Kim Kardashian West – I support her and appreciate her

Kim Kardashian West and her sister Kourtney recently traveled to Armenia to visit the Armenian Genocide memorial, to raise awareness about the Armenian Genocide. Kourtney and Kim have baptized their children at Holy Etchmiadzin during their visit, Kim took part in the technology event WCIT 2019 in Yerevan, Armenia. Khloe visited with Kim and Kanye 4 years ago as well. Kanye West went to visit Tumo which is a school for technology, graphic design and more in Armenia. Kim is showing who she is, her roots and she put Armenia on the map. She is so popular with millions and millions of people who know her around the world.

Kim Kardashian West and her family have really grown on me in these last few years. Kim has certainly turned her life around and has become a mature woman who is setting a great example and baptizing her children in Armenia was incredible. Kim is such an intelligent, inspirational person who is a great businesswoman, a go-getter, and someone who deserves appreciation and support for all she does.

Look, she isn’t perfect, she has had a past and track record, and there are things she has done that has not been great, but who are we to judge her? We all aren’t perfect and we make mistakes, but Kim has changed her ways and as she is a mother now with a lot more responsibilities and providing for her children, she has certainly gained my appreciation and respect toward her.

Kim is working hard to raise more awareness on the Armenian Genocide, and for the US to finally recognize it. She dressed so classily and presentable on her trip to Armenia, and her photos in Armenia with her family was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. My love to you Kim Kardashian West and family. Thank you and may God bless you all.