What An Incredible Time In Niagara Falls, Canada and USA.

I am so happy to have gone to Niagara Falls again. I am just so in love with that place. The Nature, Beauty, The Falls and just unwinding and relaxing was incredible. I went on Wednesday and came back today. It is such a beautiful place and I feel so rejuvenated to get away from it all and just focus on just myself and joy of seeing beautiful scenery. I stood at the Oakes Hotel beside the Fallsview Casino. I had such a beautiful view of the falls and the USA Side of Niagara and I saw the Seneca Casino in Niagara Falls USA. It was beaming with so many lights and everything. I really enjoyed seeing that at night. The Falls would beam with different colours and would then be shut off at 11pm. simply gorgeous. Then after we went to the USA Side both days and just went to the Seneca Casino, and drove around the town and wow you can sure tell your in the USA. It is a bit different with the roads, and the streets. A lot of the houses around there are so old and some have been boarded up. Craziness. They need to make the USA Niagara Falls side a lot more appealing and better for tourists. They should include a lot more things and build on the USA side and just get things rolling.

So Much is happening on the Canadian Side. Then afterwards for both evenings, hung out with one of my very dear friends who resides there and we just had a blast. Now what made me laugh was I always see the Seneca Casino, Cellino & Barnes, Paddock, Fucillo, Basil Ford, Kenneth Hiller, Freedman, The Airport Plaza Jeweler commercials and when I happened to turn the TV on at the hotel and these commercials came on, I just died laughing because I see these commercials all the time and I was in their areas and I couldn’t stop laughing. Its an inside joke that I have with these. Well, I am back and relaxed…. I was almost late writing my blog for today and finally I did….


9 thoughts on “What An Incredible Time In Niagara Falls, Canada and USA.

  1. That is so excellent that you visited Niagra… I have not been there in a long time… It is gorgeoua..I hear they are going to let someone walk over the falls on a tight rope soon… It was just in the papoers here in BC last month… they actually had to go to court and have a previous legislation over-turned… Im glad you enjoyed!

  2. Niagra Falls is one place I have wanted to visit for a long time. I lived in Buffalo for a short time, but never made it out there, so I’ll have to take a trip sometime so I can explore both the US and Canadian sides.

  3. Yes Niagara falls is on of my favorite places to visit, I sometimes take Niagara on the lake road and enjoy the slow drive and scenery. I love the night time walk and Casino and all the restaurants, it is so relaxing and almost makes you feel like you are on vacation away from everything. I am glad you enjoyed it and had a relaxing time.

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