Never Let Anyone Bring You & What Your Passionate About Down

Today, I had a battle with someone on my Facebook friend’s list who should have never been a friend at all in the first place, who criticized me and sarcastically asked me a snide question which I really didn’t like on why I have to post about a retreat Armenian seminar I am going to this weekend 10 times? I can sense the sarcasm instantly with the tone of the way the wording was and how it was brought to my attention. Well, it is obvious and she should have common sense that not everyone sees something instantly on their news feeds on Facebook, so I need to keep promoting it because there have been times where people don’t see what I post. I mean, last time I checked it is my Facebook, and its not like I am posting anything bad. I can post what I like, and post anything that I want. I do not need anyone’s approval or permission to post what I am passionate about and what I am devoted to.

Never let others dictate your life, never let others decide what you like and don’t like. I am passionate about Taking care of my house, taking care of my family, My friends,  and I love the Highway 401 East in Ontario, Canada, Montreal, Transport Trucks, Traveling, Driving, Cooking, Cleaning, I am also passionate and dedicated to making the world a better place with no bullying, with no hate, with loving each other, with happiness, positivity, optimism, enthusiasm about life and everything that is beautiful about this world with the people in it. I will not let somebody tell me what I should and should not like, and I am not going to let another persons jealousy take over me. That girl is obviously so jealous of me and what I stand for and what my beliefs are and she is so intimidated by me. Those are types of people that are not true friends to me. I had to delete her off my friends list today. It came to that point where I drew the line, that she crossed over big time. One little snide comment can mean a bigger thing and she wanted to say in such a fashion not to offend me in anyway, but I know where she is going with that and I knew she meant it the way I know she meant it.

One thing I cannot stand is sarcastic snide remarks. I believe everyone is free to like what they like, and if people have that problem, then they should not be your friends in the first place. People should accept you for who you are, and not what you like. Today I just got so tired and had to put my foot down. She did not message me privately about it, she had to write it on my Facebook feed for everyone to see, but My good friends and my family backed me up big time, and I want to thank those individuals for helping me through this ordeal today. I deleted the whole conversation, I deleted her off my friends list. I do not need people like her burning me like that and making cruel remarks. If someone appreciates you for you and supports you in everything, that is a person to keep. I am so glad I had to do what I had to do today. It was as easy as one click, and poof gone. I said enough is enough. I had to put my foot down. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I need to review my friends list and spend a couple of days analyzing those who are worth to keep on my friends list and who are not.

I am just so tired of people bringing me down with the things I like. The things I like are not bad. Who would have thought liking a highway, traveling, cooking, cleaning, Montreal, Transport Trucks and trucking, Driving and other things I like would be so bad and people having a problem with it? I mean what in the heck is wrong with society? Yet people like bad influence shows, yet people become fans of shows that are such a disgrace to society like Glee, Jersey Shore, and all those shows that are on Television nowadays. People are passionate about that and I just don’t understand why people think they are even great things to watch? And yet the things I like get put down. I mean yes, everyone is entitled to like what they want to like, but again nobody should be bullied and nobody should receive snide remarks.

I needed to get this off my chest tonight. It really made my day gray, but my family and friends helped me get through it today and I feel better tonight. Thanks everyone.

I love you!


36 thoughts on “Never Let Anyone Bring You & What Your Passionate About Down

  1. I had a girl like that on my friends list too. She wasn’t even my friend she was a friend of my best friend from college and she always made remarks on my status so I deleted her. The next thing I know she’s stalking me on other facebook pages. I was like is this girl serious? Some people just have no lives and hate to see other people happier than they are.

  2. Good for you, do whatever makes you happy, you are not hurting anyone by liking or writing what you want, why do you bother wven getting mad??? life is too short keep blogging and enjoy your life and stay positive

  3. Talin, I love that you are passionate about your blog and the things that make you happy however, you have to take criticism with a grain of salt. People will love but people will also hate so you can’t take things so personally. Also always remember that a blog like yours is filled with YOUR expressions and opinions but you’ve also made it public. Comments like these also belong to people so it will be their opinions. Can’t let people get you down, keep doing what you love to do and when people criticize just let it be motivation for you to be better than them.

  4. Talin, I’m sorry that you are so angry, so often. A lovely young woman such as yourself shouldn’t be so angry. There must be something inside that tears at you, and I can see that you fight it because you love all things beautiful. I hope you have some peace in your life.

  5. I once got bullied on twitter for retweeting something I found funny,, but the girl who wrote it didn’t like it. Called me a Cabbage Patch Kid, heh. I’ve been pretty lucky so far. You did the right thing.

  6. you have to understand Talin that you are posting your thoughts and feelings to the whole world to see. If you expect everyone to respond positively %100 of the time this is not realistic and you should re-evaluate your feelings and if you have the thick skin to let it slide and not take things personally, as the above poster said, take it with a grain of salt, overcome evil with good and don’t be mean in return

    • While it’s true that she’s posting her thoughts for the entire world (or at least her friend list) to see, it’s her Facebook page. Anyone who doesn’t like to see what she posts could easily hide her posts, unsubscribe, or unfriend her altogether. Attacking someone’s core concerns, beliefs, thoughts, etc. on their own profile page is tantamount to saying that their right to free speech isn’t important to you.

      While I agree that having a thick skin is something that everyone using the internet for socialization should have, there is no excuse for not keeping one’s negative thoughts to themselves. Especially on someone else’s page.

  7. Stay focused on your good! You have such shine in your countenance and beautiful eyes. The good comes thru! 🙂 The fullest respect we can offer to ourselves and others is to shine our light! We all feel the way you did in your post at one time or another and it is challenging to not allow the negative vibrations to affect us. But we can overcome. Great post! Cindy

  8. You have every right to share your feelings. Facebook is a media that can be used for spreading good news and those things that we are passionate about which are not harmful in anyway. It is sad when people use it to put people down. Don’t let them. Keep you head up and share what’s in your heart. Many of us hear you and support you.

  9. You’re right! It’s your Facebook and you should post what you want and however many times you want! That’s why there’s an option to edit your newsfeed! If you don’t like it don’t look at it. You’re only responsible for what you do or say, not for how people interpret your word/actions.

  10. Talin, I just try not to let people bother me anymore. I’ve figured that I can’t please everyone in the world, and getting upset is giving the other person way too much power.

  11. Jealousy & stupidity… they always go so well together. Think of those people as lower lifeforms and ignore them. Their hatred will make them implode. Hahahahaha 😀

  12. talin you are overreacting to a negative comment and writting a whole blog about it is actually letting this person win and giving so much importance to her!!! she is probably happy right now that you blogged about her!

  13. I agree with what “Happychick” said.
    If you put it out there anyone could comment and all comments might not be positive ones. In these times everyone has something to say. For Facebook being that big “social media” – I find it to be the “big SELFISH media”. Next time you can post it as an event and add your comments there. You also have the option of un-friending that person without them knowing. Twitter is kind of the same way – people don’t care for a post that is repeated and repeated. Blogging seems to be a much better way of sharing your thoughts and feelings – however, people might not always comment in a positive way as well. What ever happened to the saying, if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all?
    Be like a duck and let it roll off your back.

  14. Hi, and thank you for following my blog. It looks like you have quite a few followers of your own! Kudos for communicating your thoughts to the world, and for creating a space in which people can open up. Best of luck on your future writing endeavors! -Kate Meadows

  15. I understand your feelings now. I was on both side of the tables, in different situations of courses. I’m not sure you may notice my humble comments… but this comes from my true experiences.

    People are different. If they are thinking different to you, that doesn’t mean they are not good. People grow and come next to each other, not knowing that they come from very different backgrounds and experiences. An action that this person feels ok to do, is actually a crime with the others. They clashed. Because they don’t understand each other. Not because they don’t respect each others’ value of life.

    Confidence is nothing wrong. Keeping one’s self value is good. But please be notice that people, maybe nextdoor to you, may have habits and thoughts that you just can’t understand – at least for a quick glance. That’s also true for others. They may only have good intention – but poor explanation makes them looks bad before your eyes.

    Anyway, I hope you have more better times in your lives. You’ve always reminded me about a friend of mine, who was always enthusiastics, full of energy, and say almost everything she think.. almost

  16. talin if one negative person is upsetting you u this much and causing you to react in such a way and write a long blog and such you need to assess if you should be making your feelings public. You need to be realistic and respect other peoples opinion not take it as an attack. And I agree she is probably happy you are giving her importance and writting a story about all about her.It takes emotional maturity to blog and handle negative feedback without letting in ruin your whole day. Don’t be a victim

    • This is what concerns me about Talin. I’ve disagreed with her in the past and it was taken as a personal attack against her, which I would never do. There is anger inside that seems to catch fire when someone writes in disagreement with her, usually about a topic where there will be many differing viewpoints. I understand she’s young (not that young!), but part of being a writer is accepting that not everyone will love what you write.

  17. You hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, we live in a time where people do not embrace other views unless it is their own. And when this happens, they tend to be boogers about it and let you know in a very tacky way by putting you down. I am so glad that you won’t let this person put you down. We are entitled to our own opinions and views. As long as we are respectful, then we should not be afraid. Love this post!

  18. 1st of, you are gorgeous… 2nd, I love the color you wear here!
    For some reasons, I felt I knew what was coming just with the title alone 🙂

    Most importantly, I had a similar day. I love clicking n displaying. Now one of my friend’s pic sat on my table and apparently when I was clicking the sketch I did after 2 months (meant a lot to me since I started to sketch after 15 years this February!), he had to spoil it by asking me to take the image off!!
    What the heck, if he is so ashamed of being associated with me, he should probably take himself off my list and my life too! The kid that he is (he is very young), he wouldn’t mind his language before snapping n making me even more upset. Not too hard to guess, I skipped my dinner. Not in fury but because it waited while I was dealing with something more important!!
    I have re-posted the image with his face blurred. If he still has a problem then he might as well deal with it on his own!!
    Girl, you are going the right way… hugs xoxoxo

  19. thank you so much for being my first follower : )
    I am sorry to hear you are having problems with someone on facebook
    I once had a fibromyalgia page to help other people and got friendly with another sufferer, I even passed on a lot of my contacts to help her start her own page, she then decided to turn nasty and I had to shut my website down because the stress was making me ill (and stress is a trigger of my illness..she as a sufferer should know that ) I cannot believe that people can be so childish and nasty..I hope you manage to sort your issues out (( hugs ))

  20. What a great blog post! Thanks so much for sharing – I feel exactly the same way sometimes. I wish you the best! 🙂 PS- thank you so much for subscribing!

  21. Given that Facebook is a social media and that we are entitled to post and react whenever and wherever we want, it’s the approach that counts. I can relate in your sentiments as most people got annoyed of my autofeed in twitter as i post in wordpress (which automatically posted in my facebook wall). I just tell ’em “well, don’t click!” (of course, depends on how they react).

    As a hint, people who are really concerned to you should have respected your privacy simply by sending you a private message. If they’re rude, then it’s a mind over matter (you don’t mind, and they don’t matter) 🙂

    That’s what I’d admired of WordPress, we are actually sharing each other’s ideas in such a way that we respect each other’s opinions. 🙂 By the way, thank you for liking my post. God bless!

  22. there is seriously more important things going on in the world to be concerned about then letting a comment you didn’t like ruin your whole day, seriously.

  23. There’s a great feature now in Facebook, you can click the down menu next to a person post and opt to subscribe to all update, most updates, or only important updates. So there really is no reason for someone to be annoyed, if they don’t want to receive all of someone’s posts they can just choose only important updates. It worked for me with one person who was posting 20 times a day every thought that came into his mind. Thanks as well for liking my post, hope you liked the song. Have a nice day.

  24. i must say you come across as very judgmental, all your blogs are ” he should do this, she should do that” and bashing people

  25. You must not think what others think about you. Life is too short to give importance to others. So juse live your life the way you want to live!
    Cheers 🙂

  26. I love Montreal by the way. I like what Anil said. Saying it another way, you won’t be offended if you don’t take offense. You are the boss of you. Do what you believe is right and makes sense to you. If you are civil to others and treat them like you want to be treated, then that is all that matters. People will share their opinions whether they are informed or not. Oftentimes, it is the latter. Sometime doing the right thing is a lonely job.

  27. Although you are upset by people putting you down because of the things you like, criticizing others by stating “yet people become fans of shows that are such a disgrace to society like Glee, Jersey Shore, and all those shows that are on Television nowadays…” doesn’t really help your mission of stopping bullying. Although I do not condone some things shown on the Jersey Shore, it is an interesting phenomenon. When looked through an occupational lens, it’s interesting to see that the characters portray occupations and place them in a certain hierarchical order, just like the hierarchical order you and I place on occupations we perform in our daily life.

  28. Social sites are full of people like that. People are so full of negative tactics; they are so miserable that I believe at some point these habits are formed consequently becoming a curse over their lives. I saw a quote the other day and it read: Bitterness is like drinking poison and hoping someone else dies. Pray for such people as you release them for as you found out this young lady was very toxic so you let her go. After awhile it gets easier to ignore.

    I read a story that happened to a very famous person who was a monk. His name was Swami Vivekanada. One day as this train was at a fast clip from Calcutta to Delhi, some English people were in in a discussion about monks who they described as nothing more than beggars. They felt they did not understand why people treated them so special, that they were nothing more than lazy people and was appalled at how others would serve them on such blind faith. Shortly after they said these remarks the train slowed and finally stopped for a break. The train conductor bowed in respect to this monk and asked him what did he need. The monk answered in such pure English the other passengers were stunned. He told the train conductor he only wanted a glass of water. Finally one of the passengers asked him why was he not bothered by these insulting remarks and the monk replied: “Brothers, I remain engrossed only in the thoughts of my life’s work. I do not enter into any kind of disputes.” Swami Vivekanada`s upbringing was of utmost kind. He later gave a very famous speech in Chicago.

    Evidently he did not have the time to even listen to such garbage and you don`t either. You have a full and happy life and leave such people in God`s care. His ways and actions are higher than ours. Enjoy your weekend. ~Karishmananda

  29. Talin, In reading some of these comments I have to sit back and wonder. . A person telling you that you are overreacting.. Would love to know how she got the job of deciding at what level someone is overreacting.and the part about writing a whole blog about it…..hmm…should you only have written a quarter blog about it! Is not the whole point of blogging to take precious moments from your life and share what you think or feel on a subject. Perhaps I am wrong I don’t know, point is everything is subjective. I just felt that some of the negative comments demonstrate that there are wayyyyy to many people that were never taught ” if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.. There are idiots everywhere you look in life and some people just don’t know when to zip the lip when you encounter these type of people you do what you would do with anything else you found that is poisonous , you remove it from your presence! Learn to laugh about these things as everyone is entitled to their opinion but they should express their negative opinions on their own blogs, facebook, tweeters etc….not on yours that is not only bad manners but shows they need to really take a look at themselves and worry for their Karma!

  30. good step to take, I have found some people finding sarcasm as trendy and cool, and I don’t know why, but I don’t take it to my heart and give them a tit for tat reply 😉 that’s the best thing to do to keep these kind of people at bay….if they are making such remarks about you in public, then you also reply sarcastically to them and in public 🙂

  31. It “womps” that this had to happen, but I think that the end result had to be done. You handled it appropriately. People should be adding to your life (positively) and if they are not, they should disappear. I feel the same. I’m glad that you were able to recognize this, monitor and adjust. It took courage to do what you did, I’m sure, but it’s for the best.

    Keep moving forward with life, with your chin up.

    Love & Peace.


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