Talin’s Famous Lemon with Lemon Zest Cake

Recently I decided to try something new for myself when I was preparing cake one time to take to a relatives house. So I decided to come up with a whole new different type of cake that involves Lemons. I am a huge fan of Lemons and It is such a good source of Vitamins and it helps the immune system. The Lemon cakes major flavour is definitely the Lemon and it has to have the Sweet/Sour Lemony taste to it. Now here is my famous recipe.

Ingredients Required:

2 Juicy big or Large fresh Lemons – If you like the extra Lemon taste add one more if you life.



Baking Powder

6 Eggs


1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract or Vanilla

Preparing the Lemon:

Now before squeezing the lemon I suggest you wash the lemons really well because were going to be using the Yellow skin to zest it.

Before squeezing the Lemons, take a zester and put the lemon skin that is ZESTED in a separate bowl. Zest until you see the white core of the Lemons, but make sure its not so so delicate to squeeze.

Now in a Lemon squeezer, make sure all the liquid juices are out of the Lemon. becareful for the seeds that they dont go into the juice.

Now put the Zest with the Lemon juice for about 5-10 minutes until soaked together until you start with the Cake batter preparations..

Preparing the Cake Batter:

Crack open 6 large eggs into the cake making bowl – for best results use the machine.

Start the machine and make sure the eggs are fully beaten and make sure it starts to turn into a light creamy yellowing colour.


Then put the teaspoon of Vanilla

After put 1 to 2 cups of Sugar

1 cup of Milk

1 to 2 Tablespoons of Baking powder

2 cups of Flour — check consistency. If its way too watery put about half a cup more of flour if its a little denser just leave it be.

Dont stop the machine until everything is mixed well together –


To prepare the Cake Baking Pan…

Make sure the Cake baking pan is deep.

Spray the pan with OLIVE OR CANOLA OIL with the cooking spray and make sure you have it all covered….

Add the Cake batter to the PAN Let the cake batter settle until your OVEN heats up


Pre-heat your oven to 350

When your oven is pre-heated, put the Lemon Zest Cake in.

It should be done in an hour or so Depends on the strength of your oven. — Now to know its been done, just stick a tooth pick inside. If it comes out clear, its done, if it sticks to the toothpick it still needs to be done. Make sure its Gold Brown on top.


Now before taking the cake out of the pan, let it cool off then put it onto a dessert plate. There you have it!


62 thoughts on “Talin’s Famous Lemon with Lemon Zest Cake

  1. Oooh, I love lemon cake and lemon zest. Going to have to give this a try some day soon! Desserts without chocolate are always good, too, since my roommate’s allergic, and I love finding new stuff to make that she can enjoy, too (and not just because otherwise, I’m the one who eats it all, either!).

  2. This really sounds yummy. I’m a lemon fan too, from eating them right off the tree to lemon cake, lemon pie, lemon bars, anything lemon. Funny thing, I’ve never made anything lemon. I’m going to copy this recipe down and give it a try. It sounds like something I might be able to too. Thanks.

  3. Yummo! I simply have to try this out. I love lemons and cake! IIf I make it, take a pic and post it on my blog – would that be okay with you? Thankyou for liking and following my blog: http:/eatdrinkdelight.wordpress.com
    Congratulations! You are officially my very first ‘follower’. I am amazed at how quickly my blog was discovered – how does that work? and another thing too, all the way from Canada – it’s a small world because my aunt, uncle and cousins live in the Oshawa and Toronto areas. I’ve probably driven that hwy 401(?) without even knowing it. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Cheers!

  4. Hi Talin! first, thank u for liked my current post although i didn’t writing in English, but soon I’ll translate it, I really appreciate it so much :). Second is, ill try your recipes, sound yummy, but I’m not sure i can cook well, but at least i try first. Cheers
    ~Askey’s (mossac.wordpress.com)

  5. This sounds really delicious! I love lemons too, the problem is the rest of the family either doesn’t like the sour taste or doesn’t like cakes. So I end up having to eat all my lemony products all alone. So good recipes like these really put me in a dilemma – to bake or not to bake, that is the question.

  6. I was just thinking about what to do with my leftover lemon extract (from baking lemon cream cheese cookies). The only thing that came to mind was my lemon muffins. Lemon cake sounds even more exciting!

  7. I love tangy citrus, but my preference is lime and not lemon. Does lime sound horrible for a cake? Do you think you could substitute the limes for lemons? Or maybe I am just a really out of touch cook.

  8. Just as everyone else has been saying: This sounds so delicious!! I so want to try baking one, and I love lemon cakes, cookies and meringue pie too! (I also love Key Lime pie!) Thanks for posting this!

  9. Well hello there lovely lady! Thanks for the likes on my lil ole blog, mmmmm, Lemon Zest cake…sounds divine! We make a lemon honey cake in our house which I adore, but now my middle little man is off the sugar we have to renegotiate!

    Anyway, love your style and thanks again. xx

  10. I wish I had a piece of this yummy sounding cake to go with my cup of hot tea right now! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I’ve been on sabbatical for awhile and am happy to have discovered your bright corner of the blogosphere.

  11. Early on Friday morning I went to the supermarket looking for fresh yellow lemons…when I met a high school Catholic friend I had not seen in 34 years–who is now a first-grade teacher at St. Pius X Catholic Church and School by my Lombard neighborhood in District 5. After planning to meet again, I walked straight to the Produce Market and picked the very best yellow lemons I could find to make Talin’s Famous Lemon Cake with Lemon Zest. Today I used the flour and added all the yellow lemon juice with lemon zest, plus the rest of the ingredients. A Very Lemony and Zesty Cake Came Out Baked From The Oven! What A Good Lemon Cake with Lemon Zest! Thanks Talin For Your Lemony and Zesty Recipe. Merci beaucoup.

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