Caught Someone Pretending To Talk On His Cell Phone Today

What a funny thing I witnessed today. I could not believe it with some people, I just couldn’t stop laughing. Today, I decided to go out to a coffee shop called Tim Horton’s and I ordered an Iced Latte. So I went and sat down. As I am drinking and relaxing for almost 10 minutes, I see this guy 2 tables down from me looking around and about, so 2 minutes later, he pulls out his phone and starts to talk, This ordinary guy, and so another 5 minutes goes by and he is still yapping on his phone about pointless stuff that makes him look ridiculous, then to his surprise, the phone rings twice while he is talking on his cell phone. The first person he saw was me and I looked at him and I shook my head and started to giggle. He felt so embarrassed and I can sort of tell, that he was pretending to talk on the phone. He just picked his Iced Cappuccino up and he left like no tomorrow humiliated .

Dude, if your going to pretend to talk with your cell phone, at least put it on silent. He had a blackberry same as Me and he is trying to show it off. I can’t believe it. So many people have phones these days and its not a rare occurrence.  He has to show off and try to look cool. I was sort of eavesdropping on his conversation because he was so close to me and I was alone having my Iced Latte, so he was going on about how his date was last night, how he had a blast, how he said Yeah I am going on a date with her again tonight, then a little bit of a pause to try and pretend that he is talking to someone else on the other side, and then he went on to talk again. I just laughed so hard. We didn’t say a word to each other after I caught him with his phone ringing loud by his ear.

Now, sometimes I wonder if people are actually talking on their cell phones in a public place, and I actually wonder if there is someone on the other line actually having conversations with these people. It’s happened again when I was flying to Vancouver, BC at the airport while waiting for my flight at the gates. This other guy was pretending to talk on his cell phone and it rang. This was at almost 8am in the morning just about to board my flight. It was so funny. I mean what do people gain by doing this stuff? It is beyond me. Maybe for self-satisfaction or something. I don’t know, but it is ridiculous and looks ridiculous.

Well, I am sure that guy today learned his lesson to never pretend to talk on a phone again. I sort of felt sorry for the guy, but it was a big time Epic Fail lol.

29 thoughts on “Caught Someone Pretending To Talk On His Cell Phone Today

  1. My sister witnessed this very same thing on a bus many years ago. The girl she saw doing this was going “Yeah” and “Okay” at seemingly the right moments, then suddenly her phone rang! She hurriedly said “I’ll call you back, there’s a call on the other line!” but the entire bus was already laughing at her.

    My phone almost never rings and I mainly use it for texting, but when it *does* ring people always know it’s my phone because it plays the Doctor Who theme tune!

    (Or, when I recieve a text, Kryten from Red Dwarf informs me that my telephone is ringing)

  2. My mother-in-law had bad dementia when she was younger and used to have ‘conversations’ with invisible people. Imagine if cell phones had been around then, she could have chatted away for hours with a lump of plastic glued to her ear and no-one would have known any different. Fortunately she’s on medication now that stops all that 🙂

  3. Actually, there are some people who will have a good reason to do that. I remember walking home one night and a guy was following me, and all I could think to do was wip out my phone and pretend to text someone. If that didn’t work, I would have pretended to call someone, but texting worked fine and he left me alone.
    It’s possible someone may have stalked him, don’t assume you know something about someone. Even if he was yapping on and on about a pointless date from the night before.

  4. It’s even more funny you met twice in the similar funny scene. By the way you have a BlackBerry? I do, too, It’s very convenient and I love it. I’m very sad that RIM is now in difficulties in its business.

  5. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL he was showing off to you, or maybe trying to strike a conversation with you 🙂 you should have grabbed your cell and replied HI

  6. Being a stereotypical Canadian and such, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read “I decided to go out to a coffee shop called Tim Horton’s,” before I realized that the rest of the world doesn’t spend every waking hour of thier spare time at Tim’s.

  7. This was soo funny! I couldn’t help but crack up even after reading! haha The things people do..if I witnessed this scene I would die laughing even sitting alone but probably uncontrollably! I’m sure I would embarrass the guy by my extreme outburst…LOL

  8. This reminds me of two things. Someone mentioned to a lawyer I work with: “You must be important you are always on your cell phone.” The lawyer replied, “My shrink told me to hold my cell phone to my ear when I’m talking to myself so people don’t think I’m crazy.”

    I read a blog post by a man, walking behind an elderly woman talking on her cell phone to her daughter complaining about her other daughter. When he walks around her, he notices she doesn’t have a cell phone.

  9. Talin… I’m really sad that you never approved this comment 😦 I sincerely enjoy your blog, but because you didn’t approve this comment I am going to stop following your blog posts. I think that sometimes we need to be able to take constructive criticism. Obviously this is difficult for you. I wish you luck!

  10. I frequently pretend to talk on the phone – but for a good reason (not just to look like some self-important weirdo like the guy in your story)! There are 3 times I’ll pretend to be on my cell: 1) When avoiding annoying sales people at mall kiosks, or beggars on the street asking for money. 2) When someone creepy is staring at me in a public place 3) When I spot an annoying co-worker around at break, to avoid a pointless 20 minute conversation about her child learning how to use the toilet. At work, sometimes I pretend to be on the phone with a client, when certain blabbermouths pass by. Some people are such a drain on energy, time & progress! Many of them just can’t take a hint. I’ve tried the whole “look busy” thing, or just straight-out telling them that I’m busy. They just brush it off, and say “oh, there’s plenty of time left in the day, you can do it later”…then proceed to talk my ear off. The 30 second fake conversation is well worth the half hour of useless small talk I’ll miss out on. Sometimes, faking it has a reason…but the dude at the cafe…that’s just kind of pathetic!

  11. I also fake talk on my cell.
    Just and only for safety and security reasons when I am walking home all by myself and I am walking on a deserted street with just me walking and no one else.
    I also fake talk on my cell when I am walking across an empty and totally deserted parking lot (open and underground).
    Tis much more better to be safe than sorry.

  12. I do it all the time. Of course I out my phone on silent. But I do it because I think out loud and it helps me process information. When I’m studying in a restaurant I pretend Im talking to a lab partner, when i’m avoiding some creepy dude I’m making dinner plans, sometimes im just planning my schedule.

  13. Once, I was talking to someone on the phone and little did I know the call had dropped for about 15 seconds already. Had no idea, no clue that I was talking to emptiness until the phone rang mid sentence. Surreal experience, but sure glad someone didn’t assume the worst.

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