The Carnival Triumph – It Could Have Been Much Worse

As you may or may not know, The Carnival Triumph of Carnival Cruise lines engine on the ship caught fire which led to a power outage on the ship and passengers were left stranded for 5 days with deplorable conditions on board the ship and the Triumph made it safely to Mobile, Alabama where all passengers and crew were disembarked off the ship safely. Ladies and gentlemen, I think were missing the big picture here with people going so crazy over this mishap and people filing lawsuits against the cruise line, but it would have been much worse and the officers and crew of the ship played a heroic part in saving the passengers on board and helped with the conditions as much as they could.

People around the world in impoverished, third world countries that have little or no power and who live in unsanitary conditions and there are people who have it a lot worse than what happened on this cruise ship of just 5 days where people live a lifetime of these conditions all the time. It is very important to think about what we do and say with our actions. Some people haven’t seen the way people live in the world, and I have seen the way people live, I’ve traveled to places and seen the way their lives are. What happened on this cruise ship shouldn’t even be justified as a HUGE ISSUE, because what should matter most is people are alive, well, and off the ship reunited with families. Accidents happen unfortunately and people should really think about their actions. I know what happened was horrifying and scary in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico and I sympathize with what everyone went through, but then again it could have been a whole lot worse like the whole ship catching on fire or part of the ship. Thank goodness it was just the Engine area, and it didn’t poke a hole to the ships bottom or else, there would have been more problems, but rescue teams, and boats tugged and towed the ship to the port and everyone did their part to make sure The Triumph gets to land safe and sound.

I mean that is what should matter at the end right? Lawsuits should not happen, and I am sure people will make up stories and try their best to get thousands and thousands of dollars. Instead of saying thank goodness nothing serious happened, people should thank their lucky stars. People are way too dramatic and there will always be people who will not appreciate, they will criticize, and do what they can to get justice, but its something that I wouldn’t want to happen to myself either, and its something that I wouldn’t want to go through, but you know what? Worse things can and could have happened on board the ship. The ship is now being cleaned and repaired right away after the Triumph was docked at the port. I thank and congratulate Carnival Cruise lines for a job well done to make sure passengers, crew members and officers are all safe and sound and that the rescue team efforts did a marvelous and great job to ensure everyone’s safety. That is all that should matter is that there were no fatalities, everyone’s safe and gone back home.

That is all there is to it.

12 thoughts on “The Carnival Triumph – It Could Have Been Much Worse

  1. Absolutely disagree. You weren’t there (neither was I). People had RAW SEWAGE running down their cabin walls, running down the corridors. Major health hazard. The passengers on the ship don’t live in the third world; they paid good money for a vacation – some people probably had never been on a cruise before, or had saved up for this one trip. They had to sleep outside on the deck. The food was mostly all spoiled, so the best they could do was eat an onion sandwich. Are there people in the world who are worse off? Of course there are, but the folks who paid for this cruise didn’t sign up for these conditions. And why wasn’t there a way to get the passengers off the ship sooner?
    Whether there is merit to any lawsuits that may be filed is for the courts to decide. I’m glad to see that Carnival refunded the full cost to each passenger, and gave them an extra $500, but I would imagine most of those poor people will never board another Carnival ship.

    • Now that I’ve read other people’s comments I have to retract my own – I’ve changed my mind. Just because there are people who are so unfortunate to live in third world conditions will NEVER make it okay. And these people not only didn’t sign up for that, and sure they were safe, but they could have died – from the conditions described (I wasn’t really aware of this much) many of them still will most likely fall ill, and many of them will suffer from the trauma – PTSD is a horrible thing to live with. It’s never okay just because there are other people badly off out there.

  2. My only comment is, you’re right on the lawsuit thing. But they should all be refunded their money not just offered another cruise. I’m not sure I’d WANT another cruise!

    • My understanding is that the passengers were refunded the price of the cruise, all expenses incurred on board (except for gift shop purchases and casino gambling), and we’re given an additional $500.

  3. Thank You, I totally agree, couldn’t have been said better. I heard yesterday on the radio about someone going to sue. First thought was, they should be thankful. I have a question however, for people who like to sue. Who do you sue when uncontrolled weather stirkes, Mother Nature? Do you sue other countries when loved are lost? Or are you being sued for not being thankful and seeing the good side in everything. There is a good side, it starts inside your own heart, thsi is your birth place.

  4. People should be given a refund. That’s it. Maybe some have incurred some medical bills and if their insurance situation is bad, then the cruise line should step in and pay their medical bills. I don’t understand people who sue at the drop of a hat. There have been cases when I’ve thought, “I should sue those So-and-So’s,” but I don’t because, like you, I know that accidents just happen sometimes. There’s no one to blame. Just deal with it and count your blessings. Great post!

  5. I think the compensation is so-so. Carnival should refund, offer and replacement vacation (maybe not another cruise), and cover any lost wages, babysitting costs, etc, for the extra what, 3-4 days those people were on “vacation”? But for passengers to sue? Oh geez. Our world is too sue happy!!!!

    ❤ Julea

  6. With respect, I have to disagree that this is not a big deal.

    I agree with you about the lawsuits and don’t think they are they answer but I think there are some issues you haven’t considered here. This particular company has a history of mishaps, three major ones in the last thirteen months. In one of those incidents 32 people lost their lives.

    At the very least the cause of this catastrophic failure need to be investigated and the company needs to be made responsible for its part in this. If any fault is found (and it is impossible impossible to believe that they could be completely blameless) then some type of fine is surely appropriate. As far as the passengers are concerned they should be fully refunded and have any extra costs or medical costs refunded.

    To me your point about developing countries misses the mark. I am widely travelled and have seen first hand the terrible living conditions of many people in developing countries, so I totally understand your sympathy for people in this situation. I also have spent many years working with refugees who have often escaped the most terrible circumstances imaginable. I have nothing but admiration for the bravery and resilience of these people. I sometimes find it difficult to imagine all the horrors they have been through. However my feelings for the refugee people I know don’t make me less sympathetic when one of my friends (who would be considered “rich” compared to these people) suffers some kind of setback.

    I believe the “there’s always someone worse off” approach to dealing with people who have experienced some type of suffering (however minor) is unhelpful. All pain and suffering felt by humans is relative to their own specific circumstances. Just because someone else is worse off than a person with a grievance doesn’t make their grievance less valid.

    The people on this ship feared for their lives at times, with some passengers sleeping in lifejackets as the ship was listing. I am sure there were people onboard with medical conditions who were placed in a very frightening situation due to the unsanitary conditions. For instance the danger of being exposed to gastroenteritis would be very worrying for people with diabetes, especially as there was limited medical assistance aboard the ship. There were possibly elderly people onboard who are more susceptible to complications from outbreaks that occur due to unsanitary conditions. I can only imagine how worried any parents with children aboard the ship might have been.

    My concern is that this company appears to have little regard for it’s passengers. I’m not talking about the crew members here, I’m talking about the owners and operators of these ships. Three major incidents in thirteen months is a shameful record. Yes, it is lucky that there were no fatalities on this cruise, but that doesn’t make it okay.

  7. I do think the passengers should be recompensated their losses, but no, sueing is greedy. You put it in perspective, Talin, they are safe, they probably have comfortable lives most of the time being able to afford a cruise, and they will get to go again (if they want to) being reimbursed.
    I agree that the company should be grounded until they have sorted out the problems with their ships.

  8. I think we are just very spoiled…. and people like to make a fly to a elephant…. its sad that stuff happens but you always should see the positive from the negative

    I always wonder do the Ships don’t have like a second engine for backup?

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