A Genocide Unrecognized is a Genocide Supported

In recent events on Tuesday, October 29th, 2019, The Armenian Genocide was recognized in the US. by resolution (H.Res.296) in the House Congress which is a big deal and something that the Armenian Diaspora and Armenia were waiting for a very long time. The gratitude and appreciation we feel is something that we are grateful for. They say it is better late than never. Now, if anybody decides to deny the Genocide ever happening, the US. House will block and disregard the denial.

Now, it is up to the Senate.Res and S.Res.150 and The US. President to recognize the Armenian Genocide. We are halfway there, which is incredible. Our ancestors and the victim’s souls of Genocide are so grateful. Thank you to ANCA The Armenian National Committee of America – Aram Hamparian and the works of Congressman Adam Schiff and more.

The Armenian Genocide occurred on April 24, 1915, and it was ongoing until 1923. The Armenian Genocide was committed by the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Turks massacred and killed 1.5 Million Armenians, displaced them from their homes, made them walk in the desert with no food, no water and if they got tired, the Turks would beat them, rape them, and kill them. Turks also stole a lot of our lands and our Mount Ararat where Noah’s Ark’s Boat had landed. There were a lot of blood, flesh, bones, severed heads, Armenians hung and the acts of cruelty were indescribable.

To this day, Turkey still fails to admit their crimes. Not only to Armenians, by the Greeks and Assyrians killing hundreds of thousands more. A Genocide that is unrecognized is a Genocide supported and encouraged. Over 31 countries of the world have recognized the Armenian Genocide and more are on the way to doing so.

When some people do not recognize, and not raise awareness about these terrible acts to humanity attempting to wipe out a nation of people from this earth, then the world will never go forward to peace, we will never see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I wrote a quote saying “Those who deny Genocide and who do not recognize, are the ones who encourage and support it”. — Talin Orfali Ghazarian

The reason for the Armenian Genocide was that Armenia and Armenians were the first Christian nation to adopt Christianity. The jealousy of the Turks sparked fuel and they began to plan to wipe out all Armenians and invade all of Armenia, but they could not succeed.

Recognizing Genocide is a vital and important aspect of history to never repeat itself again. Turkey Run, Turkey Hide, Turkey Guilty of Genocide!

We are now living in a society where social media is on our phones, tablets, and computers. We have so many resources to spread awareness instantly. There is still a lot of work to be done to acknowledge, to be aware, to educate others on what happened. It is very important for this generation and generations to come, that being recognizing Genocide is a vital part to end the stigma.

Many communities across all continents of the world, come together to commemorate, remember and hold peaceful demonstrations, candlelight vigils, memorial events, and marches. Not only in Armenians but other ethnic backgrounds and how they remember what happened to remember those souls who died as a result of mass killings. Innocent people were slaughtered.

Now, I could just imagine if all these people did not die and all these families wiped out, we could have had a lot more innovative people in this world inventing incredible things that are beneficial for this world, things that help, and do great things for this world. I can just imagine how much more beautiful this world would have been. I still believe that we have not seen everything in this world. I always wonder what could have been, and definitely, the world would be in peace and harmony. We can all only wish.

Genocide’s and Holocausts of Rwanda, Jewish, Ethiopia, all these genocides that occurred. We must stand together of all cultures, races, heritage and finally put an end to these terrible acts to humanity, and live and let live. When we recognize today, the future will be a better tomorrow.

The Armenian Genocide