Talin’s Red Kidney Bean Dip Recipe

Hello everyone, I haven’t written a recipe in a while, so I decided today I write about my Red Kidney Bean dip. It is how you make humus, but there are some things that are different into it. Here goes:

Ingredients/Quantity needed:

One or 2 large cans of 540 ml of Dark Red Kidney Beans. (washed thoroughly after opening)

4 tablespoons of tahini

1 to 2 teaspoons of sea salt (regular iodized salt is not good to use)

2-3 cloves of Garlic

2-3 tablespoons of Lemon Juice Squeeze

1 teaspoon of Ground Cumin

1/2 teaspoon of Sweet Paprika

2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

half-one cup of water….. or as desired texture, but for dip, it shouldn’t be too tender.

How to prepare:

Get a food processor, and first add in the tahini, Olive Oil, water, lemon and garlic. Process it very well until garlic is well pureed

then you put the ground cumin, sweet paprika, salt into the mix….. beat that very well.

then add the dark red kidney beans —– check to see for tenderness, and the dip should be in between dense/tender… not too much as long as its dip-able.


Makes a good snack, makes a good dish for parties and everything.

Bon apetit!

Have a great one!


What Happened To Patriotic Dedication Hockey? NHL Lost A Fan

In the last couple of months, hearing about NHL Having a lockout, cancelling pre-season games, cancelling a lot of practices and hearing the owners and a lot of the players wanting more and more money seems to be the trend setter these days with a lot of greed going around. Not just the NHL But everything else. Okay, I understand the NHL (National Hockey League) needs money and everything and it takes money to get far, but this greed has got to stop, and this childish behavior of he said she said, needs to stop. What happened to patriotic hockey? What happened to the dedication and love for the game? Yes some Players are passionate about the game, but greed ruins everything. Your just getting millions of dollars just passing around a puck on the ice for 82-84 games throughout the season, whereas people who work their butts off in real society and reality get minimum wage or low pay. Is that really fair? To go to hockey games in the arenas it costs an arm and a leg to attend the games. Make it cheaper for the fans, and easy accessibility for low income families who are fans of the game, but cannot go to a game because the money is tight. Gary Bettman and the league should open up their eyes. I know a lot of people who have stopped being an NHL Fan because of all this behavior.

Where is the integrity? Where is the passion? I guess that was back in the early years up to the 90’s and then it was all down hill from there. I used to be a real hockey fan, and I never missed a game, I used to go to so many card shows, I never missed an opportunity to see players at different venues across the city, and I used to be a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens clubs, and used to collect a lot of memorabilia, sports cards and everything, but now, its lost its value and I don’t think I can be a fan to greedy people anymore, and I don’t want to be sitting down watching a Hockey game and seeing a bunch of owners and players only playing for money anymore and not for the love of the game. That is how I am feeling that money is overpowering everything and it is not such a good thing anymore. I can surely tell how hockey was played before and how hockey is being played now. More fighting, more penalties, and its a form of he said she said type of thing. I can tell how the old timers of hockey really enjoyed the game, but now not so much anymore. If NHL wants to keep their fans, then its time to smarten up, take initiative to keep costs to go watch the game low and listen to the fans and their expectations. Without the fans, NHL will not exist, and without NHL Fans, all of you would be out of a job. So in order to keep fans happy, listen to them, be on the fans side, don’t break their heart, and leave childish and greedy behavior.

This year, the lockout will hurt all the fans, but even if the lockout does happen or does not happen, I choose to no longer follow hockey and be part of hockey pools anymore. I’ve lost my flame. I hope they make smart decisions from now on. If they decrease ticket prices and food prices at the games, they will make more money and more revenue, but they think the more they increase it, the better it will be for them, but on the contrary. People with seasons tickets, people who have that love for the game, whats going to happen to their feelings? Whats going transpire? Greed just takes away all the fun and all the patriotic feelings away of the game. Money comes and goes, but the fans are the true essence of hockey, without them NHL Is nothing, sorry but that is the honest truth, sorry I still stand with my decision. I am an NHL Fan no longer, until I feel the dedication, patriotism and love for the game, I won’t be either of that to the league. Open up your eyes owners and smell the coffee.

Feeling A Lot Better. Thank You For The Wishes

Hello All, I would like to inform you, that today I am feeling much better and my back pain is all gone. I am so happy and thrilled. I took some much needed relaxation and some much needed sleep and that helped a lot. I can not breathe and enjoy life again. I want to thank each and everyone of you for your well wishes and giving me advice about what to do. I am truly humbled and touched by everyone who was concerned about me. I love you all very much. It was a miracle. I woke up feeling no pain what so ever and now that its gone I will be filling up my suitcase soon and onto my travels without worry. I just need to take it easy until then and everything will be great. I need to really relax and start preparing. Anyway, today I am going to keep it short and sweet. I have a lot of things I need to accomplish today that I didn’t this week due to my back being out of commission. Thanks again everyone. It is much appreciated and I wish you all the best in everything. Time to get up and get things done. lol 🙂

Almost Time To Go! I am So Happy

I just can’t believe how time is flying by so quick. We booked the trips around 3-4 months ago and I cannot believe how quickly it is approaching. in less than a couple of weeks, I’ll be enjoying my travels again, going through airports, going through all that. I love it a lot. Traveling has taught me a lot about life, about exploring different places in the world and gaining experience to last a lifetime and where I can share my stories with other people and just go with the flow. I don’t know who I will meet this time when I travel, I don’t know what is going to happen this time, but I am excited with the new adventures and everything else. I have started to pack and put stuff away already to the side, I finished all my shopping, I bought some nice new shoes, some outfits, and travel gear. Now I am just waiting for the big day. Next week is a week full of pampering and getting eyebrows done, doing last minute details, then off I go. I am not good with being patient when it comes to traveling. I am always counting the days, and I am always on edge saying when is it going to happen? Now that the time is approaching, I can relax a little, enjoy the packing, and utilize this time to prepare and to start filling that suitcase. That suitcase has been all over the place. If a Suitcase could talk, it would say a whole lot of stuff lol. Anyway, I have a busy day today, but I wish you all the best and have a great day and if your traveling too, I wish you safe travels, and all the best.

Hurt My Lower Back – I Think I Over Did It With My Exercise

Today I have just been taking it easy. I woke up this morning with excruciating back pain, and when I stand up the back pain goes away and when I sit down, it acts up. I have just been getting much needed rest today and sleeping it off. I didn’t take any medication for it yet, but I will be and I will be heading to my doctor. I think I over did it with my exercising and I pulled a muscle or something in my lower back. The pain is going all the way to my toes, but when I stand up, the pain goes away. It is so strange, but I better get better soon. I have my trips coming up within the next few weeks and I need to get better so as I can sit comfortably on my flights and Hold my bags and enjoy my trip. I won’t be able to enjoy my trips if I am feeling like this. I need to get better and quick. Now I delayed myself in my exercising and it totally messed it up for me. I guess I learned my lesson to never over do it and go gradually and not hurt myself. I don’t stretch enough before exercise and that is also the factor. I guess I am my own worst enemy lol. Well, time to take it easy this week and just go with the flow, and do stretches in the morning. I never knew I had these muscles. Well, I am going to keep it short and sweet today and go rest more.

If You Love Yourself, Respect Yourself, Then Be Yourself

I know I have written a lot about this subject, but I want to bring this up again. I am really concerned about people trying to be someone else not being ones self. There is nothing wrong with who you are, the true essence of beauty in the world is ones individuality, someones different outlooks on life, people opinions, it is the way the world goes around. If we all become the same person and not be ourselves, the world would be boring right? Now, if you love and respect yourself, you will be yourself and shine to the world and say hey, this is me, I am me, and if people do not like it, they can get out of my life and not return. Always know that the real people in life will always appreciate you, no matter who you are, and no matter your profession, no matter what talents you have, no matter where you live, but there will always be people who judge others without knowing the reasons and that is wrong too. Never try hard, and don’t try to impress people who are not worth your time and your effort and don’t cry over fake people who just leave you out to dry and who leave you to the curb, do not shed your tears away for people who do not matter. Fake people do not deserve your tears. People should be there for you in good times and in the bad times and when people stay for the bad times, confide in you and do things that will benefit you, then they are the ones who deserve to be in your life. Don’t worry about fake people, let them go.

You know what I detest the most? When people always find a new group of friends to be with for a year or 2 years and then they find a new group to be with all the time. After that, they go find other people. When people ditch you, it is the worst thing ever and I know the feeling. This past year I have had a few people ditch me and toss me out on the street and who has made excuses all the time. I know the feeling of being ditched and abandoned by those certain people, and we used to talk everyday, we used to see each other all the time, and now, its slim to none and we always made a pact that we will never leave each others side, no matter what happens and we will always be there for each other, and then all of a sudden the bonds got broken and I felt like yesterdays friend, and now they are with another group of friends. It is terrible when people make promises and pacts and then do not even keep that pact and then boom all those years of friendship down the drain. It is not good to do that to anyone. It can be a really bad outcome. So do not worry about people like this. True colours and peoples true personality comes out sooner or later and it is God’s way of protecting us from people like that and it is a way where we wake up and smell the coffee. It is always important to know who your true friends are and if they like you for you and if they are there for your through thick and thin, than that is all that really matters in life. Everything else will come to place, but that is very important.

I wish you all the best and do not cry and love, respect and be yourself. It is the best thing you can do for you.

Things Always Have A Way Of Working Out In The End

Sometimes in life we lose hope because we tend to think negatively because we believe that things won’t work out in the end and sometimes we don’t believe in the good of everything, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and things always have the way to work out and I truly believe that if each and everyone of us believes that everything will be great. We just have to analyze situations better and we just go with the flow. I know sometimes we wonder when it will happen, but sooner or later it will. We just need to have patience. Patience goes a long way in anything we do. If were always impatient and always rushing for everything, it is not a good thing. Just keep calm and everything will be great. I truly believe that if each and everyone of us begin to be patient everything else will come to place. There have been a few times where my friends would be opening their heart to me, and tell me everything and some of my friends tell me stuff that are so negative, and I stop them right there and I tell them, hey everything will happen for you, maybe not now, but soon. You never know what life throws at you, you never know what life has in store for you, so now you have to really concentrate on being positive and focus on good things that will happen in your life. You must always put yourself up higher and don’t downgrade yourself in anything. That is not a good thing at all. Be yourself, and love yourself. You will see great results as you keep on doing and thinking happy thoughts, but believe in and trust in me, things will always work out in the end and life will be how you want it, but first before doing that, you must not think pessimistically and start thinking with optimistic thoughts, start being positive, and leave negativity at the door. All of us can learn a lot from ourselves when we believe in ourselves, when we start to gain perspective of ourselves. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in your life with these changes in life, you will see how great you are when you really think about how wonderful you are, and how incredible you are. Just give yourself some credit, do something happy in your life and don’t wait for things to happen, go for it, and when things do work out you will be happy, but that always starts with positivity, happy thoughts and being optimistic in life. It is the way to go right? Right. I wish you all the best in your life and always remember be happy and everything else will come to place.