Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help When You Need It Most.

Have you ever had the issue of being afraid to ask for help when you need it the most? Have you ever been in a middle of a situation and you hesitate and think twice about asking for a hand in something? I am sure all of us at some point have felt the embarrassment of it, but I can assure you, it is not an embarrassment or a fear. I know a lot of us want to do things on our own and be independent people without other people’s help, and a lot of people go on in life without help from other people, but never be afraid to ask for it when you need it, because there are so many dangerous things that can happen to someone if they do not ask for help. So many things can happen, such as when someone lifts something heavy and does not ask for help and then that persons back starts hurting or injures ones self badly. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, when you do not ask for it, people will automatically think, that your trying to be the hero, your trying so hard to impress people by doing everything on your own, but your not doing yourself any good. You are harming your body and your health by doing that. Always think before you do something because when help is there and when there are people that ask you if you want help with things, and you say no, I can do it all on my own, then the next time you do need that help, they won’t be there and they will say, I thought you can do everything on your own?

It is not a bad thing when people are trying to be helpful to you and to give you their hands, time and energy to you. In any situation whether it is at work, home, something emotional, something physical, something that you need. If you do not ask, you won’t know the answer. Also if people ask, its great to always be polite when you ask. Always say, Hello, May I please have some assistance with this? Please and thank you, you will see that the answer will be a yes most of the time, and you will see great results. Also if someone is going through a tough emotional problem, stresses that a person needs a friend or someone to talk to, that person will say May I ask for advice on what to do in this certain situation? Its always a May I? Not can you? Not Can I? Never stop asking for help when you need it. I know it can be something that a lot of people fear, but do not fear, help is there. You just need to ask.

Some people are so proud and so high and mighty of themselves, but deep inside, they know exactly that they need that help, but they try and do everything to not feel the humiliation of asking. Its not an easy thing, I know, but it can be. Please and Thank you are magic words. Some people do not even say thank you to someone or people who have helped them or have done so much for that person. Please and Thank you’s are important and beautiful words. Its very important to utilize them in every aspect. So ask for help today. Don’t be afraid. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, we all have differences, but one thing you should know, that help is not a bad thing. for anyone or anything. Give it a try and see for yourself.


23 thoughts on “Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help When You Need It Most.

  1. I’ve been talking to people in my circle about this topic a lot!!…. We are not made or born to be independent of others! EVERYONE has had to depend on or ask someone for a hand at some point in their lives. ….big help or very little help— it’s help.

  2. Thanks so much for your uplifting words, Talin! We would love to hear about you eco philosophies if you felt so inspired!

  3. Dear Talin; I hope that my quoting you on my wordpress blog, ‘The Seminar’ ‘Passageways to Riches’TM Healing, is okay with you. Please email me if you don’t like it and I will have it removed. You may be interested in the request that I presented. It was partially because of You. Thank You, Reuven Bryer

  4. My wife and I would like to thank you for that post. We really needed that we are currently in a situation and were embarrassed to ask for help. We are both a bit hard-headed when it comes to asking for help. We’ve always done everything on our own and pride ourselves for being able to do so. But it seems that we are a bit too prideful. Your words of encouragement have really helped us…so again, thank you.

  5. Hi Talin

    Just to let you know I enjoy reading your blogs every day and I think you are great at what you do. I have awarded you the Beautiful Blogger Award on both of my blogs, and to go with your other well deserved awards

  6. you make some very valid statements here. and thanks for reading the snowflake trees, by which you can probably tell that I’m not really a positive person like yourself. so it’s great that a positive person will go and read the writings of a negative one. very open-minded of you, and I thank you.

  7. I always feel embarrassed if I ask for help. Society is all about self sufficiency and standing on your own two feet, that asking for a help makes you feel like a failure.

  8. Sometimes asking for help need more bravery than doing it alone…or one should know about oneself well to distinguish what is to do by oneself and what is to ask someone for help.

  9. Very very true! I like doing things for myself, but sometimes you will need help… and like the poster above said, it takes a certain amount of courage to ask for that help.

    Though it is kinda irritating when people just instinctively ask for help before trying things out for themselves first…

  10. Wow … I really needed to read this post today. It is like the right word for the season of life I am facing and the decisions I need to make. I just had someone visit me today and say in different words the same things I read in your post. I hope and pray that you are greatly blessed in every way and that you continue to be a light unto others around you … 🙂

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