Being Left out in this tough world

In the last little while, I have been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting on life and just doing a complete 360 degrees of who and what matters in my life.

In my life I have been left out a lot, used, bullied, hurt and felt like I’ve been put to the side when I’m not needed. This goes back to when I was a kid. I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately. So many emotions. I’ve been battling anxiety at times.

It’s been so hard to keep my smile going, and being positive, thinking happy thoughts and being in my happy places, and doing what I love. I’m at a breaking point where I feel like I have been fighting so hard to keep my feelings bottled up inside of me.

Sometimes in my mind, I think of being left out as a kid to my teenage life and into my adult life. I’ve been treated like an outsider like I don’t matter. I felt like I didn’t fit in because I am different, my thought process and my way of life. I feel in my mind that people say really bad things about me behind my back. I just know it and feel it in my gut instinct.

The problem is that when you have a soft heart, with good intentions, being thoughtful, always there for everyone and to go above and beyond, I feel like we are the ones who get trampled on and we get to be the ones where people find the opportunity to use and to walk all over.

Nowadays, you need to think with your mind and not the heart, and nowadays you need to stand up for yourself in this tough world.

Gut instincts are not wrong. I am very observant and they do not know that, but my eyes and ears are wide open and I see everything.

I’m a very sentimental person who loves, cares, appreciates and is grateful for everyone in my life.

I’m just thinking if people equally love, cares, appreciates and is grateful to have me in their life, if I matter to them, if they ever think of me or check up on me to see how I am. I feel like 99% of the time I have to chase people to check up on them.

There is just so much I still need to say. I’ll leave that for another day. I’m just hoping that nobody has to go through what I went and I’m still going through. It’s the worst. If you can relate to me, let’s talk.

Captain Kate McCue – The Queen of the Sea

Just over a year ago, I was going through YouTube for some cruise ship videos and I saw a video that got me to click to watch. It was from Celebrity Cruises Captain Kate McCue. Today, I am introducing you to the very beautiful Captain Kate McCue and what I think of her.

Captain Kate McCue is the first woman captain of a mega giant cruise ship. She is born on January 6th, 1978 from San Francisco, California. She is married to Nikola Petrovic. She began as a commanding officer of Celebrity Summit in 2015. She has also worked for Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise lines.

Since the age of 12 when her family and her went on a cruise ship, Captain Kate became so intrigued and invested into the cruises that she wanted to become a cruise director. With her love, dedication, devotion, enthusiasm, she began her journey to studying at California State University Maritime Academy and she also has a lot of training and knowledge to operate a cruise ship.

Captain Kate has witnessed shipbuilding at the cruise ship building yards, the drydock, and seeing cruise ships come to life. She gained an appreciation to the hard work and determination of the cruise builders which further solidified her love for these gigantic vessels.

Captain Kate has an iconic sphynx cat named Bug Naked which sails with her on the cruise ships that she takes command of. You may or may not have seen her YouTube, Instagram and TikTok accounts, but if you have not. It is a must see.

There is just so much about Captain Kate, I would love to talk about, but you can also search more about her.

What I think of Captain Kate McCue.

I think Captain Kate is such a beautiful, dedicated and awesome person. I see her personality, the way she treats the passengers and crew is ever so awesome, professional, so friendly and absolutely full of life. She is a humble, down-to-earth person whom I absolutely love. She is definitely someone you can talk to about anything.

Although, I have not met her yet, but through her social media, through all the articles, and all the endorsements and everything I have heard about her, I can truly say I feel like I have met her already and I feel like she has been in my life for years.

She lights up the room with her radiant and delightful smile. A true inspiration for all women and girls out there in the world who dream of doing great and big things in life. Captain Kate is someone who demonstrates a go-getter personality. Its my dream to get to meet her someday to tell her to her beautiful face on how she has made an awesome impact in my life.

Captain Kate and I are the same when it comes to love of cruise ships and cruising. We share the same passion, drive and appreciation for the cruise industry, but there is just one difference. Kate is a Captain and I am a cruise passenger who has had the pleasure of sailing 8 to 9 times on different cruise ships.

I just love that I can relate to her. It drives me crazy and bonkers when people call a cruise ship a boat. It gets me so annoyed. On Captain Kate’s name tag, her slogan says, Do not call it a boat or something like that. I just love that. It is true. It is a ship. You wouldn’t want to call a canoe a yacht now would you?

I wish Captain Kate McCue all the best in her future sailings and sending her, her officers, crew, and passengers blessings with everything. May she have safe, happy and healthy sailings wherever her ship sails.

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