Removing These 31 Things From Your Life Will Make You Happier and More Successful

Macy Cate Williams

– Comparing yourself to others.

– Creating unrealistic expectations for yourself.

– Your social media obsession.

– Bad spending habits.

– Fear of the unknown.

– Living in the past.

– Putting off a vacation.

– Your packed schedule.

– Unhealthy relationships.

– Waiting for the perfect moment.

– The need to be in control of everything.

– Relying on others to make you feel happy and fulfilled.

– Avoiding getting out of the house.

– Your need to have the best things.

– Your hesitation to indulge.

– Feeling sorry for yourself.

– Fear of failure.

– Grudges.

– Worrying what others think of you.

– Your disorganized lifestyle.

– Controlling others.

– Jealousy.

– Blaming others for your mistakes.

– A yearning to fit in.

– Overanalyzing situations.

– Friends who aren’t there for you.

– Resisting change.

– Being afraid to be yourself.

– Holding onto items you don’t need.

– Avoiding your problems.

– Worrying about missing out.

Taking Responsibility and Being Independent

In life, unexpected things happen that requires us to take responsibility, being independent and taking problems that arise and acting accordingly to it. In life there are going to be so many obstacles, curve balls thrown, and so many things are going to happen without us even expecting it. We need to address the situation that happens in a time sensitive and good manner.

In life, when things like this happen, it gives us lesson to learn. Our actions tells everything. Actions that are a mistake that we do, has consequences, but when you learn from your mistakes, it is not a consequence, it is merely a lesson to learn. Life is not all about perfection. Mistakes are always going to be in our path. We need to live up to it, to try to better ourselves with not making the same mistakes.

Being independent and taking responsibility is very mature, it’s a way to strengthen your confidence in life. Yes, asking for guidance, help and advice is great, but sometimes you have to be your own person and take care of your own battles, you have to own up to whatever has happened. Yes, you can rely on others, but not all the time. You have to help yourself as that is the way to learn.

We sometimes don’t tell others about the mistakes or things that have happened to us and it’s totally fine. It is actually good to just keep things to yourself, but it depends on what it is. It’s good to fix a problem on your own without help. It doesn’t mean that you should never ask for help for anything, it just means some issues need to be handled with just you alone.

If you are one of those people who are always dependent on others, who cannot make decisions for yourself and who is confused to know what to do in certain situations, then yes asking for help and advice is good, but the only way to really learn is to take matters into your own hands and do what you feel is best.

Feeling stuck sometimes happens to all of us. In the end we are human, we are here for a short time. Life is not always going to be what we expect it to be. Take each day as it comes and go forward.

Feel proud of being responsible and independent, but also in the meantime help others who are always dependent of others and who are irresponsible. Show them the way to get on track. All is takes is the willingness to do so and to strive to maturity. Life is always going to be learning process. Never stop learning. It is an amazing feeling and keep it up.

Distracted Drivers are Dangerous Drivers

These days and the past few years, we keep hearing about tragic fatalities that are caused by distracted drivers on our roads, senseless deaths and injuries that can be averted. Talking on your cell phone, texting people, checking Facebook and other social networks constantly is a no-no. You do not have to be in constant communication with the world 24/7 365. Everything has its limitations. It is dangerous. You are endangering others lives, passengers in your own vehicle, and yourself. Safety while driving should be the number one priority. Go from point A to B safely and when you are parked and vehicle is shut off, then you may resume to your communication to the world.

People do not understand the dangers associated with it. Dealing with the law is something people would not want to do. Driving is a serious thing. If you do not have your 100% concentration on the road, you can really do damage, damaging families forever, loss of life, and so much more. Unfortunately this society does not understand that. Also grooming yourself, reading a book while driving, playing with iPods, playing with gadgets, having a coffee in one hand and food in the other while steering with your knee is a no-no, just so that you can hold a device in your hands. People will do anything and everything and its so wrong to do so. You can easily lose track and lose control. It is a very serious matter. Put distractions down and focus on driving.

Hefty fines, tickets, points, to imprisonment, to all kinds of consequences can leave a permanent dent into your record. You do not want to risk losing your licence, suspension or any other things because of the act of distracted driving.  You are in control of what your actions are. Think before you act. When you are driving on the roads and highways, its not just about you anymore. You have to be responsible for you, the passengers in your car if you have, and you have to concentrate and be responsible for those driving around you and even pedestrians on the roads. A careless mistake can lead to a lot of problems.

Distracted driving also includes impairment, fatigue, and drunk driving. Being given a driver’s licence is giving you a privilege to drive.

Call a taxi, call a parent, call a friend, Do not drive. Call anybody. Just don’t get behind a wheel.

It is that simple. Insurance premiums go up ridiculously high because of other people’s mistakes and those who have a good driving record have to pay for others mistakes. It is not fair. Insurance premiums go up due to these unfortunate matters. We can all do our part to drive safer, to focus, to take driving seriously, to better ourselves. Driving is not a joke. You are playing with your life and others lives. A vehicle is a weapon. It can do terrible damages to others. So think about it. Think about the next time you have your phone, or gadgets or something with you. Think before you act, think before you do something. It can save you all the hassle in future.

The Armenian Genocide – Envisioning the World without Genocide

Almost 103 years ago on April 24, 1915, a terrible act of violence, cruelty and crime against humanity happened to the Armenians. 1.5 million Armenians were massacred and left to die, were displaced from their homes, escorted out to the desert and women were raped. Men, women and children were killed by the government of Turkey. The Turkish Ottoman Empire and Turkish soldiers committed these acts and have yet to admit their crimes.

The Turkish Ottoman Empire tried to wipe our nation, our people and tried to commit ethnic cleansing from the world. They tried so hard to clean us all from the world so that they can take over everything and anything we have. They failed and they could not succeed. Armenia is the first Christian nation and the Turkish people got jealous and jealousy led to a Genocide.

Not only was our Armenian ancestors and family members killed, but also our lands, rivers, lakes, churches and our Mount Ararat were stolen from us. Our country of Armenia was massive and we had a huge land. Now, our country map looks like the head and tied up hair of a woman.

Since then several countries across the world, and 48 states of the United States of America have recognized the Armenian Genocide. We are still waiting for the entire United States of America to recognize and acknowledge. Now, the question is, why deny genocide? Why do people have to kill and destroy families?

In our world and how short life is,  I do not understand why people have to kill and terrorize other people. I am envisioning a world of peace, happiness, helping each other out, creating a beautiful world of humanity where incredible, inspiring and beautiful things can happen. We are people who need to develop ways to help the world, to think about people and how we can make a difference in this world. Positivity, optimism, and acting on greatness to our people and taking care of our world is something that must take effect. We all live in this world.

We have to take care of each other. Recognizing and preventing wars, genocides, and other terrible acts to humanity will not only strengthen our bonds, but it will also move past anything. We can overcome it all. People sometimes let problems get into their heads, so they have to resort to violence and killing. We have good and bad choices and those bad choices that we side with can have dire consequences that can cost a life, that can destroy bonds and so much more will be at stake.

The Turkish Ottoman empire and government of Turkey, must come clean and admit their guilt. As long as they do not admit their crimes, the unjust, unrest will continue. Justice must be served. Yes it has been almost 103 years, but the history is there, the evidence, the books, the pictures, the museums, Genocide memorials are all over the world and we have peaceful demonstrations across the world in our Armenian communities and in front of governmental offices and parliaments around the commemoration anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and throughout the year.

Becoming architects of denial is not a way to move forward. When Genocide and other problems of the world get recognized and acknowledged, that will make way for prevention for the future so that history can never repeat itself.

I am just imagining the life of the Armenian people if the Armenian Genocide did not occur. Where would we be now? The 1.5 million Armenians that were killed, can you imagine all the more amazing and beautiful things that would have happened in this world? These people could have done some incredibly beautiful things in our world to invent, to write, to innovate and do so many things. Can you imagine how much more populated the Armenians would be in our world? Its something to think about. Our world would have been more incredibly awesome if these people did not die. All these families and friends would be happy creating beautiful memories with each other.

I am just envisioning the many more millions of Armenians we would be right now in our world if it wasn’t for the Armenian Genocide. It’s such a great thought to think about past the Genocide, past the sadness and the dark days and years that we have gone through.

How would you think of Armenians and Armenia if the Armenian Genocide did not occur? How is your envision?

Not only about our Armenian Genocide, but all the other wars, genocides that have happened to other nations, can you imagine what life would have been like without it all? What would our world be like now?

That is why it is very important for the remainder of countries such as the US that have not yet recognized the Armenian Genocide,  should definitely do. It will not only strengthen bonds of countries getting together, but it will also be a sign of moving past history and seeing a bright future for us people and for the world. If we keep going back to history, things will never change. Looking to make good change always starts with you.

I am so blessed that we Armenians still exist, that we still have a community, we still have our race, culture, landmarks, churches, innovators, writers, the diaspora,  and our beautiful Armenia. We have come out strong and we have definitely seen a lot of change in the many recent years. Many celebrities, many prominent icons of the media and our world have come to support, recognize and acknowledge the Armenian Genocide.

Thank you to all those who have recognized, acknowledged and spread awareness. It is very much appreciated. Our gratefulness to you all is something that will never be forgotten.

I am so happy and proud to be Armenian, I love you all and God Bless Armenians and Armenia!




Social Media Vs. Life – Importance of Balance

Many years ago before social media websites were created, life was simple, we used to take a pen, marker, pencil or whatever writing instrument in our hand and write journals, diaries, doodle, and do all kinds of things. We used to lock our diary so that people do not go in and read what is being written. It was top secret stuff.

Most of us used to send letters, cards, photos that were developed and all that in the mail. We used to contact people the old fashioned way where they would get our letters and cards days later. Back in the day this was social media. Now that technology made its appearance, sending cards, letters, photos, messages are sent in seconds. Not days.

There are so many things on our phones and on our computers now. Everything that you can think of is there. Apps, Games, Social Media Sites, photo enhancement entertainment, music, calculators (we don’t even have to do math anymore in our brains), navigation system, and whatever else you can think of. A lot of people are interested in seeing what is happening on their devices rather than looking around them and actually living life.

Now, here comes important questions. Are we living life? Are our lives revolved around online presence? Are we creating a balance to live life without gadgets, computers, smartphones? Do we look up away from looking down on our screens to look up and see real life around us? Do we look at each other and talk anymore?

Now, what can we do? We need to find balance. I am not saying to entirely block yourself out from social media and reading content online. I wouldn’t be writing this right now on a social media platform. We just need to prioritize our life and take care of what is important first. There is a time and limit to everything. We have to take a break. Our posture, our eyes, our physical and mental being. We need to take care of ourselves.

A lot of time goes by being connected online and we don’t even realize it. We spend so much time per day being on screens, but little do we know that life is passing us by. Days are going by more quickly. We get entertained from the stuff we see online. Some people create things to spread and make things go viral within seconds and few hours.

It is great to communicate with friends and family on social media, It is incredible to see people commenting, liking posts, and interacting with each other. We all know face to face interaction and being together is what’s more important, but sometimes we have to do what’s simple in communication where online we get to talk to each other instantly.

We just have to balance ourselves. We shouldn’t dedicate all our time to screen time. Life has to be lived too. What do you like to do? What are your hobbies? What interests you outside of the internet? You don’t have to answer to me, but answer to yourself. What can you do to fulfill your life? Are you helpful in your community? Do you volunteer? Do you get outside and admire nature?

Try this out for a day and see what happens. Leave your smartphone or tablet devices at home from the morning. Don’t come back home all day. Go to a mall, go for a walk, look at different people, and do stuff that does not involve screens. When it becomes evening, come back home.

I am sure that by the early afternoon you go crazy without looking at your phone. You are inching, biting your nails, and having anxiety without it. When evening comes around towards the night, you come home, you go rushing for your phone, you hug it, you kiss it and say I miss you. like you have been away from a family member, child or whoever. We have become so dependent on it. You then promise that you will never leave home without your device. This is just after 1 day not using your phone.

All of life is a balance. Everything has a time for it. You just need to know how you spend your time. Don’t depend on smartphones and technology to get you through life. You are missing out on real life, you are missing out on your own talent and what you are capable of doing. Spend time with loved ones, spend time with yourself and leave the phones behind. Life is too precious to pass it by. Get going and make the most out of it. Life comes by once. Do everything you can. All the best to you in finding your balance.

A Fragile World

Life lessons can happen right in front of us. Sometimes all it takes is a natural disaster, hurricane or some terrible situation to wake people up. It gives perspective and lessons to learn in life that the world is fragile, life is fragile and things can happen in a second that can change our lives forever. We can’t just sit on the sidelines and wait for the world to crumble down.

These are all tell-tale signs from God, that things on earth are not okay. It all starts with t…he people. We are the ones who are running this world. There are people that are ruining it, and there are people who are trying to do their best to preserve things and to take care of this world. There are people who are destroying this world and there are people who are not.

We are humans that need to come together, put aside differences to help each other out and to love, respect and take care of each other and our world. When something powerful as hurricanes, tornado and other natural disasters happen, it is mother natures way of giving people a rude awakening with reality.

How we take care of this world and our actions really do matter. Climate change, Global warming, pollution, littering, and our attitudes in treating this world needs to change. We need to take care of it, so it can take care of us and our future and coming generations. We need to take care of it because the earth is our home and we need.

I wish these world leaders can stop and wake up and seriously think about what they are doing. They need to wake up to stop the killings of the innocent, stop blowing up people’s homes and to stop destroying families, stop polluting, to stop being so greedy, and selfish. Some people need to stop being selfish. This is the “ME” Generation where people always feel the need to always be entitled, Well it doesn’t work that way.

Some of us do not even care about what is happening in the world, but you know what? We need to start caring, we need to start worrying. It is our responsibility when we come into this world, we need to do our part in helping and being there for one another, to be kind to each other and to respect. It all starts with us. The people of earth. This is serious stuff that we all have to think about.


Air Canada Centre to be renamed to Scotiabank Centre

What Genius people we have with Genius ideas. (Inserts Sarcasm)

Skydome in Toronto was renamed to be Rogers Centre
Air Canada Centre ACC to be renamed Scotiabank Centre.

Or remember Maple Leaf Gardens? Now, that was a great name for an arena!
So unique! NOT! These arena and stadium names are being butchered. Instead of naming them something unique and something that does not include a company name, they go ahead and name them after banks, telecommunication companies and more. Skydome is suitable and very tasteful. I find it to be an amazing name for a stadium.

Like the BMO Field. It is named after Bank of Montreal. Another bank.
Now with ACC being changed, it has ruined the Canadianess of it. As it is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and named after the Airline, Air Canada, I feel that its ridiculous.

I will keep calling them Skydome and Air Canada Centre.