All Inclusive Resort Guests & Their Terrible behaviour

In life after the stress of work, school and other life’s commitments in our daily lives, we look for a getaway to an All Inclusive vacation away from reality for a week or two or whatever duration. We get excited to pack up, fly to our destination and start our trip. It gets exciting up to the point where the resort guests start behaving badly, disrespecting the resort staff, showing bad manners, poor etiquette, not being courteous, littering, and showing people how unsanitary they can be.

Some people think, Oh I will never see these fellow guests again and they won’t see me so I can do what I want and act how I want. When it comes time for these people to eat and head toward their a la carte restaurants, snack bars, and the regular dining room buffet, some people start to lose their minds by cutting in front of people waiting to be served, or start touching food with their hands and handling them by putting it on their plates when they see there are utensils to pick them up with, or you see people eating food before sitting down.

You also see those people who fill their plates up to capacity and then don’t even eat more than half of it, then that food goes to the garbage. People get food more than they can handle it, and then waste it. Then people fill up drinks and only drink about a few sips and then the rest gets wasted too. Some of these guests are so wasteful and its just so unbelievable.

How about those guests who just tend to leave their cups and garbage all over the resort without putting it in proper garbage bins. Yes, I realize people are on vacation and they shouldn’t have to lift a finger, but really its disgusting having to see that from other guests who are pleasant and have manners and etiquette to proper dispose things in the right places.

These same very guests who behave badly and terribly, they are the ones then to write false reviews about the resort and how they felt very sick from the food they ate. Well, GEE, Duhhhh, when people are rooting around the food in the buffet with their germ full and bacteria full of hands and then their germs gets transmitted onto the food, then the next person touches that food and then boom a food borne illness because of another person’s thoughtless and manner less act another person has to suffer the consequences, and then who gets the blame? The All Inclusive Resort does, and then you see the travel reviews bad mouthing a great resort.

I mean come on! There is a common sense and being courteous to others. There are utensils on everything at the buffet, it is there for a reason for guests to use it. I think that all resorts need to have mandatory hand sanitizing stations at all entry and exit points of every restaurant, snack bars, and everywhere. You never know where people’s hands have been.

Then there are those guests whom dirty up the resort so much, it is unbelievable. some of these guests act like slobs. The cleaners of the resort cannot keep up. Give the staff some slack. It is a big resort with a lot of walking and cleaning up. I am sure you do not do this in your own house.

I feel like some of these guests at these resorts are getting worse. It is very disgusting how they act and I have seen it countless amounts of times. Especially in the last 3-4 years.

I always pick up after myself and I dispose my garbage in the proper places. I don’t just leave things and then walk away. That is not how I was raised. I believe that people need to really develop proper etiquette and then come to vacation to these places. It is not right to litter and destroy a resort’s reputation by the actions of guests who behave terribly.

I never believe in traveler reviews, and I never believe in what people tell me about a resort. I will go and judge it for myself. Everyone has their own opinions and the way they see things. I will not read and waste my time on resort review sites online. I know more then 95% of it is a lie, because I go to a lot of resorts and I see what people do and it is not the staff’s fault.

Resort staff work so hard and sweat. I see them running through to make sure things are great. I would like to see guests in their position to have to handle a huge resort and then after being disrespected and yelled at. If the roles were reversed, how would you be feeling after a long day or night?

I am really trying to put into words on why guests do these things? I don’t understand this at all. It is really ridiculous. I just hope that resort chains see this and really implement these changes and add security and health and safety staff especially around restaurants and other places that handle food and drinks. I am just thinking about the safety and security of all guests and I want people to enjoy and yet to think about other people too and not be selfish.

I just want guests to really think about what they do before they do it. I know you are there to relax, have fun, enjoy and all that, but there is a limit and there is a way to act. Just because you are not in a reality setting, it doesn’t mean that you can gallivant and act ridiculously. I just hope people realize that and change their attitudes and respect resort staff and other guests.

That is all for now, but if you would like an Honest opinion and someone who doesn’t lie about reviews, and want travel tips? Please contact me and I will help you. I am honest to everyone and I will not lie about a review that is for sure. What you see and what you read about my travel experiences is what you get.


Over 100 People Attend The North American Armenian Youth Seminar at Camp Iawah – A Great Success

For the past 7 years since 2010, Armenian Prelacy of Canada’s Armenian Religious Education Council organizes a weekend seminar with clergyman, organizing committee members and Youth and Young Adults. It has been very successful every year.

On June 9th-11th, 2017, at Camp Iawah north of Kingston, Ontario, Canada in Godfrey, over 100 people attended the seminar coming from Montreal, Toronto, Cambridge, California, New York, even all the way from the Bahamas. We enjoyed home cooked meals, also a barbecue by the shores of Wolfe Lake, overlooking the beautiful moon which made its presence after our barbecue, then we danced around the bon fire with Armenian music, made s’mores.

During our free time we had activities such as canoeing, basketball, soccer, enjoying the lake, and some of us during that time enjoyed a good conversation, connecting with others and we became a family. Then we all wished it was a longer gathering.

The purpose of this Armenian North American retreat is to strengthen our spiritual selves, to meet and make friends with other Armenians, to make a spiritual bond with God, and to enjoy a weekend of fellowship.

Clergyman conducted discussions both about religion and other topics. Srpazan/ArchBishop Papken Tcharian, Hayr Keghart Kosbakian, Hayr Vartan Tashjian, Father Paul Guirgis, Dr. George Laylekian. Also Semaline Joukakelian who were also one of the presenters of a discussion.

Thank you to Zaven Joukakelian, Anie Aboyan, Sossie Aboyan, Nora Zobian, Maria Tchamitchian, Sarkis Kidanian, Arameh Ebrahamian, Taline Krikorian, Mariam Arakelian, Dania Ohanian, and others who organized this beautiful weekend which we will never forget.

During the course of the weekend, people heard the Phrase “Church Camp, Church Camp, Yeah, Yeah!”, That was said by Taleen Haneshian and Nazeeg Haneshian with crediting them, and later we all learned it on Friday night when everyone arrived. It was a fun saying which then it was said throughout the weekend many times. It was so incredible.

Many people hardly slept all weekend as we all wanted to spend as much time with each other as possible as we all know, weekends go very fast. Time is precious and we all wanted to be part of every single aspect of the weekend. I know we all if not most of us recovered when we got to our homes.

We look forward to future gatherings together to reunite with friends, to make new friends and most importantly get together with hearing Gods words, learning, and creating a strong bond with God, and to take what we learn to include it in our lives. God bless everyone and hope to see you at our next Armenian North American retreat/seminar.

Niagara Falls Tourism on The Other Side in US

Niagara Falls is a very popular tourist destination in Canada and the United States. It is right by the border. There is the Canadian side and the American side of it. The most popular, scenic and beautiful side is the Canadian. Tourists always end up on our side of the border to explore the beautiful falls, they dine at very delicious restaurants, tourists and visitors also enjoy their time mini-golfing, walking at Clifton Hill, enjoying the many places such as Guinness World Records, the Harley Davidson store, haunted house, riding on the SkyWheel, Ripley’s Believe it or not, heading to the Hershey Factory near Clifton Hill. Seeing an upside down house, heading to Casino Niagara or to the New Fallsview Casino, shopping at Fallsview and so much more. You can even see a guy wearing all gold trying to be Elvis, giving out beaded necklaces if you pay him, he will put them on you by the SkyWheel, Tim Horton’s and Boston Pizza area of Clifton Hill. Only in summer months though.

The Canadian side has it all, and you can see all of the Niagara Falls. You know when you enter the American side. All they have is the Seneca Casino, Hotel and that is about it, and an outlet mall about 10-15 minutes into the states, which is not really outlet mall prices. When you drive around the streets, you see abandoned boarded up houses, very worn down cars and people are still seen driving them and hardly anybody is seen walking outside, Downtown Buffalo is like a Ghost town and you don’t see many people, they don’t have extravagant hotels like the Canadian side. It is really depressing there in the American side. They don’t have attractions to offer to visitors. They have their famous buzzy’s restaurant nearby.

The US side of Niagara Falls, definitely needs a reboot, and they need to up their game in the tourist side of things. When people think of Niagara Falls, they think it is only in Canada, they don’t even acknowledge that there is a US side. They need to get some tourism and money generated in that town and they should get some funding of some sort from the US Government or something. Something has to be done. I feel like every time I go there, the place is getting worse and I feel like there is no growth. People look depressed there. Time for an overhaul.