Fun Cruise Ship Terminology to Know – Glossary of Cruise Terms

Cruise Ship terminology is a totally different language when you get on a cruise ship. There are different terms to describe things and places around the ship. It’s such a fun thing to know and when you study and use the terminology on a cruise ship, its pretty awesome. Get on a cruise ship and learn to talk the talk. So, here are some fun and important terminology to know when you are on a cruise:

Aft: The back part of the cruise ship

All Hands:  All crew members

Amidships: The middle section of the ship

Atrium: a part of the ship where you can see multiple decks

Beam: Widest part of the ship which is the central part

Bow: The Front of the ship

Bow Thrusters: the propeller’s in front of the ship to help it move.

Bridge: A place where the captain and it’s officers control the ship.

Buoy: markers at sea that direct ships to enter ports and indicates where ships must navigate.

Cabin/Stateroom: A room for passengers aboard the ship

Cabin Steward: Someone who cleans and upkeeps your room

Cast off: To release the ship from her mooring

Cruise Director: A person who is in charge of all entertainment and announcement.

Debark: Going ashore at ports

Disembark: the leave the ship

Deck: describes each floor on a ship

Dock: When cruise ships come to port and get tied up.

Embark: to go onboard the ship.

First Seating: described as early dinner time

Fleet: the number of ships in the cruise lines

Forward: same as bow, but front portion of a ship

Funnel: The ship’s smokestack

Galley: It means the Kitchen on the ship

Gangway: A ramp that is used to get passengers on and off the ship safely and easily on the concrete dock.

Head: the bathroom

Inside Cabin: a room that does not have windows, porthole or balcony

Keel:  The heavy steel beam at the bottom of the ship upon which the ship is built, and which helps to keep it upright.

Knot: A measurement of a ships speed. A Nautical mile per hour is equal to one knot.

Maiden Voyage: A first inaugural ship sailing.

Master/Captain: the leader of the ship

MDR: Main Dining Room

Moor: To hold the ship in place with lines at a berth

Muster Drill: An exercise that is conducted on the ship that is mandatory for all passengers and crew. A safety drill regarding instructions for life jackets, life boats and directing you to your station. In case of emergency at Sea.

OBC: Onboard Credit. a credit added to your onboard account, either as a perk of booking or as compensation for an unforeseen event.

Pitch: The forward and backward movement of the ship as it moves

Porthole: A round window in a cabin

Portside: The left side of the ship – when facing forward.

Purser: Also known as lobby reception desk

Shore excursion: a guided tour organized by the cruise line.

Sister Ships: Ships built of the same design-sometimes referred to as ships owned and operated by the same cruise line

Starboard: the right side of the ship

Stern: A the back or rear portion of the ship. Same as Aft

Tender: When cruise ships are anchored in the water and not at the dock, and where little boats transport passengers and crew to the shore. This is done because the water is not deep enough by the shore.

Veranda: a private balcony attached to the cabin

Windward: The side of the ship exposed to the wind.


Lido: Lido deck is located toward the back of the ship where you can see the propellers moving or at the sides of ship.


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