High School and Bullying – My Perspective

My High School Reunion & Anniversary is coming up.

About a day or so ago, I was informed about my high school’s reunion and anniversary coming up in June 2018. I am having mixed feelings about attending, but I want to go and I will go. I remember it well when I began into a new school and environment. Being in grade 9, venturing out into the teenage world and moving on up. The mixed emotions, and having been alone for most of high school, where I didn’t have friends, where I was bullied because I was and looked different. I was bullied emotionally and mentally. It was some of my worst moments ever in my life, but I overcame it, once I left. I still think of those times though and what it has made me realize.

I did meet some great people though which I will not deny. We never really communicated in high school as much as we have nowadays. We became friends 3 to 4 years later on social media and everyone changed and people began to treat me right. It was a great feeling.

Now, I look back and reflect on those days having a different perspective on it. In my thought process, I am thinking now about how we were teenagers trying to find ourselves, our path, getting good grades, studying, and battling a school, work and home balance and so many mixed emotions, reflections, acting out, going through puberty, the many changes of our bodies and mind.

No matter how bad things were in school in the past, We have to move forward, we have to realize that high school goes by so fast and you never know, the people who once made things difficult, is not so bad now. It all depends, but look at it this way, it’s an experience which teaches us lessons about all kinds of people.

Bullying is terrible and it is absolutely wrong and nobody should have to go through with what others or myself have gone through and it is not fair for people to live in fear of going to school. School should be a fun, educational, learning environment where everyone should be treating each other with respect and being accepting of one another. That is all that we all want, but we have to work a lot harder.

I am now really convinced that bullying does come with being pressured, the many changes teenagers and others go through, growing up phase, and all the hormones and everything going through our minds, bodies and so much more. Some people automatically blame parents for the way they raise their child or children and yes that has a factor too, but maybe there is something more. Maybe it is within themselves and the battles they are fighting to keep afloat, maybe its something that people should think about.

It is very quick to point fingers, but sometimes its all within a person’s self. We shouldn’t be quick to judge parent’s or other teens or kids right away or point fingers at social media for corrupting a child’s teens minds, its merely about life stages, growth and so many other factors, that sometimes we don’t know. Bullying is absolutely terrible and leads to unfortunate things, but school is temporary. I’ve learned so much about myself and about being stronger.

After those terrifying experiences growing up and all the terrible days of school I went through, I managed to stay afloat and life began to make sense. Don’t ever let bullies define you and your life. Bullies have no age limit. It can happen at any time, but always know that those people are going through something personally and those bullies eventually do learn to change for the better. Sometimes now, sometimes further down the road, or in the distant future.

So now, I say I forgive those who bullied me, called me names and made fun of me. Life is too short to hold grudges, basically, life is too short. Don’t ever lose sight of hope. Things always have a way of working itself out. Sooner or later.

Talin Orfali