The Disrespectful Generation

What a rude and disrespectful new generation of teens we have today. I was standing in line at Tim Hortons coffee shop to order, and out goes these 3 teenagers who came in together from a nearby high school with their backpacks and without even saying excuse me to me, they charged their way through to get in front of me, shoving me and my handbag to the side where there were other people behind me too. I said, excuse me you all budded in front of others and myself and nearly tipped me over. The back of the line starts there. I said wait like the rest of us are.
They said to me, isn’t this a line too? I said No, go behind the line. If you want to get by next time say excuse me or something or better yet, don’t bud in line when others are waiting to order too. I don’t think it is fair at all. Who do you think you guys are? I said to them learn to show respect to others, some manners and proper etiquette and common sense, then I ordered my drink and out I went and then I went by them again before I left to my car, I saw them look down on their smartphones and not even looking at each other and I said put your smartphones down and get some real intelligence and smarts and learn how to behave, then I walked right out. I am not afraid to confront these type of people.
They need to be taught these qualities and nowadays there is not enough interaction, and some of these people lack in social skills and manners of which they were not taught, or they are taught and think that they are invincible and think they can do whatever they please because they are young and under 18. Shouldn’t work that way at all. Manners, respect, Attitude,  etiquette, common sense should be enforced and taught to people at all ages. If these people are not taught these qualities when they are little toddlers to little kids by 5-6 years old, then they will grow up thinking it is okay to treat people this way and bud in the line and think its socially acceptable, but it is not. I am disgusted by some of these teenagers these days and whoever else, doesn’t matter the age.
I was taught at a very young age before I was 4 years old to learn to respect others, manners, and proper etiquette. It all starts when you are very young. That will stick with you for the rest of your life. I know we are all born with different personalities, but our personality grows with how our parents, guardians, care-givers teach us about quality of life instead of quantity.
Respect to be Respected,
Be nice so people be nice to you,
Be kind so people be kind to you,
it is as simple as that.

18 thoughts on “The Disrespectful Generation

      • I don´t think so, the thing I think at least in my case when I see or hear young people talk or do something I say to myself “what in the world….” but then if I start rememering the things I did at their age I have to admit that the idiot things I see them do and say are just as bad or less in most cases ( I was a handful, still am 😉 ) than what I did or say. And I also tell myslef, “Charly, you´re getting old just admit it to yourself”, I´m actually having trouble believing that I´m truly 33.

  1. The first comment gives kids the excuse that enables them to behavior badly …oh they’re just kids excuse or we were like that once too, only give rise to continue to bad behavior. When growing up if someone misbehaved one time and a adult said something like what you said it would have been a cause for fear because where I came from every adult was your parent when your parent wasn’t there with you so you knew how to behave.

    • Some are still like that, being rude and disrespectful isn’t just in teens can its in adults and older adults too. So it’s not just their generations that have the bad ones, but there’s good people in there too. So saying the whole young generation is rude and disrespectful is rude and disregarding of the ones who aren’t rude.

      • Good point,Oh I get what you are saying …not to judge everyone on the actions of some. I get that. My point is we do have alot of I’ll mannered people who believe they are entitled to whatever they what regardless of who the run over as in the case of the woman who wrote the entry in the first place.

  2. Some are rude and disrespectful, I wouldn’t put some in one generations rudeness and disrespectful behaviour on an entire generation. As it’s not really being fair when the last generations also had the rude and the disrespectful people, because you wanna know something being rude and disrespectful doesn’t come with a age tag.

  3. I agree with you 100%. Their parents don’t teach them any respect and they think they are entitled to everything there is without making the slightest effort to earn something for their own efforts. Young kids today are selfish and conceited. They only want instant gratification, and it scares me to see what this all will lead to.

  4. Respect is learnt from the Respectable. However, lessons are learned only by choice, thus, these miscreants CHOSE to be rude and disrespectful. Sadly, this is nothing new in our society where so many are eager to have children but have no time to raise them (expecting the ever famous “someone else” to do that for them.

  5. I’ll tell you one thing that has changed.
    About ten years ago I was teaching in a public high school in which all the classrooms had closed-circuit TV, usually tuned to a special in-school channel. This channel had sponsors, and commercials. And you should have seen the behavior exhibited in some of those commercials! The experience you’ve described here might have been a screenplay for one of those ads. Only the teens in the ad were even more boorish, more antisocial, than the ones you encountered in real life.
    Don’t ask me why our public educators wish to cultivate antisocial behavior. I’m not sure I’d want to know the answer.

  6. There are some good teenagers out there as well, just as you can get horrible people of any age. It is just a shame that the rude and obnoxious can dominate.
    Niceness and kindness are silent attributes, it is hard to remember that some time, I know I struggle, but the good guys are out there too!

  7. I agree with this. I think I am a bit older than you are and I have seen people being more disrespectful in all age groups. However I do feel the kids, teens and young adults are by far the most disrespectful. However they are closely followed by their young parents who are in their 30’s or even younger. My oldest is in his 30’s and my youngest in 15. So for my 15 year old I am one of the older parents (I am in my 50’s) and when she went to public school the kids were obnoxious, rude and self centered, however so were their parents for the most part. Manners and kindness are not being thought much at home. When I was young I learned to respect others and to be kind to others. My parents and my grandparents would not accept anything else. If my teacher or another adult said something to my parents I was in trouble. Now if a teacher or other parent says something to another parent about their child the become obnoxious. There is no easy answer. The local school had a bullying program and only the kids who are bullied and their parents were there.The bullies and their parents did not attend. I wish people were kinder and more polite all around. What a difference it would make.

  8. I honestly don’t think that’s a problem of this generation. I’m from “this” generation and I have never done that, nor have any of my friends. I do think that’s quite simply a problem of rude people, regardless of their age or generation. And I have to say a feel a little bit ofended and taken back everytime someone decides to start a sentence with “kids these days”. I’m sorry, but that’s just not fair. You’re judging an entire generation based on some of us, and you’re diminuishing that same generation by comparison with your own, also based on the behaviour of some people from you generation (including yourself). What I’m trying to say is neither those kids nor you represent the entirety of both our generation. Therefore, try not to put us all in the same category. 🙂

  9. I’ve also read some of the comments and I also feel that I have to share something else… I’m 23 years old, but I do not think that I’m “entitled” to anything and everything. I’ve been taught to work hard for the things I want to accomplish, and I understand that, being a musician, that characteristic does not always fit the profile. I’m still trying to create my own place in music and in the world, and I have to tell you it has not been easy. So, not all of us “young people” are self-entitled, arrogant, lazy people. Just some of us. Just like some of the people of past generations. 🙂 In the end, society never really changes that much…. You’ll always have the polite, kind, respectful, hard-working people, and the exact opposite. 🙂

  10. I actually find that a lot if young people are way more polite and respectful than adults are. I’m so sorry that you experienced that but I’ve seen that behaviour from plenty of people of all ages. Don’t tarnish a whole generation based on a single viewing of a few.

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