Becareful What You Write & Post About People On Social Networking Sites

Lately this issue has been becoming more common as there are people who write terrible things about others and who gossip about others spreading rumors and spreading out bad messages about someone. It is really not nice to do so. You never know the person you talk bad about will eventually find out about it. What goes around comes around as they say. It is very important to be careful what you write and spread around about others. I believe those people who gossip about people to you, will gossip to others about you. Gossiping about others is not a great trait to develop. It is a form of bullying. I have seen so much of this happen online and on facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites and I am not liking it at all. Whatever happened to being kind and respectful to each other?

Did you know that even after deleting messages and terrible posts never goes away? You may think your terrible message about somebody is gone forever, but your completely wrong. It stays on the internet forever or up to 7 years in the Internet database. Anything posted, anything that you do is documented. Haven’t you ever googled or searched on search engines and come across old websites and other websites and you see a screenshot or cached file on the side? Well, those are the things that stay and it never goes away and if you have written something terrible, it will be documented. So be careful how you use the internet and be careful what you write. The Internet can be a dangerous place and it can be used against you. So just beware of what you write and post.

When it comes to posting pictures or anything, it is very important to first ask people if you can post pictures up of them or something. You wouldn’t like it if a person just posts your pictures without your permission now would you? It is always good to ask. You have the right to refuse your picture being posted even on facebook or whatever social site. Before you post something think twice about it. Is it a good thing? Is it something necessary? Sometimes what you do, can be misinterpreted and misused in a terrible way and people will not like it and may think differently than you will about something. Another thing is to never point fingers on anybody and make others uncomfortable. If you are going to write something, do it in a general statement, and do it in a way where it will not offend people. Proper etiquette is a must on the internet as its shared by billions of people around the world and anybody can come across what you do post.

The internet is a great place to be and there is so much you can learn online and so much you can do, but be mindful and careful how you utilize the internet and how you portray yourself. It is very important.

Have fun and communicate online, but if you have a problem with a person and if you have an issue with them, take it up with them, don’t share and put them on the spot for everyone to read and see. Its not nice. If you have a problem, take it up with them privately. It is that simple.

19 thoughts on “Becareful What You Write & Post About People On Social Networking Sites

  1. I know I am careful and it is true nothing goes to waste on the internet, it is like a quick sand keeps everything inside lol… I agree to everything you wote on this blog.. Good stuff Talin

  2. I agree with your post 100%. The next generations are growing up venting on social networks about their parents and then about others they know. Many people do not consider the consequences.

  3. Very true and very well said…… would do many young people well to read this post…….be encouraged to continue being an inspiration……Kim

  4. Social networking today has become an addiction seriously. It has its own pros and cons, but definitely these teens do not see the cons and always blabber crap there. Even twitter is really corrupted today. Too sad to see how the future is moving.

  5. I completely agree with you, but in the heat of the moment mistakes can be made. Due to neurological disorders (autism and epilepsy) I don’t always know when it’s appropriate to just step away from the keyboard – and once a friend’s “gimme gimme” attitude enraged me so much that I vented on a forum, when I should simply have had a quiet word with them.

    Of course they found out, and I lost them and a few other friends. My fault entirely and I did apologise. Fortunately many people knew that this wasn’t the “real me” and stuck with me.

    I learned something from that entire episode though. If you can’t keep a lid on your temper, walk away!

      • Well as I said, I have autism and my social skills aren’t the best on occasions. It turned out that I wasn’t wrong about the friend and their little clique anyway, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that I should have spoken to them personally, or said nothing, but I lost it during an autistic meltdown and spoke where I ought not to.

        Yes, it was an ugly experience that I wouldn’t wish to repeat; on the other life itself is a learning curve and we all put our foot in it to some degree on occasion 🙂

  6. I agree with everything you said! It is a good idea, no matter online or not, to never put something in writing that you wouldn’t want the whole world to see.

  7. It is amazeing what people want to believe about others and will think nothing of passing it on. One thing that people would do years ago is if they heard somrthing about someone they would ask the person if it was so or tell people where they heard it t hat would help to defuse it. Thanks for bringing this stuff out .

  8. I have to say, after reading many of your posts, I perceive you as a thoughtful and positive person. The variety of things you write about, your sincerity, and honesty are refreshing. What you are saying about social networking is so true, I believe. People who make such cruel comments about people are not thinking long term. A little kindness and thoughtfulness are always important, or else your words might come back to bite you in the butt one day. Keep writing.

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