What Is Social Media To You? What Is Social Media To Me?

In this day in age and in modern society, social media is at an all time high. Most of us in the world are connected through some social media website whether its twitter, Facebook, pinterest, tumblr, WordPress, Google+, Blogger, Blogspot, MySpace, Hi5, and so many more websites out there to cater our social media, communications needs. Now social media can be used to boost business, advertising ones self, giving tips, advising people, about a hobby, society, issues, subjects, technology, and so much more. We are all in an interface of social media in some form or another. E-mail is also a part of social media.

Now, what does social media mean to me? Well, social media to me means that I can share myself with the world, that I can give my points of views about certain topics and things that happen in the world, also about targeting important subjects leading to prevention of bullying, as well as other social issues that I need to address too. Were all on a social media front and it all depends on a persons individuality, feelings, freedom of expression on certain subjects, among everything else. To me, social media is such a great tool to have. You never know who might pop by your blog, you never know who is viewing your blog and it is always a mystery and if someone from a big company or somewhere sees the great work and time you put into something and if somebody sees something interesting, they will contact you to talk about it or offer you something so incredible. It’s happened to me numerous times. I love expressing myself and social media has given me such a boost to do it.

I am not afraid to share and give out my opinions as everyone is entitled to their own opinions and people should not be penalized for it, and its great to see people share different points of views on certain subjects that can be relative to them or just simply just discussing it. I love social media because I get to meet some really great people and I get to interact with so many different types of people all at once. Its incredible how social media has boomed especially the last 5-10 years. Social media sites began as far as Asian Avenue, Migente, Black Planet, Hi5, MySpace, Geocities from Yahoo, and so many other websites I can remember from back in the day and now Facebook and Twitter are on the rise. It is incredible how social media changes. Social media always has its ups and downs, but in the end were all in it, and social media is defined in so many ways and it depends on individuality on what it means to someone.

Now its all comes down to you, what does social media mean to you? What do you use it for? for communicating with loved ones? Finding different opinions from others? looking at pictures, finding information, learning, Interacting on the internet and constantly being updated with news? Do you find Social Media a rewarding and fun experience? I would love to hear from you on it.

All the best!

9 thoughts on “What Is Social Media To You? What Is Social Media To Me?

  1. Social media to me is a way of networking with others who share similar experiences; have similar interests and discuss topics from multiple perspectives. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to meet several people who I communicate with in social media in person. Overall, I’ve had pleasant experiences and the people I’ve met are for real!

    Thank you for sharing & asking the question!

  2. I love visiting blogs and websites to enjoy art, poetry and to see what others are talking about. I like leaving my opinions and reading what others think. But for the most part social media is a big pain. The only reason I have a facebook account is because teenage son told me I was “out of the loop”. I spend maybe an hour-2 hours a day trying to keep up with all my online friends and meeting new people and I truly enjoy doing it. But why must I be criticized for not updating my facebook page every ten minutes. And yes, people do asked me all the time why I don’t update my status a few times a day. I simply don’t have time to do that. So although I am a fan of online interaction with many different people, I am not a big fan of social media sites in general.

  3. I think social media is great, but some people take it too far. That is what scares me most about social media, that some people don’t remember what it’s like to ‘really’ socialize over a cup of coffee. I go to the book store and people just have their heads buried in their laptops and I Pads. It also bothers me that people text way too much, even when driving. I think facebook is probably the worst, but these are just my opinions only.

  4. I think social media is a good thing but like all things it can have its dark side. I use social media to link in with family and make new friends. I blog because I enjoy writing and hope to make more connections. I learn from other’s blogs and hopefully what I share might help someone else or entertain or make them think.

  5. As a teenager in the ’50’s, the social media was getting together with friends and hangin’ out. Things have sure changed since those days. I use the social media (Facebook) to keep up with family and friends. I blog about faith, hope and love and assist Bonnie with her Memory Bear ministry. Keep doing what you do, Talin.

  6. I’m so tired of facebook and how it has taken people away from the real world. You see moms glued to their iphones ignoring their children when their children are trying so desperately to get their attention. It absolutely breaks my heart when I go into a store and see little kids glued to an ipod, or video game system. I prefer to read a blog post or a good book. It enriches my brain. And I’d much rather spend the time with my children.

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