The Oscars – Never Mix Politics with Entertainment

The Oscars popularity and professionalism in the entertainment sector has gone down quite significantly. As well as other award shows. It is due to mixing entertainment and politics together, and as well as sending subliminal and snide messages across the world with the speeches given. The class, the fashion, and the way the operations at The Academy of Motion picture has definitely run down.

Although, yes it is my dream to one day earn one of the Golden trophy for my writing and everything, but now with all these mishaps, and mixing the political world with entertainment of where film, entertaining us is supposed to keep us away from the world’s bad news, and stresses of our daily lives, I am just not so sure I want it anymore.

Making a huge mistake in announcing the winners of the award is absolutely ridiculous and these things need to be more carefully looked after. It is just so upsetting to think you have won, but then not anymore.

The taste of entertainment has gone down in some form. Speeches should include appreciation, gratitude, acknowledging those who have been there for you, those in the production and as well as thanking family, friends and giving people inspiration, positive words to uplift us all who are watching. We need to really take a step back and just focus on entertainment as that is why these award shows exist. To acknowledge professionalism in this sector and to recognize entertainment excellence.

Racism and Politics should not get in the way of Entertaining us. These award shows and film is supposed to be about equality, diversity, and keeping us smiling, to be happy and to talk about great moments in the Film industry as well as the award shows.

There needs to be change and to show more class and respect to everyone.

Victoria Park & Highway 401 Tim Horton’s in Toronto

Victoria Park & Highway 401 Tim Horton’s in Toronto

Many years ago, I discovered a coffee shop nearby our Armenian Community Centre and St. Mary’s Armenian Church which is situated across the street where you can see it and right of the Highway 401 in Toronto. This particular Tim Horton’s in Toronto holds a special place in my heart. Reason being is that, I made a lot of new friends over the years and most of them are Armenian and I have met people from other cultures and walks of life.

In the past 2-3 years, I have met a lot of Armenian people who have come from Syria, Lebanon and other places and plus people who have been here in Canada for many years. These beautiful people have shared stories about how their lives were in Syria, about the walks of life and the experiences they have been through, the hardships they had to face day in and day out. I am very happy that they are here and got to meet these sweet people.

These people I have met are absolutely lovely people and we have become a close family and our Tim Hortons at 2501 Victoria Park Ave. is our home away from home. We have shared laughs, good times, also spoke about serious issues, and most importantly, the bonds we have created is and will forever be in my heart. We God Willingly will continue to share these moments together for many years to come.

Whenever I go to Victoria Park 401 Tim Horton’s, I automatically feel at home, and we spend hours there on certain nights, and our cold winters nights make it a warm, safe and happy environment. During spring and summer months, we take our coffees or beverages of choice and we go outside to talk, go to the park beside Tim Horton’s, hanging out in our cars, to enjoy the weather, the increased daylight days, and nights and we just talk and talk like we all have known each other for so many years.

Now whenever we go, the workers know us, the late night baker, Everybody knows everybody, the cars we drive and come with, and there is always somebody new that is welcome with all of us. It is very hard to leave each other and go home. Sometimes we would be there until 2-3 AM in the morning without even feeling the time go by. Time flies when you are having a good time.

This Tim Horton’s, we call it the Armenian Tim Horton’s or some people call it Tim Hortonian’s, because most of our last names end with IAN or YAN. lol. Not mine, but majority of Armenians. We call it that way is because Armenians come from the nearby Armenian Community Centre and a lot of Armenians live around the areas and some people drive from around the city to come by and enjoy. It is definitely a special place for us.

It is so important to find and feeling that sense of belonging, our place, and somewhere where everyone can relate to each other in some shape or form. Victoria Park and 401 Tim Horton’s is definitely a place where you feel welcome. Some of my friends there offer to pay for my coffee or whatever I want to get and I say no, no, but they insist and they offer me anyway, and me vise versa.

I am so happy and glad to be part of this family and I thank everyone for their welcome, respect, and their smiling faces toward me. It means so much.

I love you all and I love my VP Tim’s — The Short way to say Victoria Park Tim Hortons.


Talin’s Travel Tips 101 – RouteHappy

Travel tips to make your travels stress-free and enjoyable
I am always on the hunt to making sure you are well taken care of and helping you make great decisions in the travel sector. Also giving you my experience in travel after many many years of traveling on aircraft, to resorts, cruise ships, and numerous amounts of hotels.


Routehappy is a website where it is an experienced team of data, web app geeks, and aviation that cater to the online travel industry in making flight searches an easy, stress-free way to do travel shopping.


Routehappy is focused on allowing you to have many options of flight times, the amenities on board the aircraft due to your preference and they have even the aircraft type that you will travel with and seat configuration onboard your flight.


They also allow you to differentiate between prices, travel score ratings, who uses routehappy and more.


Routehappy is focused on making your travel arrangements and decisions an easier process, then you can go back to the travel website of your choice to make things more clear if you are a novice and beginner in travel or are frequent too. Sometimes we get stuck on these decisions no matter how many times you fly.


Try them out and click on
All the best, have a safe and enjoyable flight!

Tips For Social Media Writers and Bloggers

Here are some tips to keep in mind for Social Media, Writing and Bloggers:

– When writing articles, try not to post many per day as that can create an information and reading overload. Try to space out timing between posts with 1-2 posts per day, so as it gives your readers, subscribers and viewers space and time to read each post. Trust me. Too much is no good. If you have a Twitter account then it is ok. Post as many times as you wish, but with Blog posts, its important to limit yourself per day

– If you have many articles written, save them on your computer and then copy and paste the articles you have written about and post them automatically on your website. If you are in the social media hussle and bussle to stay on top and If you are someone writing about the latest news, trends and all that, then that is perfectly okay too.

– Social Media is a very huge market now. A lot of information gets transmitted per day in an instant. With So many hundreds of millions of people on social media outlets per day with updating statuses, posting photos, announcements and so much more, as a person is social media marketing and blogging, I am sure you wonder about if people will see your content. Yes. They definitely will.

[Everyone is always searching for something and eventually will stumble upon your website. People are always looking for something specific, people are in the hunt for information they want to obtain. Sometimes people find your site within minutes, sometimes it takes a couple of days, but don’t worry people are looking. Even people who lurk and read your content without responding to it and they just read and leave. There are people like that too.]

– Social Media is an interesting way to transmit information and now mostly are communicating that way to family, friends, and fans worldwide. People figure its the most easy and practical way these days to communicate. Times have certainly changed with technology, communication and the way we send out information.

– You must always give credit where credit is deserved. If you are stuck on a topic sometimes and get a writers block, You never copy and paste another person’s hard work and writing style and send it out as your own. That is plagiarism, and a copyright infringement and you can be held liable for that where legal action can take place, and where problems may arise. Always credit sources and where you researched information from. It is very important to include the person’s website, the person’s name and the best bet is to ask written permission from them. It will save trouble and hassle in the long run. Crediting others for their work is a very important thing.

Words of Wisdom On People Who Want You To Fail At Life

What I have learned in recent months is that you never reveal your life’s plans and what you are going to do in your life. Surprise people with the results and action of your plans and what you do, where you are going in life in physically, emotionally and mentally. Sometimes there are some people who do not want you to succeed, there are some people who will put that evil eye curse on you to prevent you from fulfilling your dreams and give you that road block in front of you. The best thing you can do is just not tell people everything about your journey to get there.

Most of the time, it is all to do with jealousy and those who feel intimidated by you. That is why they do not want you to succeed and do well for yourself. Each person in this world has great qualities, talents, plans, and great things to offer. Don’t ever allow someone to rain on your parade.

Always pray to God to keep the evil spirits away from others and always pray no matter what. Never allow others to underestimate you and your capabilities. Always be yourself, do the best you can and do not allow people in your life and in your circle who give you bad vibes.

There are people that are happy for you with whatever you do and show that they are over the moon for you, and they show they want you to succeed in life and everything, but then inside of them without showing it, they want you to fail and fall. Those are the type of people that are dangerous.

They show this exterior of caring and everything and then behind closed doors, they talk so bad about you and then sometimes what they curse about you does in fact come out to be true. So, the person ends up failing and not going forward, and they have to start all over again.

It is not right for people to do that to other people. It is not fair either. Instead of supporting and actually showing that a person really cares without fakeness is something that is incredibly noble and beautiful. When you are jealous, and don’t want the best for another person, that shows a lot of selfishness, and that makes you only think about yourself and not other people. It is not a great trait.

Discover yourself and what you are good at and be with good people who want nothing but the best for you, who support you, and who want you to succeed in life.

Stay humble, stay true, and be you. God bless everyone!

Retailers Pull Ivanka Trumps Clothing off The Racks. Gone Too Far with this

Things have gotten too far and blown out of proportion

Nordstrom, T. J. Maxx, and other stores are pulling Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. I really do not think it is fair to take her clothing out of the store just because She is a Trump. I am pretty sure she feels like her work in fashion and her line is being compromised with stores not selling her brand anymore. I am sure she feels crushed with her hard work in designing the clothes and now nobody wants to sell her things anymore because of her Father President Donald Trump.

I think it is pathetic on these retail stores doing that and it I think it is very low on their part. Ivanka has worked so hard for her craft and to get her clothing line on the go. I am sure every aspiring fashion artist want the same thing with these retail stores carrying their brands. Being discriminated against a name is absolutely ridiculous.

I am not on anyone’s side except for the side that is right and I am on Ivanka’s side on this one. You can’t just pull someone’s fashion clothing off the racks just because Your father is the president of the United States or that your name is a Trump. I think these retailers are going a little too far. It is absolutely ridiculous. Let Ivanka sell her clothing. What does clothing have to do with presidency, politics, or anything else for that matter?

Now to ask, If your hard work, fashion dreams, and your craft were being sold in department stores and retailers, and then suddenly you wake up one day and see your hard work being rejected because of your name or whatever the case, I am sure you would feel terrible.

I can’t even imagine what Ivanka is going through now.

It is so mind boggling. Yes, I do not agree with President Trumps decisions, but that doesn’t mean that his daughter’s dreams and her work has to be crushed and her hard work with her brand to be axed and rejected. Its just not right at all. Let the girl do her job and get her brand going. I really feel for her. I sure wouldn’t like it if my hard work get taken off retailer stores. I would be devastated.

Same Place Resort Travellers – Time for Change

In life, we want to take a pause and a break from our daily life with work, school and other priorities and arrange to travel to take a vacation away to an all inclusive resort to a sunny tropical destination. Where some people travel to different resorts all the time, where some people tend to always choose the same resort all the time.

I’ve heard many times where people go to the same all inclusive resort and they love going to the same places. Although, its nice to be comfortable to a place you know, the staff and familiar with the resort and everything, but that doesn’t give you the opportunity to go and try out new places. You are always going to the same destinations, but not open minded to go and experience other places. I know some resorts have this warm welcoming feeling and its absolutely awesome to go and experience that feeling again, but you are not giving a chance to other resorts that can have the same quality values.

Some travellers always have that mentality that Oh I am going to the same place, I love it a lot, which is fine and its not a problem, but as a traveller, you have to go experience different resorts, and hotels. It gives you a sense of getting a lot more travel experience, gives you more selections, gives you more to talk about. If you keep on going to the same place because you a comfortable, doesn’t really make you a traveller. To tell you the truth. Just because you hop on a plane, and then end up in the same place time and time again, doesn’t count.

I know resort managers, staff and people involved always want repeat guests, they always want you to get back into their territory, and sometimes the tourism industry wants people to return. they give you all kinds of special treatment and all kinds of things. Of course they will. They will give guests that feeling only if you shell out more money every time you travel. Nothing is free, even complimentary service, or special treatments. That money for those things must come from somewhere. Do not be fooled by always being a repeat guest.

As a traveller, you must be open minded, you must experience the world, different resorts, different places. If you keep on going into your comfort zone, you really aren’t doing much travel. I keep seeing online on travel advisor sites, as well as people’s personal experiences with testimonials and some people travel to the same resort 10 times, and I have seen people write up to 20 times. I mean, there are so many other options out there. Why stick to one?

I have never gone to the same place twice and I never will. I am always looking to try new places. I have been traveling since I was 7-8 years old. Been a very long time. I can tell you so many stories, and give you advice through my experiences in many resorts in many countries, I can even tell you about my cruise vacations.

You just have to get out of that circle and not go to the same place. Trust me, it gets boring. I know that admitting that is difficult, but come on, you work hard for your money, you work hard to get vacations. don’t waste your vacation to the same places. Get going and explore. Travel is meant to explore. Always keep that in mind. Time for change, time for new scenery.

Travel Tips to those Traveling to Cuba

Things to Keep in mind while traveling to Cuba.

1. If you wish to donate clothing, hygiene products, or little gifts here and there, It is recommended that if you are staying in a resort, to go to the local towns close to your resort and to hand deliver whatever you are going to bring with you. Do not always try to distribute it around the resort. Try to go embrace Cuban culture to actually see with your eyes and experience how Cubans live life in the villages, towns and neighborhoods of Cuba. — Ask the workers at the resort from where they live and say that you want to visit their town. They will love to show you around. To get a feel of where they come from. — Just don’t leave things on your pillow in your room to give to the person cleaning your room, Go and see where they come from. So tourists appreciate and see where they are.

*** Please keep in mind weight limits in baggage with your airline and if you do consider on checking in a second baggage, you maybe charged for it which in most cases you will be. If you are bringing things, please make sure that they are not prohibited items. Sniffer dogs and K9 units at the airport will be going around baggage to alert the officials if there are suspicious baggage that require to be opened and inspected.***

2. On your flight to Cuba, you will be asked fill out 2 forms. One is your tourist visa to Enter and Leave the country. — The tourist Visa must be filled correctly with no mistakes whatsoever. If you make a mistake, you might be charged $20.00 Canadian or USD for another one onboard the flight. However in an event that you lose your Tourist visa in any duration of your stay in Cuba, on your departure date to go back home, you must see a representative at the airport of Cuban Immigration to issue you a new Tourist visa, where some paperwork must be filled out. You will not be charged for the lost visa but it can delay the check in process before your flight. So please make sure to not lose your visa and keep your passport and other documents in a safe or securely placed somewhere.

The other form is to indicate whatever valuables that you wish to leave into the country as well as how much money you are carrying into the country and names of those traveling. You will submit that form after claiming your checked baggage and before you meet with the bus, taxi or whatever form of transportation that is waiting for you at the airport to take you to your resort or wherever you are staying with Transgaviota, Transtur or Cubacar. Cuba taxi….

3. Absolutely no liquids of any kind and size permitted through the airport security of any Cuban airport through the scanning process in your carry-on baggage for your flight outbound. All liquids must be checked into your checked baggage. Due to new security measures. even 100ml or less is prohibited. All must be packed. They are very strict. In some cases with medical issues they may accept, but always have a doctors note and pharmacy note to declare all medication and your health issue to aduana/customs/security officials if in case a situation arises in the last resort that they stop you.

4. The Cuban Airport procedures can be a lengthy process. Please pack a lot of patience. While the customs officials check your tourist visa, passport they will take a photo of you entering and leaving the country. You will be asked to form lines, and go through a lot. it is for security and protection purposes.

5. When locating your transportation be it a tour bus to go to your resort, The speaker in the bus will explain to you about an orientation to go to the next day explaining on excursions, about the resort, offers, and your shuttle back to the airport/flight and everything. It is not mandatory that you go to the orientation. You really do not have to go to it and spend your vacation in that meeting. You can always go to the front desk or lobby areas to find out any information you like during the duration of your stay. You can find out your flight information and bus shuttle time the day before you leave. No big deal on going to the orientation. I usually skip that. My time on the beach is a lot more fun and enjoyable.

6. There is no more requirements to pay departure tax. It is already included into your air and vacation package. No need for Cuban Convertible Pesos – CUC or unless you want to buy gifts or things for yourself in Cuba, but the $25.00 departure tax is no longer required on your exit from Cuba.