maybe symbols and signs. Just ask me and I will tell you. I have never been on those star home tours, but I’ve followed those buses around and its really not ask exciting.

I meet these people by luck which I have mentioned. All of them have actually really enjoyed my company. I’ve met Amanda Bynes, Kevin Bacon, Atom Egoyan, Alison Lohman, Colin Firth, Breckin Mayer, Sharon Lawrence, Paul Telfer, Ian Buchanan, Chloe Grace Moretz, plus a few others which I cannot remember, Sports Athletes, Politicians, Anchors, Reporters and amongst others.

Approach them, but when they are away from their homes in public spaces. If you are invited, that is great and if they know you that is great, but do not ever be that obssessive person because that is a huge red flag.

You will get your 15 minutes of fame once they announce your name all over for stalking a celebrity at their home. You don’t want that kind of publicity because that is a recipe for disaster and people will always remember this and you do not want that kind of reputation going on about you. It’s really not worth it.

Stay calm and know your limits. Never feel intimidated and nervous meeting these well-known personalities. Just think they are just regular people like you and I. Trust me, you will appreciate it when I tell you this, they will be grateful that you did.

Being in the Public Eye – Celebrities and Well-Known Figures of Society

In this life being in the public eye has its pros and cons, but mostly pros. Let’s begin with Cons. When you are well-known and you are doing your own thing by going shopping, heading for a flight at the airport, or your dining at a restaurant, having fan events and walking around and you get noticed, there are those certain few that overstep their boundaries and begin to touch you to make you uncomfortable which is way over the top and not good, and those who are so overly obsessive that they want to stalk the person. Now, those are cons, but there are a lot more pros to what happens.

When you become a celebrity and a well-known person in a community, and in the world, one of the key things to remember is that when people know you, and they come up to you and want to talk to you, take pictures with you and want to be around you, it comes with the territory. Be nice, kind and humble to those who love and worship you.

Some celebrities don’t even give their fans and supporters the time of day let alone take pictures and stuff with them. If it wasn’t for fans and supporters, these people would be out of jobs in the entertainment industry and other industries. I’ve seen videos where stars, celebrities have total disregard for their fans and just walk and shove them away and continue doing what they are doing to get into a car or store or whatever. It is rude. You signed up for this life, so you have to deal with everything that comes with it.

Some celebrities live in isolation away from fans and that is not right.

Communication is key with your fans. I think more artists, actors, actresses and other people who are well-known should engage more in their fans and make it easier for them to meet them. I’ve been lucky a few times meeting celebrities in Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and other places I have traveled to.

I am on social media and the internet and people recognize me at the most random places. It feels amazing.

I get approached by so many people who know me from everywhere and it makes me feel good and I appreciate and thank them. My fans, friends, family and all those who support me mean the world to me and I love everyone so much. When you are in public society, it’s important to have that connection and unity with people who spend precious time to follow and to support you. As a contributor to social media, it is awesome when you get approached personally.

That picture, autograph and a few minutes to spend with them mean a lot to them and to me. You have no idea how deep of an impact that gives people and you build yourself that great reputation that is important. The legacy you create is the legacy that everyone will remember.

Jealous and Fake people. Walk away from them

When there are jealous and fake people in this world, it is not your problem, it is their problem. You continue doing what makes you happy, do positive things, keep going and never allow others who create problems belittle you. Be yourself and be who you are.

You do not have to explain your life, and what you go through personally to anybody, and you do not need to tell anybody what you do in your daily life.. You do not owe anybody an explanation. Everybody goes through things, but at the end of the day, we are human. Keep smiling, and don’t let others control and walk all over you. It is none of their business how you manage your lifestyle. You do whats best for you, not for anybody else.

just walk away, cut ties with people who begin drama, be with people who understand and love you for you. People who appreciate you, and who are there for you in thick or thin without calculations, without strings attached and all that. In times of those who gang up on you are the ultimate test to see their loyalty and their fakeness.

Sneaky people will set up plans behind your back to take you down, and orchestrate everything to just get rid of you in their circle, clique and that is what jealous and insecure people do.

They have nothing better to do in their lives but to meddle and hurt others.

don’t give anybody the satisfaction. be strong and walk away.