Nobody Is Perfect, I Make Mistakes, Everyone Makes Mistakes

A few days ago, I encountered a website that I did not like at all. Getoffmyinternets or something like that. I discovered that a few people have been writing terrible things about me and my blog. I am quite disgusted at that. I write blogs about bullying and social issues and I get shafted. I do not appreciate those people who did that to me. They said all sorts of mean things about my blog and I am not a happy camper. Yes I have a few things more to learn about writing styles and everything, but that does not give the right for these people to judge me and make assumptions about me saying I am an attention seeker. I never thought that my blog about bully prevention and social issue prevention would make people be rude and cruel. I couldn’t believe the crap I was reading about me. It made my day go crummy and when I was in Niagara falls this weekend, a part of me was thinking about those comments on that site and a part of me was with my friends having fun. I am so appalled. I thought I had restored my faith in Humanity, but in light of all this, it took me a few steps back.

What the heck is happening with this new generation? Disrespectful people everywhere, a lot of rude, pretentious, selfish, self-centered people whom do not respect people or peoples property.

I want what is best for everyone, I want to see a world full of love and full of good things and then I get shafted. I find that to be so unfair to me. I am doing my best to get better in my writing and I do feel like I getting better and better at it. I am not a perfect person, I make mistakes, but I always try to not make the same mistake twice and yet these people are so jealous that they want to ruin me. The sole purpose of my blogs is to spread positive, happy, optimistic, and great energy to people, I want people to feel good about themselves, I want people to be themselves and to not let peoples talents go to waste, and be the best you can be. I always try to motivate people and to get on the right track to happiness, and yet people go around and say terrible things about me on some ridiculous site who have no respect for people and people’s opinions and peoples thoughts.

I am not a happy camper at all. People need to really think about what they write and what they do before they do it. think before you act. I know that everyone makes mistakes and people aren’t perfect, and I realize that, but I just got so discouraged reading that cruel website. A lot of peoples blogs are on that website as well and a lot of peoples hard work and blogs are advertised on that site as terrible. People shouldn’t hate, people have no idea what these people go through in their personal lives, blogging is a way for people to escape and to write about their personal feelings, experiences and a lot more. people shouldn’t be penalized for it. It sickens me to see these sites being in existence. People think they know, but they have no idea what a person is feeling day to day. It needs to stop. Let people blog the way they want to blog and let people write their feelings without being jumped on. It is not nice.

I just had to get this out of my system today. It has been bothering me. Thank you for reading.


Never Let Anyone Bring You & What Your Passionate About Down

Today, I had a battle with someone on my Facebook friend’s list who should have never been a friend at all in the first place, who criticized me and sarcastically asked me a snide question which I really didn’t like on why I have to post about a retreat Armenian seminar I am going to this weekend 10 times? I can sense the sarcasm instantly with the tone of the way the wording was and how it was brought to my attention. Well, it is obvious and she should have common sense that not everyone sees something instantly on their news feeds on Facebook, so I need to keep promoting it because there have been times where people don’t see what I post. I mean, last time I checked it is my Facebook, and its not like I am posting anything bad. I can post what I like, and post anything that I want. I do not need anyone’s approval or permission to post what I am passionate about and what I am devoted to.

Never let others dictate your life, never let others decide what you like and don’t like. I am passionate about Taking care of my house, taking care of my family, My friends,  and I love the Highway 401 East in Ontario, Canada, Montreal, Transport Trucks, Traveling, Driving, Cooking, Cleaning, I am also passionate and dedicated to making the world a better place with no bullying, with no hate, with loving each other, with happiness, positivity, optimism, enthusiasm about life and everything that is beautiful about this world with the people in it. I will not let somebody tell me what I should and should not like, and I am not going to let another persons jealousy take over me. That girl is obviously so jealous of me and what I stand for and what my beliefs are and she is so intimidated by me. Those are types of people that are not true friends to me. I had to delete her off my friends list today. It came to that point where I drew the line, that she crossed over big time. One little snide comment can mean a bigger thing and she wanted to say in such a fashion not to offend me in anyway, but I know where she is going with that and I knew she meant it the way I know she meant it.

One thing I cannot stand is sarcastic snide remarks. I believe everyone is free to like what they like, and if people have that problem, then they should not be your friends in the first place. People should accept you for who you are, and not what you like. Today I just got so tired and had to put my foot down. She did not message me privately about it, she had to write it on my Facebook feed for everyone to see, but My good friends and my family backed me up big time, and I want to thank those individuals for helping me through this ordeal today. I deleted the whole conversation, I deleted her off my friends list. I do not need people like her burning me like that and making cruel remarks. If someone appreciates you for you and supports you in everything, that is a person to keep. I am so glad I had to do what I had to do today. It was as easy as one click, and poof gone. I said enough is enough. I had to put my foot down. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I need to review my friends list and spend a couple of days analyzing those who are worth to keep on my friends list and who are not.

I am just so tired of people bringing me down with the things I like. The things I like are not bad. Who would have thought liking a highway, traveling, cooking, cleaning, Montreal, Transport Trucks and trucking, Driving and other things I like would be so bad and people having a problem with it? I mean what in the heck is wrong with society? Yet people like bad influence shows, yet people become fans of shows that are such a disgrace to society like Glee, Jersey Shore, and all those shows that are on Television nowadays. People are passionate about that and I just don’t understand why people think they are even great things to watch? And yet the things I like get put down. I mean yes, everyone is entitled to like what they want to like, but again nobody should be bullied and nobody should receive snide remarks.

I needed to get this off my chest tonight. It really made my day gray, but my family and friends helped me get through it today and I feel better tonight. Thanks everyone.

I love you!