The Importance of Honesty & Integrity in Journalism Writing

As a writer and someone who is always going above and beyond to perfect my craft, It is always important for me to be honest with my readers with integrity and facts. I always like to be thorough and detailed when I write my articles.

I write my articles based on experience, personal experience, research and finding facts, figures and checking out reputable websites to put it into my own words. When you are a writer and putting articles, headlines and titles out there, you develop this interpersonal approach and relationship with your readers, and they put trust, belief and faith in what is written. Looking up valuable information and really studying the facts and all that is something a writer needs to do.

As the months and years progress, you will get better at writing, you will gain experience and enjoy the whole process. There is no such thing as a perfect writer, but there is such a thing as an honest one. Yes, Mistakes happen. We are human after all. We cannot expect to be perfect and we are not, but when it comes to being truthful, that is something we cannot play around with.

When you work with a television news broadcasting corporation, news outlet, newspaper company or any other news, current events publications, they train you into what they want you to write, some of these newspaper, news television stations they want their writers to be dishonest about certain issues, situations, topics and current events around the world. They want journalists to be biased and not provide honesty and trick their readers into false information.

Even if it means to ruin someone’s reputation through lying and some of these journalists are really sneaky the way they make up their headlines. It is not right to do that whatsoever. Writers unfortunately sometimes have to sacrifice themselves with a media company they work for and must produce new articles and wording to the manager or bosses liking and of which they get paid for.

Unfortunately money talks, manipulation, lies and disloyalty is something that is happening all too frequently.

Some websites are full of satire and unrealistic stories which they warn you about which is okay, but when it comes to real sites with real information, then that is the issue.

Research is a key component to successful writing, but readers need to feel that you wrote the article with your own words, but also to tell the truth and never allow anyone to tell you to twist words around and be dishonest.

If you do not think it matters how you word things, then that person needs to find another profession. Yes, there are so many ways to write, different patterns and ways to express ourselves and to see the world in our own ways and to write about things, but it also means to have integrity, Building trust is very important when it comes to writing.

If your readers don’t trust you, then it is all pointless. Honesty is very important and without that there is no trust. Do what is right and follow your gut instinct. You will be rewarded, and you will gain a lot of repertoire. It is really amazing what can happen when you are truthful.

If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me and will work with you to help you do research and more. All the best to you.