Memorizing Phone Numbers of Yesterday VS Technology today.

Recently, I have made a realization that has been in my mind for a few days now. How we used to keep in touch with phones, technology of today VS. memorizing phone numbers from yesterday and the past.

In the 80’s and 90’s and before that in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, we had paper address books, and as well as a phone numbers list stuck on our fridge doors. Before cell phones, we had to memorize numbers, a huge directory book of phone numbers and contacts would appear in front of our doorstep to find people to call them.

You had to really memorize numbers or else, how else would you be able to contact somebody? Before, it wasn’t easy when people weren’t home and couldn’t contact them until they got home. So people would call a few times. When parties, functions, meetings and all that took place, it would be difficult to let people know they will be late. Calling them at home didn’t make the difference. Sometimes people wouldn’t show up and all night they worry about what happens.

People used to use corded phones to the wall, so they would be stuck in the room and playing with the cord while talking on the phone. I am sure in today’s world, there still are corded phones in the homes because if in case the electricity goes out, you have a backup and also your cell phone. Well until the battery runs out. So I sure hope you remember some phone numbers. It is important.

How did people go without all the technology to communicate? How about when there was no caller I.D? Nobody would know who is calling. I think Prank callers had a lot of fun back then using payphones to trick people and annoy them. How about when people used to carry a phone address book with them in their bags?

Nowadays, with smartphones and technology, there is no need to write numbers anymore.  People are so connected to their phones and now the art of calling people is slim to none and people are more involved in text messaging so that they can have time to organize their thoughts, instead of speaking directly to someone on the phone. It has become such a norm.

I am pretty sure there are still people in this world today who still recognizes and memorize phone numbers. It is important to have things on paper too, so as if one day your smartphone is on its last mission to serve you, at least you have backup.

Memorize phone numbers that you regularly text and call. Use and address book to put them in. You never know what happens to your phone. You can lose your contact list and then somehow get on a computer to send status messages on Facebook letting people know “I’ve lost all my contacts, please send me your phone numbers again”. I have see and heard about that so many times.

If it ever comes to a point where you need a phone number and cannot remember it on a rainy day, it will actually be really bad.

How many of you remember your friends numbers? Do you know your boyfriend, fiancé, or husbands, or girlfriend, wife,  cousins or even your parents numbers by heart? If you do not, then its time you do.

We cannot let technology and contact lists in our phones do all the work for us, that we don’t need to remember anything, its in our phones. Nobody should think that way. People really need to think about it. We need to upgrade our minds and educate it and learn the skill to memorize things.

So, I wouldn’t be so dependent on technology and go for the greater technology we were born with… Our brains. There is nothing that technology has that will even be a fraction or come close to than our brain in our bodies..


The White Out Story – A Childhood Memory

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about my childhood and the memories that have been made within those years. I distinctively remember one of those memories where I call it the White Out Story. It is because when I was I think around 5-6 years old or a couple of years older, I remember I learned how to turn the computer on.

School was out and it was in the summertime. I was on the computer, and I was playing kids games such as baby math at the time and then wheel of fortune, as well as a car racing came. After playing for an hour or 2, I decided to turn the computer off. Then near the computer, I saw a tube or 2 of White Out. So, I was very curious about that and I had never used it before, so  I began to open up the tubes and started covering the monitor screen of the computer with Whiteout. I then began to do the same to the outer part of the monitor.

After that, I began to add some on the surface of the keyboard. Not everywhere, just a few places. So for a few hours nobody came into that room until my dad came home from work. He went upstairs to put stuff in the office. Then he was about to turn the computer on so he can play a few games too. I was downstairs watching TV, then I hear this shouting and screaming from upstairs…. ” TALIN! What did you do to the computer?” I was so scared that I was going to get it. Thankfully it was just yelling then I was grounded from using the computer for a month, and then after that I had to be supervised at all times using it.

Then I promised I would never do that again. There was no white out in sight and they were taken away from the office and even the permanent marker. All locked and hidden away.

To make sure, My dad would lock the office door every time he went to work and hide the key somewhere that I could not have access to it.

So my mom and dad spent 3-4 hours cleaning the computer screen and keyboard with nail polish remover that my mom had. I definitely learned my lesson after that. The White Out is for using it on paper when you make a mistake with a pen and putting it on a computer is very wrong. Every time I see white out now, I always think of that moment.

I was just a kid and didn’t know. I thought I was doing a good thing, but then ended up to be a totally different thing. Now, My parents and I laugh about it and sometimes bring this memory up. Mind you, computers from back in the 80’s and 90’s were super expensive. One of the most expensive things people owned back then. The computer we owned was one of the best in the market at that time.

I wish we still kept it and kept it in our storage, but we gave it away to someone else who needed it after we upgraded our computer. Fun times when I was a kid, but then I learned to never make that mistake again with white out.

Did you do something wrong like this when you were a child?

What are your childhood memories?

Toronto Pearson Airport – Street Festival is Back for 2017

Toronto Pearson International Airport 2017 Street Festival is Back!

Save the date and mark it on your calendars!
Saturday June 17, 2017

Behind the scenes look at Toronto Pearson Airport, and those who are working hard to bring it to you. Taking a closer look to how the airport operates, and what the process from checking in for your flight and all the way to getting inside your aircraft to board the flight.
This street festival will also raise awareness as well to appreciate the operations at the airport. Not just by taking a flight out and checking in. You will actually see the lengthy process.
There will be live music, airline companies, food, games, free stuff, VIP Bus Shuttle tour around the runways, tarmac, deicing stations, the hangars, and lots more. Just remember to save the date. It will be a great day to bring your family, friends, and airport/aviation enthusiasts too. Everyone is welcome!
more information once it becomes available can be found at or Social Media at Toronto Pearson’s Facebook page, and you can connect with them on Twitter. So Keep checking in!

My Promise to the Armenian Community of the World

Hello, I am Talin Orfali. I am a proud and happy Armenian. Even though I do not have a Ian or Yan in my last name, I am still fully 100% Armenian. I will never stay silent in telling people I am one. I will never stop telling people about our culture and I most certainly will never stay silent about the Armenian Genocide for as long as I live.
I love Armenia. Being Armenian is a blessing and we should never take who we are for granted. We have so much to celebrate about us and our rich in beautiful culture, alphabet, churches, landmarks, picturesque views, Statues, and of course our country.
We unfortunately also went through a lot as well. The Armenia earthquake of December, 1988 where 25,000 Armenians died.
Our ancestors, family members also went through very terrible hardships, something so horrible with the Armenian Genocide of 1.5 million lives displaced from their homes, exterminated by the hands of the Turkish Government on April 24, 1915. We also had our lands and Mount Ararat stripped away and stolen from us.
With that, we need to be a great example in keeping our culture alive and strong by always working hard to raise awareness on our Heritage, Culture and on the Armenian Genocide. We must never stay silent. Silence doesn’t get us anywhere. Nothing gets done. So we must participate in our Armenian communities as much as we can.
We must stick together, help each other out. When we are strong together, we can combat through anything. We are the future of Armenia and Armenians.
Thankfully, Armenia is still on the map, and there are millions of us still walking on this earth and we Armenians will never die.

All Inclusive Resort Chair Hoggers

An Issue that must be changed in All Inclusive resorts and our daily lives.

In life, we all want to take a little break from our daily life from priorities, stresses, work, school, and the whole 9 yards. We begin by looking for an all inclusive place to travel for a week or 2 or whatever the duration. We book the vacation and as the day arrives to our preferred destination to the south, we are looking forward to much needed R&R(rest & relaxation). We get there with anticipation and excitement of what we imagined, by settling in and by lounging by the pool or beach on the lounge chairs provided by the resort.

Unfortunately, our anticipation and excitement comes to a halt, when all chairs at the beach and poolside gets reserved and then we are left standing around with no luck in finding that relaxation spot in the sun. Many people begin by waking up before the birds and the sun to go out to the pool or beach to put resort towels, and belongings on chairs and then go for a few hours. Some do not return until the afternoon and yet those belongings and towels are still on those seats.

If you don’t agree with what I am saying, then that means you support hogging and being selfish. It is not good.

I think it is unfair to be chair hoggers, and to be selfish about it. Resorts need to implement changes to chair use policies. Security and on-lookers from the resort must be present at all times observing what is going on without asking for tips from vacationers. This is a job to ensure everyone has equal rights to chairs. There should be rules about this kind of selfish behavior. I have noticed that a lot. People just stand around waiting for chairs to become available. There are people who just look at you and do not even offer their chair if they are not using it at that point in time.

For example, if you are in a parking spot for more than an hour, or 2 or whatever the limit is, should be ticketed right? Or restaurant time limits or whatever the case. It is the same thing, if you leave you chairs unattended for a long period of time, you should lose that chair. It is that simple. Strict rules should be enforced about this.

I understand that sometimes people who put their belongings on chairs are in the water or getting a drink from the bar to return to their seats. That is understandable. I understand that if you are occupying the seat with actually laying on it and relaxing that is no issue at all, but if you are one of those people hogging and go for hours and then returning afterwards, that is a very terrible thing to do. If you are not within those premises and not keeping an eye on your belongings, then you should not save chairs.

If you are the type to keep their stuff at their chairs, then go for a meal for hours and then go grab coffee or something at the Lobby bar and walk around while your belongings are on a chair that someone else can use, kindly pick up your stuff and bring it with you, so some other people can use the chair that need it. It is only common courtesy to do so, and it is helping another person out.

People need to stop thinking about themselves and stop being selfish and think about other people. Everyone pays good money to go to these resorts. Everyone deserves equality, everyone deserves to have fun, relax, enjoy themselves without hoggers trying to make sure another person doesn’t get a chair. There are people who will ruin the mood and vacation for another person. It is not right at all. Everyone is entitled. You are not the only one at that All Inclusive resort. There are hundreds of others too.

Whether I am at the beach or the pool, but I am mostly at the beach. If I am in the water for a while and come back that’s okay, and security should be watching all this happening and that is why security is on the resorts too. they should watch for chair hoggers too. If you leave the beach, you take your stuff with you. If you come back, there should always be chairs available.

I always give my chairs away if I don’t need it for a couple of hours. I allow others to enjoy relaxing time. I never hog chairs and that will never happen when I travel. You also make friends that way and you are helping another person out. You are actually making their day better and enjoyable to care for others, and think of others. You cannot just grab everything for yourself.

Resorts also need to bring in more chairs for each resort and keep some on standby in case needed. Super important traits to develop in life. This is about a trait too and this should be a lesson in life too. Not just in resorts, but also in reality coming back home. Selfish arrogance and being ignorant is not good at all.

Respect others so that respect can come back to you,
Be reasonable, and thoughtful of others and don’t be a hogger.
Be selfless and don’t be selfish.

The Promise Film

The Promise is a film directed by Terry George and also written by Terry George and Robin Swicord. Running time is 134 Minutes. From Survival Pictures Studio. A Drama.

Produced By
Eric Esrailian, Mike Medavoy, William Horberg

A love triangle begins between an Armenian Medical student Michael and an American journalist in Paris named Christopher and an Armenian-born woman raised in France, Ana, during the final days of the Ottoman Empire in 1914.

Michael resides in a small Village in historic Armenia, on the eastern part of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. He promises himself to a rich woman of the village to gain 400 gold coins as dowry. That gives him the allowance to travel to Istanbul – the city known then and now to Armenians by it’s historical name Konstantinopoli. He then befriends the son of a powerful general.

Filming began in Autumn of 2015 in Malta, Spain and Portugal. The film premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on September 11, 2016. Open Road Films acquired rights of distribution to the film . It is set to release at the end of April 2017 on the 21st.

Music Soundtrack from

The Promise
Written by Chris Cornell
Written by Serj Tankian

The actors and participants of the Promise are Christian Bale, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Oscar Isaac, Angela Sarafyan, Tom Hollander, Charlotte Le Bon, James Cromwell, Jean Reno, Rade Serbedzjia, Michael Stahl-David, Tamer Hassan, Numan Acar, Kevork Malikyan, Marwan Kenzari, Marco Khan, Igal Naor, Amanda Tenen, Ozman Sirgood, Stewart Scudamore, Alex Maruny, Roman Mitichyan, Alain Hernandez, Sandy Dell, Nicolas Bosc, Armin Amiri, Julian Villagran, Garen Boyajian, Andrew Tarbet, Alana Kyriak, Anthony Rotsa, Antonella Axisa, Jean Claude Ricquebourg, Aaron Neil, Nacho Aldeguer, Mario Tardon, Rick Zingale, Christophe Morabito, Jonathan Pyatt, Portelli Paul, Miguel Monteiro, Pedro J. Poveda, Mario Opinato, Alejandro Pantany, Juanan Moreno, Milene Mayer, Can Berk Cetin, James Chanos, Attig Kowalski, Pau Colera, Ayoub El Hilali, Diogo Andrade, Alfredo Montez, Massimo Portelli, Andre Marques, Stephen Buhagiar, Tiago Costa, David Fernandez Fabu, Paco Franco, Joao Sirgado, Ayoub Aghil, Jean Marc Valente, Cristina Artacho, Leonardo Progano, Alejandro Manuel Lopez Garrido, Lino M. Gomez, Bruna Gonzalez, Jose Miguel Rodrigues, and Nancy Ellen Shore.

Dedicated in memory of the Armenian Genocide of April 24, 1915. 1.5 Million Armenians Massacred and exterminated by the hands of the Turkish Government where lands were also stolen from us and Mount Ararat. This Film “The Promise” was film to show an example of the crime committed by the Turks and to this day, they continue to deny the Armenian Genocide.

Click the following links for more information, photos, videos and more.

A BBC News Serious Interview Gone Wrong

As you may or may not have heard or seen by now, a BBC News interview about South Korea with Political Science Professor Robert Kelly of  the Pusan National University in South Korea went horribly wrong when children barged into his office at his home during a serious interview on BBC News.

Professor Kelly was weighing in on what is happening with the country’s crisis when his two kids began to act up in the background.

Then in a panic a woman walked in so quickly in the room to pull the kids out of the room to save the interview and to allow Prof. Kelly to resume without interruption again.

The video of the interview went viral all over social media. A lot of mixed emotion, comments and different views and opinions from people about the situation. Some said it was wrong of Professor Kelly to push the child behind, while some said it was to protect the child from going on the screen.

The BBC interviewer then said “I think one of your children has just walked in”. It was a very serious matter but handled in such a great way that the interview was completed successfully while managing to keeping his composure.

I think the next time Prof Kelly gives an interview, the door behind will be locked so that another interruption like that will not happen again.

Click this link to watch the video

iTravel2000 – One Stop Shop For All Things Travel

iTravel2000 is a travel planning company and website. Since 1994,  which is now one of Canada’s Largest independent travel companies. when iTravel2000 was founded, the purpose of this company is to offer you the best travel deals around, providing customers excellent service, the lowest price guaranteed and the best value. That goes for all travel-related and travel products. It is the nation’s trusted source of all things Travel.

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At iTravel2000, they offer you travel insurance to protect you from medical, cancellation, delays, lost or misplaced baggage, and all around insurance to keep you protected at all times.

To me, iTravel2000 is one of the best travel operators that I have ever known. I always receive the best service, and I can tell the agents are very knowledgeable, and also pays attention to detail, and whatever requests we have, they always go above and beyond. I always choose iTravel2000 because they are a great company and they take care of me very well with all my travel needs. I am excited to book my next vacation with them. I have never been disappointed with them and you will never be as well. I recommend them.

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Truth Held Hostage – Former US Ambassador John Evans

America and The Armenian Genocide – What then? What Now?

Written by the Former US Ambassador to the Republic of Armenia
The Honorable John Evans

Published by the Gomidas Institute

Honorable Mr. John Evans lost his job in 2005 because he used the word “Genocide” to describe the Turkish Government’s policy of extermination of 1.5 Million Armenians in 1915. Crime committed by the Turkish Government of Turkey. In 2005, it was the 90th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, and he was unfairly ejected. Mr. John Evans had no Armenian family or ancestral connections.

Over the years, he realized that injustice was perpetrated against Armenians due to the denial of the Turkish Government and US Governments acceptance about the Armenian Genocide.

The Book cover is Mr. John Evans at the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Armenia with flowers being laid around the eternal flame in the middle.

Book Launch and meet and greet brought to you in part by the Armenian National Committee of Toronto and Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society “Kaltsor” Chapter invite you

Sunday March 12, 2017

Armenian Community Centre
The Hallcrown Hall
45 Hallcrown Place, North York, ON M2J 4Y4

It is a must read book.

For more information about Truth Held Hostage, Visit the following sites:

TRUTH HELD HOSTAGE: America and the Armenian Genocide What Then? What Now?

Book Review: ‘Truth Held Hostage’


2017 Honda Pilot – Brings SUV to life

Recently, I began to search for many SUV’s and also looking on the road for new vehicles here and there while driving and as a passenger. One particular SUV stuck to me like glue. The grill, the body, the features, the way it looks while driving. It all became a hugely awesome attraction to me. That is called the 2017 Honda Pilot.

I love the way it looks, and its one of my favourite vehicles right now in the market. Every single time I see one, I start getting all excited.

I really like how the dashboard speedometer is digital, the fuel gauge, as well as the coolant level. I also like how the transmission gear shift is no longer a stick attached to the steering wheel, or a stick in the middle of the 2 front seats. I like how you push a button and you reverse, drive, park and go in neutral.

There is the LX, EX, EX-L-Navi, EX-L RES, and Touring types of Honda Pilots. All serve different preferences on the road. You can use regular fuel. No need to top off the fuel with mid grade or super fuel. 18-20 inch tires. depending on the model you want.

There is a USB Connector, MP3 Auxiliary input jack, Bluetooth streaming audio, Wi-Fi tethering.

It definitely leaves a huge statement on the road.  The muscular hood, and you can get extras such as protection packages to keep your floors in the SUV clean from harsh winter weather with the salt, the snow, the rain, also the tow package with a trailer hitch in the rear. You can also get running boards, roof rack, crossbars, bike racks, paint pens to do emergency touch ups in case a scratch happens on your vehicle.

You can also get a heated steering wheel which can prevent from freezing cold hands in the winter, Storage dividers, cargo covers.

For more information, visit Honda’s website and for more pictures and insight. It is an absolutely beautiful vehicle. I will be test driving it soon.

I Don’t Do Well with Long Distance

Life is an unexpected and unpredicted thing and you don’t know what happens from one day to the next. When you are with family and friends, and then the next day, they tell you that they are moving away somewhere for either a Job, When you get married, or new beginning or whatever else. It makes us sad that those moments of togetherness are now numbered, and sometimes people move away so far that you need to get on a plane and see them as driving could take many hours and sometimes days.

I really don’t like distance and I am never good at it. I am sure a lot of us aren’t good at it as well. Wishing all my family and friends were all in one place. I feel like we are losing so much precious time being away from the people that mean the most to us.

When you find the love of your life and get married, and it is a long distance relationship that you are having, you have to consider and think about it if you are reading to leave where you came from, if you are ready to part from family and friends and the life you once had. You need to be ready for new beginnings, new life and new scenery. You really need to think about it. Long distant relationships are a lot harder to maintain then when you find someone local and can go and come.

When you see someone locally, you can go and come as you please and you really get to spend time with that person a lot more and see what He/She is like even more. Sometimes or most of the time talking through text, phone and social media platforms is great as long as there is communication, but it is better to understand a person when you see them.

It is very important to make time for everyone and everything in our lives. We need to make sure that we learn to manage our time. All of us are busy in life yes with so much going on, but at the same time, we must take a few steps back and think about those who matter to us.

Nothing is more better than seeing each other face to face and creating memories together and being able to get together whenever. I really wish everyone was in driving distance within an hour, not aircraft distance. 😦 it breaks my heart. I love all my family and friends. Sometimes it’s strange how life is when people need to relocate. So much time goes that we can never get back. Time is precious and people are precious. We need to spend as much time with our loved ones as much as possible.

Facial Masks and chemical anti-aging creams

Firstly, what people see first is a person’s face and that is a part of our identity and a part of who we as individuals are. Some people are so invested in doing many things to their faces such as using facial masks, and chemical based anti-aging creams and adding real danger to our skin and eventually into our bodies.

These things actually make you age quicker. anti-aging creams are a temporary fix, but don’t believe in it. When using facial masks and anti-aging creams and everything, you are actually taking away the good skin cells that preserve your skin. Then once you start with these facials and everything, then you always have to continue it.

I would stay away from those facials and do something natural such as washing your face with cold water for a good 5 minutes and then pat drying with a face towel. Save time by heading to your local stores to look at a million different face products and save money. Natural is the way to go. Don’t alter your face for the expense of beauty.

You are beautiful the way you are and don’t try to destroy your beautiful face by these chemical filled products and just be natural. It is the way to go!