Social Media Commentary – Have People Gone Over The Line?

Social Media Commentary – Have People Gone Over The Line?

In the last decade or two, social media has played a big role in how we communicate with others and even total strangers that we do not know. There are groups, pages and other forms of communicating our thoughts, reactions, opinions, suggestions and more. Now, the golden question is, Have people gone over the line in some aspects?

Nowadays, with social media, there is no filter and some people just write for the sake of writing on posts without thinking of the outcome often times leading to people getting hurt feelings and where people cyberbully others. Social media is at everyone’s disposal now, and there are some people who draw over the line. It is absolutely ridiculous about what kind of comments people make. What people write online and how they portray themselves, definitely shows people who they really are as a person.

People who always bully, post negative, terrible and hurtful comments to others are those kinds of people who have not been in positive, healthy and good environments. They have not been taught how to treat others with respect and dignity. All they have ever known is being negative to people. The things I have seen online have been crazy and some comments have absolutely been so terrible, that I just cannot seem to take out of my mind.

Some people’s comments are so bad to others, that those others have taken their lives and made the decision to end their lives because of how deeply hurt they have been. Words are absolutely so powerful, that if you misuse and say mean, rude and hurtful things to others, they will have the etched and embedded in their lives for life and unfortunately result in loss of life because of it. Some people do not know how to treat others with decency. It is absolutely so sad that it has come to this point where people have drawn the line and people have crossed it way too many times.

There are some groups and pages that I was a part of, but no longer am, and the negativity and horrible things I have read has just been so devastating.

We should use social media in a positive and good way. Some people have actually defended and backed people up and that is very nice to see people stepping up to rude people in those comments too. It is nice to see that there are still good people in this world that will stick up for others, stand up for them in their vulnerable state that some rude and terrible people post. They have not been taught properly and raised to be mature and good humans for humanity and that is very sad to see happen and it is only getting worse.

I thank those people who defend others online and I appreciate it. I have also stepped in many times to defend people even when I do not know them. Helping people even if you don’t know them is a great gesture and greatness and it is appreciated more than you will ever know. It can help save a person’s life. It is always good to be kind and kindness matters more than you will ever know. You just do not know what a person is going through in their personal life. So its always good to be nice and good to others and actually mean it from your heart. It is so important.

People just can’t seem to grasp how important it is now that we all do our part to eliminate or at least try to stop disgusting and terrible comments being posted on social media. It really bothers me when those rude people then write, “Then, where is the freedom of speech?” “Why can’t we post and say what we want?” you know why? because you really do not know the struggle people face day-to-day.

It is really terrible when something bad happens, then things start to change, but with social media, it seems like some people are getting worse. It is easy to hide behind screens and say what you want. I am sure that if this was out there in the real world where you are amongst people and say those things, I am sure that more than half the things said online, are never said in a physical setting. Virtual commentary is far easier to be said than in person.

So, yes things have gone way overboard and too carried away. These are situations where suicidal thoughts, mental illness, social media abuse, mentally and emotionally scarring people for a long time and sometimes for life. It is not easy being different in this world, it is not easy to make friends and for people to like certain people, where it is easy for others to be liked, admired and made popular. It is really unfair on how some people are treated and because of how some people look and think.

When you are too nice, soft-hearted, good, want what’s best for everyone, always being helpful, putting people first, always thinking about others, being selfless, kind, spreading good cheer, love, respect, often times in return, you are treated in such terrible ways, that is really hurtful, but then you keep on doing great deeds no matter how many times people treat you poorly.

It is such an unfair world with unfair people who do not think before they post things on social media for the person directed to sees, and the world to see. It is so sad and unfortunate that social media has come to this. It’s really horrible to see. I really think that if you cannot behave properly to be kind and respectful to others and always constantly do things to harm others and hurt them, these kinds of people do not deserve to be on the internet and their privileges should be banned. When it is constantly happening by these awful people, it should be dealt with.

If a negative and horrible person is the result of another person’s mental issues or suicidal thoughts, they should be charged. Things should never get out of hand. So terrible.

It never hurts to be kind to others, and it is a nice thing to do. You have no idea how much your words can change another person’s life. Think before you post and when you click on that post, send or submit button. Do something, help people and say nice things. All the best and don’t abuse social media. Enjoy the interaction, but do it in a good manner.