Late to the Cruise Ship at Cruise Ports? Should Passengers be fined?

Cruising is such a wonderful, fun and awesome experience. We anxiously wait to get on these beautiful cruise ships to take us on a voyage from place to place all in one vacation. It’s all awesome until we encounter pier runners. Pier runners are those who we call. “Late to the ship or those who miss the ship entirely”. Oops. 99.9% of the time cruise ships do not wait for late passengers arriving to the ship port.

cruise lines tell us to be at the ship an hour or half an hour before sail out to the next port. They mean business. Time is very precise aboard cruise ships. They need to follow strict guidelines on times.

Did you know that if a cruise ship stays a bit longer in port, they have to pay extra and a fine to the port?

Did you know that if a cruise ship waits for late passengers, the itinerary could be affected? Which means the ship has to make time to get to another port or they have to get to a port later than the initial time and that is not good for other passengers and crew.

Missing the ship is very costly to those passengers who chose to not respect the time to be back onboard. The late passengers are responsible to pay for transfer to the next port of call, they must pay extra for food, and other things. If you kept your passport or your other documents onboard the ship, you are basically in a lot of trouble and it can be a huge hassle to go through the port and transfer authorities.

Some cruisers who are pier runners are lucky when the gangway has not been stowed into the ship and they just make it. All you have to do is just look at the time and not go too far away from cruise ports so you know when to come back. Cruise ships will sail out and its tough luck.

There is no excuse to be late to the ship unless there is a legitimate reason as to why, but most of the time its excuses. Don’t blame it on souvenir shopping or going through shops and you lost track of time, don’t blame it on anything else. It is your responsibility to be on time and be on the ship way in advanced.

It is all time management. Make sure that you allocate yourself enough time. Leave the ship as soon as you are able to when they clear customs and local authorities. Then you can have enough time. Each port has their own times and own regulations. It is important to follow them.

If you are part of a shore excursion or something organized by the cruise line and the ship crew to go with you, then they won’t penalize you for being late, because sometimes traffic or another reason can delay a cruise ship for being late coming back.

When you go out on your own, it is your responsibility.

So, should late passengers to cruise ships be fined?
I believe that they should. cruise lines should fine individuals who choose to disobey and disrespect time. They should be held liable if the itinerary, time to sail out is affected and if a cruise line is fined from the port authorities.

Also passengers once onboard should be dealt with by officers. Repeats should have them be barred from leaving the ship from the next port.

I just have no sympathy for late people and who miss the ship. It is just common courtesy and respect for other passengers and crew waiting to go on with their itinerary and voyage. It is not fair that thousands of passengers onboard a cruise have to wait for just very few people. That is horrible. Nobody has that entitlement.

You may have seen videos on YouTube about pier runners and missing the ship. Just watch those videos. You wouldn’t want to be in that position. It is embarassing and very humiliating. Don’t put yourself in that situation.

What do you think?

Don’t wait to Travel! Do it now! Explore the world

People who don’t travel, who do not see the world, experience life outside their comfort zones, who have fear of travel on aircraft, going to resorts, and going on cruises… I have five words for you. It’s all in your mind!

Stop wasting your life away. I know we work, priorities, life, kids, school, responsibilities, home, bills, food and all that, but it’s all in the way you save, it’s all in the way you spend your money. I’m not telling you what to do with your money, but I’m just saying to live a little, go on a trip, get a passport… life is too short…

If you barely have any experience traveling, you can always come talk to me. I can help you. Travel opens up your eyes, gives you meaning, perspective, different views on life, seeing and meeting new people, it gives you memories, it strengthens your confidence, the way you see things in life. If you go through life without seeing anything, you will regret it. Trust me. You gotta start somewhere.

You can share stories, have topics to talk about, sharing pictures, videos and so much. It gives meaning go your life. Don’t always go to the same places either. There is a world out there waiting for us to discover

Don’t wait to retire to do things, don’t wait until you are much older to do things. Do it now while you still can. Time doesn’t wait for anybody, and days and years go by so quickly…

Quit being afraid and do it. Life is meant to be explored. Don’t waste time. Do as much as you can before it’s too late!

Talin’s Travel Tips During The COVID19 Pandemic

We have all been through a lot haven’t we since February, 2020? It has been a roller coaster of emotions running through us all during this COVID19 pandemic. We felt isolated, we couldn’t see family and friends, our lives took a halt, our travel plans were put on hold. We have all been affected in some way, shape and form and some were not so lucky unfortunately.

The travel industry has taken a dive, but things are starting to look up in the travel industry with all-inclusive resort vacations, cruises, flights, hotels, and more. I am here to give you travel tips during the COVID19 pandemic and what you should know. Here they are:

01 — Before you book your trip, it is always a good idea to do extensive research on PCR COVID tests that could be required before and after travel, check to see proof of vaccine requirements, and those who have received mixed doses of vaccines should check if that is permitted. Especially if you are thinking of going on a cruise.

02 — Those who received 2 different vaccine doses are allowed in some destinations. As time goes on officials will recognize mixed vaccines and those individuals will be allowed access of travel to destinations. It is good to always verify that.

03 — Allow yourself a lot of extra time to be early at airports and cruise ports. It is always good to arrive 4 hours before a flight. Line ups could be long and going through security screening and presenting your covid vaccine records can take time. Nowadays, when you go on a cruise, they recommend you to book your flight the day before your cruise and arrive at the cruise terminal very early.

04 — Have all your documents, vaccine records, PCR Test results, passports and everything ready. Purchase a document/ticket/passport holder where you can fit everything nice and perfectly. Always present your documents in a proper manner. Make sure the documents are not crumpled up and they are in perfect condition. Have them ready to present in your hand.

05 — Patience is key. Entitlement is not the way. Be respectful, obey and stay calm. At airports and cruise terminals, and at resorts, it is important to show good manners, and to treat people with dignity and kindness. Airport, Cruise, Resort and hotel workers will and are doing their best and working hard to make sure that you have a great time and have a stress-free time during these difficult times. Nowadays kindness and respect go a long way and to demonstrate that on a daily basis and always is very important.

06 — Always check out government travel sites to obtain information, news and updates.

07 — Travel, health, cancellation, baggage insurance is a must. Always purchase insurance for a peace of mind. It is very important.

For other questions or concerns, Please do not hesitate to contact me or put a comment down below and I will try my best to respond to you as soon as I am able to.

Have a safe, healthy and great trip!