Google Still Fails to Re-instate My Personal E-mail Account Along with Blogspot

After a Month and a half of constantly e-mailing Google everyday to ask why they disabled my account for my blogging website, my picasa web albums and even my personal Google Gmail account. I am not a happy camper at all. I still try everyday to see if I can get through to these people at Google and they still fail to notify me or out of respecting me to e-mail me. I had done nothing wrong, and I used my blogger and gmail account within the terms of service, I did not do anything out of the ordinary. I do not get why Google has done this to me. You’d think a big Kahuna Giant of the Internet would behave in this fashion. I am not amused. I have not done any harm, I used my e-mail properly, I did not send out any spam notes, I did not do anything. It REALLY DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME!

I used to respect Google and I used to compliment my friends on how wonderful of a search engine and company it is, but I no longer think so. Google has gone way over its head and they think they can treat their users and members like this and get away with it. I demand my personal e-mail with my address book of my family, friends and employment e-mails be sent to me. There are people that I communicate with that e-mail account and I keep in touch with them VIA e-mail and now those people probably think that I am avoiding them and don’t want to keep in touch anymore. Now that I had to create a new e-mail address and update all my resumes and internet social networking accounts, and at some point since Google and Youtube are linked together now, I couldn’t even access my Youtube Account until I found a way to Unlink it from the account that was disabled by google.

Everyday, I go to check my e-mail account and just out of curiousty trying to log in and all I get is a SORRY YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DISABLED page. I have been a loyal user for Google for the past 4-5 years now and I have always talked highly about it, but now? I do not think so.