I Am Glad I Made The Switch To WordPress Blogs

Lately, I have been so impressed with WordPress and how incredibly easy it is to create blogs, to keep things organized. I love this WordPress site. It also brought me to wonderful and lovely fellow bloggers who are so talented in writing and everything else in between. Anyway, After Searching on the internet for top blog sites, WordPress came into the search engine and I am so glad I made the switch. I was with Google Blogspot until end of October, when suddenly my Google Blogspot Disappeared and My Google Gmail account was disabled for no reason at all. I have written a couple of blogs about the terrible ordeal I had with them. If you like to read them, simply search Google on my blog and you will see related articles. I just love this site so much. Its so easy to get around to read others blogs, I can search for blogs in relative to me and the subjects I love, I see so many great ideas people come up with, I see cooking and baking recipes, what people do for christmas, new years, easter, thanksgiving, valentines day, so on and so forth.

This wordpress website is very special to me and I finally found my passion of writing and writing in my blog is important to me everyday.

I am glad to be part of the WordPress family.

I love all of you.


Google Still Fails to Re-instate My Personal E-mail Account Along with Blogspot

After a Month and a half of constantly e-mailing Google everyday to ask why they disabled my account for my blogging website, my picasa web albums and even my personal Google Gmail account. I am not a happy camper at all. I still try everyday to see if I can get through to these people at Google and they still fail to notify me or out of respecting me to e-mail me. I had done nothing wrong, and I used my blogger and gmail account within the terms of service, I did not do anything out of the ordinary. I do not get why Google has done this to me. You’d think a big Kahuna Giant of the Internet would behave in this fashion. I am not amused. I have not done any harm, I used my e-mail properly, I did not send out any spam notes, I did not do anything. It REALLY DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME!

I used to respect Google and I used to compliment my friends on how wonderful of a search engine and company it is, but I no longer think so. Google has gone way over its head and they think they can treat their users and members like this and get away with it. I demand my personal e-mail with my address book of my family, friends and employment e-mails be sent to me. There are people that I communicate with that e-mail account and I keep in touch with them VIA e-mail and now those people probably think that I am avoiding them and don’t want to keep in touch anymore. Now that I had to create a new e-mail address and update all my resumes and internet social networking accounts, and at some point since Google and Youtube are linked together now, I couldn’t even access my Youtube Account until I found a way to Unlink it from the account that was disabled by google.

Everyday, I go to check my e-mail account and just out of curiousty trying to log in and all I get is a SORRY YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DISABLED page. I have been a loyal user for Google for the past 4-5 years now and I have always talked highly about it, but now? I do not think so.