Get Me On The Marilyn Dennis Show To Raise Awareness on Social Issues

Hello Everyone, The Marilyn Dennis show is based out of Toronto, Canada and I would like to be on her show to raise awareness on Social issues and one most important is about bullying. Bullying is something that I do not tolerate. It is not nice, its terrible and nobody should be subject to that. My goal is to raise awareness not only on the bullying issue, but how people treat each other in public, how people disrespect others, how people provoke others, how people disrespect others property for example someones yard, someones home, someones car, someones belongings, how people think they are the only ones in the world and everyone must live by their rules and regulations. These things need to be addressed more and more and people need to realize that their actions and words does a lot in society and public. I want to get on Marilyn’s Show because I know she is a strong advocate when it comes to social, bullying and etiquette.

There is someone is particular I like and his name is Charles the butler. He comes on Marilyn’s show regularly to teach people etiquette, behavior, neatness, organization, manners, and what to do in a social setting when your at a party, function, office party, at work, and everything else. Hes an incredible person and I would so love to meet with him and share each others point of view. I can talk to Charles the Butler for hours and him and I would become best friends. So Marilyn I hope you do consider me, and I hope that I can be on your show. It would mean a lot to me for this opportunity and this privilege to speak out to the public about these things. Thank you so much!


11 thoughts on “Get Me On The Marilyn Dennis Show To Raise Awareness on Social Issues

  1. Keep up the great work! It takes someone who is brave enough to lead the rest who are not sure enough of themselves. Stay true to your self and you can inspire others to stand with you! Lynn Davis,

  2. keep trying Talin don’t ever give up, you never know it could happen, I hope she soes and wish you luck, you certainly deserve it for trying so hard to make a difference in life

  3. Yeah this is so importnat how people conduct themselves in public, they must not cross the boundary. Hope you learn and share important issue concering to the society and public.
    Best Wishes!!

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  5. Hello thank you for writing about the issue of un~politeness and bullying. I have been thinking a lot about rude people lately (am working in a supermarket and it is extraordinary how rude some of the customers are. One always whistles at us if we do not stand at his/her service directly). So it was not difficult to be inspired for my blog entry today and my little “thank you” for following my blog since 6 months:

  6. Hi Talin, I’m so happy to read someone who is dedicated to leaving this world a better place than you found it. I am not familiar with this show, but I wonder what the point of you going on is? Is this because you want to meet someone you admire, or is it because going on the show will make a change?
    I’ve felt quite sad because you never make an effort to answer your commenters, which is a basic courtesy for all bloggers. I feel that you don’t listen – so how can you spread awareness and fight for the good of people if you don’t even listen to the very people you say you are standing for?
    Bullying is a huge problem. I have been and so many others have been. I hope you haven’t been. Thank you for constantly bringing our awareness to issues in the world.

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