The Coronavirus COVID-19 Media Panic – My Opinion

Recently, we have all heard about the COVID-19 coronavirus that has been circulating around starting from Wuhan, China in Asia and it has been a great course of concern to many people and my condolences to the families who have lost loved ones and my thoughts and prayers to those who have come in contact with this virus, and now a lot of people have been concerned and want to avoid public spaces, shaking hands and offering kind gestures to others. People are in panic mode grabbing so much toilet paper, masks, hand sanitizers, wipes, disinfectants, food, water and other essentials where a lot of stores are out of stock just so people can quarantine themselves.

In my opinion, someone like myself who is in Social Media, and have been writing since 2001, and have been involved in writing a lot of topics and have seen and been through journalism and media.

The media is a people magnet. They suck you into what they want you to hear and they begin to frighten us with blowing things way out of proportion leading people to believe everything, and then this is just like the other viruses that have come and gone with SARS, Swine Flu, Norovirus and etc… etc… — They expect you to get scared so that you do not continue with your daily life and so you can go out to dish out a lot of money so you can freak out. It is way too much. It really is sad that people fall for it.

I am sorry, but I am not concerned about this coronavirus one bit because I am not going to stop living my life, going out to places, interacting with people, enjoying my time going out and going about my business just because the media tells you so. Do not be so naive.

See the trend? Stock markets have gone down, fuel prices have dropped, events and important occasions have been canceled, touristic places have closed, some cruises have been canceled, travel to some places are canceled, parties, schools, gyms, and other places are closed. A lot of businesses and people’s lives are being put on hold. — Hmm.. I smell something fishy going on here. I know they want you to be safe yadda yadda, blah, blah, blah, but now are they really?

I think that because some people do not want to exercise good clean habits, hygiene and there are people who will eat anything and everything that is alive and has a pulse, there are people who have disgusting habits, picking nose, putting fingers in the mouth, sneezing into hands, coughing without covering mouths, eating with your mouth open, spitting, littering, not washing your hands after using the washroom and even other times also when people go to the washroom in public places, some people do not even flush, and dirty the seat and the rims with human waste. So disgusting.

Because of these people who do not want to wash their hands and who do not want to be clean, and because of people eating God knows what, everybody else has to deal with it because some people choose to be selfish, choose to be careless and to infect, spread whatever they consume. Is that fair? I do not think so.

So, go live your life without fear, go out, enjoy yourself, do whatever you can and want. Don’t let some COVID-19 virus deter you from life.