Talin’s 10 Ways to Make Cruise Ship Vacations Fun, Relaxing & Enjoyable

10 – Always read your daily newsletter which comes to your cabin every day of your trip and read up on information on ports of call, things that are happening on your ship and it notifies you on what time to be back on the ship before sailing to the next port. Also, it will state if you need to bring extra identification in some ports. Always bring ID from home like a drivers licence or other forms of ID or your passport. Very important to follow the procedures to avoid missing your ship.

09 – Try to participate in events happening on your ship, get into the action of when there are trivia games, dance lessons, sports and rec, entertainment shows to go to nightly, enjoy the views around, meet new people, join in on conversations on meet and mingle events. Also, go to the shops onboard.

08 – Familiarize yourself with the ship on the first 2 days of your trip. Check out the restaurants, bars, lounges, dining rooms, enjoy yourself with all that too.

07 – If you are not the type to join in on the shore excursions cruises provide, and you just want to go around where the ship is docked and enjoy the areas, wanting to take pictures of the ship and ships in your port of call, joining in on the local fun or you just want to go back quickly to the ship and enjoy the sights.

06 – Always a good idea to be friendly with the staff onboard the ship, try to meet your captain and officers of the ship, make conversation with the some of the staff and learn about the cruising industry more and ask where they are from, so on and so forth. They are away from their family and friends for so many months. Always good to cheer them on and be kind.

05 – When you are in your cabin, always a good idea to prepare your clothes, and everything to wear at night before you go to bed and so you don’t waste time in the morning to prepare your stuff where you wake up very early in the morning to start your day. Wasting time on a cruise is a no-no. Try to sleep late and Always wake up early. Time is of the essence.

04 – The bigger the ship is, the more things there are to do, see. Always manage your time well on a cruise and try not to spend so much time in your room and try not to turn in early where there is nightly events happening or you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful Seabreeze, and hear the ship sailing by.

03 – Sometimes it’s good to explore the ship on your own. Try to take a couple of hours for yourself in the evening once or twice instead of always being with others, take a walk, reflect, and don’t think about anything else, just enjoy yourself and try not to sweat the small stuff.

02 – Try to live in the moment, don’t complain about everything, nothing and nobody is perfect. So don’t be rude and cause problems onboard, if something doesn’t go as planned or you feel like things don’t go your way, don’t come home and write reviews that are way too exaggerated and over the top on a very small issue which people tend to do a lot of on review sites and on social media. Things can always be worse. Don’t be negative and take things lightly. It is what it is and make the best of it.

01 – Have fun. There is no room for boredom. There is so much to do. Don’t come home spreading fake things about cruises that they are boring. It is how you choose to vacation, it is how you spend your trip, and what you make of it. Be positive in your life, and don’t be afraid to try a cruise. Do not live in fear. You never know until you try this form of travel. Try it out. If it is not for you, then you know, but when you don’t know and you have not tried a cruise, and you make all these assumptions and go with what other people say, you won’t go anywhere at all. Live a little and get sailing.

Living in Fear of Travel To See The World

In recent news when we have heard about a cruise ship encountering choppy waters of a Norway ship, and when we heard about the plane crashes involving Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 aircraft, and mishaps happening on cruise ships and airlines, I think that when these things get heard on the news, it deters some people away from traveling the world. I do not blame them, but why live in fear?

Yes, although the thought of these things can be scary and you can easily grow fear, but when you live in fear and hear all the media and news about things like this, you won’t go anywhere, you won’t explore a world waiting for you to explore in all kinds of transportation.

I am someone who has experienced a lot of travel in my life since I was a child. I have not stopped traveling since then and until this present time. I have heard all kinds of things, but that does not deter me from one of the things in my life that brings me joy is the gift of travel. It truly is an incredible feeling when you venture out of your daily life and just go and explore.

When you live in fear with anything in life, you will not want to do anything and you will be stuck in just one place, and seeing the same scenery and being in the same areas over and over again can get boring. Travel while you can, enjoy your life, and don’t feel that you need to be afraid to try new things.

A lot of people have bad feelings about cruises, some have never even been on a cruise ship and do not even want to attempt to try it out. I think that is a bit much. I truly think that because of the Titanic and a few mishaps here and there, people are afraid to go on ships. I tell you this. Titanic was in 1912. Now, we are in 2019. A lot has changed in terms of technology, better work and better material for ships, and they are built so huge now, you won’t even feel barely feel the ship moving. It is such a great experience. You need to try it and put your fears away.

Some people do not even want to fly on an aircraft either. It is such a great experience as well when you begin taking off and when landing. It is such a fantastic way to explore the skies and below you when there are no clouds in the sky and when it isn’t dark. You will see different cities and towns, shapes, patterns, different patches of land and sea, amongst a lot of nature and within hours or an hour or so, you will be in another place in the world within a day or so. You will see how life dynamics differ from each place in the world.

The problem with today’s society is that, when media has a role with everything we hear and they make a story so big that they make you live in fear, and it makes you feel like you should not try new things. Life is beautiful and meant to explore.

Unfortunately with what has happened is so terrible with the cruise ship mishaps, the aircraft problems. My thoughts and prayers go out to families and friends of those who were lost in the plane crashes and those injured as well. It is absolutely heartbreaking to have your life changed forever.

Making Someone’s Day Better

If I can make a difference in someone’s life in a positive, happy and great way every day, then my day is not wasted. I always strive to do my best in inspiring people, giving back to society, being a listening ear, taking extra steps to make someone smile is something I love to see.

I write from my heart and soul, I work so hard for my craft and utilize the talent that God gave me. He gave me this gift and I use it every passing day. I’m blessed that I can have this ability to write and to be helpful in a person’s life.

With all the hate, bad news and negativity going on in the world, I would like to add some colour, goodness, and beauty of life back into people’s lives. Blessings to you all.

With love, Talin Orfali Ghazarian

Humans Destroying Other Humans

Today’s society has become a huge blunder. Nowadays some human’s are finding ways to harm and be bad examples to other people whether it is sharing a terrible trend on social media, creating videos that cause harm, showing people terrible videos to do self-harm, being bad influences on children, teenagers, and adults too.
 What a world we live in now that when we think we have seen everything, something else comes up that is unthinkable. Humans are ultimately destroying other humans. Nowadays, people are always out to get others from stealing people’s stuff, money fraud, damaging property, disrespecting each other, criminal activity, frauding others in other ways, staging car accidents, faking, tricking and doing other unspeakable things and also killing with stabbings, shootings. You name it.
   Now, people are out for themselves and it is so rare to find good people these days without any strings attached or without payback. Selfish and jealous behaviour causes people to do terrible things to others without thinking.
  Prominent figures of society need to really step up and give us great influence and inspire the world and famous people and ordinary people like us have a voice, and we need to use it, and we need to put our foot down and begin to think seriously of what we are doing to this world of humanity.
    When and how do we draw the line? It is absolutely ridiculous in this world we are in now. It is pretty sad on how humans want to destroy other humans. Where is the love? where is the kindness? Social media is a very prime example as too ridiculous and terrible trends come to play. The internet poison is social media and those who are vulnerable and fall for things quite easily get poisoned with videos, posts and pictures that is pure nonsense.
I think that this world needs a huge makeover. The more bad influences that are given out, the worse humans are getting when it comes to all that. There are reality shows on 16 and pregnant or shows that depict a lot of bad influences. I’d like to see success stories of inspiration, goodness, sharing good news, love, respect, and things that need to be seen, lessons to be taught, and quality shows where morals are taught.
Parents really need to be more alert when it comes to their children viewing videos, photos, and looking stuff up on the internet. You really need to be vigilant and spend more time looking closely to what your child does on the internet and limiting them from screen time. They really need to be taught the right and wrong and what they need to stay away from. Don’t let them get into the latest bad influence trends, and better yet, kids should not be on those screens. They need to find other ways to occupy their time. They are so young to be on social media and watch videos.
If you really want your child to be on a screen, buy DVD’s, record good videos for kids and let them watch it on television. Nowadays with that momo telling people to turn the stove on, to slit wrists, and do self-harm and teaching kids wrong things to do in their lives is very concerning and alarming.
These things even apply to teenagers and adults. There is no age when it comes to online safety and things that cause harm. Do not listen and try things you see online that can be really terrible. Ultimately, everything happening now has something to do with destroying and doing harm.
Suicide rates, mental illness, emotionally disturbed, abused physically and mentally and people who are losing their will has something to do with how they were raised, the influences of others, the things they may have seen in life, how they were treated, being bullied, hurt, made fun of, being lied to, having trust issues. Everything goes hand in hand with harm, with terrible things humans do to other humans.
It needs to stop and it needs to stop now. Go and be kind to other humans, spread positive and goodness in the world, start good trends, invent things that can benefit others, love each other, be each others guardian, protect each other,  create videos that can benefit society, make kindness go viral because this world is in dire need of it. We all need it in our lives.
It is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with. More strict punishments need to take place, people need to learn lessons that if you do something wrong, you must pay for your mistakes and hopefully learn from it. Life is fragile.
I don’t understand why people need to hurt others. Life is way too short to inflict damage to others. Live your own life, enjoy the world of humanity, help each other. It is such a beautiful thing that people are missing out on. People miss out on a lot because of stupidity and what they do. It really does not take much to be kind, to say thank you, to be happy.
Once we begin to do good and happy things, once we get out of the poison that is dealt with us, you will see the world and peoples dynamics changing, lifestyles, and the way of life can and will get better. Trust in me. Humans destroying humans is not the answer to life.
Be who you are and spread good cheer. The world definitely needs it desperately.

No Sympathy for Lateness – Only A Few Exceptions only

In life, whether we’re invited to a restaurant gathering, parties, get-togethers, catching a flight out, even for school, work, a job interview, or anything that it could be, even a date, meeting up for coffee, punctuality and being early is very important. I know sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances it happens where people are late or get caught up on something, the best thing to do is let others know who you will be meeting that you are running late. It is common courtesy and respectful. Your time is as valuable as the other peoples time. So it goes both ways.

Tips and Advice on how to manage time, to be early and punctual.

— Say you get invited to a restaurant for dinner at 7:30 and reservations have been made and you are there at 7 7:15, which is good to be early to respect other peoples time, then you see other arriving at 7:30 right on the dot, then you see late people arriving an hour later at 8:30. People are munching on Appetizers already because they waited long enough. — Respecting time is important and especially respecting other people in the process.

— Say you go to the airport and you arrive there at 3pm and your flight is at 6:30pm, which is great to be there 3 and a half hours before, but some people decide to show up at 4:30 or 5pm and flight is at 6:30, they think that they can be allowed boarding and they think that their luggage will make it to the plane. I do not think so. Respect the time given to be at the airport prior to departure and make it to your plane on time so others do not have to wait for that one or two people who decide to play around and not get to the gate on time.

— Never leave things to the last minute to get ready, to shower, to allow time to get ready after the shower. do it in advance and start getting ready an hour or two before a party and also take into factor how long it will take to get to the venue from your place and get ready accordingly. You do not want to be one of those people who arrive at a party at 10 at night when a party starts at 7. No matter what it is, its important to value time, manage time well and do important things first then allocate enough time to do what is necessary. Be courteous no matter what it is.

— Job interviews, going to school and work on time is very important. Especially when you are going for a job interview. Be there about half an hour before or an hour before. get yourself prepared, and gather your thoughts. Always look at the time and get to places on time. It is very crucial to be punctual in everything in life.

— When you are invited to someone’s place at say 4pm on a Saturday and agree to go, be there right at 4pm or about 10 minutes before. Every minute counts and they count on you to be on time. It is not nice to not show up at someone’s house at 6pm, without letting them know you will be late or something is going on that you cannot make it right at 4.

— A simple I cannot be there on time, or I have some things to take care of, or got pre-occupied with things should be mentioned to those waiting for you, they have every right to know. Time is of the essence. Calling, texting, e-mailing and always communicating is so imperative.

— Do not be a last minute RSVP person — If you get an invitation to a party, wedding, engagement, shower or other events 2-3 or 4 months in advance, or just 2 months in advance, and say the Card says shower is on July 31st, but your RSVP Reservation with the number of persons in attendance must be due by July 10 or July 15th — but then have someone say they are attending on July 27th or 28th, just a couple of days before is so wrong. You had all that time to decide. Do not just leave it as last minute. RESPOND as soon as possible —- It is money, and time was talking here. These people need to prepare and get numbers into the banquet halls or create the tables and how many plates to add… Be respectful. They did a great thing by including you, Help them in the process.

Some Quotes Found online in relative to this post:
“Arriving late is a way of saying that your own time is valuable than the time of the person who waited for you” — Karen Joy Fowler
“If you CANNOT be on time, Then be EARLY” — Unknown
“punctuality is the Art of Waiting for the careless people: – Unknown
“Punctuality – Be there an hour early, then a minute too late – Time is valuable” — unknown
“Punctuality is the soul of Business” — Thomas Chandler Haliburton
“Punctuality is the politeness of kings & the duty of gentle people EVERYWHERE” — Unknown
“Life is getting up early in the morning to live a couple of hours more” — Unknown

In the news recently, there was a couple who missed their ship while they were on a cruise itinerary. They were supposed to be back on the ship during a designated time, but they were late.  That is why you never be late. Consequences like this happen due to lateness. People need to stop being late for things and be on time and be early! These things can be avoided. I have no sympathy for people like this at all. You are late, it’s too bad. Should have followed procedure.

People need to look at the time and be on time. I hate lateness.

Cruises request you to be back on board half an hour to an hour before disembarking from a port of call. It’s not hard to follow. People like this drive me crazy.

Even during flights. I have no sympathy for late people at all. If you miss your flight because you are late, it is your fault and you are responsible. If your flight or your cruise ship leaves without you, don’t be angry and throw a fit. You always have time to make it. super early Arrival is key and important.

The only acceptable and exceptions I give to people who are late is if there is super bad traffic out there, unfortunately, someone had to be rushed to hospital or something else terrible happened and tardiness/lateness arises, and stuff that is out of our control, well its okay, but there is absolutely no other excuse.

Have you been a victim of a person who has stood you up? Have you been someone who is the one to always wait for others to be on time? Have people contacted you to say they will be late? Are you always the early one to arrive well in advance because you have been taught to respect time and ones who have proper etiquette? It is always good to be like that.

Do you have bad habits when it comes to procrastination? Do you have bad habits of being late because you had to do your hair and make-up? Do you have the bad habit to show up to a party 2-3 hours later knowing that everyone has already eaten, so you get the cold food after or they are going to have to make an extra batch for you to heat your food up, or have missed the beginning speeches or whatever it is? Change your bad habits, work on being courteous and on time. It saves a lot of problems with people depending on you.

Also, do not say you will be there, and then not show up.
Punctuality is key to success in business, relationships, friendships which then builds trust and common decency. Best wishes and to better time management!

Beginner Cruise Ship Travel Tips & Advice

Few beginner cruise ship travel tips from Myself, Talin

Cruises are a special and unique way to travel to see the world in not just one port of call, but several while sailing on the oceans and seas of the world. You can just about cruise anywhere in the world as long as its close to a massive body of water. You can travel to the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Canada, New England, Europe, Mediterranean, Asia, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Transatlantic, Pacific, Africa, Australia, Alaska, and many other areas. Cruise ships vary in sizes to small to hugely massive vessel’s. You can also do river cruises but with smaller vessels that can fit on river waters.

If you have never been on a cruise and would like to try it, I am here for you. having been on 5 cruise ships is so amazing and a great experience that I think you really need to try. Do not listen so much to media and negativity. Also, never think of the Titanic as that was over 100 years ago and technology was slim to none back in those days and they weren’t prepared. Cruises have come a very long way, and better built and excellent engineering. You barely even feel these vessels sailing because of how massive they are. Stabilizers are there for a reason.

Here are some beginner tips to get you on your way:

1. Choose where you would like to travel in the world and then begin searching for cruises aiming to those ports of call or if you want to choose a random cruise, that is fine too.

2. Look up cruise lines and check out the ships, deck plans and what they offer. Research is key to the kind of cruise ship you like, whether you like small, medium, large or huge size ships, but I would go for the huge and large ships which they offer more areas of relaxation, fun, restaurants, spa, gym areas and more.

3. Usually cruises just come as cruise only with no airfare included, but there still are packages where you can combine the two which is more beneficial and efficient.

4. cruises often sell drink voucher packages which include soft drinks, specialty coffees, alcohol and smoothie drinks. Each cruise line offers different things, you can buy those in advanced when you plan your cruise and sometimes you can get it onboard, but why waste time on the ship when you can get them beforehand? The drink voucher packages will then be sent to your room with your room steward who will make sure you receive them.

5. Every cruise line requires you to check in way before your cruise vacation online. You have to enter in your personal information, passport ID, booking number, confirmation numbers, and all information must be correct and your name must match your passport. This is all due to security, and so they can prepare on their end so that when you arrive for your cruise, check-in will be a breeze and you can get on your ship quickly.

6. Heading to your cruise embarkation point to get on your ship is super easy. You can call a taxi, uber, or sometimes bus transfers from the airport are included, depending on your cruise package. Some people drive too, and there are designated parking areas near the cruise embarkation point.

7. Baggage handling is super easy. submit your baggage that will go to your room. when you print out your baggage labels from the cruise line, your room number and your name will be on it. attach them when you arrive at the port or at the airport there, and then give your baggage to the personnel and they will handle it. They will bring them outside of your room upon check-in. So no need to haul them around with you. It is the same as check out and disembarkation, but you have to give your baggage the night before and put it outside of your room before a certain time, and then you will see your baggage at disembarkation off the ship in a room full of luggage.

8. All documents, cruise embarkation tickets and vouchers must be printed on paper to be allowed to be checked in onboard. Do not use your phone as most of the time will not accept electronic tickets. they need the actual physical paper.

9. All baggage will be screened before getting on the ship and each port you must be checked along with your bags due to security and safety.

10. Safety mustering and lifeboat/life jacket drills are mandatory and everyone’s cruise card will be checked and you must attend. If you do not attend, the cruise crew will send a note to your room that you did not attend and they will look for you. It is for safety after all.

11. Your cruise card is your credit card onboard as nowhere takes cash, and it is also your embarkation, and disembarkation card to ports of call, also you must show the card at your ports of call and bring extra ID like a passport, drivers licence with you to destinations that require it because security will not allow you around the cruise port without those ID’s and your cruise card. DO NOT lose your cruise card. If you do, you must visit the reception/pursers desk to issue a new one. sometimes they do charge for it. depending on the cruise line. So always take care of your stuff and don’t lose it.

Other information, please contact me.

Thank you.

#Chairgirl – Chair Tosser — Marcella Zoia Social Media and the virtual consequences.

As you may or may not have heard, something really bizarre, and pathetic happened a couple of days ago in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in Downtown and it is just something that is unbelievable, but believable in this day in age of social media. It is absolutely mind boggling of what has been happening in the digital age and where anything and everything happens. Well, anyways here is what happened.

19-year-old Marcella Zoia was filmed throwing a chair down from 20 or more floors up from a condo balcony onto the Gardiner Expressway in downtown Toronto. The person filming her is just as guilty. She surrendered to police on Wednesday, Feb 13, and she made bail for $2000 and is ordered to stay with her mother. Her court date is set for sometime in March. She came out all glamorous, playing with her hair, smiling and loving all the publicity and attention, but little does she know that what she did was absolutely stupid and disgusting. She could have really hurt someone or killed somebody for her actions and she just takes it lightly and out of the police station she goes. Just to get famous, she had to do something absolutely absurd and ridiculous.

She needs to do some time behind bars and to learn her lesson. A slap on the wrist and a fine is nothing. She needs to really get her priorities straight. Brainless. She has been charged for Mischief.

Looks like she is in Hollywood at a celebrity event where the paparazzi video and take pictures of her. She really enjoyed it. Plus the bonus is, she goes to Starbucks right after with a drink in her hand and gets into a vehicle all smiles. Her photos online surfaced after the incident occurred and a lot of her pictures are inappropriate on her Instagram account. It is like her mother doesn’t care and it looks like she is being encouraged to behave that way.

Nowadays, everything, anyone and anything gets filmed for the sake of it and gets posted online for the world to see. It doesn’t matter what it is, there are people who will do anything and everything to get their 15 minutes of fame even when it is really stupid. People are now starving for attention to get famous because it is so easy now for things to go viral and the world to see, but they don’t know what consequences can arise. It is very sad. Social Media is at their disposal now for people like this who crave a lot of attention.

She has no idea that if she wants to get a job later, potential employers and companies will do background checks, look at social media history and they will see that video which will never get deleted as it is in many people’s possession now and once its up there for the world to see, it is there forever. Once they search her, its game over. Repercussions of her actions can do permanent damage to her identity and who she is as a person.

Stupid is what a stupid does. Lock her up and throw away the key.