Driving is a Privilege – I love it

  • As I was driving on the highways today and a couple of days ago on my road trip to Michigan from Toronto, its incredible how time and life goes by so quickly like you are in a quick moving vehicle passing through cities, towns, other cars, trucks and so on. It is like life, when obstacles are around you and you try to pass them to reach to your destination with whatever or wherever you are trying to get to.


I just love to drive a lot on the highways more than side streets. I have a huge tremendous amounts of respect for those in the transport and bus industries that spend hours and hours driving to either get passengers to where they want to go, or truck drivers who transport our daily life necessities to the stores, who deliver our parcels, packages and mail everywhere.


I can drive for hours once I begin, but sometimes it does get tiring and sometimes you wonder how people can do this very often. You need your full 100% concentration on the road, need to watch your speed, the gas tank, and you are fully responsible for the vehicle no matter how small or big it is and no matter how far of a distance you drive. It is a serious thing to drive. You need to think about other drivers around you, the passengers in the vehicle with you, and yourself. Its no game.


I absolutely love it though. I think my limit to driving is about 8-10 hours in a car which is the distance from Toronto to Boston. that is my limit. If it exceeds more than that, I will fly. As I was driving, I was reflecting a lot about life, on how you need to be a go getter to get close to where you want to be, and who you want to be with, spending time with family, friends, making the world a smaller place.


I am blessed that I have the privilege and knowing how to drive. I feel so great doing it and I am so happy I learned how to drive almost 16 years ago.