Safety on The Road Should be #1

Time and Time again, I cannot stress it enough on how important it is to secure locks, to double triple check your Car, SUV, Trucks, Big Trucks, Big Rigs, Transport Trucks. If you are hauling something, please make sure that it is securely fastened and to make sure everything on your vehicle is in good working order before you drive on the roads and highways. It is for your safety and for others as well. It is super important to check out latches, any loose things in and around your vehicle.

Even regular maintenance with tires, brakes, oil, and all that. Your actions on the road is very important. Please drive safe everyone, keep your distance, and always be alert. I can’t stress that enough.

On Friday, July 14, 2017 A Horse near Edward Street, in Prescott/Domville on Highway 401 east near exit 716 fell off a livestock Trailer truck and fortunately survived the fall and filled one of the lanes in the Eastbound lanes. Ontario Provincial Police in Canada has charged the truck driver with this careless mistake. It was a close call.

Please maintain your vehicles no matter how big or small. Once you get on the road, It is not just about you anymore, Its about so many others who share the road. Please remember that. A careless mistake can be costly, but worse, it can cost a life. Prevention is key, Safety is #1. Please be cautious and careful.