My Opinion on the Roseanne TV show cancellation.

Agree or disagree, this is my view.

In the last few days, we have heard about Roseanne show being cancelled because of a racist and terrible tweet Roseanne Barr had posted which went viral soon after causing her show to go off air from ABC. Rather, I think that it is way too extreme to cancel a show based on a tweet and for a whole cast and crew to lose their jobs because their main character had something terrible to say, but I also think that social media is a place where everything can be seen and posts can go viral and posts do hurt people and words are powerful more than anything else.

Sometimes and a lot of the times, what we say online has dire consequences and this is a prime example and this is a lesson to be learned. When we say something out of turn or out of line, it puts a huge damper on your reputation and it never goes away and someone will always remember it and posts never die online. It stays forever.

What you post and say on social media is something we all have to think about before we post it. No matter who we are, our social status, if we are well-known or not, something will always come back to bite you. Racism, discrimination, insults, rudeness, disrespect and everything else negative should not have a place in social media, especially when the world is watching.

Social media should be a place to empower, to change the world for the better, to create ideas, to learn positive and good things from each other, to share things in good nature. We need to take care of our words and posts that we send out to people around the world. It is important to use social media in a good way that will inspire, to be kind, to do good things with it by raising awareness on important causes and more.

Some people use social media for all the wrong reasons to bully others, to ridicule, humiliate, embarrass and do other unspeakable things and it is so terrible. We need to take action and a huge make-over of social media is needed. No matter who you are in the society famous or not, prominent figures and ordinary people.

Think before you post. It is so important.

How to Research For All-Inclusive Resort Vacations.

In life with our responsibilities and our busy schedules with work, home, school, and everything else, We look to get away from it all and enjoy our time away from home to relax, take it easy and shut our minds off for a week or 2 or whatever duration. It comes a time when we are looking for a great and fantastic All-Inclusive Resort Vacation. I am here to give you advice on how to do great and efficient researching on whatever you are looking for in a vacation. A lot of us want relaxation no doubt and some are adventurous and want to participate in a lot of what the resort offers in and out.

Here are ways to do all that:

1. Pick a time of the year that you want to travel and where you want to travel. Then take a look at some travel sites to help you by putting in “All-Inclusive Vacations”. Make sure you live in a city or town and make sure your local airport flies there. Sometimes you may have to drive out for a couple of hours to an airport. Make sure it is convenient for you.

2. Research on the resorts, not the reviews. Most of the time reviews can be misunderstood and misinterpreted. Sometimes they can turn us away. Don’t be tempted. Create your own and be your own person and to your preference. Everyone is different. Always remember that.

3. Pick a budget of how much you want to spend on your vacation, and sometimes the price can be right too. If you choose your vacation on March Break, Christmas, New Years, Winter Break or other holiday’s, it can run more expensive. There are high and low seasons of travel.

4. Research on what you want out of the resort. Do you like it big? small? medium or a huge resort? Do you like to try out different food and cuisine from the restaurants? Is the resort filled with activities? Do you usually participate in everything? Are you a beach/ocean person or a swimming pool person or both? Are you picky about your room? Do you have certain requests? Do you require a safe to keep your important things, passports and all that out of reach? I recommend that by the way. All this can be looked upon when you do research.

5. Are you an adventurous person who likes to get out of the resort and go on excursions and everything? I recommend doing research and booking the excursions before you head to your resort. You save a lot more money by going out on your own and booking your excursions, time and everything before you pay for it at the resort because they take commission out of it of course.

6. If you are a person to get on social media or keep in touch at home with your loved ones, check to see about the Wi-Fi. If it is important for you to have that. Make sure you get Free Wi-Fi or if you want to pay for it. Some resorts offer free Wi-Fi throughout the resort and some do not. You have to look into that.

7. Are you focused on star ratings and super picky? Or not… It all depends on preference right? If you cannot put too much money into your vacation, you are most likely going to get a very cheesy resort and not too many things involved into it if you get a 2-3 star. then a 4 4 1/2 star offers a bit more, and then 5 stars offers everything. It all depends on budget and what you want.

8. Search for resort photos, maps, videos, and locate where everything is, and then when it comes time to booking, tell your travel agent or tour operator agent what you want, where you want your room to be and if you want bottom floor or top floor, it is all up to you. Also you will want to check on walking score in the resort or if they offer shuttles around the resort with Golf carts or whatever if you have a hard time walking to places or whatever the case.

9. Research on airport distance to resort. If you don’t mind whatever duration it is, its fine, but do your homework before so that you won’t be surprised when you get on your transportation to the resort.

10. Research about your aircraft and the model type you are going to fly with and pick your seats from before so you are ready for when you check in at the airport. Also research baggage and carry-on baggage limits and what is permitted and non-permitted in your bags or on your person.

11. Research for proper documents and make sure your passport and information are up to date and not expired. Some destinations require you have a valid passport of 6 months. Within the last 6 months, some places deny you to travel to the destination. Good idea to take that up with your tour operator and research online as to why that reason is.

12. Do you like to stay at the resort and not go out of it? That is totally fine. You can relax and there is already plenty to do at the resort. You don’t have to leave it. You can spend hours in the water, go eat and enjoy. Research and learn about it, take a stroll around and familiarize yourself with it and get used to it. You don’t have to go to orientation. You can do and see things for yourself without it.

13. Pick your room style by doing research. Obviously the more you want in a room is going to be more pricey, and if you want upgrades and everything, do it before you get to the resort. It tends to get more expensive when you are booking a different and better room at the resort.

I know it seems like a lot of work for a week, 2 weeks or whatever, but it really isn’t. When you become experienced in travel, and whether it is your first time or several times, it is important to do research and look at everything before you commit to a vacation because you never want surprises and disappointments no matter how many times you go away.

Everything will be fine and All the best for your hunt for a vacation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will help you find your perfect vacation getaway in paradise.

Bon Voyage!

Say Yes to The Dress TV Show is absolutely horrible.

Most of those brides are so stuck up, high maintenance, and really don’t care about comfort. All they care about is vanity and no matter how ugly the dresses are, they choose some of the most ridiculous dresses ever and that is so inappropriate, that they can’t even walk in or manage in and spend ridiculous amounts of money for just wearing it for a few hours for one day. Some of the dresses are so extremely heavy too! It is beyond me. Some show way too much cleavage.

I have not once seen a half decent dress on the show and Kleinfeld is supposed to be pro, but I beg to differ. Those big retail bridal stores will sell you bizarre dresses for a whole lot of money…

Then a crowd of family and friends show up to view your wedding dress and getting so many opinions about it and I find that ridiculous too. I’d only take one or two people at the most and that should be your matron/maid of honor, mother, or sister, aunt. Nobody else should be involved in choosing your dress.

Some of the dresses are so revealing and show way too much skin and some are not practical at all especially when you will be in it all day, dancing, walking, taking pictures, and all that.

Sometimes, I don’t know where designers minds go with designing, making bizarre wedding dresses, and some of them are so ridiculous and not practical and yet some brides go bananas over them.

Sorry, but I think logically when choosing a dress. I look for classy, comfortable, and appropriate especially when you will be the star of the day, and everyone will be looking at you. It is your wedding day that will be witnessed by friends and family.

I got my dress within a week and super great quality.

I stopped watching Say Yes to The Dress. It plays with your emotions and it looks like it is all staged and looks like they are acting. Not for me.

All Inclusive Resorts Orientation – Resort/Excursion information.

Several people have been asking me this question if it is important to attend the orientation at the All Inclusive Resort the day after arriving on your holiday. For me, personally, I do not think it is that important to attend the orientation. You can always find information out throughout your stay and you can always look at your flight schedule and bus time back to the airport in the binder booklet they have in the lobby area of your resort. Look at your flight information the day before you go back home and the day of. Do not look at it at the beginning of your vacation.

As for locating places around your resort, You can always look at the resort map, you can always read the signs around. I always recommend doing a tour skim through on the day you arrive so you can familiarize yourself with the resort.

If you want to find something out about the restaurants and a la carte options, you can always ask around.

These orientations are designed to get a representative to upsell you excursions that are an arm and a leg and which you will end up paying double-triple the amount. Remember, they make commission off of you. They will lure you in to make more money off of you. If you are seriously considering going on excursions, research and find better ways online to go on those excursions, where it will be a lot cheaper and a lot better. Do not ever go on their time. Go on your own time, You paid for your holiday and you are there to relax and enjoy yourself away from reality.

Find affordable taxi’s and make a deal with them. Don’t just say yes, always do your homework before you attempt an excursion.

Do not waste precious time when you can be relaxing on the beach, pool, or dining. Orientations sometimes take too much time. Remember, you are there for a short period of time. Make the most of your trip, and do not waste a second of it.

Talin’s travel tips
Talin Orfali

Talin’s Tips to getting through airport security screening quickly

Talin’s Tips to getting through airport security screening quickly

We all know that you cannot avoid security screening when you check in and you are ready to head to your gate to meet your aircraft that will fly you to your destination. Then comes the process of screening. I am here to give you tips on how to get through it all quickly and efficiently.

1. Organize and neatly place items in your carry-on baggage/handbags. Don’t leave wires for electronics dangling everywhere, and make sure you are carrying items that are on the permitted list. Always check with what is permitted and not permitted in carry-on baggage. – All Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones may be subject to screening and swabbing. Be ready in case they ask and all must be charged upon heading to security.

2. Make sure you have liquids that are 100ml or less in a clear resealable plastic bag and leave that out separate to be screened in screening bins along with your handbag/carry-on baggage.

3. Make sure you have your boarding pass/passport on hand

4. Before you head toward the screening area, make sure all pockets, jackets and everything are all empty. Make sure to take your belts off and depending on the security process, take your shoes off if asked.. Always make sure to wear socks and never go barefoot when flying.

5. Be respectful and patient. If you are rude or give a threatening bad attitude, you may be denied boarding and they will further question you and take you to secondary screening. Remember, the security screening officers are the ones who will allow or not allow you through the gates and to get on your flight.

6. Do as you are told and follow instructions on how they want you to place your items in the bins and don’t refuse.

7. If you have medications that require water, and if you need water/sweet drinks tell your security screening officer that you have a water bottle that is filled with water. Some cases they will allow it through. depends on how you approach it.

8. Do not wear t-shirts and other clothing items that display violence, weapons, racist, and other threatening forms of display. You may be denied boarding.

9. If you get selected to do a random swabbing of your palms, fingers, and extra wanding on your person, Do not refuse.

10. If you have any questions or concerns before heading to the airport for going through security screening, always check the website or call the security customs office to clarify whatever it is you will ask about.

11. Always do research, plan ahead and always be ready.

An Interview to myself about travel and my travel style.

Get to know me and the way I travel.

1. Describe My Travel Style…

I like to be open to always trying different places and new things. I do not like to commit to just one place, one all-inclusive resort or the same cruise ship, and always going to the same place. I am always experiencing new places to further my travel background.

2. One thing I cannot travel without is…

Everything I take with me. being organized, and being well prepared for everything. It is super important to me.

3. The worst travel advice I have received from others…

To look at travel reviews. They are the most misleading and yet the most ridiculous things I have ever read in my life. I never read reviews. I like to experience things with my own preference, with judging things for myself and build my own perspective. It is quite possible the person may be lying, or making things up and having never even been to that destination or whatever the case may be.

4. The way I prepare to travel is…

To do research on my destination without reading the reviews, to have all the necessary travel documents for the destination, travel insurance, to start packing and putting things aside 2-3 weeks before travel, packing efficiently and packing well and not leaving anything to the last 2-3 days before traveling, that is where you focus on just getting your handbag/carry-on together and getting pampered.

5. The thing that gets me excited most about travel is…

Sharing the experience with loved ones and also the adrenaline and acceleration of the aircraft I am on about to take off to the sky to head to my destination and the landing as well. It really gets me excited.

6. My most favourite experience in travel has been…

Visiting Armenia my motherland. My experience in Armenia has been one that I will never forget. It is filled with beauty, culture, churches, landmarks, delicious food, and Armenia is so photogenic. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I definitely want to go back and take my husband-to-be there as he has never been.

7. Would you ever travel alone?

It depends on the geographical location. I do not mind traveling within North America to lets say Los Angeles, Vancouver, Boston (which I have been to all, but with family and friends) or as far as the Caribbean Islands on my own, but if flights are over 6 hours long and going to destinations in Europe, Middle East and parts of Asia, I would definitely want a travel companion(s). I have only travelled to Boston on my own. The rest of my trips have been with family and friends.

8. Has travel opened up your eyes to see life in a different way?

It definitely has. It has put everything in perspective and I truly appreciate life. I have been to countries such as Dominican Republic, Cuba, and other places where the local residents have very little and yet they are happy and still living life. I have been in villages in Cuba and Dominican and have met a lot of people. Their income is not like ours where we make 20 dollars or more in an hour, whereas they make that in a month.

9. Lastly, The best travel advice I can give to others is…

Never to leave things to last minute and research. Be prepared for everything. Never hesitate to ask me anything. Travel should be a fun, and a great experience to explore the world and to get out of your daily reality and see new places, and change your scenery. You can always contact me.