Colouring Books For Adults. Who Knew?

In the last little while, I discovered something really incredible. I was out doing my weekly shopping and then I ventured out to another store. I saw something that was so great to see. A colouring book for adults. I did a double take and said, wow that is true. I picked up the colouring book and I saw so many different pictures, patterns, and so many other abstract art type of drawings and designs. I then put it back on the shelf. It was interesting to see.

I also like the type of paper they use. You can use paints, markers and pencil crayons for them. I am going to be buying new markers. I used to have so many growing up and I kept them for many years in a box, and I went out to use them and it is all dried up and not much you can do with them anymore, So I am going to go out and buy freshly new ones and use them. It got me so intrigued and excited. It will feel like I am a kid again. I still feel a kid at heart from time to time, but this will be over the top. It will be a great feeling to remember the past of when I spent time colouring, enjoying myself and no worries or anything.

So, now I am happy that we too can colour. It is not just for kids and I said. Why not? It really does relax the mind and it is a destresser. I absolutely enjoy it. I get kids colouring books and I tell you, it is so therapeutic. Now, that I see adult ones, I will be purchasing it the next time I go shopping. I will check out the book stores too for them.

Would you go back to colouring and using adult colouring books?

The Unnatural Soap World

Ever wonder some things about Soaps that these show producers think that the general audience will not notice? But I do notice everything. I usually look at the background of when the actors and actresses are acting, I notice many things as I am sure others have too. I have compiled a list of things that are so unnatural, and that does not make sense to me.

1. When they have babies, right away the parents are out and about leaving their child at home with a babysitter and sometimes I don’t even think so, and they don’t really involve children too much into the scenes. There is no balance.

2. Rapid aging syndrome. They become 10 years old after 2-3 years being on the show. then off to high school and college 5-8 years on the show and even faster. The kids get married and have kids of their own in no time.

3. They wear high heels, and dress up so nicely in their homes with lots of make up, you don’t see them clean the house, dust, vacuum, cook, and spend time at home. You just see them sit there, and then receive visitors, not having family time much.

4. When they take forever to solve problems, and don’t use common sense to decipher situations.

5. When it is so easy to get a marriage licence, book flights, when everything miraculously gets prepared with throwing a party, a wedding and getting documents instantly without waiting for them.

6. When someone ends up in hospital and how quick they see the patient, and then doing all these tests and stuff instantly, getting the results in no time.

7. How they can play around with money and how they never have an issue with getting on a private jet, where all the money comes from. we are talking millions.

8. How easy it is switching a paternity test, DNA Tests and labs without security, clearance and all that standing by the doors.

that is about it.

Does anyone have contributions to add to the list?

I Miss Blockbuster Video – VHS Tapes

Does anybody remember venturing off to rent VHS tapes, and bring them home with snacks or make snacks at home with watching movies and shows with our family, friends and even ourselves for a movie night at home? Remember Blockbuster video? Gone are the days where you would rent a VHS tape and then bring it back by the due date and hear the slamming of the video tape being put into the due date slot outside or inside the store?

I really miss the VHS Tapes. Thank goodness I still kept them. Remember when after the movies would go in the clearance bin and they used to be so cheap and used to buy a whole bunch?

I remember how simple life was before, people used to leave their homes to find entertainment, bring it home. Now with the new wave in technology, you can watch movies right on the computer now, you get a subscription to a movie channel and company online and you are good to go. I wish Blockbuster video can come back to us. We even had Rogers video. Now that does not exist anymore.

Technology is taking over people’s jobs too. Lots of people lost jobs because everything is online now. These people who I used to go to Blockbuster video almost every week were very nice people, they remembered us when we used to go and I remember when we were regular customers, they would discount us and give us free movie rental or give us something in return. It was very nice.

One time, when we went past the store we saw that it was closing. Little did we know that it was reported on the news that all Blockbuster video’s are now being closed for good. We looked at the news and there it was. We were heartbroken. It was fun going there and we used to spend a lot of time in the store, we used to talk to the workers there too. It is too bad on what has happened nowadays.

I am convinced that there are stores like that still in existence, but you don’t see them around very often. Now with the download age where you can get all the movies, why would people have to leave their homes anymore and go out in the world and bring it home to watch?

I am just so upset that technology is doing the talking and doing the jobs with no human contact, no hands on and actually doing the work now. Automated, robot, machines is now the world.

They were great times and I would not want to trade those days for these days now in the present and who knows what the future will hold. I really want these stores to come back.

Did you ever go to Blockbuster?

What were your memories?

Has Visiting the Library Become a Thing Of The Past?

A few days ago, I decided to take a walk out by a shopping centre and as I walked by a Library, I saw tables, chairs and aisles all empty. Maybe 2-3 people were in there max. I began to think about how dependent people have gotten over using the internet now to find information instantly, rather than sifting through index cube cards, and looking through aisles of books to get what we want. over 10-15 years ago, you would see a lot more people in the libraries, nowadays, you don’t see many.

I admit, I haven’t been to a library in years because we can find all the information on the internet in the comfort of your own home instead of venturing out to the library which would take a while to research, read and everything. Remember the times when people used to buy Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedias that would take up room on our shelves? Now there is a thing called Search Engines that do all the work for us when we type something that we want to look for.

I still have my encyclopedias, and books on the shelves, but unfortunately; are collecting dust. I know its become a sad reality when it comes to that point. As much as I like searching for new and exciting things online. Nothing really beats opening up a book physically, reading it and making notes by hand instead of typing. I should dig into my books more often. Nowadays you see these books in second time around stores, garage sales, and sent to the local schools and libraries.

It is time to bring back the lively Libraries. I know there are people who still go there to study, have quiet time and everything, but it is nice to get out of the house and go to a new environment where you can see people, meet people and just browse around, take out library books to read, then return them in before the due date.

Do you still visit the Library?

Aircraft Spotting is My Favourite

A few times a year, I love to go spotting aircraft and sitting down to watch aircraft take off and land so, I head out towards my local airport called Toronto Pearson. There are so many people that come out spotting using cameras and video cameras to take photos and film the aircraft as they land and take off and while still on the runway ready to take off. Some even at the Gates.

We have a group on Facebook called “Toronto Pearson Aviation”, there you will find a lot of aircraft enthusiasts, those who work at the airport, those who have hobby stores of aircraft from small to big. Our family of aviation is so dedicated to these aircraft. or family members are so detail oriented, they know a lot about them, the kind of aircraft it is, we know the difference between Boeing and airbus, as well as all the other technical information that a lot of travelers who go on commercial airlines will not even think of.

It is a great group and I fit right in. I remember one time when I went spotting on Airport Rd at the Country Style/Wendy’s and that is where the runway 23 is, I was so excited to see these beautiful planes land, and I remember seeing the Emirates A380 for the first time and I fell in love with it. It is so huge and the sound is magnificent. After that, I met people face to face from our Toronto Pearson Aviation family and they are such nice and great people and to find people that are interested in what I am interested in is something so incredibly beautiful. I feel so welcome and they make you feel that way every passing day.

Now, after a couple of years, our group members are increasing. Now, my aircraft spotting does not end there. When I fly out, or I am at the Gate waiting for my flight inside the airport grounds, I enjoy observing the aircraft, and the whole operations of an airport. Some passengers like to go look at shops and go shopping and walk around and all that, read their magazines or books, engage into their screens and here is me looking outside, take pictures and even selfies with the aircraft before they begin to call people to board the aircraft. I love to observe the moment and cherish it.

I don’t usually like to spend time in the shops at the airport. I am not that shopping type of person when there are beautiful planes outside just waiting for me to observe and get the best photo shots for me to document.

Another thing that gets me excited is actually being onboard a commercial airline and heading to my destination. I really enjoy the adrenaline of the aircraft when its about to take off and the landing. It is something that I always look forward to. I usually ask the airline ground attendant to put me on a window seat. I just cannot do other seats on the plane. I will always be devoted to my window seat. No matter if it is dark outside, or whatever. I still love it.

Now, there have been people who make fun of me because I like and enjoy spotting and people say, what is the big deal? Aircraft land, take off. Now what? They just get up in the sky or land to gate to the airports for another flight. It is a big deal for some and it is a passion for people, and nobody should be made fun of for enjoying something. There have been bullies and that is not such a great feeling at all. Some have been made fun of by passerby motorists who see people spotting out with cameras and everything calling people names and everything.

It is not nice at all. Some people are just so mean and plain nasty to others. It is not right at all. People should be entitled to what they are interested in and what they love and are passionate about. Also, to never give up their passion just because someone else has a problem with it.

These beautiful planes will forever be part of my memories and future as well. I just love to travel as much as I am able to and I will keep going with what I love. It’s very important to find what you love and what you are passionate about and sticking to it no matter what anybody else says.

Do you enjoy spotting and traveling on Airlines?

Hospital Parking Fees Ridiculous

Ever been in a situation where visiting a hospital to visit a patient, or go to check ups, and visiting doctors for other tests and everything, where you feel very hesitant to go because of the ridiculous parking fees at Hospitals?

Look, don’t get me wrong I am all for giving hospitals money to upkeep, and helping them with updating new machines, purchasing supplies, also helping patients, get new beds, and other equipment. I know it takes a lot of money, but nobody should pay ridiculous amounts just to park a car in a spot.

Some Hospital parking fees go up to $15, $20, $30, and even more. It is highway robbery. It should not be more than $5.00. If you have a test of some sort and visiting patients, your parking fees should be validated.

Some people find other ways to go park their cars. Either at a nearby plaza, on other residential streets, and some people drop patients and people who have to go to tests and stuff, then they wait for them at a nearby place and wait for their call to go pick them up from the front entrance.

Some people just don’t want to go into the hospital with loved ones or wait for them inside because of that. Some patients go alone when they go for day surgery. I know it doesn’t sound right when it comes to money and a persons well-being and health at issues like this and I know it should not be an issue, but for some people it is. I have heard that many times when going to hospitals that people just do not want to pay for something ridiculous as parking.

Some people just do not want to pay those outrageous fees. These hospital officials that control these prices for parking think everyone has a lot of money and that everyone is made out of Gold, so they will charge people ridiculous amounts. Things need to change. If everyone opens their mouths and take our thoughts to these people in charge of these prices, maybe things will change. It is unlikely, but we have to speak up and spread the word out if we do not like something.

They should be investigated. They probably have in the past or whatever the case, but it is time to do it. it is preposterous

Hopefully things will change and be more reasonable. Heaven forbid anybody gets into that predicament of hospital visits.

Depth of The Ocean a Mystery

No one really knows the depth of the ocean, and some people sometimes ponder on how much water there is on earth. Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the ocean of over 36,000 ft of water. So, when you fly up in the sky with a commercial airline at 36,000 ft and just a bit more, imagine all that water underneath you. It is a pretty scary thought, but I believe that there is more water than the Mariana Trench. The Trench is somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, but to me, I think the water goes even deeper somewhere else. To me, I say it’s bottomless. The R.M.S Titanic rests at 13,000 ft below on the Atlantic Ocean floor.

. I was on a cruise ship and when the captain announced that where we are sailing now on the ocean in the Caribbean is 6,755 feet of water. I found it to be a little nerve wracking, but then I said, wow that is incredible. I saw some Dolphins too after he said that on the PA system. I am glad for technology these days. With hi-tech compasses, more safety features, new innovative technology to move a heavy and huge vessel to keep it floating on the seas. Its incredible on how thousands and hundreds of thousands of tons are capable of floating on the ocean surface. It is a floating city on the sea. I hope I will get to be on a cruise ship once again very soon.

I will be studying this further and doing extensive research. These things interest me and it is so intriguing to learn about the world, geography, the oceans, streams, rivers, lakes and so much more. I am excited. I love learning about the world a lot. It keeps me informed about everything