Air Canada Centre to be renamed to Scotiabank Centre

What Genius people we have with Genius ideas. (Inserts Sarcasm)

Skydome in Toronto was renamed to be Rogers Centre
Air Canada Centre ACC to be renamed Scotiabank Centre.

Or remember Maple Leaf Gardens? Now, that was a great name for an arena!
So unique! NOT! These arena and stadium names are being butchered. Instead of naming them something unique and something that does not include a company name, they go ahead and name them after banks, telecommunication companies and more. Skydome is suitable and very tasteful. I find it to be an amazing name for a stadium.

Like the BMO Field. It is named after Bank of Montreal. Another bank.
Now with ACC being changed, it has ruined the Canadianess of it. As it is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and named after the Airline, Air Canada, I feel that its ridiculous.

I will keep calling them Skydome and Air Canada Centre.