The Disrespectful Generation

What a rude and disrespectful new generation of teens we have today. I was standing in line at Tim Hortons coffee shop to order, and out goes these 3 teenagers who came in together from a nearby high school with their backpacks and without even saying excuse me to me, they charged their way through to get in front of me, shoving me and my handbag to the side where there were other people behind me too. I said, excuse me you all budded in front of others and myself and nearly tipped me over. The back of the line starts there. I said wait like the rest of us are.
They said to me, isn’t this a line too? I said No, go behind the line. If you want to get by next time say excuse me or something or better yet, don’t bud in line when others are waiting to order too. I don’t think it is fair at all. Who do you think you guys are? I said to them learn to show respect to others, some manners and proper etiquette and common sense, then I ordered my drink and out I went and then I went by them again before I left to my car, I saw them look down on their smartphones and not even looking at each other and I said put your smartphones down and get some real intelligence and smarts and learn how to behave, then I walked right out. I am not afraid to confront these type of people.
They need to be taught these qualities and nowadays there is not enough interaction, and some of these people lack in social skills and manners of which they were not taught, or they are taught and think that they are invincible and think they can do whatever they please because they are young and under 18. Shouldn’t work that way at all. Manners, respect, Attitude,  etiquette, common sense should be enforced and taught to people at all ages. If these people are not taught these qualities when they are little toddlers to little kids by 5-6 years old, then they will grow up thinking it is okay to treat people this way and bud in the line and think its socially acceptable, but it is not. I am disgusted by some of these teenagers these days and whoever else, doesn’t matter the age.
I was taught at a very young age before I was 4 years old to learn to respect others, manners, and proper etiquette. It all starts when you are very young. That will stick with you for the rest of your life. I know we are all born with different personalities, but our personality grows with how our parents, guardians, care-givers teach us about quality of life instead of quantity.
Respect to be Respected,
Be nice so people be nice to you,
Be kind so people be kind to you,
it is as simple as that.

Nobody Is Perfect, I Make Mistakes, Everyone Makes Mistakes

A few days ago, I encountered a website that I did not like at all. Getoffmyinternets or something like that. I discovered that a few people have been writing terrible things about me and my blog. I am quite disgusted at that. I write blogs about bullying and social issues and I get shafted. I do not appreciate those people who did that to me. They said all sorts of mean things about my blog and I am not a happy camper. Yes I have a few things more to learn about writing styles and everything, but that does not give the right for these people to judge me and make assumptions about me saying I am an attention seeker. I never thought that my blog about bully prevention and social issue prevention would make people be rude and cruel. I couldn’t believe the crap I was reading about me. It made my day go crummy and when I was in Niagara falls this weekend, a part of me was thinking about those comments on that site and a part of me was with my friends having fun. I am so appalled. I thought I had restored my faith in Humanity, but in light of all this, it took me a few steps back.

What the heck is happening with this new generation? Disrespectful people everywhere, a lot of rude, pretentious, selfish, self-centered people whom do not respect people or peoples property.

I want what is best for everyone, I want to see a world full of love and full of good things and then I get shafted. I find that to be so unfair to me. I am doing my best to get better in my writing and I do feel like I getting better and better at it. I am not a perfect person, I make mistakes, but I always try to not make the same mistake twice and yet these people are so jealous that they want to ruin me. The sole purpose of my blogs is to spread positive, happy, optimistic, and great energy to people, I want people to feel good about themselves, I want people to be themselves and to not let peoples talents go to waste, and be the best you can be. I always try to motivate people and to get on the right track to happiness, and yet people go around and say terrible things about me on some ridiculous site who have no respect for people and people’s opinions and peoples thoughts.

I am not a happy camper at all. People need to really think about what they write and what they do before they do it. think before you act. I know that everyone makes mistakes and people aren’t perfect, and I realize that, but I just got so discouraged reading that cruel website. A lot of peoples blogs are on that website as well and a lot of peoples hard work and blogs are advertised on that site as terrible. People shouldn’t hate, people have no idea what these people go through in their personal lives, blogging is a way for people to escape and to write about their personal feelings, experiences and a lot more. people shouldn’t be penalized for it. It sickens me to see these sites being in existence. People think they know, but they have no idea what a person is feeling day to day. It needs to stop. Let people blog the way they want to blog and let people write their feelings without being jumped on. It is not nice.

I just had to get this out of my system today. It has been bothering me. Thank you for reading.