Save Michael Muhney — Fans Are Heartbroken

Hello, in the past 48 hours, Social Media recognition has gone through the roof to reinstate Michael Muhney who plays Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless and he was let go from the show. I find that to be so unfair. Many Groups and Pages on Facebook have been created, and many fans on twitter are writing hashtag’s to tweet #savemuhney #savemichaelmuhney #muhneymovement #yr #michaelmuhney and so much more. Now more than 1.3 million signed petitions have been signed and will continue to grow. We cannot stay silent and we must voice our rights. We fans have a say more than anything else.

Its like building a home, but without the foundation, it will collapse, its like that with Michael Muhney, he is the foundation and we love him and want him back on our Show. We Young and The Restless fans are not just fans, we are a family and we stick together in thick and thin and we stand tall together and we will get justice. We love you Michael Muhney!

Here are some facebook Groups and Pages for you to sign up!

For the Love of Muhney

We love Michael Muhney Save Adam Newman

Don’t FIRE Michael Muhney

Fans of Daniel Goddard and everything Y&R

If you think of any other website boycotting this decision, please comment below with the link.


Thank you!


23 thoughts on “Save Michael Muhney — Fans Are Heartbroken

    • I have watched the Y&R since the very beginning. I love…….love watching the caliber of acting and the characters who make the show a success. How in the world can anyone in the “powers that be” for the Y&R soap EVER think about letting two of your top, professional, first class actors leave the show. Michael Muhney and Billy Miller are by far two of the BEST actors on the show. I do not know what your reasons are, but I am willing to believe it has everything to do with money. PAY your actors and actresses what they deserve, especially your all star actors and actresses. I have loved and watched the Young and Restless for years and cannot come to terms that “Adam” ( Michael M.) and “Billy” ( Billy A.) will not be on anymore. I will not watch the show again if you let these first class actors go. Your Phyllis character was also one of the best. Very, very sad news to hear……Your show’s fan base will crumble…..

      • I am so sick of these people’s first they killed all my children and then one life to live and try to put it on the internet we all know the out come to that. Now the few soap that we do have you telling me that they letting go some real good actors that you just love to hate but, yet love them at the same time. What the f…..k is wrong with these people’s. If this do happen I’m just going to find something else. I am so sick of these people always coming in and changing things. I want Phyllis to come back I don’t want anyone else to leave. THIS JUST SICKING ME REALLY.

  1. Michael Muhney is the reason I started watching Y&R. Once he leaves, I’ll be gone as well. Big mistake CBS and Sony. Your audience is telling you to keep him. Will you listen?

  2. As a fan from the first air date I find myself saying enough is enough. Michael Muhney is an amazing actor who put his heart into creating an Adam Newman we all would end up loving. He makes Adam believable, he puts his fans in the love mode when he is on the screen. After his last air date he will be gone and so will I. I will close this chapter of my book forever. You screwed up major CBS and Sony.

  3. Michael Muhney is an amazing actor and the show needs his talent. It does not need Jill Farren Phelps who is making the show unrecognizable and un-watchable.

  4. Michael Muhney is the only actor who can knock the role of Adam Newman out of the ballpark and I don’t care what JFP says; no Adam recast can project the talent and fire the way he did; As of now, Iam not watching Y&R until Sony/CBS brings him back!

  5. Y&R has lost a tremendous talent in Michael Muhney. We are on a mission to get this talented actor back where he belongs. He has a huge fan base and we will do what it takes. His last air date is Jan 30th. All fans will stop watching on that day and we will boycott CBS and all sponsors of Young and Restless. Save Muhney – We want Michael muhney back on Y&R. No one and we mean no one can play the part of Adam Newman but Mihcael Muhney.

  6. What have you done??????? Save Michael Muhney. I have been watching Y and R for over 30 years and never been this upset before. Don’t think I will ever watch it again till he is back. Very upset fan.

    • Since I have watched Y&R from day ONE, it is so sad and disappointing to hear about Sony and CBS are releasing Michael Muhney…….. The character of Adam is played perfectly by Michael M. and no one can replace him. He is a first class, professional, excellent, polished actor and his loss will be profound. I will not watch the show once Michael leaves. Losing two excellent actors in Adam, Billy, and actress, Phyllis, are too much for Y&R’s fan base. I cannot believe Sony and CBS and other powers that be have done this to these superb actors and huge fan base.

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  8. The abrupt firing of Michael Muhney left an especially bad taste in the fans mouths after learning that Billy Miller was leaving. Along with the terrible Delia storyline, how much more can the viewers take. We don’t know why Michael Muhney was let go, but to find out that the role of Adam will be recast is just too much! No one could play Adam like Michael Muhney! If he doesn’t come back to Y&R, it will disappear along with all the soaps before. Fans decide who is No #1 and we won’t be watching. A terrible mistake by TPTB!

  9. Diane, it does seem that the higher up people with Y&R are making one bad decision after another. It is my belief that the show won’t make it……..many all stars are gone or will soon go!

  10. The show will not survive without Michael. All those people who was against MM will find themselves in the unemployment line as well.

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