Creepy E-mail Newsletter Messages

a couple of days ago, something alarming came to my attention and realized something very wrong, I was checking my e-mail and I noticed a message from Buzzfeed and it said, we miss you. So, the curiosity made me click on it. It said that, it has been a while since you have opened up any emails from us. We just want to know are you still interested in subscribing to us?

At this moment, I was very alarmed, creeped out and actually violated that some of these people from these social media outlets, news outlets and more who send newsletters and new things know when you open up an e-mail or not. I have also noticed this with other companies that I am subscribed with, that they no longer send things because I do not open an e-mail.

That is pretty creepy that they monitor those things and even more creepier when they e-mail you saying that they haven’t seen you open up the messages. They should not be allowed to do that. I open a message when I want to, not when they ask me to open it and not being monitored to.

I know these days with technology, social media and everything is not private anymore and everything we do is monitored online, but this freaked me out where these people who send newsletters actually know when their e-mails sent are open or not. It just makes you ponder about our e-mails no longer being private for our eyes to see only.

I know the difference of spam and e-mails that contain viruses which I delete right away. I am talking about those ones from Buzzfeed, News Sites, Social Media marketing sites and more.

Have you encountered and received an e-mail saying that we have not seen you or heard from you in a while when you check your e-mails? I am seriously considering on unsubscribing to all those newsletters. I will be contacting Buzzfeed and other sites that have said the same thing to me in the e-mail. I will see what they say.

I am thinking of starting an online petition to boycott the monitoring of opened or unopened e-mail newsletters. Just so unbelievably creepy.

Talin’s list of you know you’re addicted to adult coloring books when…

– You have dreams about it at night and you are coloring in it

– You toss and turn in bed awake, when you feel the urge to finish just one more page

– You wake up and first thing you do is color

– You go to the local department stores like Wal-Mart, as well as Michael’s, Dollar Stores, and other stores that have adult coloring books and coloring supplies and check them out before you go and do your shopping

– When you see people wearing patterns, floral, paisleys, and other designs, you automatically think of adult coloring book pages

– You have over 30 books, but want more.

– You go through every adult coloring book in the store and think to yourself, hmm this one is not a big deal, I will put that down, Oh this one is good, I can do it.

– You make a mess of the adult coloring books section and clearance areas at a book store, just so you can find your perfect coloring book

– You think your markers or pencil crayon’s won’t be enough, so you end up buying more

– You start your own coloring book club

– You go nuts when others touch your adult coloring books/pages and coloring supplies and say it is off limits and out of question to touch your precious babies

– You know all the brands of coloring supplies from pencil crayons, markers, glitter pens, gel pens

– You check online sites for coloring pages and books

Feel free to add more in the comments below.

Why Adult Coloring Books Have Inspired Me.

In the last little while a few months ago, I have been coloring in adult coloring books and its so lovely to see a design whether its a mandala’s, mehndi’s, flowers, patterns, butterflies and other creations, and its really something that has given me a lot of satisfaction and happiness. Some of the pages are a struggle, but somehow I am getting through them easily once I begin. When I was going to the stores, I always saw these coloring books and I always ended up putting them down until one time, I decided to pick one up as a trial run. I bought some markers and I began my journey through using my creativity and enjoying coloring.

I have bought coloring books from, Everyone love coloring, Mandala Magic,  Inspirational, Mandalas, Mehndi Designs, from Valentina Harper, Jess Volinski, Thaneeya McCardle, from publishers such as Baron’s, and other books. I am very happy with them all. I will be creating a page filled with my colored pages.

Now, I am part of a Facebook group called “Coloring books for adults” for almost a month now and it is a community of people who share the same interests as I do and its an addicting thing once you begin to join the world of color. It is a great addiction though. Its a great past time and its takes you away from screen time for a while, and it helps you concentrate, relax and think about nothing while you are in another universe far away from earth. When you indulge in coloring pages, you cut out the world around you and you feel so focused. It is definitely therapeutic.

It is incredible how I am not alone in this and that there are thousands of people around the world who color like me in these adult coloring books and pages. I am very happy that I finally caved in and joined the wonderful world of art, design, color and much more. It has definitely inspired me to color more and get more books.




The Forest of Hope

On a sunny Saturday afternoon on September 24, 2016 at Ashton Meadows Park in Markham, Ontario, & Oakridges, Canada, the ceremony of the Forest of Hope was held. Forest of Hope is dedicated to the Armenian Genocide Centennial and in memory of the 1.5 million victims of Genocide where 100 trees were planted of commemoration to 100+ years since the Armenian Genocide unfortunately happened by the Turkish Ottoman Empire and Government on April 24, 1915.

The purpose of Forest of Hope is a symbolic way to give hope starting from the roots, to the branches where Armenians blossom around the world, to give us a new beginning to give us oxygen, life, and sense of community here in Canada, to put a mark on Canadian soil in Markham, Ontario. Many dignitaries, honoured guests, ambassador to Armenia in Canada Mr. Armen Yeganian, the Mayor of Markham Frank Scarpitti, Clergy and priests from churches in and around the GTA, Mher Karakashian who is part of the Armenian Genocide Centennial Chair, among many others who joined.

Daron Keskinian was the master of ceremonies, and host of the Forest of Hope event where he introduced many distinguished guests to speak at the podium, as well as inviting Governmental bodies to read letters from Premier Kathleen Wynne of Ontario, and Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau.

Holy Trinity Armenian Churches Sassoun Dance Ensemble performed 2 Armenian Traditional dances, as well as the Homenetmen Band played the National Anthems of both Armenia and Canada. Horovel Band also played.  the event concluded with closing  the ceremony with a ribbon cutting to unveil the Forest of Hope memorial plaque and closing prayer by the Clergy. After we walked around the path in our forest.

Thank you to those who were part of the organizing committee, who made this forest possible, who worked day in and out, also to all those who attended this important day. May the Forest of Hope bloom and grow always.

Lunch with Steven Spielberg

A Fictional story made up, but wish it were true.
I will be writing a few stories that are fictional. I will be posting that it is not real on top of each post.

On a sunny morning in Los Angeles, California, I was going about my day when I decided to go to Rodeo Dr for a walk and visit the stores. I saw an empty bench and decided to sit down to take a break. I then took a glance around and saw expensive cars go by and then someone came and sat beside me.

I went to grab my purse and put it on my lap. I really didn’t look who it was. I then took my journal out and began writing. I then decided to take a look on who it was beside me. He looked so familiar. Then I said hello, you are familiar. He said, I am Steven Spielberg. At first I was not believing it and then he showed me his ID. I said oh my goodness, nice to meet you. He said likewise. I said my name is Talin Orfali. I am from Toronto. I live here in Los Angeles now and loving every moment. Then he said I know who you are.

He said, I purposely came here to sit beside you because you look like a person that I would love to include into a film I am going to produce. I then said oh thank you. I am a writer and editor in film and act occasionally too. He said, I am on my way to go to Lunch, I would love for you to join me. Then, I stopped him and said, how did you know that I was going to be coming to Rodeo Dr? I did not post it anywhere on social media or anything. He said, I guess we were at the right place at the right time. I said, yes I guess so. Then after I quickly without hesitation accepted to join him for lunch after asking him that question. He said meet me at 12:30 for lunch at the IVY. I said yes definitely. See you there. He said see you.

12:30 approached and I got to the IVY at 12:20  before Steven did. Then about 5 minutes later he showed up. He said thank you for being punctual. I was testing you to see if you are on time. You passed. We then went to the table and began to talk and getting to know each other. He then obtained my information before ordering lunch and I was on the way to great success. The waitress came by to take our order. He let me order first. I ordered chicken and he order steak. We began conversing and giving each other ideas for film and also talking about life. After our food came and we began to eat. After eating we took a picture together.

When the bill came, Steven took it and paid for our lunch. We then left the IVY around 2:30 then he left to go back to the studio and I left to go to my house and began writing and sending Steven emails on my ideas even further.

After 2 weeks we began filming Steven Spielbergs and my film and it was released to theatres  where my name was on the credits and right on the film posters. The box office and the film made almost 150 million dollars in less than a week. My money earned from the film was over 25 million dollars. I put it to good use to give to reputable charities as well as useful and beneficial things for friends, family and myself.

Steven and I went to many lunches where we became good friends and also went to each other’s home and then went to award shows where our film won an Oscar, Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards all in that year.. Then we began working on a second project together and that became successful too. After a couple of years, Steven saw to it that I earn and win the Cecil B DeMille award and that happened as well.

Lunch and meeting with Steven Spielberg was incredible and it took my journey through Hollywood and film to an all new level.

The Fairfax & Beverly

A Fictional story, however, I have been to Fairfax & Beverly within May/June of 2016 in Los Angeles, California and I have seen CBS Studios from the outside. Hopefully this can happen in reality.

In life when intersections meet, there is always north, south, east, west, left, right, straight, down and up, also you can see many places too that is all around, and sometimes you just end up seeing trees and grass. As I was on Fairfax & Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles, California, I could see a huge studio called CBS. As I am standing at the Corner of Fairfax & Beverly, My excitement got to the better of me, and began remember the shows Price is Right, and The Young and the Restless. All the shows began to come to life. It was a bright morning as the employees were entering the gates ready for work on another typical day.

I was at the corner of both intersections for quite a while. Then I was approached by 2 gate guards at the Studios and they were asking me why I have been there for almost 2 hours? I explained myself and said that I have been staring at the CBS Studios building for quite a while since I stopped here to admire the view, and the guard asked why once again, and I explained further that I am just imagining myself in there making television and film history and all the things I can do to improve the quality of television and film these days.  They said, Oh okay that is no problem. Enjoy your time and feel free to be here as much as you like. I said thank you guards.

Then the gate guards ended up staying there with me for a while too, and I was explaining to them that I am a writer, and I have been having an extra difficult time getting my craft and talent noticed by these big studio CEO’s and Managers. I said to them, I can do so much to make a difference. After an hour speaking with the gate guards, they were convinced that I am really a person whom doesn’t play around and I am serious.

As I gave them my name and they were searching me on the internet with their phones, they quickly saw my website, my writings, and things I have written through the vast majority of social media, and they really enjoyed seeing what I have to offer. Quickly, they went back to meet the other guards who were there watching the place, I was still at Fairfax & Beverly. From a distance, I saw them get on the phone. I had no idea what was going on. They then flagged me to come by the entrance doors. and so I began to walk towards them.

At this moment, I was a nervous wreck. I began sweating like crazy and said, Oh no I might be in a lot of trouble trying to get my way past through security and sweet talking these people, little did I know that they were inside that booth talking to the big kahuna, and president of CBS Les Moonves, after that they got on the phone with The Young and the Restless executives, and I am outside almost hyperventilating, but then about 15 minutes went by and they said, we have good news for you. You now have access to go inside.

We just have to check you, search you before we can let you in. All I had was my purse and the contents were my wallet, camera, Los Angeles map book, cell phone, snacks and a little bit of lipstick/body mist and mirror. The security also conducted a body search and I was cleared to go inside. I said, I couldn’t be more happy and excited and I thank you guys for allowing me to fulfill my dreams. I appreciate it. They said, you are welcome. We can tell when a person has a passion and who is serious and doesn’t beat around the bush.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I couldn’t even grasp that I was finally in this heavily fenced facility where in just a few steps is the road to entertainment of which Los Angeles is well known for. I ventured to studio 43, where the Young and the Restless is filmed. I happened to go in the right moment as most of the actors and actresses were at work today filming very important events in the show history. I was able to meet them all, take pictures and got to finally enjoy the CBS experience.

After all that, I was invited to Les Moonves’s, office. Les said, I heard about you through the security at the gates, and I also happened to search your name on the internet and I saw a lot of great things about you and your passion to write. After our 45 minute meeting, he decided to let me do my magic and accepted me to begin my writing career. I got so excited and I accepted too.

Then I became a Los Angeles Times headline on the front page saying, The Fairfax & Beverly woman gets her big writing gig. So in and around LA, I was known to be the Fairfax & Beverly woman. I then quickly got many calls to interview me in talk shows such as The Talk which is also filmed from CBS Studios, and when I became a hit sensation on TV, I was in another world, I could not believe that this was happening. All thanks to security staff.

After, I was on the news everywhere and before that I had called my family and friends back home in Canada, and I said that you won’t believe what happened to me, and they already received the news instantly. I became a household name, and then the real work began when I started to write, edit and do so many things.

A few months later, I boosted up the ratings on The Young and the Restless as I began writing for them and joined their team. We became #1 for several weeks and months. 2 years went by and I got a huge offer to write and edit actual films. In those 2 and a half years, I went to every award show, top Hollywood parties, shopped at Rodeo Dr, bought a brand new car, a house and I was on my way to great success.

After almost 3 years went by after being constantly so busy with this career, I made a visit home to Canada and I was noticed everywhere beginning from the Airport all the way to public places.

After a couple of weeks being home, it was time for me to fly to my new home in Los Angeles that I had been calling that for 3 years. Family and Friends came to visit me, had a huge family reunion in Los Angeles where all my family stayed at my new home which I did a housewarming in Beverly Hills. All my aunts, uncles, cousins, my grandmother, parents, brother and so many people slept over and spent a few days together.

Then friends also came by at different times. Life got so incredibly busy that I had many offers, my keyboard was going a million miles an hour typing scripts, monologues, and all the creative imagination that was coming out from my brain, achieving great success, with catchy phrases, movie titles, and becoming a prominent figure in entertainment and arts in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and the world.

After, I was nominated for Emmy’s, Screen Actors Guild Award, Golden Globes, the Oscars and in one year, I had won them all. Plus other awards here and there. I displayed them proudly in my home in my display case which was in my living room, and all I can remember is standing at Fairfax & Beverly and seeing those security guards approaching me and that they were the key component to allowing me to cross that barrier to great success that was awaiting me.

I then sent thank you gifts to those men and we became great friends over the years. 10 years passed and our friendship was as strong as ever and I was not permitted to say thank you to them any longer for getting me on the road to success and making my dreams come true with a lifetime of friendships with the guards, as well as a lifetime of a greatness in the entertainment world.  I was just standing at an intersection of Fairfax & Beverly when the door finally opened. I couldn’t imagine my life picture perfect than those 2 hours I had admiring a Black and White building with the big Letters of CBS from Fairfax & Beverly.


A Fictional Short Story at The Hollywood Hills

As I sit here on the Hills of Hollywood overlooking the picturesque views of Los Angeles, I couldn’t keep my eyes away from all the beauty, the energy of entertainment, the stories of what happens behind the scenes and action right in front of us. A moment later, The sun’s rays became ever so warm and the Los Angeles skyline of downtown became more clear. I can see tourists, residents, and observers here at the Griffith Observatory.

Here I took out a pen and my notebook. I began writing my journal and all of a sudden I was interrupted by a prominent figure in film. His name is Matt Damon. He said, Hello, My name is Matt Damon. I said, yes I know who you are. I admire you and your films. He then said thank you. I had gone about half way through with finishing my journal entry, and he said I am sorry for not letting you finish your journal. I said no, not at all. Matt said, I know and see a writer in you. You are so focused with that paper and pen. Believe it or not, I have been watching you from a distance for the past hour from the observation point and I caught the strength of your passion for LA and Entertainment just by looking at you. I said, how did you know what I was thinking and feeling at that point? He explained that I can tell from your radiant face and it told me a thousand different things.

I said thank you. It’s true I am into writing and hoping to be part of all this here one day. He said it will happen sooner than you think. He called a buddy of his and it was all done. Signed, Sealed and delivered. I was to begin a whole new life. It did take a lot of hard work on my end but then things got a lot interesting. I began telling myself. The path and decision I made driving up to Griffith Observatory that particular day in a spring day, overlooking and enjoying a peaceful time looking at the Hollywood sign too, I said to myself, I see where life takes people and it guides them to the right path when you don’t expect it.

Sometimes things happen when you least expect it to and other times it just takes its time. Matt and I became best friends, he knew my mindset and that led me to great success.

Later that year when I adapted to Los Angeles society, beginning everything fresh was a great challenge for me. Even though the money flow was great. It still does not put a price tag on life, and it never will. How I felt, and how my gut feeling told me that beginnings that are fresh will never be easy and that is something that you cannot compare with material and money growth.

The experience and the passion within me was everything I ever wanted and I got it Thanks to Matt Damon and the luck of the draw that I was presented with. I then met all my favourite stars and now that I became one of them, there isn’t that barrier anymore and I can relate and resonate with these known people around the world. I realized that they are ordinary people making ends meet like us ordinary people. I became famous but fame, power and money will not come close to experience, happiness and the passion instilled in us to whatever path we choose in life.

Why I am Against Beauty Pageants

In the life of humanity in the world, All of us have some sort of beauty in us and it necessarily does not have to do with someone’s exterior. You know when they say someone is beautiful inside and out? Well, yes everyone is beautiful. Some do not realize that they are which is why I am against beauty pageants.

I am against beauty pageants such as Miss USA, Miss Universe and all these shows that you could only be part of them if you are thin, that you have the most beautiful hair, wearing tons of make up, and making everyone else feel terrible about themselves. Yes, I like the idea of where the winner of the pageant goes and becomes a role model for the world, who goes and helps out humanity and conducting humanitarian work, as well as all those positive and great things to help the world.

There are negative parts to these pageants and they are about having the perfect body image, you have to look a certain way, and wear high heels, and all that. A lot of young girls and teens have aspirations and dreams to being in these pageants. They think that if they do not make it as contestants, runner ups, they are not beautiful and gorgeous. They are so wrong about that. Girls, teens, women, ladies, all are beautiful and you are enough. If you ever feel you are hitting rock bottom or feel that you are not good enough, well think again and do not think negatively about yourself and what you are capable of.

You do not need to be part of beauty pageants and all those shows to prove that. You do not need judges to score you on your beauty, how you walk, how you present yourself while wearing a certain outfit or swimsuit, you do not ever have to feel self-conscience and neglect yourself and your health because of other people’s thoughts and opinions. Do not ever starve yourself to lose so much weight to look like those models and contestants on these pageants. You are your own natural self and beautiful too. Never allow someone to belittle you and tell you that you need to focus on creating that image of beauty. You do not have to create beauty. You are instantly without others saying.

I am just not a big fan of these shows. They send out the wrong message and even though some of them stand for doing good in the world with donations, and helping out the world, and I am not saying that is not good, and it truly is a fantastic way to get people involved in making the world a better place, however there are other ways to celebrate beauty, and make the world a better place. Just not with beauty pageants. Let’s focus on shows that accepts everyone as they are without having so many requirements, and restrictions. Everyone should be accepted.

Life is beautiful, you are beautiful, and nobody has the right or the audacity to call you anything else. Be yourself, and let those who judge you and make fun of you get out of your life. Nobody should be made fun of, and nobody should be scored by numbers. I am beautiful and I am enough.

My CBS Studios Experience From the Outside in LA

A few months ago in the end of May, beginning June of 2016, I traveled to Los Angeles, California on my 3rd trip there within 4 years. This time we as in my family and I decided to stay right beside CBS Studios. There are a couple of hotels down by Beverly Blvd and Fairfax. Well, I had the CBS studios experience from the outside.
As I was walking up and down the street there thinking any minute now I am going to see someone famous from The Big Bang Theory, The Young & The Restless Soap Opera, or other shows such as Price Is Right game show or whatever else that gets filmed and aired from CBS Studios. As I was looking through the entrance to the parking lot there. I can see how heavily gated it is, the fences are up high, there are bushes around the huge complex, where you can barely see the cars and who is who.
In the mornings are when the action was there between 6:30 to 8am. I would wake up every morning just to go and see the cars coming into the studios parking lot. I saw some fancy cars going in thinking they might a famous person. I remember seeing a few of them and I did recognize them from TV. So they went to the fast lane where it is employees only. The only way to the studios is if you work there, or being interviewed, you have tickets to a show, or you come in for a walk on role and let the gate guard know on who is coming in and out.
I wish my CBS Studios experience was from the inside where I can go behind the scenes of the action. I will never forget it though. I saw this huge billboard of the Late Late show with James Cordon which there was a slogan that says, For your Emmy consideration. I guess its to vote him and nominate him for an Emmy Award.
by the end of the day when I got back to my hotel, I would see the studios parking lot empty with just a few cars that have stayed back. It is amazing and so great to see behind the scenes filming, dressing up, and so many other things. Hopefully on my next trip back, I will be able to have connections to the studios so that I can get the full LA experience.

Once you know the right people, anything is possible, but then again the gate is so secure, that not even a fly can pass by.

I remember taking pictures and also selfies to make sure that the CBS Studios and Television city can appear with me in it, and I did and then a few seconds later, the gate guard and security came out just standing there to see what my next actions will be. I then took my walk back to across the street, then my parents and my brother were waiting for me in the car to go out, and off we went to explore more of Los Angeles. Cant wait to go back someday.


How to be a great writer for a show or movie

In life there is a balance of entertaining ourselves by watching our favourite shows on television or watching movies in the cinema or at home. Now, in order to make things sense on our screens is to be a great writer who has to think of anything and everything. When you become a great writer, you have to do extensive research, you have to get your creative juices flowing in your mind.

If a show has been going on for a while, you need to backtrack and make sure that you give your audience something that makes sense. In Soap Operas, you have to look at past episodes throughout the years and work around it to the present time and never forget to include the past too.

Alongside with being great writers for a show is to keep characters/actors/actresses on so that fans and viewers get used to them and the mission is to keep them on the show and not allow fan favourites to get off. When you do too many changes to characters, the show becomes meaningless and often hard to keep up with. When directors, and producers of a show or casting directors keep playing around with so many actors to play one character, the essence and all that will be gone.

The key to being a great writer is to make sure that you are able to pull off scenes, episodes and films smoothly. Sometimes I look at movies and shows and it doesnt make sense. The quality is not there anymore as it used to be on older shows in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. They had substance, and  meaningful messages. Nowadays with society, writers are influenced by what the world sees now with social media, and all the negativity in our world now, and that teaches the wrong message to fans and viewers. Also in music these days. Artists write lyrics that are not in great taste, and often they do not make sense at all. It could to the writer, but its not a message that I would spread around the world.

Everything comes hand in hand. When you write, you must write with quality for shows, tv shows, movies and music. When you are an aspiring writer to get up there, fans become a lot more interested and you are on your way to great success. You can do it. If you are getting into the entertainment industry, its important to focus and most importantly to keep the fans happy with your craft.

Back to School Tomorrow!

To all the principals, professors, teachers, teachers assistants, substitute teachers, volunteers, new students who are going to school for the first time and also those who are returning, I wish you all a safe, happy, healthy, educational, nurturing, and successful school year ahead in 2016/2017 season.

Advice to the students from me Talin Orfali, Enjoy these years and do not take school, the teachings and those who come to teach you and help you for granted. Teachers and teachers assistants are there to teach you with the best of their abilities, they are there to help you shape your future, your well-being and so much more. Please respect them and do not give them a hard time. It will make going to school enjoyable and it will make things a little easier.

These primitive school years should be ones to study hard, to develop your skills, mindset, the importance of being positive, optimistic, enthusiastic, make friends, seeing your school mates again, being respectful to others, helping each other, seeing someone who may be lonely during lunch breaks and in between to go see them, to introduce yourself and include them with your friends and ask them to tag along with you and welcome them to your table. These are important ways you can help others make them feel good about looking forward to coming to school and to learn with their peers.

I have been through so much when I was a student and I have written all about them here in my blog site. If you are interested in reading them, please contact me.

. Time goes by so quickly. Cherish each moment. I know there will be challenging days, and I am not saying there won’t be any, but take each day as it comes and fulfill each day with the willingness to always try your best. All the best!

Talin Orfali