Star Wars – The Mandalorian & The Child – The Dream I Had

Baby Yoda came into my dreams a few times and one of them was this story that happened.
From Talin Orfali Ghazarian

Please do not mind the spelling errors of some words. We fans made up this kind of language of baby toddler talk. I find it to be quite adorable and fun.

In My dream, I was in a Star Wars Mandalorian episode and I came into town and then we ventured off to a mission and then we ended up in a field full of stormtroopers, and Mando and I were protecting Baby Yoda, The Child, and there were hundreds of Storm Troopers, so We used light sabers, and other ammunition and also Baby Yoda did the force choke on them and we killed them all in under 5 minutes. No Storm Trooper dare to touch our baby. We protec the child and the child protec us. Then there was a sea of stormtroopers bodies, so we took some of their weapons and put them into our pod.

After our mission was accomplished, we saw a McDonald’s on the way back to our base, and Baby Yoda saw the big Yellow M. He wanted to stop. So we stopped and we ordered McDonald’s and he ordered Chicky Nuggies, Fwies, Choccy Milk, got his Fwoggy toy. Then mando got him a choccy fudgy sundae. after he ate, he wanted to go play in the playground in the restaurant, so we let him go play on the slidie slide and carefully watching him of course. We were eating our McDonalds Biggie Maccie combos

Baby made new friends in the playground and they were enjoying his cuteness. After about half an hour, Mando and I told Baby we gotta go home. You can play with your new fwoggy toy at home. We went home. Then Mando surprised Baby Yoda with choccy chippy cookies, his very own gear ball, and a nicely built roomy room for him and his toys, clothesie clothes and fun lightsabers and more, and went to sleepy sleep while Mando and I looked on and saw how cute and adorable he is.

Then I woke up. Imagine if this happened in an episode? They should incorporate things like this to the character of Baby Yoda, The Child.

Backstabbers and Betrayel – Important Life Lessons to Learn

Betrayal and backstabbing are one of the worst feelings ever. At times like this, you know who your true friends are and you know who genuinely cares for you. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t let other people’s jealousy and intimidation get to you. Life is too short to worry about those who start trouble out of nowhere. Be who you are, do what you love to enjoy, and don’t mind people who just want to be raining on your parade and happy moments.

People can be friendly, be happy for you and say good things to you in your face, but then deep down inside, they are plotting to take you down, and talk behind your back to others and create a group like a clique and put you under the bus. When people are jealous and intimidated, they will do anything and everything to betray you and backstab at any cost even if it means friendships lost.

Those people who start trouble also are people who come across as so thoughtful and helpful. Everyone will believe they are good people, they will buy gifts and give out kind gestures for people to butter them up and one day if the person has a fallout with another person, they will use all that against them saying oh, I helped you out, I was there for you and then the cycle of trouble start once again. Some people always have strings attached to whatever they do. It is very rare to find genuine people these days with no strings attached. Trust is very rare these days. Find friends who will genuinely do something and no expect anything. People who appreciate you and stick by you through thick and thin will never act this way.

Because when people are unhappy, negative, miserable, and are having trouble with whatever circumstances they face in life, they want to bring everyone else down with them. It’s important to give them the love and support they need too but don’t allow anyone to bring you down in the process and put you on the spot. These people will also twist and put words in your mouth and assume things about you that are not true.

Everybody in this life makes mistakes and nobody is perfect. To some people you cannot make mistakes, you cannot have weaknesses and flaws in their eyes. They will use it against you, make a federal case about it and go on and on and for utter stupidity, and for no reason at all, then behind your back, they have a group that will talk behind your back and plots something terrible like bullying. You never do that to your friends. It is ridiculous and absolutely mean.

Making assumptions about a person’s life and making up stories is something that is a red flag. Sometimes things need to happen in life that protects us from people like that. certain situations need to surface so that you can see someone for their true colors. Betrayal is the worst and you will know when that happens.

Some people destroy life-long friendships and companionship, people will ruin a good thing by ganging up on you all because of jealousy.

Karma is something I believe in and what goes around comes around. Lessons will be given out to those people who are backstabbers and those who betray. Not today, not tomorrow, but someday when they least expect it. Don’t worry about a thing. Let God and let nature take its course. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and wait for the show to happen while you go on with your life.

Live your life on your own terms. You owe nobody an explanation of what you do, where you travel to, how you want to conduct your life. Everyone’s lifestyle, situation, and expectations are different. Do not discriminate against that.

Be grateful for the true friends that stick by you without strings attached, that accept you for you, and who don’t use anything against you. Those people who stick by you will always support, love, and appreciate you.

Those who betray and backstab and talk behind your back are behind you for a reason. Don’t give them the satisfaction of belittling you and giving you these terrible vibes. Move on with your life. Time is too precious to waste on nonsense. It is their problem. Not yours. Live life to the fullest, enjoy it, and don’t worry, be happy.

Our Love for Baby Yoda – The Child – Star Wars – The Mandalorian

Our Love for Baby Yoda – The Child – Star Wars – The Mandalorian
Talin Orfali Ghazarian

In life, we all have different interests, and a lot of us in the world share the same love and passion for something or someone we love. In the past year or so or more, we have learned about the cutie pie and adorable character named The Child Also known as Baby Yoda from Star Wars the Mandalorian on Disney+. We thank Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni for creating him. The voice and sounds of the child were created by sound editors named Matthew Wood and David Acord. It cost 5 million dollars to create him.

Our Baby Yoda has definitely stolen our hearts and endless fun with our child. In the last little while, people have been preordering 11-inch basic plush, talking baby Yoda, puzzles, build a bear plush, funko pop, Topps trading cards, mugs, t-shirts, stickers, decals, party favors, plates, coloring books, a lifesize The Child and amongst other merchandise of our beloved character whom we treat as a real-life baby.

Some people have been going to great lengths to buy car seats, baby clothing, pretending to give him baby and toddler food, interacting with others on Facebook groups, sharing our love, photos and the joy we are getting by our child and treating him like he has now become part of our families, and we have even come up with our own baby, toddler language. Some examples:

Chicky Nuggies – Chicken Nuggets
Choccy Milk or Moo Moo Juice – Chocolate Milk
Fwogs – Frogs
Fwies – Fries
Cuppy Cup – Cup
Blankie – Blanket
Mando Dadda – Mandalorian Daddy
This is the way.

It is evident that some people who have been depressed, going through stressful times, and who have been going through personal issues in life, also now with the pandemic of COVID19, the happiness, joy, love, laughter, good times people are having. Seeing the smiles of people who receive their babies and become daddalorians and mommalorians of The Child is something that is so incredibly awesome to see. I love to see people smiling and being happy with someone like Baby Yoda. That is very important to me.

Yes, I call him someone as he is for us all who enjoy and love him. This is a great obsession we have and it has been amazing.

I have seen pictures and videos of people bringing him home like he is a newborn. Some people have gotten lucky by getting the 11-inch plush and already enjoying him. Some stores such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, and other stores in the US already have him in stock, while some people ordered him online and still waiting for their precious baby to come home to them. While some are impatient for him but with the pandemic going on, shipments have been delayed, but hopefully everyone who wants one will get one to enjoy him. Some parts of the world do not have a lot of merchandise yet like Canada and other areas, but it will all happen in due time.

My passion for this cute, adorable, and precious character began months ago as I was seeing Memes, articles and social media posts, so my curiosity I decided to search for him and I automatically fell in love with him and became so obsessed. I started to join groups on Facebook and started to really get into it in the last 2-3 months. I began ordering merchandise online and I received quite a bit of it. The happiness and joy it brought me have been out of this world.

I have made many new friends off the groups, and knowing that I can share this awesome interest with others is so awesome. It definitely makes me happy. I am also being courteous, helpful, and assisting others with helping them to find merchandise online, and sharing cute photos, gifs and videos of him. Baby Yoda has definitely won our hearts and he is the cutest in the galaxy and in the world.

For the first time ever out of all the characters created that I have known since I was a kid until now, I have never ever loved and been obsessed with a character more than Baby Yoda, the Child. he is the absolute top for me and he will forever be. In this world and everyone has different interests, different hobbies and it is so awesome to be part of it. There is just so much more to learn about him which we will get to know him more as the seasons of The Mandalorian come out.

As soon as we lay our eyes on our beautiful child, we squeal, scream with happiness, and bring out our inner child no matter how old we are, Baby Yoda, The Child has brought back the child in us and made us forever young.

Here is one of the many many adorable photos of our baby. Enjoy his cuteness and take it all in.

Talin’s Signature Rice with Orzo Noodles

Talin’s Signature Rice with Orzo Noodles

serves 4-6 people

I love to cook rice a lot. I find it is so healthy. I know the experts say it is filled with carbs, but there are health benefits to eating rice. It has nutrients and I think they are good carbs. We can’t let go of carbs entirely from our diet. We need balance and if we get rid of something entirely, it is not good. I pay very good attention to detail and taste when it comes to cooking. Rice with Orzo Noodles is something that I have been doing for so many years, so I decided to share my recipe with you all. My family and friends love my rice and they enjoy it so much they always get seconds.

The secret to making good rice is to never let it get sticky, mushy, and way well done. Sticky rice is meant for sushi, basmati rice is good too, but the best rice I find is parboiled. The texture is amazing. The key to cooking rice is to make it al dente just like pasta. Never overcook the rice. When you are cooking rice, always keep your eye on it. So important. Also to keep in mind, make sure the head is always on medium. Never cook rice in a low heat setting.

Remember, you can always tweak the numbers of servings with the number of people you can cook for. Rice is something that goes well with a lot of meals, especially if you make meals like chicken with sauces, roast, Stir fry, and all other kinds of food. Well, here is the recipe. Enjoy 🙂


5 tbsp of vegetable oil or 3 tbsp of unsalted butter. your choice.
2 cups rice – parboiled
5 and a half cups of warm water
2 chicken bouillon cubes – to add flavor. no need to add additional salt.
half to 3/4 quarter cup of orzo noodles

How to prepare:

1 – put the unwashed parboiled rice in a strainer with thin holes so the rice does not go through

2 – wash 4-5 times with cold water – until water is crystal clear

3 – put 5 and a half cups of lukewarm water in a separate bowl and set that ready to go.

4 – use vegetable oil or butter and add in the orzo noodles beginning with high heat in the pot and then lower it to medium heat and until it becomes golden brown or lightly browned.

5 – Add the warm water into the orzo and put it back to high heat and let the water boil really well.

6 – add the chicken bouillon cubes into the water until they dissolve.

7 – after the cubes have dissolved. time to add in the rice – I have learned that it cuts the cooking time in half when you preboil the water before adding in the rice.

8 – bring the rice to a boil and then cook it covered by leaving a little air so the steam releases.

9 – every 4-5 minutes open the lid, mix the rice.

10 – the rice should be done in 15 minutes with the water dissolved.

11 – let it rest for about 2-5 minutes before serving or you can serve right away which is what I prefer. The texture of the rice will be just right.

12 – enjoy 🙂



Never Allow Someone’s Miserable Behavior to Rain on you

This quote is so absolutely true.
I can relate to this so much. Another issue is when people start problems out of nowhere then pin it on you, walk all over you, and then they run a squad to gang up on you and then talk crap behind your back, and then they have people acting like surveillance cameras to watch your every move.
I have no time and energy for bs from other people. They start problems out of jealousy and intimidation and they can’t handle it because of whatever insecure and miserable thing is going on in their lives so they have to hurt and gang up on another person for stupidity to feel superior, mighty and who think they are all that and to make someone miserable too. Some people can’t handle it.
God protected me from these people and he led me to the right path where I can be surrounded by people who genuinely love and care about me for me, who I can be myself around with and who don’t start issues out of nowhere. 
I believe in kindness, respect, and being happy for people of what they do, where they go, and how they want to live life. You owe nobody an explanation of what you do on your terms in your lifestyle. Who am I to judge other people? Everyone’s circumstances in their lives differ from yours. Never ever let anyone walk all over you. stand your ground and get away from people who belittle you.


Armenians in the Diaspora – Keeping The Armenian Legacy Alive

Armenians in the Diaspora – Keeping The Armenian Legacy Alive
Written By: Talin Orfali Ghazarian – Canada

In life, we come to this world with different identities and backgrounds, and every culture, belief, race, religion, and heritage is important and special in many ways and to especially acknowledge, respect, and preserve. It is very important to appreciate and not take who we are for granted no matter who we are.

As a Canadian born Armenian in the diaspora outside of my motherland Armenia, it is important to me to preserve my heritage and culture to always keep learning about my country, to always be updated with current events and news happening around the world.  The diaspora of Armenians is largely populated around the earth more than Armenia itself. We come from all continents of the world.

I had the pleasure of visiting Armenia and catching up with reality on everything I have learned in my life and actually seeing it in person. It is so fulfilling and it means so much to me having been able to have that opportunity to see my culture up close and personal.

I was really emotional with happy tears. I cannot wait to go back and hopefully soon.

Armenia is located between Europe and Asia, but are located in Asia, and we are bordered with Iran, Georgia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. The Turkish Ottoman empire massacred 1.5 million Armenians on April 24, 1915, during the Armenian Genocide and where they stole a lot of our land and our sacred Mount Ararat where Noah’s Ark came to its final resting place. Armenian’s in the diaspora and in Armenia are demanding justice to recognize the Armenian Genocide globally and especially Turkey, but they still continue the denial of their crimes.

More than 30 countries around the world have recognized the Armenian Genocide and we are working to never allow history to repeat itself as many countries, cities, states, and towns continue to recognize. It is never too late. Even after 105 years later. We Armenians in the diaspora are always including dignitaries, governmental bodies in municipal and federal governments, and as well as Non-Armenians to inform them of who we are and to educate them about Armenia, the Armenian Genocide, as well as our culture and heritage.

Every year on April 24th, we come together in many communities around the world, marches, conducting peaceful demonstrations, we visit our local embassies and parliaments to gather to voice ourselves for the Armenian Genocide and to pray and stand to remember our ancestors.

Armenia was the first to adopt Christianity since 301 AD and we have the oldest church in the world in Armenia called St. Etchmiadzin which still stands strong and it is so beautiful. our culture is so rich in history, so many beautiful landmarks, churches, statues, cross rocks, and many stories that are endless.

We Armenians have a very strong connection to our culinary cuisine and food. We absolutely love to offer our hospitality with serving Armenian coffee, sweets, food and never letting anybody go hungry. We love to cook, bake for our family and friends and we are very friendly. We pay close attention to detail to make sure we have perfectly tasty food for all to enjoy. In the diaspora, we are always welcoming people to taste our food and they absolutely love it.

As Armenians in the diaspora the same as Armenia, we have built families, friends,  school’s, churches, statues, Armenian Genocide memorials, parks, community centers, clergyman, organizations and committees to gather Armenian’s and to have a welcoming feeling of being at home where Armenian’s can connect, communicate, organize events and parties. When we get together we are a large family and it is amazing how connected we really are.

Social media and the internet have made everything so much easier to connect to Armenians around the world, to make friends, to share everything together, to create online communities, events, and to be one family to interact and share with one another in seconds. I have made many new friends and discovered many Armenian people and I have met some of them in person after communicating online for a while. It is such a great feeling to be physically present and to get to know each other more. It is a special moment.

We have many Armenians around the world who are writers, developers, artists, actors, who work in film, comedians, directors, teachers, principals, singers, dancers, cooks, chefs, bakers, who have the innovative touch, inventing things, realtors, electricians, doctors, lawyers, jewelers, and in every other field of professions to cater to our world.

Challenging aspects we face globally

We Armenians face challenging aspects living out of Armenia as we adapt to society with different cultures, races, backgrounds in our cities and towns around the world. That is why it is important to preserve our identity and to always remember and be proud of who we are. It is important to speak Armenian, to read and write. We go to Armenian schools and are taught at home from a very young age.

Some Armenians do not know how to read and write our alphabet which has 38 letters, but above all the important aspect to it all is to speak it and never forget it. I face challenges of reading and writing in Armenian when it comes to different writing patterns  and I have trouble usually with the bigger words, but that is not stopping me from speaking and to keep it alive and vibrant and writing about it.

St. Mesrob Mashtotz was our Armenian Alphabet inventor. He was the chosen one to give us these beautiful and rich letters where we can write stories, songs, scripture, church hymns, and prayers. We have different words we use for everything. There are so many thousands and thousands of words and it is incredible and beautiful on how it all sounds.

As we face those challenges, we also appreciate and love who we are and are so proud. There is just so much to learn about Armenia and it is a place worth visiting, discovering, and educating yourself about.

We in the diaspora are so dedicated, devoted, motivated with so much passion, awareness, love with showing patriotism, showing and waving our Armenia flags proudly, and working hard to ultimately preserve who we are when we cannot be in Armenia physically. I love you Armenia and Armenians around the world. God bless us all.