How Committed Are You To Blogging? Do You Blog Daily?

In this day in age blogging has become a big sensation in the world and one of the top leading parts of social media. Blogging is a language where people talk about feelings, promote, talk about products, share recipes, share life experiences, travel experiences, educating the world, giving opinions, it gives a sense of entitlement about subjects, topics, and discussing and sharing with the world our beliefs, talents, beauty, fashion, medical, health, benefits, tips, tricks, and giving the world ideas and introducing ourselves and families among other important things of the world. Some of us making blogging part of our lives everyday, some blog daily, some blog bi-weekly, some blog, weekly, a few times and make it a part of life. Some people commit their lives as for some it is a career path they choose to take with journalism, writing, and blogging for perspective newspaper, television news companies. Some like it as a hobby or interest everyday or when they get a chance to write.

Now, How committed are you to blogging? Do you blog daily? Do you blog a couple or few times a week? Or a few times a month? On average how much do you spend time on blogging? Is blogging a part of your life or is it something that you do on your leisure time? Do you take time to blog even when life is so incredibly busy and fast paced? For me blogging is a commitment, but I do not let it take over my life. I don’t spend too long on my blog per day. Maybe about 1-2 hours a day to perfect, and to come up with different topics a day, then I start to write. It is very therapeutic for me. I love blogging and it gives me time to share my ideas, interests, and introduce myself, about merely everything that comes to my mind on that certain day, following the latest news in the world, and everyday, I take a list and I come up with the best topic to write about, and then sometimes when I do not have anything to write, I just post up a recipe of mine and I do not like to keep any of my blogging days blank such as when I go away on vacation for a week or when I am not able to get online, I do my blogs before hand and I work on them as much as I am able to and schedule my blogs for days when I am not able to blog.

I never like to miss a day in my blogging. When I know I won’t have time to get on my blog, I always make sure that day is filled with something. I love it very much. I am committed to it and its something that I like to give back to my fans, readers, supporters, family and friends from all over the place. Thank you so much for always giving me a boost and I wish everybody all the best with everything. My blog couldn’t have been possible without you all and I thank you all and appreciate it very much. Much love goes out to all of you.

24 thoughts on “How Committed Are You To Blogging? Do You Blog Daily?

  1. I started blogging daily when I joined the 2011 wordpress post a day challenge. Since then I have fallen in love with blogging too!!
    Today, I blog as a business through Empower Network and I love the wealth of resources, the training, the empowerment and personal development it provides me with, on top of the opportunity to blog about my passions while creating a very interesting revenue stream.

  2. I try to blog every day. I’m a full time reporter also so it can be difficult at times. I at least try to post a travel photo if I’m not doing a full-on post one day.

  3. You are doing a great job, it is difficult to come up with interesting titles and let alone to write every day, it takes great discipline and dedication, you have done it rain or shine.

  4. I blogged twice a week but have dropped back to once a week, and recently that has been hard to stick to. The most important point is engagement. You must put time into building a rapport with your followers. And I’m finding that hard too!

  5. Being an introvert and a very concise person, meaning I can fit everything I need to say in just one sentence, it’s really hard of me to think of what to write. I just started my blog in January, but if I don’t force myself to keep up with it, I can see me blogging maybe a few times a year at most. I wish words came easily to me they way it does to you and other people I see on here. Your blogs are very interesting to read.

  6. I blog with the time that I have and I keep a journal so that I can go back and blog about things that crossed my mind at anytime. Sometimes if I have time it will be an instant blog update. I enjoy sharing the story.

  7. I’m sorry, but as someone who blogged nearly every day for over two years, I don’t feel that it’s a good thing to do so. It took me a while to get burned out but when I did I crashed and crashed hard. I blog when I get the notion to and I am just as dedicated as anyone who does it on a daily basis.

  8. I have 8 blogs, so I cannot tend to all of them daily. I also have a teaching life, a church life, and a personal life, so blogging is a hobby for me. I have not blogged in days, in fact.

  9. I blogged every day for the first year, but it was a goal of mine, now I’ve been blogging 1-3 times a week. Blogging and writing are’t the same to me though, similar, but not the same experience for me. Writing to me has to have a piece of paper, and a pen, thats how I release feelings, thoughts, brainstorms.

  10. I think it’s great that you blog so regularly. I’ve found that, very much depending on what I blog about, my blogs are read or ignored. So, at this stage I am an intermittent blogger. Of course, my writing time tends to be focussed on my books and, interestingly enough, I recently set myself a challenge similar to your own in respect of writing a daily blog. I am trying to write 2,500 words a day on the third book in my Kendrick Chronicles crime series. I’ve managed 30,000 words in just over 10 days. Hard work. So I respect anyone who can keep a daily schedule. You have a very interesting blog here, too, by the way.

  11. I wish I cld blog more often. But somehow, I am unable to write unless the correct moment strikes. Only then my thoughts are converted into words and I can post a blog. It could be once a week or daily… just depends on the inspirational moments!

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