An Ugly Personality, Destroys A Beautiful Face.

In Life we will or have already encountered different people, different personalities, and some of which that are ugly ones. I know that personalities and our traits makes us who were are and we should be happy of who we are, but when someones personality is something that people cannot handle and deal with when it is an ugly one where we lose our trust and ability to accept it because of someones bad eye that the person has on others.  People are always concerned about how they look in public, and how they look all the time on their exterior, but that really doesn’t justify anything. People need to worry about who they are inside and how one portrays themselves in front of others. We need to look beyond that and fully analyze someone before putting our full trust in them. Before getting into anything with others, its a great idea to test, and analyze somebody by the random acts they do in front of you or in front of others. Are we willing to sacrifice ourselves and ruin ourselves with a personality that we did not fully test before getting into that relationship or friendship? We need to be so careful in who we hang out and give our time to. Nothing else really matters in this world except the fact that when you have a great personality and have developed great traits from your parents and when your parents have taught you to be respectful, kind, courteous, sensitive, and giving, it is all that matters in this world. People who don’t have these qualities should really exercise them and make it part of that persons life.

If you have been around hate, disrespect, insensitivity, unappreciative, negativity all your life, That is all your going to know, that is all your going to carry out in your life. People need to learn at a very early age as soon as possible. It is the parent’s responsibility to give out great values, quality, interpersonal skills, socialization, manners and a great personality where it can shine to the world and once we have a great personality, down to earth qualities, everything else will follow in life.  In Society these days, we need to really watch out. Some people are just out there for ones self worth and ones benefit. Which is why I really like this quote so much. People who develop these things from the beginning, it is so much easier to go through life. we can be more successful in friendships, life, relationships, in our work, in school, public, society. You will be surprised by how incredible it will be to one day walk outside and be with the general public and just see kindness and great personalities all around. It will be a great thing to see, but unfortunately it is not the case. It should be ones intuition and ones feeling to sense it all. Destroying a beautiful face is not worth peoples actions.

Everyone in this world is beautiful, everyone in the world has great qualities, but its that one thing that can make someone ugly. Ugliness is not something physical, its something that is in ourselves. Take steps to be beautiful at heart, mind, soul. It is what really should matter. Nothing else in the world should even intrude and get in the way. Develop a star personality today, You will see how much more beautiful you can get. People know the price of everything, but people do not know the value of it. Be a beautiful person inside. That is all. Do something that will change the face of society. You can do it. You will then see a positive and great change. So come on and get going!

8 thoughts on “An Ugly Personality, Destroys A Beautiful Face.

  1. there is afamous proverb which says do not judge a book by its cover, as you said sometimes a beautiful face does not mean a good personality, most importantly that matters most, a person looks or shapes are the least important in aperson, a beautiful person inside covers their look and way of living such as a partner in life… very nice blog talin, I do think the same way….

  2. I agree that inner-beauty is important, but outer-beauty is also important. We have to stop minimizing people natural gifts. Being born great looking is a gift, like being born athletic, intelligent, and insightful. We spend too much time down playing good looking people to try to make bad looking people feel better. “Good looks get you in the door but inner-beauty keeps you there”. They work hand and hand. People that aren’t as good looking outwardly may have to show more inwardly but that the beauty in life. We are all giving talents and are forced to find talented ways to use them. We have to accept the reality that personality is tricky, and not everybody has the same definition of what a great personality is. “What is someone’s cup of tea is another person’s coffee”!!!!

  3. it is so easy to distract ourselves by looking outside at others to judge what they do and who they are, so that we do not have to look at ourselves and question why we keep finding ourselves in relationships that end painfully.

    We cannot control others, and it is wasted energy to be about telling them how they “should” be, when the truth is that they are exactly who they are for us, and for them, today. When “ugly” people appear before me, I know they are only a mirror/messenger for me, so that I might know my own shortcomings more deeply and have a chance to grow as an individual.

    However people show up in my life, I trust they are a blessing and I am grateful for them. There is a saying that goes “if you spot it, you got it,” suggesting that those people and events that offend us most, only offend us because they are illuminating some part of our own character we wish were different.

    You post often about your unhappiness with other people and the community at large. It suggests that you’ve had some painful relationships in your life, and I am sure sorry you’re having that experience.

  4. “If you have been around hate, disrespect, insensitivity, unappreciative, negativity all your life, That is all your going to know, that is all your going to carry out in your life”

    I like reading your posts, Talin. I just had to say I felt personally hurt by this. I agree true beauty comes from within. But as someone who grew up in a loveless, abusive and neglectful home as a child, I can tell you the above is not true.
    I love, perhaps MORE for my experiences. I was determined as a child to stay true to myself and never turn to hatred like my family. And today, I’m free, I’ve made my own family from the friends God has led me to, and people truly make my world go round. I love them dearly and I love this beautiful world, and I love God, and I want to share as much as possible. My family did not teach me that, but they cannot stomp out what exists in your heart, your character.
    Please don’t make sweeping assumptions/stereotype people unless you know for sure that what you say is true.

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