Don’t Make Promises You Cannot Keep

Lately, I have had a strain of bad luck when someone promises me something and they don’t follow through with them. It is very sad to see this happening quite more often now. Promises should be kept and if you cannot fulfill a promise, either explain why you cannot follow through them or give someone a valid reason. It is not a good trait to develop at all. This past weekend, I will not name any names, but when I was visiting Montreal after 7 Months of not being there, I had received numerous text messages from people who I thought were my dear friends that told me straight up, that they will come and see me and hang out with me for a while, someone said, we wouldn’t miss it for the world, we cannot wait to see you an hour or two prior to our meeting time, and the time came, and I got stood up by those people and they would not even text me back and have the common courtesy to explain to me why they didn’t show up and they never even budged to come and see me after so long. They knew way in advanced that I was coming about 3-4 weeks before, then I reminded them a few days before and all I would hear is, we cannot wait to see you, Anyway, I even texted them and to see where they are and nothing came about. These acts really show peoples true colours. People who do that are not true friends, and people who don’t give time for you even if it was for 2 hours are not real friends. I know that people get busy and I know life is really different now with people having priorities and stuff, but you cant make promises you cannot keep nonetheless. Peoples emotions and peoples feelings are not a joke, you cannot just go about ruining a persons mood with breaking promises and not even apologizing for them.

This is my 2nd day back and I have yet to hear from them and to hear their apology. It is not right at all to go through this. I am just tired of people not appreciating me, and leaving me out in things. It really got to me and given with so much sadness and the battles I have had to face with people bullying me, tormenting me, and emotionally abusing me in school when I was growing up, really does a number on me and these things like breaking promises to me and not showing up to see me really hit me hard and I just cried so much inside and I didn’t want to show it to my 3 friends who came and saw me Sunday Morning in Montreal and I am ever so grateful they came out and saw me. I cannot believe some people have the audacity to do these things, in general I hope people never have to go through these problems, I hope people will never have to endure this. It really did an emotional scar on me. We were driving back on the Highway 401 west and I was going through so much in my brain, and I did not want to share it with anyone in the car with me, so I just kept it in and I know that I wrote in one of my blogs not to keep anything bottled up inside, but this time I don’t know I just couldn’t speak up, because I was just too hurt to even speak that much and I will never forget that. I just don’t want anymore part time people in my life, it is either your with me full time and to appreciate me, or your out of my life. I am just so tired of peoples broken promises. When is it going to stop?

Working on Getting People’s Links on My Favourite Links Page.

Hi All! I have started putting links to people’s blogs and links on my Favourite Link’s page. However It may take a bit of time as I have a lot of them to post up. It may take about a week or more for me to put them all up, but don’t worry, your blog will be there to see. I have put quite a few of them on the page today. I believe in recognizing, and appreciating other people and their blogs and each persons blog deserves recognition and every blogger is different, has different perspectives on life and things, and people have different motives, different interests and all that is wonderful. Each person is different in this world and likes different things. I respect that very much and each person is entitled to his/her opinions, and freedom of expression. I strongly believe everyone has a place in this world and I believe in making a difference in ones life and recognizing them, and putting them on the blogging map. I am dedicated to people and I appreciate people for who they are and I have come across some really wonderful blogs and wonderful people and that should be celebrated. People who work hard day in and day out to keep their blogs alive, to keep people in the know and updated, is something so incredible. All of us have a gift and were talented in some way, shape and form and its something I love about the Humanity and Society of this world.

Like I stated, it will take me some time, but you will see your blog on my favourite links and hopefully it will draw a lot of traffic to your sites and have a lot of readers.

Thank you for being patient with me.

Love you all!


Back From Montreal, Quebec!

I cannot even begin to describe how incredible and refreshed I feel after returning from My Happy place which I call Montreal. This weekend that past went by super fast. I reunited with my lovely friends after 7 Months and reunited with my brothers In laws, I haven’t seen since the summer of 2011. It was a nice and great weekend. A first, getting on my favourite highway, highway 401 East to Montreal put the cherry on top. It was a lovely drive and I will never stop loving it and my love for my great friends in Montreal, the highway 401 east, Montreal will never ever fade. It was an emotional weekend for me too because I hadn’t been there in so long and everyone was just so excited to see me. Some said, next time do not wait so long to come. They said come more often. I said I wish I could but I will always come out whenever I am able to.

Now that I am back, I feel the need to go back to Montreal. Weekends are so short and go by way too fast.

If You Would Like Me To Add You To My Favourite Links Page, Contact Me.

As you may or may not know, My appreciation of people and their work and efforts are a big deal for me and its one of the most important things in my life to give recognition to people as I value everyones opinions, and I really think that people should be recognized for the hard work and blogging people do and I would like to do so by starting to put different bloggers and different sites of others on my favourite links page. I have done so with several already, but I am going to ask you today and request that whoever would like me to add their links to my favourite links, please do so by contacting me with putting a comment below with your link and a little description of your site so as I can put it on. Thank you so much!

I look forward to adding you on.


Talin Orfali


Your Favourite Chocolate For Those Chocoholics

Hello All,

I am here to talk to you about your favourite chocolate, and chocolate delights. Its awesome how they make the chocolate from cocoa beans and how they do it is beyond me. No wonder sometimes some chocolates can run to be expensive and pricey. I guess because of the way its made and how precious cocoa beans really are. I get all happy and satisfied with my chocolate buzz after I eat it. I get this energy from it. Since I was a kid, I am a huge fan of chocolate more than vanilla, but vanilla is also awesome, however I am a huge chocoholic and my chocolate favourites are:

Nutella Spread is my number ONE!

Kit Kat

Reese Pieces

Hershey Chocolate Almonds – Milk Chocolate

Easter Bunny Solid Milk Chocolates



M&M’s All accept the Peanuts kind.

Hot Chocolate

Mini Wheats Choco Lil Bites

Chocolate Cheerios

Chocolate Almonds

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Flakes


Talin’s Blog Will Soon Be Introducing A New Page on Travel Tips

Hello Everyone!

I have exciting news to share today with all of you.

I Will soon be introducing a new page added to my blog on Talin’s Travel tips before heading to the Airport, At the Airport, including travel destinations to my top spots such as Cuba, Dominican Republic, so on and so forth, tips on Cruise Ships and Cruising, What to Pack, How to pack, getting through metal security screening faster, documents, etc… Will be published sometime in Mid March 2012.

This goes along with my favourite travel website links, airline websites, best travel websites for great deals, so on and so forth, plus others ratings on travel spots. etc…


My Heartfelt Appreciation & Thank You’s To All Those Who Helped Me With Seeking Employment!


I’d like to say thank you for all your comments, advice, suggestions and ways to go about looking for employment. Yesterday was one of those days where, I was just lost and I couldn’t concentrate on anything else but this issue and I am sure a lot of people are in my shoes. These days Job finding is a lot more difficult than it was years ago where people didn’t need to give in their resume, they just simply I want to work and boom, there you were employed. Now everything is under a microscope and under rigorous tests but that too is important to test people for very important jobs out there, but I am sure all jobs are important. I heard from many people, it doesn’t matter what you do and there is no shame in working in retail, gas stations, fast food places, so on and so forth, as long as an income is coming in and bread and butter is served on the table and people pay their way, is all that counts the bottomline and anything you do is life experience and experience with different people, different customers, so on and so forth. Now I am not saying about those jobs where you know, that is inappropriate, You fill in the blank, I am sure you know what I am talking about, stops here.

Anyway, again, thank you to all those who have helped me. I couldn’t do it without the help of my fellow readers, bloggers, supporters, fans, family. You all are an important part of my life and I am ever so glad to share this internet world with you all. I have found some incredible people here and people whom care about others and that is very sweet of you all. You all have earned the VERSATILE Blog Award, Kreativ Blogger Award, Liebster Blog Award, so on and so forth. You all deserve it and a lot more. Recognition must be done. You all are recognized.

All the best to everyone who is in the same boat as I in the matter of employment searching. Its a tough thing, but More power to you!

Love you all,


Talin Orfali

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