Google Still Fails to Re-instate My Personal E-mail Account Along with Blogspot

After a Month and a half of constantly e-mailing Google everyday to ask why they disabled my account for my blogging website, my picasa web albums and even my personal Google Gmail account. I am not a happy camper at all. I still try everyday to see if I can get through to these people at Google and they still fail to notify me or out of respecting me to e-mail me. I had done nothing wrong, and I used my blogger and gmail account within the terms of service, I did not do anything out of the ordinary. I do not get why Google has done this to me. You’d think a big Kahuna Giant of the Internet would behave in this fashion. I am not amused. I have not done any harm, I used my e-mail properly, I did not send out any spam notes, I did not do anything. It REALLY DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME!

I used to respect Google and I used to compliment my friends on how wonderful of a search engine and company it is, but I no longer think so. Google has gone way over its head and they think they can treat their users and members like this and get away with it. I demand my personal e-mail with my address book of my family, friends and employment e-mails be sent to me. There are people that I communicate with that e-mail account and I keep in touch with them VIA e-mail and now those people probably think that I am avoiding them and don’t want to keep in touch anymore. Now that I had to create a new e-mail address and update all my resumes and internet social networking accounts, and at some point since Google and Youtube are linked together now, I couldn’t even access my Youtube Account until I found a way to Unlink it from the account that was disabled by google.

Everyday, I go to check my e-mail account and just out of curiousty trying to log in and all I get is a SORRY YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DISABLED page. I have been a loyal user for Google for the past 4-5 years now and I have always talked highly about it, but now? I do not think so.

56 thoughts on “Google Still Fails to Re-instate My Personal E-mail Account Along with Blogspot

  1. This is really insulting and annoying. I’d keep emailing them till they give you a satisfactory answer or find someone else to complain to.

    My mate had is fb deactivated it was really sad because he lost so many photos etc.

    The lesson here is nothing is safe on the net… Always have backups of everything.

    Good luck

  2. That is really annoying…. One of the reasons we stopped using AOL was the fact that they decided you didn’t have to keep your emails forever. I like google but am wondering if I should have my data base in two places.

  3. Oh no…that’s really terrible. Sorry to say, out of the blue…I had hardly used the service, and I also had the same thing happen. That was 2 or 3 years ago and I never did get a response or my email access restored. I recommend a paid ‘bundle’ service that gives email, tv, internet, etc… Also, Hotmail and Yahoo have always provided great service!

  4. Horrible isn’t it? I think companies get so big they don’t think they have to look after people anymore. Do a search for “google account disabled” and you will find many similar stories … maybe one of them will give you hints as to how to get it back.

  5. =S I was never really into google… but that’s weird. Google seems to be a company that would be working hard to keep customers’ needs constantly looked it, with all the competition they’re facing o.O

  6. Google is definitely getting too big for its boots. I’ve never had anything but trouble with the email service (it let spam in and sent emails from friends and family to junk, no matter how many times I played with the settings to correct them) and so I’ve not used Google Mail for years.

    However, I do use the search engine and I tried Google+ when it was launched. It proved highly popular amongst my friends, until people started to find their accounts blocked for not using their real name! I think that the use of your given name is a highly personal choice and that it should not be forced upon you by some large company that displays your information in its own search engine.

  7. The same trouble is often reported in Japan. What is worse is only English help are provided by Google, which many Japanese users have difficulties in reading. I myself would be at a loss when I were faced with such trouble. I wish your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

  8. hi

    same happens to me when WordPress deactivated my account mistakenly and for whole 12 hrs. I wont able to connect my blog nor it appear to the public. when I go to my URL it say the blog has been deactivated due to violation of use. I then immediately email to their Resource Management and one of them reply me with an apology that computer have mistakenly deactivated your blog and it wont happen next time and in an apology they reinstate my blog with all it usual features.

    But till the time they reinstate almost 13 hrs. have past and my blog have hit the ridiculously bad hits in 3 years. I almost reach the 3rd page of the Google search and well above all my Hotmail email account flooded with the emails of desperate readers around the globe.

    In short, there might be some technical error and may be you approaching the wrong management with your query??

    In any sense I might help you do ask me for it πŸ™‚

    Best of luck God bless U

    Ahmad Ladhani

  9. “Deactivated due to violation of use” is a libel if untrue. How would their head office like a threat to sue?

    I’ve heard several similar stories, not all about Google. Accounts are blocked for mysterious reasons and it can be that one complaint or suspicious reading has come in, often simply a mistake or a misreading. With any other kind of service, they’d notify you of the nature of the problem and give you a chance to respond. I suppose one reason for the arrogance and incompetence is a market/money one: you, the customer, aren’t directly paying them. I’ve had no problems like this myself so far.

    However, since becoming an on-line person at home long after I did at work (where problems like this are dealt with by someone else) I’ve realised just how unresponsive and difficult to access on-line services generally are. If you buy something over the counter, by hard copy post or by the phone, you have a contact you can question and to whom you can make a full complaint. If you have a hard copy letter, it will give a phone number, address and very likely website or e-mail address, or you’d be very suspicious.

    Run into problems with an on-line service and you probably find you have no postal address, no e-mail and the capacity to send a message of a very limited number of words, which will be dealt with by someone in India (if the company is in the UK or US) who is conscientious but programmed to give stock responses and has not been given the informnation or independence to deal with anything beyond routine.

  10. If filling out the account recovery form didn’t give any results Google says “If you’re unable to recover access to your account using the recovery form, you can create a new account. Gmail usernames cannot be recreated, so if you were using Gmail, please pick a new username.” I suppose that would be your last option ’cause it’s such a PAIN!
    Also, if someone hacked into your account and did something, there would be no way for you to find out what it is they did. Sorry to say but there are a lot of malicious people out there harming just for the hell of it.
    I guess you’ll have quite a project on your hands if you want to get back on Google.

  11. From what I understand google has some issues with it’s key words so that unbeknowst to the blogger if google happens to pick up on a word that is red flagged somewhere it goes into auto mode and freezes everything. For this reason I have been hesitant to publish on blogspot.

  12. I agree with people who suggested for email yahoo and for blogging wordpress, they two combo never disappoint me!!! πŸ˜€ Sorry to hear this, it’s quite frustrating!! I would be mad if that happened to me. If nothing changes, how about you write a petition!? πŸ™‚ And all your supporters will sign it demanding an answer from Google’s customer service or whoever deals with such issues, what they respond to you will certainly help other readers in a similar case! πŸ™‚

    Good luck!!!

  13. Aww 😦 I wonder why this is happening to you. But Google and Apple are seriously hard on you know what when they exhibit their whims and fancies. Try opening another account and link your blog to it. Since you have wordpress as your platform, I think it’s possible.

    Thanks for following my blog Talin. Following you right back.

  14. I hope everything goes well with your google situation! Personally, I haven’t had any problems with google myself – knock on wood. Hopefully they can correct it.
    Thank you for following my blog Talin!

  15. Hi,
    I used to use G-mail, but had a lot of problems with spam, and my account there was hacked, and all my friends got spam e-mail from me! Now I use Yahoo and I must say the service is great, I have never had any problems and I have been using Yahoo for years now.
    I think it is disgusting how you have been treated, they at least should send you any personal information that you had in your account.

  16. How annoying for you to endure. WordPress is great for blogging, tried three others and this is best in my opinion πŸ™‚ Not sure about mail tho’, it’s all sketchy, try not to use much of it. Too bad they wouldn’t take down some of the utter dirt and garbage instead of a “human zone” like yours! Stay with us! Forget the rest, hahaha πŸ™‚

  17. I could not get my second blog onto Google although I thought I’d done everything right. After reading for days through wordpress support I discovered the problem, and while it might be not the answer for you exactly, please take a look.
    On the Dashboard of your WordPress blog site there is an entry called TOOLS. Go to tools and look to see if you have entered the meta tag for Google Webmaster Tools. If that line is blank, that is a piece of your problem. Try opening a new Google Account, and if that works continue on to verify your blog site.
    As follows:Go to Google account, at blog URL click add an account, choose Alternative methods tab,select add a metatag to your site’s home page, copy the entire content of box. Have open the dashboard of wordpress blog at the TOOLS tab before you start the above, because you will now paste the copy material into the box for Google. Click save and then return to google webmaster site and click Verify. If successful, the Google system will recognise your blog site.
    Somehow something has not been activated, Google does not have personal opinions, I believe, it’s an automated system that requires information. Hope this didn’t make things worse

  18. To be honest you’ve probably lost both accounts for good. Google support barely exists, and they don’t like admitting they’ve done something wrong. Depending on how long you had the Blogger account, however, you might find some of your work here:

    It’s called “The Wayback Machine” and it’s basically an archive of most of the Internet. But it only records information if the blog / blog post is more than six months old, if it records it at all. They’ve archived more than 150 billion web pages since 1996.

    Ironically, you could also Google the name of your Blogger blog and see if you can find cached versions of your old posts. It might be too late, but sometimes a post can be cached for up to three months.

    Good luck.

  19. Hi there,

    I’m sorry for what you are going through. I hope that you are able to straighten it out and get things back to normal soon.
    However I have noticed that you have visited my blog on several occasions and was wondering if we could somehow link eachother? Let me know what you think? Talk to you soon.
    Have a wonderful day!

  20. I know gmail shuts down if someone tried to hack your account but they should correspond with you in an effort to get you up and running again.

    Thank you for subscribing to my blog πŸ™‚

  21. I feel your pain. The same exact thing happened to me some months back. Google has all the forms for you to fill out for any problem but nobody to read them and nobody to fix them. I am lucky to have backed up my blog so I just came over to WordPress and I haven’t looked back.. Sadly I lost my 123 followers though. 😦

  22. Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache and cookies followed by restarting your PC then attempting to log in again, perhaps using a different web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera)?

    If not, maybe try from a different computer or at a different physical location or even operating system(XP, Vista, 7, Linux, OSX)?

  23. oh no hope you get it back – that’s the second story I’ve heard this week of Google blocking someone’s account, scary. I think I will have a double check of what I use gmail for…

  24. Google is great when it works but complete rubbish when it doesn’t. Suddenly they become a faceless multi-national corporation that don’t respond. This is because they’re not bothered. We’re very small, they are very big. I keep two emails going at once – google and yahoo. It’s a pain but I feel more secure doing it.

  25. Hi

    I found your post interesting, you never explain what initiated the suspension of your Google email and blogger accounts. Does the web page give any explanation other than ‘your account has been disabled’? I would be interested in hosting a guest post on my site if you would be willing to write about your account suspension and the problems you’ve faced getting your account reinstated in greater detail. You can contact me at my website http:// or via email @

    Best of Luck

  26. One of the many reasons I don’t care too much for the Google world.
    I have heard way too many stories like yours and it’s too bad that Google can’t offer more help to rectify it!!

    Good luck !

  27. This really bothers me. I used be a big Google fan until I tried using their AdWords program. It seems as though when a company gets so big they feel like they can do whatever they want to their users and customers and it’s really sickening.

  28. I know the feeling. That happened to me with my second Live Account and blog for my author web page/blog. It had gotten shut down and then when I went into check it out and made a ticket then i still coudnt get in. then i got a new email address attached to it. So I sent an email to that address which wasn’t active. so i think someone tried to steal my account. and then i re-opened it. but the mistake i made was not to migrate my information. i cancelled it out. and then they closed the second account. i wasn’t that happy. but i have my web page information to start it over. so that is what i am planning to do. I dont know what happened with Google. I dont use it much but I haven’t had many problems with it. Maybe you should just try another webpage. They have a couple out there. But it would depend on what you are looking for. Let me know what happens. By the way- thanks for following my webpage.

  29. Sorry to read this… it is sad but ti does happen. I lost my old Youtube account when I mistakenly agreed to link it to my gmail account… Anyway, I hope it gets resolved for you… 😦

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