Be Patient With Social Media & Networking – It Takes Time & Dedication

In this new generation and in time of social media and networking with this new age in Internet communications technology with information being transmitted in seconds all over the world with so many types of gadgets and electronic devices, I am sure business people, bloggers, advertisers, designers, web designers, those seeking employment, social marketing, promoters feel the pressure of so much competition going on around them with networking and all the time spent with promotions, making a living with billions of people on the world wide web, and As I am sure my fellow bloggers and I feel the pressure all the time. It is an interesting time we live in these days with everything simplified for us and how incredible time has changed with the new age in technology. Now although most companies want you to send an electronic mail resume and cover letter to the employer and sometimes you wonder are they deleting it or are they really reading the resume and cover letter? There maybe 200 applicants for that position. Nowadays it’s become so hard to seek employment because so many people are seeking the same things. Its become such a stressful time, but I believe that patience and getting the right networking and knowing the right people will get you there. Unfortunately it is like that now. It is not a matter of what you know anymore, it is who you know in that company or a referral.

It is just like the way it takes time to build your online profile, sometimes it takes less. It depends on how you promote yourself and how you portray yourself. It takes a lot of patience, determination, dedication to get on up there. The internet has many people, and if social networking, marketing, promotions, writing, blogging, and being a guest blogger for any company or anyone, and if it is your calling, do it, and charge people with a decent amount and do research on how much you should charge for your services, and if you are good at what you do, and how you do it, they will hire you, no problem. Hey, were all great at doing something in the world, and it is important to get yourself out there and not be afraid of taking chances and doing the best of your ability, Creating an online profile for yourself is great, a portfolio is great so that you can share your accomplishments, and when people give you blogging awards, inspirational awards, and if you are on so many peoples blog sites with ping backs, link backs, these are all a plus and when you include all this in your page, you will be praised and you will go to great lengths.

In recent weeks, I have been more interactive with my fans, and those who come to my blog and I try to reply to as many comments as I am able to. I love visiting other peoples blogs, and give them a boost. I know some people struggle to get people to come to their blogs to read what is happening in their world and what they are up to and among writing for a living and making something out of themselves. It takes a long time and I do feel what they are feeling. I started blogging in another blog provider on Google, and I was not getting anywhere and in one year I had about 5000 people only visiting my site and I felt like I was getting no where. My friend suggested WordPress and I said, let me make an account there and in no time at all, the stats kept increasing and when I began to write more and make more content, things just took off from there. I know some of my blogs require improvement on my writing style, and little bit of the grammar, but I am learning and It is never too late to learn. Social Networking is such a great tool and it will take time and effort, but working at it hard will get you to places, you wouldn’t even imagine.

Maintaining your blog, and maintaining your social networking profiles with new content, and also when you create a twitter account and know how to tweet, you will see a big difference and you will see many people and companies starting to follow you. When you are on Facebook, be mindful to know what your posting and how you are posting it. It is good to keep your standards and everything about you high. Keep your head up high, and do not write so many negative status messages and negative quotes as people pick up on it and they wouldn’t want to engage and be interested with someone who is always bringing themselves down. Bring yourself up, and always write about positivity, determination and things you are good at, and qualities that you have. It is important to put yourself out there with the right attitude, enthusiasm and mean what you say when you write positivity and when you say nice things and be kind to others, and make yourself and your reputation high, the sky is the limit and you will have so many offers and so many opportunities knocking, but it all starts with the way you portray your character and your willingness to try and do your best. You can do it, and will see how you will improve.

How you social network and how you deal with situations online will always be something people will remember and don’t be afraid to put your name out there, because your social networking profile will be like your business card and its important to put a nice and professional photo of yourself or a nice photo of you everywhere and keep that trend going. There are many websites such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, YouTube, linkedin, myspace, and more websites that will make it easy for you, but it is all up to you and in your hands on how you deal with the way you handle yourself online. When your a blogger and when your a dedicated blogger, and want to excel and do your best, engage with other authors and those who have published books in the past and contact them and ask them how its done and what is involved. The internet is the biggest research hub of the world. You can find all the tips and tricks and contact information to people. You will be amazed.

Try it out for yourself and see where you will go with life.  Enjoy the whole process and do not be afraid. All the best in your journey!

10 thoughts on “Be Patient With Social Media & Networking – It Takes Time & Dedication

  1. Would you believe it! I posted my comment on the wrong article – it was the one about how Social Media is changing the world. I wont repeat it so WordPress doesn’t pick it up as Spam. Meanwhile THIS is the article I read earlier today on my smart phone (excuse my blonde moment, lol).

  2. In addition to how to the practical things that must be done to build popularity I also continually ask myself how am I delivering something of substantive value. I do not equate the number of people who have visited with the impact the information I write about is having, although the former cannot be ignored because it is a myth to think that if you “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door”. You have to let people know you’re there and they have to find something of value as well. Speaking of value, thanks for the value you delivered here… I’ll be back because I found you, and because I think you have something valuable to say.

  3. That 105-word opening sentence exhausted me! LOL
    Anyway, here’s a question for you. Tell us what you did to get 14,095 followers. I really would love to know. I seem to recall reading something here on your blog comments, some time ago, that you simply went around to other people’s blogs, liked a post, made a comment that you were now following them and asked them to follow you? Was it that simple?
    And do you now follow 14,000+ blogs? How do you have the time to read everyone else’s blogs?

    I do know this: When you file a job application/resume electronically, the employer will look for keywords. No, they’re not going to read every resume – there are programs that will automatically delete any resume with misspellings or lacking in the keywords relevant to the job description.

  4. Hi Talin,

    Thank you for following my blog; it was a welcome surprise. After over a year of saying I’ll start a blog, I finally swallowed my words and set up The QWERTY Type on WordPress a few months ago then start writing and posting recently. Right before I began blogging, I searched for ‘things you need before blogging’. Many articles talked about having a niche, certain kind of name, post X times a week, post at X o’clock, this, that and the third, blah, blah, blah. It frustrated me so much that I decided if I’m inspired to write then I will write – it doesn’t matter it’s about marketing, the media, race and ethnicity (or other social issues), or how much prefer honey to sugar in my tea.

    This post really speaks to me in how I am finding the whole social networking thing, regarding my blogging. I’ve had good feedback from some family and friends on my posts. However, I find it difficult to promote my blog face-to-face, on the phone or online via e-mail/Facebook/Twitter. I use my Facebook to communicate solely with my friends – it’s a private platform for me – and my Twitter account I have set up for general interaction with the wider online community as well as my WordPress blog, of course. I definitely need to maintain my Twitter and WordPress platforms with more content and more regular posting. (I have only 4 posts so far, but I know I can write more often.)

    It’s weird because, like many people my age, I’ve grown up with the Internet but when come to self-promotion for work like writing, it’s difficult (and a bit scary) to wrap my head around it. I don’t necessarily want 1,000 followers on Twitter or to be winning awards. But I do want to reach ‘those’ people (whoever they are) who would be interested in my writing.

    Anyway, I’ll have to print this post out and pin it on my wall or memorise it so I can get my act together.

    Thanks, again.

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