January 2016 is Behind Us. Where did It Go?

Can you believe that January has come and gone? So quickly. It seemed just yesterday we were ringing in 2016. Tomorrow we will welcome February. I have a feeling that this year too will be flying by. I can feel it already. I don’t want it to, but I guess there is no stopping time as some of us would like. Sometimes we question and say, where did it go? Nobody knows where time goes, but all we know is, that it goes. When our lives are busy and we have so much to do and to get done, time just goes by so much quicker.

This year, we will be having a leap year. Which means that February will have 29 days instead of the 28. All in all, it has been a very pleasant winter. We have been very lucky thus far with the temperatures, snowfall and all that here in Toronto. Well, we are really not out of the woods just yet, there is still a few weeks left of winter, but from here on, I think the temperatures and the consistency of flurries we have had will stay about the same and which I have heard from the meteorologist, but then again, I do not want to speak so soon though. I do not want to jinx it either.

Weather like this in Canada is pretty unusual, and people are concerned with global warming and everything. I know it is concerning and something to be alarmed about climate change and everything, but to me this is great. Less problems on the roads and better conditions. People do want the snow and stuff, but it creates havoc on the roads, and it becomes dangerous for pedestrians, drivers and those who commute daily.

Let us continue to be thankful that we have made it past another month. Some people did not get to. I cannot believe we lost so many people in the entertainment industry this year and also unfortunate losses with loved ones, friends and all that. My condolences to all the families and friends.

Let us be grateful always and count our blessings, enjoy our days as much as we can, cherish moments and make memories.

Have a happy and healthy February and the rest of the year. šŸ™‚ Talk to you tomorrow.

Ellen The Beautiful Humanitarian

In our lives, we are always searching for someone who uplifts, makes a positive difference, who has a beautiful heart, who cares about us and goes above and beyond to help people who are less fortunate, who has gone through many struggles financially, health wise, also making people’s wishes come true no matter what age. We want to find that beautiful humanitarian who is so sincere and always says to people “Be Kind to One Another”, at the end of each show. That beautiful humanitarian is Ellen Degeneres.

Ellen Degeneres was born on January 26, 1958 in Metairie, Louisiana in theĀ United States. She is married to Portia de Rossi.

This year of 2016 at the People’s choice awards she received the Humanitarian award. Plus over the years, she has received countless amounts of awards from all over the place. She truly deserves that and so much more. Ellen Degeneres possesses dedication, makes people smile, who doesn’t just make their day, but makes their whole life. She also has 12 days of giveaways on The Ellen Show before Christmas and surprises her audience and those at home watching with so many gifts. Also, she gives giveaways throughout the year, whether they are gift cards, to cd’s, book’s, and other things.

In the end, it is not about the giveaways that she gives to her audience and people at home, it is the principle behind it, it is being Generous and she really is DeGeneres, so her last name fits really well with who she is and her bubbly and beautiful personality that is felt by everyone. She is very respectful, she treats everyone equally, she never discriminates and that is truly something so great to see. She is a very thoughtful person who comes up with creative ways to give and you can tell she gives from her heart.

Another thing that she is very serious about is bullying and she raises awareness on preventing bullying from happening, she gives out this strong message to stop bullying and to help out individuals who have become victims to it. I personally have been a victim to bullies and I thank her for bringing this issue the attention that it desperately needs.

Ellen demonstrates excellence in people skills. Her monologues at the beginning of her show is done so tastefully without offending her audience and viewers at home. She has this beautiful personal touch with everyone. I remember when it was the first season of her show, rather her first episode. In my mind and in my heart, I just felt something that was absolutely wonderful. I said to my family and friends that her show will be so successful and I feel it. My friends and family always know that I am not wrong on what I feel, and my gut instinct. 2003 was the beginning and everything happened from there.

Many celebrities, celebrity music artists have visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show and will visit, also many sensations of talent, dancers, singers, people who were discovered online, also, she makes up great and interactive games that are so fun that you feel like you are playing from home just from watching. She introduces her DJ every episode, After each Monologue, she joins the audience with dancing and getting them moving and joining in on the fun, she also has the riff raff room where more people can join in.

Ellen is a beautiful person inside and out and she is inspiringĀ a go-getter, and she is a lovely person whom I wish her all the best in her life with lots of energy, good health, happiness, and so much more. Ellen, I love you so much. More than words can possibly say. You are truly a humanitarian to me. Thank you so much, Ellen, not just for everything you do, but for being you and for shining all around the world.

Ridiculous Online Chain Letters – It Must Stop

For many years now since joining the online world, we receive e-mails, messages, inbox messages, wall posts, comments, text messages, newsletters and many more things that come to us. Now, there is something that is absolutely ridiculous that someone, some people with a whole lot of time on their hands decide to play a trick on people to create pointless and frightening chain letters. It is a hoax letter which puts us to the edge and some follow the trend.

There are several types of chain letters that say, If you do not forward this e-mail to 20 people you will have bad luck for 7 years, or if you do not send this e-mail or message to 40 people, there will be a death of a family member or friend. If you do not forward it, you will never find love, you will never have friendsĀ and all kinds of negative things that can alarm just about everyone. Of course, those who get tricked into it even more.

Sometimes we get these phony and bogus e-mails or messages to ask us to click on the link to open up the chain letter. It can contain spam, trojan viruses, malware, and spyware which compromises and puts you, and your computer at risk for online thieves which can steal personal information, files, photos, and can even look at what you are doing 24/7/365. They can also steal data, bandwidth, commit fraud and identity theft with your IP address and so much can happen.

If you have a reliable Anti-virus software which prevents you and protects you against these malicious forwards, then you are good to go, but again NEVER click on those e-mails and just delete it and empty your junk box. Also, it is a good idea to report these messages as phishing scam if you receive them. You must be so careful.

Chain letters can also be offensive and highly obscene. If your friends or family or anyone you know that sends you this stuff and gets tricked into these chain letters, simply send them a message saying that this is a fake message and ask them to delete and ignore it. That is the best thing you can do. Do not spend time on these unnecessary trends in social media and in your personal e-mail or private inbox messages. Most of the time these messages can appear in personal messages, but lately, it has been in the public eye. It makes people cringe.

So, the next time you get one, do not be creeped out by it, Just let it go. Before, when I started out on the internet back in the late 90’s, I was fooled into these chain letters toward the beginning of the millennium, and then I did extensive research on them and I have ignored and disregard those messages.

Have you been a victim of chain letters? These chain letter trends must stop.Ā 

Fitting in is So Over-rated – Fit Out Instead

In life as we grow up, some people have the tendency to always want to impress people, and be like everybody else and be someone they are not in order to fit in. Ladies and Gentlemen, boy’s and girl’s, it is important to never try to fit in anywhere. Take a step back and think about who you associate with, or where you are and want to be employed with.

Being yourself is the best fitting in you can do. There will always be people who will appreciate and accept you for you. In this world, I truly believe that we all have people that suit us, who can relate and understand us. It may take time, and sometimes not, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel that you will see. Fitting in is so over-rated. If you ever think that something is wrong with you, and the way you are, that is just something absolutely ridiculous.

If ever in your life, you find that you are in the wrong place, the wrong chapter of your life, change your place, change your chapter and change your life. These are messages that are being sent to you saying that, its time for you to put your foot down and do something that will benefit you. Not for others.

Don’t ever be afraid to disappoint people just because you are not in their league, or do what they want you to do. Never allow others to make a mockery of you. Just because you are where others are, it never means that you do not have what it takes to do something or be someone special, because you are special and you do have what it takes.

Always be happy with who you are. Do not be afraid to fail, and never be afraid to try. Who cares if you do not fit in? you are in the right direction to be an individual that you are. Not on other people’s standards. Others standards do not matter, what truly matters is how you want it to be.

Don’t ever give up with anything in life. That is the easy way out in any situation. There is a quote I have read online “Why fit in, when you are born to stand out?” I truly believe in that. Stand out to people who are like you, and they will come to you or you go to them.

These quotes I found online as well. (unknown)

– Things just do not happen right away.

– be the change you want to see

– Some of the most wonderful people are ones who do not fit into boxes.

You are the example of your life, and never allow others to write the story of your life with your pen. Never allow them to hold it either. Not even for a fraction of a second. Everything you do comes down to holding your pen and writing chapters of what you want to do and be in your life. Never forget that. Don’t ever fit in. Fit out and do what and be what makes you happy. You are in control of your own happiness.

I Absolutely Love Social Media – Brings People Close Together

At Almost 11 years that I have been on Facebook, I can honestly say that I have made some great friends through this social media outlet through groups, pages, mutual friends and more. Some, I have met in person for the first time in the last 6-7 years. It was a special moment and we have created some fabulous memories and hopefully we will reunite again soon, however, there are some of my dear Facebook friends, I still have yet to meet. Sometimes I ask myself this question if I am ever going to meet them too? God willing it will happen and to finally see someone face to face instead of looking at pictures and communicating through screens. I am so blessed on great people from all over the world that has a special place in my list, my heart, mind and soul. Thank you for making the world smaller, but hopefully, it will become smaller at the moment we meet physically. I want to make this happen.

Thank you to Social Media for uniting great people to communicate with. Without social media, never knew some people existed, never knew how lovely people can be. Of course being careful all the time. You just feel that gut instinct by the way; someone communicates with you, you feel it in their tone and everything when they write, what the person posts and everything. You automatically feel this closeness or this instant comfort when you being communicating and creating bonds with people. That personality of a person shines and you feel like you have known them for so many years.

It is always good to find people you can relate to, who you have stuff in common with and those who just understand you and so much more.

However, there will always be some people who are not what they say they are and of course; you have to exercise caution at the same time, but you will know. You can sense it. Technology is great at bringing the world of people together but never forget who is near you, beside you and those who are physically with you as well and those who you share your life with. They say that the more further you are, the more sweeter you become, but don’t forget your friends and loved ones who are right there with you. That is super important to remember.

I Enjoy Helping People To Travel Smart & Wisely

In life, one of my greatest joys of assisting people is making sure people travel smart and wisely. To make sure people have fun and enjoy themselves fully and not to waste time. Some things I emphasize on more than others and making sure that travelers do not sweat the small stuff in terms of if there is something missing or whatever the case. They begin to be disrespectful and throw hissy fits. I advise them to take it easy and just ask politely. It is never okay to put someone down and disrespect them for something that is not necessary or even at all.

Here are some things that I help people with.

1. How to pack accordingly to the destination

2. Packing smart, giving tips on what to pack in carry-on and checked baggage.

3. How to get through security quick and easy.

4. What to do at resorts and all inclusive destinations such as etiquette on buffet’s, how to spend time wisely and do things efficiently and smart. Also cruises too.

5. What you should do before going to the airport, when to check in at the airport, about the airlines and all that.

6. Advising people to always get travel and medical insurance to cover any cancellation’s, delays, where you will be guaranteed another flight, receive vouchers and heaven forbid if something goes wrong medically, you are covered and do not have to pay additional fees to see doctors or need hospitalization, hope you won’t need it, but it is good to go on vacations with a peace of mind.

7. How to deal with staff of hospitality and tourism whether its an airline attendant, to resorts staff, ground airport check in staff, cruise ship staff, and more. How to treat them and not be so demanding and make them uncomfortable. Respect to be respected, and appreciate to be appreciated.

8. About how to keep organized in your hotel rooms, and if there is a room safe to use it to put important and valuable things such as passports, and stuff, and the importance of not keeping things lying around in the room, and everything.

If you have any questions, concerns, and stuck on what to do, let me know. I know it can be a frustrating, yet confusing on some things when it comes to travel, but look no more. I will be your travel advisor with anything you need.

Getting Into Poetry Mode

Recently, I began to get into poetry mode. I really enjoy writing poems. I like it especially when I rhyme the words and make it flow perfectly together. In my previous blog post, I wrote a poem on Los Angeles and my love for the city. I tried my best to include all aspects about Los Angeles and what it is known for etc… I tried to cover all the bases on it all. Since I am going to be going to LA soon for the 3rd time, I thought it would be fitting for me to write about it.

My Los Angeles poem can also be made into a song lyric that can be sung by a professional that is famous or something as I am far far far from it. lol. I won’t even sing in the shower. That is not my talent.

In the next little while, you will see me posting poetry here and there. Not everyday though. I like to keep my readers in suspense as to what I am going to write about next. I like mixing it up a bit and write about all kinds of topics, types of writing, and of course the quotes and phrases I find online with of course giving the person credit if it is not my work.

I am excited to share it with my family, friends, fans, readers and the world.

Anyway, stay tuned for my poetry mode. You never know, the next blog might be just that. šŸ™‚