Disclaimer/Copyright By Talin Orfali

Hello, My name is Talin Orfali. My blog is not affiliated with any other website. All blog posts, articles written are expressed in my own opinion, my style of writing, and I seldom use some quotes and writings with giving full credit and acknowledgements to the people/persons who have written it. My blog is 100% me with my views, opinions, suggestions, tips and expressing my feelings, experiences, giving positivity, optimism and contributing to the world, the internet, social media, blogs and giving back to the world with my writings and expressing my life to everyone.

If you would like to copy/paste and use My (Talin Orfali’s) Material and blog articles and use them publicly, expressed written permission must be granted by Talin Orfali prior to use, and must include where my articles will be posted and shared with. Full credit to me must be written with sharing my material as well as a linkback/re-blog and who it will be shared to so as I can be able to see where my material is posted. Thank you for your cooperation

If you would like to contact me for any purpose with using my articles for school purposes, asking me questions on certain material, or whatever the case maybe please contact me at the following:

E-mail: talin.orfali@hotmail.com 

Facebook: Talin R Orfali or Talin Orfali — Fan page: A writer named Talin Orfali

Twitter: @tweetertalin



One thought on “Disclaimer/Copyright By Talin Orfali

  1. Ms. Orfali, just came across a quote which I knew it wasn’t written by the person that used it and signing her (first) name therefore plagiarizing it. Her name is Giusy Cantone.

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