Fans of The Young and The Restless – Upset and Disappointed

In the past few weeks we have heard about Michael Muhney (Adam Newman), Billy Miller(Billy Abbott), and several months before we heard that Michelle Stafford(Phyllis) has left the show, and Billy and Adam are on the way out as well. When Jeanne Cooper Passed away in May, 2013, The Young and The Restless and the Soap Industry lost one of its Iconic Members, Actresses, that was the face of Y&R. That alone was so upsetting for many supporters, and fans. It took a while for us to mourn her passing in real life, and it still is for us.

What is disappointing and upsetting is that all these changes are happening so fast, and these talented actors and actresses are being let go. I know in my previous blog, I have written about this, and I know that this is not real life, and its a story, and its a soap opera in a fictional city, with a story line that is being fed to Television and are being transmitted to every fans homes, but for some The Young and The Restless, seems and is so real to them. Fans spend an hour a day tuning into their favorite show. Playing around fans feelings and emotions and their dedication and support for this show and not appreciating fans, by giving back great quality is something a lot of us cannot even fathom, and cannot even believe that it is happening or has happened.

We all know what happened when they were going to let go of or When Eric Braedan who plays Victor Newman was going to get off Y&R, Petitions went around, everybody was so ticked off and angry about this whole situation, things got out of hand, but it seems that Michael Muhney’s and Billy Millers exit has really gotten fans even more Upset and disappointed. I cannot believe that the executives and those high up in CBS are tolerating this, and how they are letting this happen. They do not appreciate fans at all. It is all about making a quick buck to their pockets. If these executives appreciated us, then we would not be going through all these problems, we would not be going through these issues right now.

I know that the Actors and Actresses who are presently on the show now are not to blame as they appreciate, love and respect fans, that they want to give back to us and I can see that from their twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever place they post and they share their personal lives with us as well, and they share so much with us. It is the people high up who have to ruin and rain on Fans Parade, and they have to be the ones who mess everything else up for us all. In the end we suffer the most. They do not realize that.

I have met incredible and lovely Fellow Soap fans like myself in the past 24-48 hours and I can feel their pain and anguish of what they are going through, I will be by their side and I too will stop watching after January 30th, and I too will no longer be a fan, and that will take effect once, I do not see Billy Miller, Michael Muhney on the show. As far as I am concerned, I will go spend my One hour doing something else, and I can be going on with my life’s responsibilities. So I stand tall with other fans. We are disgusted and we are furious. Thank you for ruining a good thing you had Y&R….

54 thoughts on “Fans of The Young and The Restless – Upset and Disappointed

      • I am really going to miss MM but it looks like he is gone for good. I HATE what they have done with Victor’s character! He was always a tough businessman, but had a heart. They have made him absolutely despicable!! I guess now though, all of the sudden, he’s going to care about Chelsea?? Give me a break! Writers and decision makers are ruining this show!!


      • show is not the same without Adam and “old” Billy. New actor looks way too young and innocent. Doesn’t fit the part at all. Kelly looks like his Mom! I’m sure they will bring Adam back one of these days just like they will Phyllis, but they will be played by different actors. MM made that part his own. He is pretty much irreplaceable in my book…

  1. Awesome another great article that speaks how us fans feel. Daniel Goddard as well as Christel were also saved by fans outcry and even Melody Thomas Scott. We want Michael Muhney to be our next one that is saved from this terrible decision by the higher ups. #SAVEMUHNEY

  2. Bring back Michael Muhney. I haven’t watched since the day I heard he was fired. I won;t be back until he’s back. I have watched for over 25 yrs.

  3. I would like to express my opinion, I am very upset that Y & R is replacing Michael Muhney as Adam. I have watched for 20 plus years, but not sure that I will keep watching with all the changes they are making!

  4. Very excellent blog and I couldn’t have expressed my feelings better! These people don’t care about the fans at all! I’m done with Y&R!!!

  5. I have been a loyal fan of Y&R for 40 years and am so disappointed at the recent events of the loss of Michael Muhney. He is a great actor and the best representation of a young Victor Newman. I have vowed if Adam is gone Billy is gone so am I. I have lost faith in the soap I love dearly. I emplor you to reconsider this decision as a negative impact on the show will follow due to angry fans.

  6. The people who are making these decisions about the firing of Michael Muhney and Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford should stop and think a bit about what they are doing. I along with thousands of fans will be leaving the Y&R show along with Michael and Billy. So the few dollars they, may save in salaries now will cost them much more down the road when their ratings drop to the basement and the network decides to replace them with another games show or worse yet another talk show. Gee maybe they can bring back WHAT’S MY LINE. or maybe I’VE GOT A SECRET.

  7. Sony/CBS, The Young and the Restless fans are concerned over the recent firing and other shenanigans that has caused many of our favorites to no longer be on the show…Please Bring Michael Muhney back to Y&R as Adam Newman…Help us in our mission to make this happen…Thank You!

  8. I been watching for over 30 yrs, But when Michelle left, I kept watching because I heard she would be back. But then Billy & Michael leaving that put the icing on the cake. I’m done with Y & R. I will watch reruns of the Golden Girls.

  9. I’ve been a Y&R Fan (actually, a CBS Soaps fan) for as long as I remember…My Grandma watched, My Mom watched, and now I have as well (I’m now 44 years old). I feel like any of us who have been CBS Soaps Fans have already been dealt several hard blows when we lost GL and ATWT…even with those hits I stayed loyal to the station but this is getting ridiculous. It makes NO SENSE!!!! MM as Adam is the perfect misunderstood villian with a heart. Please reconsider!

  10. Michael Muhney is the most talented actor hired by Y&R in the last decade, With him and Billy Miller gone and Michelle Stafford the Y&R is not worth watching. All the new people that have been hired cannot hold a candle to the talent the higher ups have let walk out the door. Please save/rehire Michel Muhney as Adam Newman. He is the only actor that can play this character. Michael Muhney made us fall in love with an unlovable character. No other actor can do that. Please listen to the fans. We know what we want on our show, the higher ups do not know and will not listen to us.
    This 40 year fan will no longer watch after January 30th if Michel Muhney is not on. I am also switching networks. No more Michael, No more CBS.

  11. I loved watching the Y& R, it made my morning, but I won’t watch this show ever again since they are getting rid of Adam, Billy & Phyllis.

  12. If the people at the network don’t do something about the fan outcry they are going to lose alot of the fans!! If they don’t wake up they are going in the toilet instead of being number one!! We have been watching from the very begining and we will miss the show and the sponsers are going to miss our dollars!! If michael and Billy is gone so are we!! As Victor would say —– You better listen to what we say GOTTIT!!

  13. I can’t wait to see how many ratings points the show will lose IF people actually follow through with their commitment to stop watching. I know *I* will…

  14. This expresses just how I feel- thanks. If Daniel Goddard can be saved by the fans surely Michael will be returned due to all of us demonstrating how we feel about this ridiculous decision. I have not watched y&r since hearing of it and won’t until they bring Michael Muhney back!

  15. I’m hooked on this soap BECAUSE of MM. Why would they replace someone so good in their role? I’ll lose interest in the whole show. Can’t imagine anyone else as Billy either. He is so good. Why fire him

  16. I’m 67 years old and have watched Y&R from the beginning. I am very disappointed in the decision to fire MM!!! When I worked, I took my lunch hour so that I did not have to miss Y&R and then when I first got a VCR, I recorded it on days I had to miss it so that I would not miss a thing. My days of being a fan are over if they don’t bring MM back and give him an apology for letting him go and to us, his loyal fans!!!! During this holiday season when I was out doing Christmas shopping, I recorded it on my DVR so that I would not miss a show. Wake up Y&R and listen to your fan base! Without us, you lose big time!!!!!

  17. Please get rid of Jill Farren Phelps, rehire Michael Muhney, and make every effort to get back Michelle Stafford. I want Billy Miller back also. I just know his character has already been recast.

  18. “Give us our Muhney back” as Adam Newman! I have watched Y&R since the beginning but will no longer DVR it to watch every day when I get home from work as of January 30th! I agree totally with this blogger! Thank you!

  19. I am also fed up. Characters I loved I now can’t stand. I fast forward most of the Young and the Restless now but still pvr’d. Now with 2 more gone its not worth watching. I love the many sides of the character Adam and can’t see anyone else playing his role. Billy was like the next Jack. They may recast and have accepted it in the past but not this time! I have deleted the show off my PVR as i find it deprressing to know they both are gone soon and I don’t even want to watch it play out. Especially the actor who plays Adam. So, unless they are rehired. More so Michael Muhney… It will stay deleted. The new actors make me me feel like I am watching Hollywood Heights or whatever it was. I liked that show but those actors don’t seem to fit this show.

    • Losing Katherine Chancellor was obviously unavoidable and I have heard that both of the actors that played Phyllis and Billy made a choice to leave the show, but the firing of Michael Muhney after ALL this other change is unbelievable! He has such wonderful chemistry with Chelsea…Sharon….Victor…Jack….and he has shown such raw emotion in his performance as a new father living with the unrelenting guilt of taking the life of this other beloved child who wound up being the donor enabling his son that he cherishes to be able to see. I will no longer be watching this show and that will be difficult because it is part of my nightly routine. I can see that many fans are outraged by this decision and maybe they will read our pleas and change their minds…

  20. Once again another great article, since actually, it seems as though you genuinely are feeling our pain. Yes it is a soap, but yes we are feeling great loss and a whole lot of disrespect from those at the top at Y&R. Without Michael Muhney there will be no Y&R for me after 40 years, from day 1. This is alot longer than most peope I know but you know what they “you have to cut your losses!” No Michael, no Y&R/CBS/SONY and actually it will impact B&B, other shows, and sponsors, as well the workers…. Unfortunately, this is what JFP and the “top brass” are doing and it is very real!

  21. Please reconsider what you have done. Michael absolutely “makes” Y&R. You’re making a terrible mistake but it’s not too late to fix it. I want my show back to where it makes me happy to watch and where my husband and I can look forward to spending the hour together watching Adam and Chelsea and Conner. No one can play that part like Michael does. No one.

    • I agree with your comment 100%!! Michael has made that part his own and if they try and replace him they may as well bring Katherine Chancellor back from the dead and replace her with a new actress!!!

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  23. The abrupt firing of Michael Muhney left an especially bad taste in the fans mouths after learning that Billy Miller was leaving. Along with the terrible Dehlia storyline, how much more can the viewers take. We don’t know why Michael Muhney was let go, but to find out that the role of Adam will be recast is just too much! No one could play Adam like Michael Muhney! If he doesn’t come back to Y&R, it will disappear along with all the soaps before. Fans decide who is No #1 and we won’t be watching. A terrible mistake by TPTB!

  24. All Michael Muney fans, please go to the Proctor & Gamble Facebook page and post a comment about boycotting their products. I left the following, which you can view in Recent Posts on the right side of the page:

    Just a reminder that many fans of The Young and the Restless will boycott Proctor & Gamble products if Michael Muhney, best actor on daytime television, is not rehired!

    It’s time we went to the largest sponsor and let them know…every one of us needs to do this to be effective!

  25. I believe they should of kept Michael! He should be reinstated, but because of false accusations , until proven guilty, saying the word alleged, they haven’t found him guilty! An excellent actor! And he cannot be replaced! A very good story line going with Chelsea and his son Connor! If he can’t be on the show right now I think it’s only fair hunter isn’t on the show either , until they get this resolved, and quick making false statements against Michael!

  26. I also started on day one with Y&R. I subscribe to CBS soaps magazine. I pay for the soap channel (that they took Y&R off of). I named my youngest daughter after Nikki Newman. To say the least I loved Y&R. HOWEVER I am finished with my obsession. I have also divorced Y&R. When Delia died, I was hurt (they) would do such. When the SUV exploded that was my last view of Y&R. Bring a soap with Michelle, Billy , Michael and sweet Delia! Does ANYONE care that Nikki is upset with Victor? Absolutely not????

  27. I’ve also been watching this show since it began. Even had my husband watching since he retired. We both loved the story line with Adam. I’d record the show and fast forward through the other boring story lines and get to Adam. Just think about what story lines you have? Jill and music box, Nikki and her whining self that convieniently forgot she had a child, Victor and his controlling self that no one likes, etc. Wake up! This show is going fast! Adam, Billie, and Phylis were the best ones on the show and you let them go? MM made this show and if you don’t bring him back the ratings will fall drastically. Why would you want this? Summer is also on that boring list! Matter of fact I can’t think of any storyline you have on there that’s not boring but Adam. I loved this show but won’t be watching it in the future if you can’t bring MM back on.

  28. I miss Michael and Billy so much. I don’t like the new Billy Abbott,or Kelly, they can’t act. I don’t watch Y&R anymore boring.

  29. Bring back Billy and Michael or you’ll lose alot of viewers

    We are sick in tired of all our favorite characters leaving.

    The show isnt the same without Billy and Michael.

    The people making these decisions need to be fired cause everyone loves Billy and Michael.

    Listen to Us the fans and bring back Billy and Michael

    David is a good actor but not as Billy Abbott. David just doesn’t have the passion Billy had for the role.

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